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GameDay crew gave Vandy the kiss of death. Vandy used all their energy against Notre Dame whole South Carolina had two weeks to prepare.
That’s AAAAA football in Georgia. Which is one of the best high school divisions in Georgia and in the country along with 6A and 7A.
Derek would whip Brain Kelly's old a$$ in a debate or street fight. Have you seen how jacked Mason is? Dude would rip Kelly to shreds. Out of all the SEC coaches I would want Derek Mason to back me up in a fight followed by Muschamp and Coach O because they are both crazy as all get out. Everyone else is either too old or nice.
He’s a millionaire sportscaster that has a radio show and tv show. I don’t always agree with him, especially on moral or political issues but Arkansas should be embarrassed after Chad Morris went 3-0 against North Texas at SMU. With more talent, money and support there is no excuse at all to lose by 20 or more points at home.
Brian Kelly is one of the most overrated coaches in college football history? What has he accomplished? Getting blown out in national championship after playing a weak schedule? What else? Make the citrus, fiesta, music city and whatever else bowl? All the history of Notre Dame football and he has done jack squat. He is just upset his team sucks this year and barely beat a Michigan team with a new QB (who is now figuring out the system), a Ball State team that got blasted by Indiana this past week, and Vandy who basically whooped them in every aspect of the game except the one that mattered, the scoreboard. Brian Kelly is a very overrated coach. No one gives two rips what he says.
Shurmur is too low and is better than Bentley. He went to a hostile environment on the road and passed for over 325 yards. If it wasn’t for one receiver (Tennyson) who fumbled on the 1 then dropped a Wide open TD right before the first half when they had to settle for a FG, they would have won. Everybody underestimate Shurmur because he plays for Vandy. We will see those Saturday, it should be a good game vs SC.
How do you have Tennessee over Vandy?? UT struggled against UTEP offensively and Northen Arizona/UNLV scored more points against UTEP than UT. UTEP is the worst team in FBS. Vandy proved they can hang and should have beat Notre Dame on the road. UT would have got roasted! These predictions are too early and whack.
Struggled offensively?? Yeah there was some bad luck. Tennyson fumbled and we couldn’t recover in the end zone. Then Tennyson drops a for sure TD and Vandy had to settle for a FG. Shurmur played really well passing for 326. Vandy outgained the Irish in total yards. Shurmur proved today he is one of the top QBs in the SEC going on the road in a hostile environment and performing like the that. If it wasn’t for him and the 2nd half defense (held ND to 6 points) Vandy would have never been in the game. South Carolina hopefully isn’t overlooking Vandy next week but they do have an extra week of preparation.
That's awesome. ND players got some kudos for that, some of the most thoughtful and friendly fans for a gameday experience. Anchor Down!
Of course once again, Vandy gets no love and they probably have the hardest game this weekend besides LSU. All week, there has been no coverage about their game at #8 Notre Dame. Even if Vandy pulls off an upset, there still wouldn't be any coverage. Who freakin cares about UT vs UTEP, Florida vs Colorado State, Georgia vs MTSU, Mizzou at 0-2 Purdue who lost to Eastern Michigan. They will all be blow outs, Vandy could get blown out or could win.
I don’t doubt he would call a man that. But the way I raised and especially in the south, you don’t call woman anything like that and show respect. Even if a woman if way out of line, you still should show some respect. Would he call his wife that?
Barstool is stupid. I am not big on the #metoo and "it's 2018" movement, but my gosh no man should ever talk about any woman like this especially publicly. Calling her an "a**hole" is over the line, pretty sure her rankings on Sunday Morning Countdown are higher than Barstool. In fact, it is a better show than Barstool by far and I am not a big ESPN fan at all #wokecenter. Barstool need to be grown men and give it a rest already.
Maybe if your “Star” player named Deebo would have kept his mouth shut and didn’t try to be cocky smart a**, Baker wouldn’t be gloating. He deserves too, after shutting Deebo down and starting the game with a pick 6.
The fact you guys think UT will make a bowl game is hilarious. Maybe next year.
Vandy gave up 10 points, less than 250 yards, forced 4 turnovers to a team that put up 72 the week before. No love whatsoever.
That’s what happens when you have drunk college kids in the Grove. Idiots.
Does Ole Miss even have a defense? Within the last 10 years? Or just bank on trying to outscore you?
Did anyone else hear by the announcers that was an ACC officiating crew? If so, why the heck would you get them and not a non bias officiating crew like PAC-12 or Big-10?
People are sure quick to comment on the Nike Kaepernick ad, yet they can’t comment on something as strong as this. Turner is fighting for his life and is literally sacrificing everything, unlike Kap who made millions of dollars as a professional athlete. There are plenty of jobs in America for him to get besides being a practice squad QB.
VA Tech did put a beat down on them. I watched the whole game, when FSU got some tempo and moving the ball, VA Tech players would just look to the sideline and fall down. It happened in the 1st quarter when a big fat DL looked to the sideline after a 30 yard gain and then he just fell because the coaching staff signaled him to. It was too obvious.
Vandy? Two 5 star recruits and one 4 star along with 2 returning starters? Kentucky wont win at Memorial Gymnasium.
How do you have Tennessee reaching a bowl game with a tough schedule that they have? Good thing these are predictions and not bets.
Usually I agree with you on most stuff, but this comment was uncalled for. Good luck agaisnt Miami, you guys will need it if your offense is non existent.
Don't sleep on Shurmur this year. He could single handily win some games by himself this season to get Vandy to a bowl game.
Derek Mason is fine. As long as his graduate percentage is high, he makes a bowl game every few years, he isn't last in the SEC in recruiting, he reaches out to the community, he is very safe. He is also very close with David Williams, the AD. Unfortunately, Vandy as a school administration does't care about building the football program or wanting to support it. James Franklin had to do it on his own. They almost year want the undergraduate total to be less than 10,000 students. Vandy's campus did need a lot of updates though, the dorms were really rough and nasty.
That's why he is 1-1 as a starter against you and beat you on your own home field 2 years ago? He also had more yards and TD passes than Jake Fromm last year in 2 less games. Fromm has better playmakers around him. Now after this year, he will be 1-2 because UGA will beat Vandy. Shurmur threw 2 TD's against you last year in a blow out because the defense was terrible. Don't know why you said he was pouting.