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Minnesota hasn’t played a true road game. They got lucky by getting Penn State at home, if it was in Happy Valley it wouldn’t have been close. There were some questionable calls and non calls against Penn State on the last possession. I hope Michigan beats OSU, but I doubt it. I personally think Auburn will beat Georgia and maybe even Alabama. Legit defense, both at home.
Minnesota has at Iowa and home against Wisconsin. They will lose one of those and get bumped. If Baylor runs the table and beats OU twice, they would get in over a 1 loss SEC Alabama or a 1 loss PAC 12 Champ for the 4th spot IMO.
Wasn’t the kicker’s fault, the center and guard barely blocked the nose tackle.
They can’t leave the SEC. They are part of the founding members and actually bring national championships to the SEC other than football. Their GPA brings the SEC’s overall GPA way up and remember they only have a little over 9k students. If they had atleast 20k like every other school, they would complete in football.
You’re an idiot if you think Dabo is a clown. That answer is very Saban like, so you must think Saban is a clown as well.
Kentucky’s OC was so stupid. Ball on the 1 or 2 yard line twice and you are in shot gun 5 yards behind the ball. What happened to going under center and QB sneaking it? UT DL had great and easy penetration especially when you are handing the ball to your RB 5 yards.
We will see how good your defense does against a good offensive and defensive team. Vandy and Derek Mason are horrible, we already established this.
You gave up 38 to a team that needs help in every area. Pretty sure that was the most all season before Bama. Vandy sucks all around even UNLV held them to 10 points. Georgia held them 6. Northern Illinois and Purdue held them to 24. Should I continue? LSU better tighten up on defense, their Offense is carrying them.
Dude, you are 1-3 against Bama and won't have Burrow after this year. Enjoy the win but Saban has your number. You're defense still needs help.
Coach O needs to take a chill pill. It's your first win against Bama in 8 years. You haven't won the SEC west, the SEC or a NC. Calm down.
Vandy’s 3rd string QB beat you. You were fully healthy against Vandy and Vandy’s crap defense had Kelly Bryant looking like a high school JV QB.
Either he fires the OC after averaging 13 ppg this season and the DC after giving up 500 yards in 6 games or Mason needs to be the change and get out!
Dan Mullen “well since we can’t score against elite SEC defenses, we decided to score 56 against a horrible SEC defense to show we can put up the points”. Mullen truly is a player’s coach.
If Vandy had a decent QB, they have enough playmakers to stay in the games. But the offense is a joke and laughable. The defense can’t stay on the field all game. Mason is stupid for hiring a friend as a DC and promoting the QB coach to OC. That’s just a mistake from lack of HC experience. New AD needs to clean house just like he did for basketball. Mason is a good guy but not a good Head Coach. Time to move on from him and focus on winning Nattys in Baseball, Bowling and Tennis. Hate it for Vaughn, Lipscomb and Pinkney because they should have left early for the draft, this was a waste of a year. They were so use to playing with the “Vol Slayer” Shurmur that these 3-4 QBs couldn’t start on a D2 or D3 team. Idk how Neal was decent at Ball State. Mo Hasan was our best chance at QB and I with the Mizzou player that injured him with a dirty hit would be suspended from football for life.
I’m not mad. SEC refs are horrible. We all know it. No need to keep complaining about them. Sankey don’t care.
Blah blah blah. Vandys gunner on a punt return got held and hooked right in front of Vandy bench and ref, no call. Then the long pass at the end could have been targeting. If Vandy had a decent QB, it would be 14-10 atleast. Vandys defense is outplaying Florida’s defense considering what they are up against. After the Georgia game, Mullen blamed the refs in his press conference and now he’s got most of the fan base blaming the refs if something doesn’t go their way. You’re QB has thrown 2 picks against a sub par defense in the red zone and you missed a FG. Suck it up Mullen! Vandy sucks and can’t throw the football! Quit blaming the refs!
Vandy beat Mizzou. That should say enough about the Mizzou football program this year. UNLV beat Vandy by 24!!! Then Kentucky boat races Mizzou. If Mizzou is on the road, they have no shot. Georgia will cover the spread with ease.
I’m all for these rankings. Ohio State, LSU and Bama are all excellent on offense but Ohio State has the better defense per the eye test.
Florida -28. Bet your mortgage, 401k, whatever on it. Vandy down to 3rd string QB that can’t throw more than 5 yards and Florida is coming off a loss. Easy money. You’re welcome.
*QBs can’t throw more than 10 yards down the field. (Neal threw a 26 yard TD pass tonight and hurt his shoulder, didn’t even get hit)
Everybody in the SEC loves Derek Mason except Vandy fans. He is incapable of being a head coach and knowing when to make tough and right decisions. When your 3rd string QB is 8-17 for 30 yards and 2 INT, why not give someone else a try? If the defense holds a mediocre South Carolina offense to 24 points, 14 through 3 quarters and yet your offense hasn’t scored since the 1st possession? What are you doing? Vandy is pathetic on defense, almost getting out gained by 300 yards to a team playing their back up RB, 2 OL and missing star WR. And we only 72 passing yards! I can’t believe Vaughn, Pinkney and Lipscomb came back to play for this circus. They ruined all their draft stock. Lipscomb didn’t play for personal reasons, wasn’t injured or disciplined. I hope he was boycotting Mason and this program because it’s a clown show. Pinkney didn’t even have a catch the whole game. Barely have used him all season! But it’s because our QBs can throw more than 10 yards down field! Should have put Vaughn at Wildcat like UK does with Bowden instead of Deuce Wallace playing who is one of the worst QBs in Vandy history. This year is a fail and I hope Malcolm Turner does the right thing like he did with Bryce Drew and cleans house.
8 rushes for 9 yards too. That’s not going to cut it. Florida’s play calling on short yard 3rd down have been atrocious. It’s too easy for Georgia.
Yeah Florida can’t blame the refs. The defense is getting torched and can’t keep Georgia out of the Red Zone. Gators only have 9 rushing yards in the 1st half. Need to make 2nd half adjustments on defense.
People give Harbaugh a lot of crap, which most of it he deserves. But my gosh, it’s about time to start calling Scott Frost a thief for taking so much money from Nebraska and not showing anything. Embarrassing 2 years for him. Should have stayed at UCF. Frost is by bad more overrated than Harbaugh.
He’s way better than Peter Burns, Paul Finebaum, Emmanuel Acho, Jonathan Vilma and many more. Klatt makes a lot of very valid points.