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It’s not Shurmur’s fault. It’s the defense and coaching that makes them blow the leads. He has 2200 yards passing with 17 TDs and 5 Int, yet he is 10th?? He can’t help it he plays for a bad head coach and a terrible defense that couldn’t stop a powderpuff girls team.
I agree. Mason needs to go, he’s not fit to be a head coach. His OC Ludwig is one of the worst OCs in country (after watching 5 years of Vandy football, you would understand why). A lot of people want Mason gone and his coordinators especially after this year and all the games they could have won if it wasn’t for coaching. Shurmur has 17 TDs and 5 Int and 5th in the SEC in passing, I think Vaughn is 4th in the SEC in rushing. But the defense, my gosh, the past two years have been atrocious under Mason (the defensive guru). The Vandy BOD and trustees love him, so I don’t see him going anywhere anytime soon.
3 SEC losses of 10 points or less and lost to ND by 5, just can’t close out. Arkansas scored more points against Bama and LSU than State did. Let that sink in.
Maybe Vandy will beat UT at the end of the season to go to a bowl game and prevent UT from going to a bowl game. However, it’s Vandy and they aren’t that lucky.
Keep talking till that SEC Championship game when you score 0 points like LSU and Miss State. Have fun playing UCF in a bowl game.
Haha I’m back to prove how terrible Kentucky and Florida football is. Good job coming back against an unranked team at home.
You let a guy run for 180 yards on 15 rushes. If he got 30 carries like Benny Snell, Mizzou would have lost by 10 atleast, but Mason and his OC don’t like to run him too much, which is why they are 4-6.
Franks is overrated and talks to much. Glad you can beat an unranked South Carolina team after getting blasted at home by 21 to Mizzou.
There wasn’t one PI called against you this game. Why are you complaining? If anything, Vandys TE got his arm held on by your DB on the last play of the game. Vandy had 2 PI’s so idk why you are complaining.
Fields and Stidham? Fields hasn’t proven anything and Stidham is inconsistent/bad decision maker at times. Shurmur is a proven SEC QB on a bad coached Vandy team. You surround him with 4 and 5 stars like at Auburn, he would be a better QB at Auburn than Stidham. Remember, Shurmur is working with 2 and 3 star players.
Shurmur proved he is a top 4 QB in this league and outplayed Lock. Vaughn was the best player on the field and a top 3 back in the league. Mason needs to fire his OC Ludwig after the season, 5 years is too long. These players compete and stay in games, but coaching lets them down. Heck if Mason doesn’t fire Ludwig then he needs to go! Vandy should be 7-3 right now with losses to Georgia, SC and Florida. But poor coaching kills them. It’s time to move on and hopefully Mason realizes he needs a change at OC.
Georgia has some of the best traditional uniforms in college football. Red home with grey pants and white away with great pants with the same helmet always. Stick with tradition fans, don’t try to be like everyone else.
Tebow is such a homer. He’s just pissed bc Harbaugh whooped his Gators twice and it wasn’t even close. I use to love him because he was a great QB, role model, and solid in his faith. However, listening to him on SEC nation is brutal, he doesn’t have a good voice and he doesn’t know how to interact in conversation. I would say he is socially awkward.
UK and Florida are pathetic. SEC East is terrible besides Georgia. This proves they are all average or below average teams. SEC West is overrated too besides Bama and LSU, I mean Miss State lost Florida, Texas AM lost to Auburn? A bunch of average teams beating average teams. Bama, LSU and Georgia is all the SEC has and they are definitely 3 of the top 5-6 teams in country, but that’s all the SEC needs.
Good job Mizzou. Proves the SEC is overrated besides Georgia. Florida’s only good win is.... Miss State by 7. Vandy by 10. Comical and pathetic.
Vandy will make it. Write it down. Two 5 star recruits and One 4 star, they will for sure make it.
Kyle Shurmur, best down the field passer against Kentucky. That’s saying a lot about their defense.
One of the most underrated RBs in the SEC. Every game he plays he is a difference maker.
Georgia put up 41 points against Vandy at home, Kentucky put 14 points against Vandy at home with 19 passing yards. Georgia beat Mizzou by 14 on the road, Kentucky had to win at the last second. By watching these games, I'm quite sure Georgia will win quite handily. It will all come down to QB play and Fromm has the edge over Wilson. Snell will get 30 carries for over 150 yards at least, but it won't be enough. Georgia is averaging about 36 points in SEC play, Kentucky is averaging 20, with the last 3 games 14.3.Therefore, edge goes to Georgia.
Kentucky scored 14 points against Vandy with 19 passing yards.. That stat alone shows Kentucky is going to lose by a large margin on Saturday. Also, they are averging 14.3 points their last 3 SEC games, can't be 1 dimensional against a top tier team like Georgia.
Vandy has more wins than Tennessee and has more conference wins than Mizzou. Makes sense.
So Tennessee is above Vandy even though they have a worse record? Makes sense.
You get your A$$ kicked by a dawg, and you try to act hard like a gangster. This dude is disgusting and should have his scholarship revoked immediately. I guess these are the types of players Todd Gratham molds. I wish Derek Mason would have whooped his A$$ on national TV, Grantham is all talk.
Why is UT ahead of Vandy when they are tied for conference record but Vandy has more overall wins?
I agree. None of them are ranked now because all are 5-3. Georgia has one win against a ranked team, Florida. But I guess the committee thinks a close loss first game of the season is better than a blow out loss in the middle of the season. Georgia will handle the next two weeks Im sure. Who knows they may get revenge against LSU in the championship game. I’m sure if Michigan beats Penn state and Penn state drops to 6-3, they may be out of the top 25 as well.
Yeah but also scoring 14.5 points the past two games and giving up 10.5 points a game to the bottom dwellers of the SEC East is not something to brag about.
Michigan beat a Northwestern team on the road that just beat Wisconsin. They put a beatdown on Michigan State who beat Penn State and Purdue coming off a pounding of Ohio State. Wisconsin win wasn’t special because they are overrated. So really Michigan had to beat the teams they had to pretty handilly, just like LSU. LSU’s only good quality win is Georgia and maybe Miss State. Kentucky’s only good win was Florida and maybe Miss State, they had to squeak by Vandy and Mizzou while averaging 14.5 points to do so. LSU and Michigan have the same quality wins against 5-3 teams (Auburn, Miami and Miss State for LSU and Northwestern, Wisconsin and Michigan State for Michigan) LSU beat Georgia which outweighs Michigan’s wins by far, I agree LSU deserves to be ahead because that’s a really great win. If you put Mich/LSU on a neutral field, it would be a knock down drag out really good defensive game. If Michigan handles Penn State this weekend like they should, then that would add a really good quality win their resume’.
Fair weather? What are you talking about? You think I’m a UK fan? Lol