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Pinkney was the most reliable TE in the SEC last year but with Shurmur gone his numbers will go down.
So Vandy opens up with Georgia, at Purdue and LSU and also play UT, South Carolina, and Florida on the road; yet, they still are considered to have an “easy” schedule. Okay.
Mike Leach is very entertaining and possibly a genius. The idea is fun to think about but wouldn’t work.
He didn't look impressive against Michigan last year and that was probably the most comparable defense to the SEC that he played.
I don't know who Seth Williams is because I don't follow Auburn football and I am sure he is good; but the whole SEC knows who Lipscomb is. He may have a down year though with a no Kyle Shurmur.
I know I’m a Vandy fan, but maybe Florida and their fans should focus on beating Georgia first instead trolling with “who cares” facts.
Roundtree and Hill both lost their QBs too. That’s no excuse. Even though Bryant is better than both Neal and Thompson, it shouldn’t matter.
I would have Vaughn in top 5 for sure. He was the most explosive back last year. Maybe because of his health and couldn't finish games?
They probably aren’t day 1. But, KirbySmart, you’re wrong they are.
I guess Kalija Lipscomb and Jared Pinkney have to prove doubters again this year why they are in top WR and TE statistically. I guess because it’s Vandy.
And people say Vandy shouldn't be in the SEC. Only things Vandy is relevant in are Baseball, Women's Bowling, and GPA. Their schedule is not too hard to close out the year, hopefully we don't choke and secure the #1 seed.
I completely agree 100%. Let him enjoy his big night and show his reaction, I mean they sent a camera crew to his house and didn't even show him.
Oskie, if you accuse people of beating women over a sports website, you my friend have issues. "Like we all do" was pertaining to past mistakes or screw ups like you have made as well. Idiot.
Oh shut up. He made a mistake like we all do. He paid for his mistake and his consequences still haunt him until this very day. By no means do I justify what he did was the correct decision, but I am sure he is very remorseful and realizes what he did was wrong. And obviously you don’t pay attention to the NFL, hence Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Joe Mixon, Adrian Peterson, etc.
Espn sent a camera crew to his house, mic’d him, up and didn’t even get his reaction on his big night. All they did was show his screw up from high school that he has grown from. MSESPN gonna MSESPN.
That's right. I got confused because he had 2 years of eligibility left.
NCAA is a double standard. It’s pathetic. Let the man transfer to be with his mother, good Lord, family is more important than any stupid rule or football. But I love how the journalist pointed out Martell, but didn’t point out people like Justin Fields, Joe Burrow, WR from Cal that transferred to Georgia (Robertson I think), or any other SEC player that transferred in or out and was granted a hardship. I get it Martell is a prick, but come on atleast keep it in the SEC.
If anything you are the one judging a Georgia pastor that is joking around in a sermon by calling him a pseudo Christian. But to some extent you are right, this pastor should have been preaching on Jesus dying for our sins then resurrecting on the 3rd day. Easter is the only reason why there are Christians in the world and churches/pastors should be expressing that especially on Easter Sunday, not a silly slide about college football rivalries.
This just proves college athletes don’t need to get paid by the university. The top athletes are already getting paid under the table.
Stackhouse going after next level coaches for recruiting purposes. All about connections and who you know.
I guess this fan doesn’t know that Harbaugh gave full control of the offense to Josh Gattis. From what I’m hear it’s going to be similar to Bama, up tempo and some no huddle.
Top prospect is from Nashville and would have been a difference maker for Vandy. I coached against him in high school and he is the real deal. Such a shame he got hurt.
Sure Auburn caught a tough break. But do the fans not realize that the guy (Harper) who made 15 FTs in a row, missed his second one??? He hits that, worse case scenario, you are in OT. Harper missed FT, Refs missed a double dribble, Auburn player didn’t close out properly and left his feet for a foul. Unfortunately, that’s how sports go.
I can’t tell if your trolling me.... refs missed a call that should have gave Auburn the ball. However, if Harper made his FT we would have never been talking about it. Bryce Brown should have never fouled at half court and let Jerome heave a half court shot to win it.
As much as it sucks for Auburn, It was a foul. They teach you in middle school how to close out properly and not jump. However, the refs should have called a double dribble on jerome dribbling it off his leg with 1.5 seconds left. That cost Auburn big time.
All about recruiting, the AAU circuit and NBA connections. Those are the reasons they are going after Stackhouse.
He was the most explosive back especially the second half of the season. Look at his stats the last 5 games of the season minus the TN game.
In 2016, He ran a HB toss with Isaiah McKenzie against Vandy on homecoming, on a 4th and 1, on the last play , that cost them the game. He used Chubb as a decoy and didn’t even consider Michel. That right there should tell you what kind of an OC he is.
He was a streaky shooter and was usually a liability on defense. I wouldn’t call him a “key” player. The only “key” player was the one that got hurt that is going to be a lottery pick.
Such a shame Darius Garland couldn't play all season.