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A bad carpenter blames his tools. What a terrible way to crap on your players.
TN and their fans deserve all the misery they can get..... Go Dores!
Yes! Sick and tired of this narrative. Just because Kentucky is the greatest program in college basketball doesn't mean anyone forgets about football.
So you mean UT has 65 years of mediocrity ahead of them?
No way that survey is real. There aren't 900 Vandy fans in America.
A hand full of students got down there, not exactly "rushing" the field.
So tired of reading about UK fans not caring about football. We've always cared, just rarely have we been relevant.
Good to see a current vol taking care of all the alums.
Same. I don't watch anything but games. But now that Olberman is back, maybe he and Hill can make them even more "woke." Doesn't matter, I won't be watching.
Snell is the best by far. He was arguably the best this year as well. Put him behind Alabama's line and he may rush for 2000 yds.
Stupid comment fuzzy wuzzy. UT has spent almost 20 years sinking to the bottom and it will take a while to come back to mediocrity.
You are right, TN isn't on the same level. They are below UK right now. Pruitt isn't that exciting, get over yourself.
Commit, decommit, recommit, redecommit...... have fun at the u.
All of those jobs are in a different level than TN. And the delusions roll on.....
fuzzy wuzzy just uses name calling because he can't stand facts, ut is a national laughingstock and their terrible fanbase can't stand it
Didn't Louisville have Lamar Jackson last year too?
Not a fair comparison at all. Stephen Johnson has eyebrows.
And everyone in America outside of those wearing the orange tinted glasses knows that Florida is the better job. Not sure why people keep trying to argue this point.