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You say "Arkansas and Tennessee combined for 3 non-conference losses," but Tennessee losing to #4 Oklahoma in double OT isn't nearly as bad as Arkansas losing to Toledo and Texas Tech. I'm not taking shots at Arkansas, but Tennessee did very little to contribute to the SEC's poor non-conference performance.
I forgot to mention to throw in some stalled drives and redzone innefficiency
Fellow Tennessee fans and fans of Arkansas, get ready for a terrible fourth quarter full of botched calls, missed field goals, and untimely penalties Saturday. Should be a close game, and inevitably one team will hand the other a gift-wrapped W and a small shot of hope for a resurrected season.
We play Alabama too. We could easily lose to UGA, AL, MIZZ, and Arky with second half performances like UF and OU. I came in hoping to win at least 3 of those 6 games mentioned above. After giving away 2 wins already, I'm not sure that we'll beat more than 1 or 2 of them.
I support Butch completely and think he's a good coach who lacks experience in big games. The problem is that he is running out of time to gain that experience. If you've built a talented team in the SEC you have to produce, and you cannot blow 4th quarter leads where you're beating bigtime opponents by multiple scores. On a positive note, It reminds me of a team I played on in high school who went 6-4 with 3 leads blown in the 4th quarter/overtimes. The next year we returned as juniors and seniors, went 11-2 and won our district. But this isn't high school ball so let's hope these boys are taking something away from these losses.
Medley is 2 of 5 on field goals, which is somewhat of a letdown. I believe it may just be a small sophmore slump, there were big expectations on his shoulders coming off a freshman season where he was pretty clutch for us. I also have mixed feelings about Kamara but I would still like to see more than 4 touches so I could develop my opinion. Overall you can't really pin the loss on any of them, they just flat out missed opportunities. If Medley hits his 1st field goal and Ellis catches that touchdown pass to start the 3rd quarter, it's a very different game.
Well foster they can't help their conference schedule, they play who they have to. Their OOC schedule included Indiana (who beat Mizzou, an SEC champ contender) and Wisconsin (a big 10 champ contender who darn near beat LSU and DID beat Auburn). I'm not saying they played the patriots every week but they played a schedule stronger than the norm for a MAC team. They're not a great team this year, but they do have a darn good offense. Period.
His statement was pretty accurate, chief. BGSU had the 25th ranked passing offense in the nation last year, that's better than anyone else on our 2015 schedule except Bama and USC. They were 24th in total offense, that's better than everyone except Bama. They did all of that without their best QB who is back now along with every single starting lineman from last year, and a plethora of lauded and experienced athletes to include a 5-star Baylor transfer. They're pretty good.
I highly doubt this kid is the next Randall Cobb, but I do hope this doesn't come back to bite us later. There's probably more to the story, something involving playing time or grades or another committment
First off, it is well over a month before we play Georgia, chances are he will be on the field. Secondly, our nickelback being out is not gonna slow down Barnett and Maggit's pass rush.Thirdly, as of now I don't think any of your QBs are capable of "picking us apart" at this point in their career, with or without our starting nickelback. Lastly, what kind of psychopath cheers when a young man gets injured?
Even as a Tennessee fan, I don't think North should be ranked that high. Sure he's extremely talented, but outside of a few flashes of greatness he can't seem to stay healthy or produce any consitancy.
I think you may mean "watering at the mouth" or something, bud. Either way, I too am excited about our talent this season.