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Everybody picked Vandy last when they have beaten UT 4 out of the last 6 years and two in a row. I think it will be UT, UK and Vandy battling for the last 3 spots in the East with Georgia coming in 1st. South Carolina will be middle of the pack.
Oh I know Hurts posted it. But if Burrow, Stidham, Lock, Bentley, Shurmur or Fromm got a hair cut and put it on their twitter or Instagram would SDS cover it?
Jalen Hurts is a great and humble young man, but why would anyone care if he gets a haircut? Are we going to start seeing articles when an SEC player gets a haircut or trims his beard from now on? How personal is the media going to get? Of course it was my mistake for clicking on the article but come on SDS, you are way better than this!
They are in the Fiesta bowl on the next page.
I highly doubt that UT will make it to a bowl game. If they do, I will be surprised.
10 recruits in a month.. Not bad.. Need more though to replace 18 seniors.
A guy to watch (maybe a toss up) is Keshawn Vaughn, a running back that transferred from Illinois to Vandy. He was a 4 Star out of high school from Nashville. Derek Mason has high praise for him and calls him “Mamba”. They need someone to take over for Ralph Webb. However, I think Van Jefferson will have a big year for Florida and will be the best transfer. Watched him play in high school up in Nashville, he runs great routes and can get free easily.
Six commitments this week. Only had 3 before. Sure they are all 3 stars, which seems right for Vandy. But 6 commitments in one week is pretty good for Mason. See if he can keep it up.
Dang Vandy and Derek Mason are hot on the recruiting trail.
I would pick Vandy getting to a bowl game over Tennessee. If not, I would definitely pick Vandy beating UT for the 3rd straight year.
Vandy had two 5 star recruits, a 4 star recruit, along with 2 transfers and doesn't even get considered. This is a good squad for Bryce Drew, they will be dangerous.
Blow loss after blowout loss? They went to 3 bowl games his final 3 years. I know Bama won championships but when Matthews played, they didn't get blow out except by Bama and Georgia one time each. Don't talk about padding his stats in blow out losses, he went 24-15 his final 3 years which is impossible to do at Vandy (having a winning record). Also he had Jordan Rogers and Austin Carter-Samuels as his QBs. Not exactly the most elite talent at the QB position.
I can’t believe you picked Amari Cooper over Jordan Mathews. My gosh Matthews broke many SEC and school records and is the best player to ever play at a Vandy.
That was the best hitting performance from a team and individual I have ever witnessed in live time. #AnchorDown
Not trying to call you out but the headline and tweet says Tennessee State, however the article says Tennessee Tech. Good get for A&M though.
Well now you can just fair catch it if your inside the 25 yard line and get the ball at the 25. It is a bailout for returners who are at the 5 yard line and can just waive their hand and get the ball at the 25.
Kyle Shurmur will be better than Stidham. Lock will be the best QB in the SEC along with Fromm. However Stidham and Lock play in a pass first spread offense, Shurmur and Fromm play in a Pro-Style offense.
Oh I agree. You can't rely on a defense anymore in college football, you need a solid QB i.e. Bama/Tua and Clemson/Deshaun Watson.
His first year his class ranked 8th, his second year his class ranked 5th, this past year he didn’t need to have a good class because they didn’t lose a lot of people and were the youngest team in the nation. They are ranked in the top 10 for next year. I agree he has under performed but don’t say the man can’t recruit without fact checking. Seems like LSU fans are happy being 8-4 and 9-3 with Ed leading the way as well.
How does this add? Because his school got caught for cheating and he felt like he could have a better chance to make it to the NFL at Michigan? Harbaugh is a good QB developer, he just never has had a decent QB to develop at Michigan.
Vandy had the #3 recruiting class in the SEC and the 12th in the country, yet no respect. Bryce Drew is in a critical upcoming year.
Haha okay dude.. I believe you are the dumb one, all news is click bait. I didn't know Mizzou had liberal sports fans. Did you really bring up Russia on a sports website? Man, you sound like ESPN.
Sometimes SDS is equal to MSESPN, CNN, MSNBC and sometimes even Fox News. They use a fake title to grab your attention just to get clicks. This is an example. Notice I said "Sometimes" not "All" times.
What about Kyle Shurmur? Good pro style QB and passer. He was 2nd in the league last year in TD passes AT VANDY! I mean come on it's VANDY! Dad is head coach of the Giants. He could have a good year like last year and get drafted.
Somebody is a little salty that this year in SEC basketball turned out to be another avergage year. Everybody thought the SEC is good becuase they got 8 teams in the tournament. Yet, only two made it to the Sweet 16. Vandy will be at the top of the league next year with the recruiting class they have coming in.
Turns out one of the best years in SEC basketball is just another mediocre year. The SEC tournament champion loses to the #4 seed in the Big 12 tournament. The SEC regular seasons co-champions lose in the 2nd round. Kentucky proves you can’t just win on talent alone, you need great coaching in the crucial times of a game. And gosh hit your free throws, P.J. Washington could have just hit 4 free throws to win the game.
He is very good. However he hasn’t played a defense like Michigan and their guard play.
Pretty sure the SEC was average this year in basketball and 2 out of 8 teams made the Sweet 16. ACC has 4, BIG Ten has 2 and Big 12 has 2. All the top teams in the SEC besides UK got a beat down. Texas AM did surprisingly well and had a great win against UNC.
You took the words out of my mouth. Harbaugh owns McElwain after beating him 41-7 and then 33-17, and 14 of those points were pick 6s so technically he has only scored one TD on offense against Michigan. Pep Hamilton should be the OC or Harbaugh calling the plays and instead of running a pro-style run and pound offense they may switch to a more spread offense with Shea Patterson.