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They have very few athletes on the team. I mean most of their guys are small but they are disciplined, fearless and hard working. Especially after watching the Overtime special last season on youtube.
Coming from a USC fan. You lost to Cal, you have no room to talk. Georgia will win, but Michigan isn't overrated.
Hungry dog runs faster. Bama just proved that. Who gets hot, runs faster, and prepares better will win. Athletes help, but that’s not going to be all it takes to win.
I was just about to say the Braves. It’s all setting up for a SEC title game round 2.
It’s all about who is getting hot at the right time and prepares better.
Michigan threw for 350 against Michigan State, so they can throw the ball. But why throw it when you dominate the ground every single game because you are tougher than the other team. Funny you saying Michigan is garbage coming from a 7-5 Tennessee fan who can’t even cover the spread against Vandy.
It doesn’t matter. It’s going to be a Bama/UGA title game round 2.
Blah blah keep talking. You lost to the #23 team, Michigan lost to the #11.
They sneak 3 SEC teams in the bottom 4 to make Georgia and Bama have a better a resume’.
Nope. All about money and ratings even though it should be. SEC and their fans will be furious if Michigan would play Cincy first round. Even though Georgia dominated their opponents all year, Cincy has the better win and no loss.
He will be the next Heisman winner at Bama and 1st round draft pick. As soon as Young leaves, Simpson will take over.
Michigan wasn’t ranked in the preseason, has more top 25 wins, played a harder schedule than Cincy, first team to make CFP starting unranked, Harbaugh took a pay cut in half, went 2-4 last year, and he finally beat Ohio State.
Please SEC East had Georgia and a 9-3 Kentucky team. It’s not that far ahead of SEC East. Anything in the Pac 12 is the worst divisions in football.
If Paul Clownbaum believes he should win coach of the year, then everyone should vote for Harbaugh for coach of the year. Only Fickell should be the other consideration.
It’s better than any Pac 12 division and even one in the ACC. But keep talking.
Yep. They don’t want a rematch too early, need the ratings for the Natty.
SEC fans getting upset over Michigan winning a championship game 42-3 claiming it wasn’t a good win. Michigan is just fine winning a Big 10 championship and making the playoff since Harbaugh is an “overrated coach”. That overrated coach should be coach of the year but SEC fans won’t see it that way.
I mean Cincy does have a better win than Georgia all year at Notre Dame, has just as many top 25 wins, a conference championship, and undefeated. Georgia’s best win was either Kentucky or Arkansas. So maybe the committee will put them at 3, I doubt it though.
Correct. UGA can’t defend the pass however they are dominant against the run.
My bad forgot Ole Miss. Georgia and Ole Miss. I mean Georgia shut out Arkansas and won by 30, and y’all’s barely one. Then y’all beat Georgia by 17. It depends which Bama team wants to show up and play, the good, or the bad the barely beat Florida, LSU, Auburn and Arkansas.
Georgia was your only quality win of the year and possibly Miss State, which that win doesn’t look so good. You will still win the Natty by beating a weak Cincy team and Georgia again. Cincy has a better win the Georgia even with a cupcake schedule.
They are the 2nd most physical team in the nation behind Georgia. Bama is the most athletic team in the nation. Michigan, Bama and Georgia all belong in the playoff.
You obviously don’t know football at all. They are very good but still will lose in the playoff and would have beat UT by about 30.
Michigan 1, Bama 2, Cincy 3, Georgia 4. You win by almost 40 and only give up to 3 points to any team in a championship, you deserve 1. I hate to say it but Harbaugh deserves coach of the year, 2-4 last year, took a salary pay cut in half, unranked in preseason, won Big10, in the playoff. Only team in playoff history to be unranked pressing. Still setting up for Georgia vs Bama Natty, committee doesn’t want a rematch for ratings too soon.
Putting a 1 loss non conference champion over a 1 loss champion, committee won’t do that.
Losing by 4, when you were up by 16 on the road to a rival and top 10 team or getting blown out by 17 at a neutral site. Michigan will have two top 15 wins, Georgia will have two top 25 wins. The NCAA needs the ratings for the nation championship not the semi finals, they have enough bowl games on 1/1 to get the ratings. It will be Bama and Georgia in the Natty for sure, no doubt.
If Michigan destroys Iowa.. 1. Michigan 2. Bama 3. Cincy. 4. Georgia. Bama Vs Georgia in Natty.
Committee won’t let UGA and Bama play again in the 1st round. Need the ratings for the national championship.
Obviously Kirby didn’t prepare the team at all. But I told y’all SEC needed two teams in the playoff.
You lose to Vandy, you get fired. UCONN now Colorado State.