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Heupel is starting to reflect all Vol Nation especially fans like Clay Travis and Chad Withrow when it comes to always complaining about officials. You lost and got spanked, regroup and move on. Vandy doesn’t need to blame officials because we are so bad we don’t need to make excuses.
I would be kicking the LSU player too if I was really hurt and he intentionally didn’t go off. Would have aimed for the gut instead of shoulder.
We scored 28 on this Florida team and threw 2 pick 6s. We suck but won’t win in the swamp. Defense is the worst.
No way would I take Bama, LSU, and A&M right now over Washington. I trust Penix Jr over any of those quarterbacks, Daniels is very close and not far behind.
Ray Davis is the best RB in the SEC. He was dominate at Vandy last year and dominate for UK this year. There is no other back in the SEC that even comes close. Don’t @ me.
Don’t worry when they lost two or 3 in a row coming up, they will be unranked and dust in the wind.
AJ Swann is better than half of the QBs on the list and would start for over half the teams in the SEC even as a sophomore. Especially at Alabama and possibly even Georgia. Don’t @ me if you haven’t watched him play.
AJ Swann is better than half of the SEC QB's, yet he is last. Typical SDS.
Will Sheppard had two more TD's and leads the nation with 6 TD's, yet he was taken off the list from last week. He is a redzone nightmare for any team. Come on SDS, Do better.
ESPN and Disney had to get rid of John Rich somehow. Just like Hank Williams Jr and MNF. It’s a shame.
Still going to beat UT in the swamp and Napier will have breathing room again. UT got luck at home last year and barely escaped. Milton has never started in an away environment like the Swamp.
They will still beat UT in the swamp and everyone from Florida will be back on Napier’s side. UT barely beat them at home last year with Hooker playing. No way UT is winning at the Swamp this year. You heard it here first.
Have you seen what the new stadium will look like? Us Vandy fans are shocked it’s going to even look that good.
Michigan and Georgia has the most commitments. Michigan has more 4 stars than anybody and Ohio State has more 5 stars per 247.
Carrollton didn’t play LH in the championship game, they are in a different classification, so you’re wrong buddy. They played Mill Creek who couldn’t stop Juju or Odom. Juju broke the record for most passing yards in the championship game. Carrolltons defense couldn’t stop Mill Creek. Carrollton plays LH 1st game this year.
Bama has 2 commits from Carrollton High School on the offensive side of the ball (TE and OL) Carrollton has the #1 QB in all of the nation no matter what class in Juju Lewis. Strong possibility this will sway Juju but who knows. Who’s gonna provide the most NIL money?
It was double red flag all last week in PCB when I was there due to the rip current. Cops riding up and down the beach on four wheelers telling people to get out and multiple helicopters flying over the shoreline constantly. 7 people died total. So sad to hear this. We don’t know how he drowned but if he got in the ocean in a double red flag with the current the way it was, even a big guy like him couldn’t get out of it. Unreal. RIP.
He had questionable calls goes against Wake as well. I think it was bottom of the 4th 3-1 count with 2 outs, he called back to back strikes that were questionable. Inconsistent for both teams.
They didn’t do anything different than what every other baseball team does. GatorPhil is just trollin and hatin.
All you clowns need to do research before making comments. You would know the football stadium is getting a huge renovation.
All you idiots need to research before making stupid comments. Football stadium is getting a huge renovation, if you would actually look it up before using your fingers to type some comment you think is funny.
We may get bashed during football season by everyone on here (except UK and UF this year) but what a heck of run and getting hot at the right time. Barebone pitching lineups and bats got hot at the right time. Congrats Dores!
That’s a shame. Hopefully it works out for him. Don’t know why you would transfer to an inferior program that’s in the same program. He did get benched and didn’t start the last few games due to his streaky shooting.
Saw him play in person. Georgia lucked out and got the better player (WR) from Colquitt County. He’s good and should get playing time at FSU but would have been probably another arik Gilbert situation at Georgia. I would have taken the WR over this guy any day of the week. Good luck to him.
Correction: Vandy is a #2 seed in the NIT. Good luck Stute, when he was in a rhythm he was good. But in the SEC tourney he lost his starting spot and couldn't hit a shot.
So Vandy wasn’t even a 1 seed and Florida is a 4 seed?? All the NCAA cares about is money and Vandy wasn’t even in consideration for the NCAA tournament. Michigan has a higher seed than Vandy? Michigan had just as bad of losses and less wins. Vandy was the 9-12th team from making the tournament. Pathetic. Auburn, Arky and Miss State shouldn’t even be in the tournament.
Totally unfair. Better than UT in the conference. Won head to head. 3 seeds lower than UT. UT isn’t the same team with Ziegler. A&M should have been ahead of UT.
Vandy wasn’t even first four out. UNC over Vandy. Pathetic. They had their mind made up already. Vandy beat all these teams in the tournament and had a better record/tied with some 8-9 teams. NET is broken and the bias is real. Miss state and Pitt in a play in game, Vandy beat both.