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If you're a QB, don't opt out. Especially if you are an average QB that was projected to go first round. Newman was dumb and thought it was best for him, well guess what the gamble didn't pay off.
Vandy has at Louisville (probably a loss), then ending with series against Bama, at Ole Miss, and Kentucky. Should win 2 out of 3 of those series.
Very nice. Should be a lot more. Open everything up 100%, it’s way overdue. It’s a virus, we have to live with it like every other virus known to men. Move on.
You forgot Dayo who just went before 5 of these guys. So close.
About freaking time. Braves games were at 50% capacity last week, everything should be open 100%. All lockdowns should be uplifted. If you want the vaccine, you have had over a month to get it. The train is ready to keep rolling if you have had the vaccine or not.
Stackhouse is a joke of a coach and can't keep relationship with players. Between the men's and women's programs, they can't keep any players at the school. I give Stack one more year, all the good players are leaving.
If Vandy wins the series against MSU this weekend, they should be #1 but that's a big "if". Beating two top 5 teams in a series in back to back weeks is quite the accomplishment. No doubt, Arkansas, Vandy and MSU are on another level.
MSU is good, but how did they jump Vandy after Vandy beat the #5 team in the nation 2-1 ON THE ROAD. State played against Ole Miss at home, Ole Miss is good but it was at home. But this matchup coming up between State and Vandy will determine if Vandy jumps Arkansas for #1.
Hey Zoucat, stay locked up in your basement watching the news fearing for your life. Better yet, move to New York, Michigan or Cali where your freedoms are taken away. Stay woke and stay inside while the rest of us enjoys our lives.
Liberal Vandy will have Corbin suspended for those comments. That comment he made offended so many people.
And with that said, open up 100% everywhere. Vandy still stuck in the “get Covid and you die” stage. Time to open up the Hawk 100% but I doubt that will happen.
Media pumped fear into the American people while Fauci used his little man syndrome power to get people to buy into his hypocrisy. Masks and lockdowns didn’t work. Just ask Michigan, California and New York. Back to normal should have happened months ago.
Just buy a season ticket in the south end zone for $175. Worth it and if you don’t go to a SEC game, sell it to an away fan for a lot of money because they will pay for it.
Many NFL players and wives post all the time on social media. Social media can be good but also be dangerous on what you post. Nothing wrong with your wife posting photos from your wedding. Don’t understand why there is so many haters on here. Pathetic.
All the crap with the NCAA right now.. Also great marketing because it’s getting people’s attention, like yours.
Like I said in the earlier post, brilliant marketing by Gus and his staff.
Stackhouse is done with Pippen.. might as well get the Bryce Drew treatment after year 3.
Great marketing by Gus and crew.. very on point
Transfers should have to sit out a year just like some high schools. However, more college athletes transfer than coaches transferring/breaking a contract.
You got to love typing errors on here. It’s comical. But you also got to love the Bama fans whining in Najee’s favor receiving a positive evaluation. 9mmDave just butthurt.
Geez Dan gets roasted for saying something about Fields by Herbie and all the media but then McShay says everything positive about Harris along with encouragement and Najee gets defensive. Dude grow up and take a compliment that you improved in an area that people are obviously noticing. Harris is usually level headed and humble but this shows lack of immaturity.
I used to live in TN, now I live in a high school football powerhouse state now for a few years. These guys can compete with any 5 star recruit and can start at most high schools in FL, GA, TX or CA.
I rarely side with a UT fan but I will here. Tidefan, your lack of reading comprehension is showing.
These guys are better than some 5 stars. Too be honest they should be 4-5 star range. Equally as good as Ty Simpson 5 star who committed to Bama.
Yet Will Wade still has a job.. Both should get the Donnie Tyndall treatment at least.
So ESPN supports woke liberal media along with China and its communist/genocide ways, but doesn't support Paul Pierce helping women make money. Makes sense. BTW, stupid of him to video his private life.
Dan did nothing wrong. He gave an analysis from someone and doing his job harsh or not. Herbie was like a mother hen protecting his chick. So soft.
This guy has Justin Fields at #2 behind Lawrence... that’s enough to show me what he thinks about QB’s.