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"Participation awards" go out to the team or players who "participate" but not "win". They are planning on doing more of these games with other teams in a couple of years if I'm not mistaken.
Lol they've done it on vols message boards for years, how's it your thing.
He'd have had the same outcome at Georgia. Mark Richt would've booted him too. In fact didn't the Georgia staff back off his recruitment because of his character?
If you comment about the Vols more than you do Georgia, you're a VOLS fan boss, not a Bulldog.
He was suspended indefinitely from the school and the team. The D.A. decided they didn't have enough evidence to charge him with anything. What are they supposed to do? If they law isn't going to punish him, why should the school and team?
I hate to sound extremely biased, but one of General Neyland's teams went unbeaten without allowing a single point until they lost to USC in the bowl game. Hard to imagine they're 100 teams better than that.
Bamatime....I absolutely can't wait to see Alabama fall to where they were before Saban. I hope you start prepping yourself for the hell y'all will go through because spoiled fans like you have forgotten what it's like to be let down year after year. It's coming and trust us Vol fans when we say, we will rub your nose in it...
Well excuse us for being "delusional" because we're the 2nd winningest program in the SEC. Excuse us for being optimistic about a team that went from 5-7 to 7-6 despite having probably the worst offensive line in the SEC. Excuse us for being excited about a top ten and top five recruiting class. Johnny Majors/Phillip Fulmer spoiled us, Lane Kiffin/Derek Dooley humbled us.
I think cameron sutton will go high if he decides to leave, though I hope he stays for his senior year.
Tennessee's first season of football was 1891, add 117 years and that's 2008. You're missing a few years friend. I think only two more winning seasons...but still lol