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And somewhere in Columbia, MO an attempt is made to win national championships every year... However, they just continue to be average or below average in all of their athletic programs.
Yeah... Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan State (usually good), Ohio State and Iowa every other year is worthless... please SEC East is light years behind Big Ten East.
Yawn... Michigan barely beat a triple option naval discipline team their second game of the season and everybody is writing them off while most SEC schools are playing cupcake FCS and FBS teams. After OU went to overtime last year with them, nobody said anything. I don’t like Harbaugh, but every arm chair coach is writing them off. If they lose to Wisconsin on the road, then their playoff hopes are over and people can start throwing shade. Until then, it’s all opinions.
SEC- 6, Big Ten-5, Big 12-3, Pac 12-6, ACC-2. Never thought the SEC would have the same amount as the PAC 12 but SEC has 3 at the top and PAC 12 has 3 at the bottom. Very interesting poll. Michigan State dropped out, bad for the Big Ten.
Losing the game is Stoop’s fault. Up by 11 and you give up 19 straight points?? No adjustments made when Trask came in and he was too conservative on offense. You’re up by 11, you shouldn’t have to rely on a freshman kicker to win you the game when it was your poor coaching that got in you in that position in the first place.
I agree. But when you’re up by 11 going into the 4th quarter, you shouldn’t have to rely on a FG from a Freshman kicker to win the ball game.
This had nothing to do with the kicker missing. So before people start blaming him, they should blame Stoops first. He got out-coached and just like Kirby and UGA weren’t prepared for Tua in the NC, UK wasn’t prepared for Trask. He played better than Franks and Smith. Stoops got conservative and instead of settling for a FG, he should have tried to score a TD. Poor coaching led to this defeat. If Franks would have stayed in, UK would have won.
I don’t know... Georgia’s at LSU last year was pretty bad.
OU allowed 21 points and 340 rushing yards to Army last year. Michigan allowed 21 points and 200 rushing yards this year. OU had a Heisman QB, Michigan doesn’t and is transition to a new offense. Michigan also had more passing yards than OU did last year against Army. However Michigan turns the call over way too much especially Patterson. I’m not saying Michigan will make the playoff, but it’s only the 2nd week and people are critical. Harbaugh can’t afford another 9-3 year.
Hate to see this for Wilson. Praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery.
I’m sick of idiotic people who think Army is not a good football team. They went 10-3 last year and took OU to overtime, who made the playoff. Michigan is transitioning to a new offense and played a disciplined triple option team their second game of the season while most SEC teams played cupcake FCS teams or horrible FBS teams. Army would beat the bottom half of the SEC, which isn’t hard to do. Michigan held a running option team to under 200 yards. Michigan has to clean up the fumbles and Patterson has to stop being careless but everybody hating on Michigan needs to chill. It’s only the 2nd game of the season and everybody is over reacting. Harbaugh, yes is in a make it or break it year even though he has almost a 75% winning percentage. He cant win the big games and fans are pissed at about it. Georgia only scored 9 points the 2nd half against Vandy who just got scorched for 510 yards in the air against PURDUE. Auburn struggled with Tulane for most of the night. Florida barely beat a Miami team who just lost UNC. It’s only the 2nd week of the season. Everybody needs to chill with ranking teams until the meat of the season.
Not first game of the season, sorry meant to say first few games of the season before conference play..
I agree. Army went 10-3 last year taking OU to overtime and beating Houston 70-14 in their bowl game. Every top football program should not play a disciplined triple option naval academy in their first game of their season. While other SEC teams are playing weak FCS or FBS programs, Michigan is facing a good triple option offense. If Army wins out or goes 10-2, people will shut up. Auburn struggled with Tulane this weekend, should they fall out of the top 10?
Joe Burrow is the most improved player in the country. Absolutely impressed with his throwing ability. The defense could be their downfall, losing Devin White and Greedy Williams hurts and you could tell. Their offense is definitely better than their defense, which is completely reversed. Ehlinger is a baller, and kept Texas in it and was really impressive as well. He tore the LSU defense up for most of the game. What a game. Well done.
Just like all of Alabama’s athletic program except football..
It’s the Fulmer curse.. They should have never ran him out and now for years they have been paying for it. Sure he is the AD, but he was a better coach than who they have had. He may fire Pruitt and take the HC duties over himself. Looks like it will be Vandy vs UT at the end of the season for the 2-10 or 3-9 bowl.
Not blaming the loss on one call. You obviously didn’t read my full comment.. You must hate Vandy winning national championships for the SEC.
Would love to see this A&M fans go on the road in hostile environment and play the defending national champs and a top 5 defense. Nothing like good couch coaches.
The mistake he made was hiring within for an OC. The offense is predictable and hasn’t changed at all. Everyone watching can tell a run play when Vaughn gets the ball so I’m sure other DCs can as well. Another problem is hiring a friend to be the DC. The past two years has been awful defensively. Mason needs to figure out the issue, I hate we gave him an extension after all these losing seasons. He needs to prove something this year, if not, it is a waste of a Senior year of the Big 3 who will lose draft stock.
Vandy was very undisciplined and killed themselves with penalties. However after they scored, were down 11, had momentum, forced an intentional grounding that the refs screwed us on with 10 minutes left. The ball was short of the Line of Scrimmage by 4 yards. That was a gut punch that was missed by SEC refs!! Mason was fired up and had every reason to be. It was pitiful and didn’t cost Vandy the game but definitely hurt their momentum to come back.
Vandy also keeps the GPA up in the SEC. If you can’t win national championships in something other than women’s sports, maybe you should pony up and go.
They are mid tier in all sport. except for football, they are in the bottom 1/3 with UT, Ole Miss and Arkansas. Competitive in every other sport besides basketball the past two years.
Vandy has just over 9,000 students. You can’t expect them to have hundreds of thousands of fans like the rest of the SEC who have 25,000+ students. Plus most of the season ticket holders sold their tickets for $200+ to Georgia fans because it’s a destination game and Nashville is the best SEC city. Vandy season tickets are only $170 for the endzone, trust me I was a season ticket holder for 5 years. Don’t compare us to UT we haven’t been a dumpster fire for the past few years like they have. I love how how everybody wants to kick Vandy out of the SEC when you should be thanking us for winning national championships in baseball. Has LSU won a major national championship this decade? Didn’t think so.
Vandy’s defense stepped up and showed fight the 2nd half. Run defense is still awful. The center for Vandy snapped it high all night and ruined the timing for the QB. Losing Shurmur has definitely hurt Vandy, Neal can’t throw over 5 yards and Deuce needs to start next week. Credit to Georgia they have the best OL in the country and the running game is so strong they didn’t need to throw the ball. After what has happened in the SEC East today, if Vandy can find a QB, I can see them finishing 3rd or 4th in the East. 2nd half adjustments for defense worked for Vandy, Offense is still horrible we can’t get the Big 3 the ball because of the OLine. Same ole Vandy.
Even though I don't like Miami, I wouldn't call them a white trash college. It's a rich private school, however I wouldn't think of them as white trash given all the good players that have come through there. I mean "The U" 30 for 30 is not white trash at all, it's more like cocky and conceited. Still you shouldn't call them a 3rd world program even if they are very stupid and idiotic.
Florida’s PIs at the end we’re definitely PIs except the one in the endzone that got called back. Florida got away with a lot until the end. Both teams were undisciplined with penalties.
Both teams were undisciplined. Franks should not be so cocky, he is an average QB. Miami made crucial and horrible mistakes. Florida’s secondary was embarrassing with the PI’s and missed tackles. Florida should not be celebrating. They have a lot of work to do. Miami has more work to do. It was all around a horrible game and the ball hit the ground more times than a middle school football game. It was definitely a pre season college game.