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Everyone HATES BAMA.. When y'all get caught trusting the process let's see how well that turns out for the Bama program.
I have to be honest I don't care if the score is 2-0 if we win.. lol I just don't want Lane Kiffen to leave Knoxville with a win
Us Vol fans have been threw the ringer for years now so don't think we don't know how you feel..The wins over Mizzou and SC were great to see but not ready to say we're back..We will see what TN is made of next Saturday against ol miss we beat them then we have some bragging rights..
Just curious if TN are scrubs what does that make Mizzou? They made Mizzou look like a fcs team hell Bowling Green put up a better fight..
No hate on the hogs but honestly they never really had a chance against GA. Hell I was shocked TN routed Mizzou enjoyed it but shocked thought it would be a closer game..Just maybe we finally have something to build on
Yeah thier really not I think Pitt is a better team this year
lmao I'd rather just know we're not gonna win a natty than be the one team that has a shot every year and always chokes on the game that matters
I agree..Well that's what should happen anyways lol but they have struggled but I do think Heupul has them going in the right direction compared to Pruitt
From what I have seen KY should be the toughest out of the Mizzou,KY and SC games..But on that same note TN usually shows up against KY no matter what because of the rivalry..For instance KY 2018 season when they had a 10 win season beat Florida had a 7-2 team and TN had a 3-5 team with just tune up wins..I remember so well KY fans saying how they were going to roll over TN cause they hadn't beat anyone..Well we handed KY thier 2nd loss by like 3 scores..Now don't get me wrong I'm not hating on KY they look better this year than the last couple and it should be a good game I'm just saying never count TN out Vs KY..Thier is just something about that rivalry
so glad yall got the w over bama now all i ask is bring the national title to the sec lol
Gatorboy14 uf going to the sec this year?? i didnt think so so when they bring the sec title home come talk s#!+ ill wait a few years on you looser no matter how many wins you get unless you bring home the title
All-time record 827–424–54 (.654) Bowl record 31–21–3 (.591) Playoff appearances 1 (2017) Playoff record 1–1 Claimed nat'l titles 2 (1942, 1980) Unclaimed nat'l titles 4 (1920, 1927, 1946, 1968) National finalist 1 (2017) Conference titles 15 (13 SEC) Division titles 9 (1992, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2017, 2018) Rivalries Auburn (rivalry) Clemson (rivalry) Florida (rivalry) Georgia Tech (rivalry) South Carolina (rivalry) Tennessee (rivalry) Alabama (rivalry) Heisman winners 2 Consensus All-Americans 33
Division Eastern All-time record 838–390–53 (.675) Bowl record 28–24 (.538) Claimed nat'l titles 6 (1938, 1940, 1950, 1951, 1967, 1998) Unclaimed nat'l titles 8 (1914, 1927, 1928, 1931, 1939, 1956, 1985, 1989) Conference titles 16 (13 SEC, 2 Southern, 1 SIAA) Division titles 6 (1997, 1998, 2001, 2003 2004, 2007) Rivalries Alabama (rivalry) Auburn (rivalry) Florida (rivalry) Georgia (rivalry) Georgia Tech (rivalry) Kentucky (rivalry) Vanderbilt (rivalry) Consensus All-Americans 40[1]
i agree with yall ga should be ranked higher than bama but im not sure ether team deserves the number 4 slot with undefeated teams out there i just want the national title to come home to the sec so i gotta go with lsu i think they give us the best chance of doing that good luck to all tho
fact is no matter if you beat us your stil not good enough to beat bama
we need to focus one game at a time and i belive if they play as well as they did against sc they will win there last 4 and make it to a bowl game
ut should pick at least 3 more uk imo should be the only team there should be worried about that is if they play tge way they have the last couple weeks
jg did play well against sc ill give him that but he went rouge in bama not a miscomunication purrit is covering for him to try and keep the vol nation behind jg
bcreek do you realize every team in the sec hates on tn we have strugled for years were just looking to be a contender also i will say i had my doubts after yall knocked off ga i was pulling for sc btw i am tired of hearing bamma and ga this and that and bamma taking the sec title every year i just want someone to knock them off that pedistool
jg never had confidence to shatter
he got hit low and went head over heels and landed on his head the way he landed looked like he about broke his neck it was a rough landing lol
i wont boo him or boycottt the game but i cant honestly say that i would rather jg start as shrout
if he plays i hope hes truly ready id rather him sit out the season out and be ready next year because he shows alot of promise and we need a good qb
if maurer cant play i would rather see shrout in we have see time after time what jg will do
i hope maurer is good to go he really lit a spark in our team but his health and saftey is most important and always next season
bubbatime and redsox2004 i appreiate the honesty not many bama fans will admit some of the shady s### that went on but had some of the calls had not been made and jg had not went rouge the outcome may had been very different
I compleatly agree jg needs someone to light a fire under his a$$ he costed them the gane trying to be a hero hope he rides the pine the rest of the season