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Oh I agree Vandy basketball is terrible and should fire Bryce Drew. But can you really brag when your 3-3 against the top 25?
When you live a double life and live a lie to your family with no remorse, God and karma will make you pay..
In basketball, yes.. would love to see Belmont or Lipscomb play Tennessee.
Perfect time for Vandy to get their 1st conference win. Yeah right... haha
Vandy won't compete for championships with the recruits they get, but at least they make bowl games with having the lowest recruiting classes per statistics.
I actually was typing that before Volbeef said something but he was quicker to post. But okay Oskie, what is UT’s top 25 record right now?
Obviously no one read my other comment.. that’s okay though.
Not to take anyway from UT. They are a dominant and really good team. If they don’t get out out early in the SEC tournament, they should be a #1 seed.
If playing, Darius Garland would be the best PG and a top player in the league.
And yet UT fans still say the referees were terrible. Every game they blame the refs on every call. People like Wes Rucker and Chad Withrow (Tennessee media) tweet constantly every game about the refs. Idk if this is the first year that UT fans have actually watched basketball but the refs are inconsistent every game since the beginning of basketball. Like in football, some refs love calling holding on the OL and some don’t. That’s sports. I know Vandy sucks and are a disgrace to basketball thanks to Bryce Drew, but it’s not the refs that make Vandy lose every game. During the NCAA tournament it won’t get better for any team.
KeShawn Vaughn, sleeper pick. Watch out for him.
Saying that, Malik Henry and half the players on that team and at EMCC are poor examples of student athletes. Most of them come from a terrible background that I don’t wish up anyone. But, they got to learn to fight through adversity.
Coach Brown thinks he’s all that because he is from Compton. He is a sorry excuse for a coach and treats his coaching staff and players like trash. I thought Buddy Stephens was terrible, Brown made him look like a saint. Good thing he isn’t married, because any woman would have issues living that. What a terrible example of how a coach should be, to get respect you got to earn respect.
Michigan plays ND. Don't know why they didn't put that instead. Ohio State plays nobody legit out of conference.
Positive note: held UT to their lowest point total of the season without playing zone. Negative note: everything else. Bryce Drew has to go at the end of the season. Player development is an issue, as well as coaching.
Thug? You obviously don't know him or his character at all. A shove in a pick up game doesn't justify the true man he is.
Bryce Drew has been a disappointment since the start of last season. Great recruiter, terrible with player development and coaching.
This isn't as bad as it looks. I've seen people do more damage in pick up basketball.
Will Wade > Bryce Drew. Vandy should have done their due diligence. The hires for both men's and women's basketball programs were a mistake. Hopefully, the new AD will get it together.
So are people missing the fact that UT has only played 3 ranked teams the whole year while other teams in the Big Ten and ACC have played 5-7? Granted, they have been on the road or on neutral court. The only home game against a ranked opponent right now for Tennessee is Kentucky. The only ranked opponents they have left are Kentucky and LSU, LSU on Saturday will be a tough game like at Kentucky, UT has to come out mentally strong for 40 minutes to win for sure.
My only guess to that is that Vandy started out playing 2 ranked teams out of their first three games on a neutral site and went 1-1. They have an easier non conference schedule coming up with a whole lot of home series before they start SEC play, got to win all if not most of them to stay at the top.
It's a shame Darius didn't play the rest of the year. I coached against him in high school, truly a one of a kind talent.
Oh look UT is finally relevant in a sport other than women’s basketball and the Vol Nation comes out of hiding. Why you got to attack me when I was pointing out facts, that’s all facts. Also, I didn’t even go to Vandy, so before you attack someone, get your facts right. You’re 0 for 1. Keep tryin. If you try hard enough, maybe UT will actually get out the first weekend of March Madness this year. That’s how you attack without getting personal, did they teach that at a state school?
Still think Duke is the best team in the country, 3-1 vs Top 5 and 4-1 vs Top 25. UT is 1-0 against the Top 5 and 2-1 against the Top 25. Duke has the best wins and the worst loss. Right now, there is no separation in the top 6. March Madness will be really fun.
Duke has 3 top 5 wins this year. I can’t remember the last team to do that. That is what gains respect of the selection committee.
His final day as AD was last Friday. My gosh this is tragic. Nothing but prayers for his family.
Please SDS just give the Hardaway story up. It’s starting to get like the national media outlet if Trump tweets or complains about something. It’s a coach complaining, they do it all the time.
High hopes this year signing two top 10 recruits. However Bryce Drew is the Butch Jones of SEC basketball, he can recruit great but can't develop players to win. Both men's and women's basketball programs have hit an all time low since firing the previous coaches.
But all in all good teams find a way to win and UT was smart taking advantage of the lack of depth in the post trying to guard Grant and just kept feeding the guy that carried the team on his back.
UT hasn’t want to play the defense the past 3 games to sub par teams.