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Pretty sure Vandy has a more recent national championship than Alabama or Auburn or Arkansas or whatever fan you are. Remain silent please. Thank you Double O for the backup.
How is this complaining??? Clickbait. Like always SDS. Dude is staying a fact. Stop taking things out of context. He’s basically saying they got home field advantage, which is true!!
LSU got lucky. Edwards Elaire had a hand full of white paint then stepped out but replay didn’t buzz down. Better be lucky than good. #8 Terrell for Clemson is getting beat like a drum, had a pick 6 last Natty but tonight Chase is beating him one on one every play.
Best player and best scorer in the SEC. Vandy is playing a walk on and a former team manager right now on the court. This hurts bad.
This will be the greatest rivalry in college football for the next couple of years. Two schools that hate each other, for state pride, with these two coaches?? The Egg Bowl will be the most pumped up game next season!
So why didn't the family sue almost 2 years ago when it happened? It's all about greed and the family wanting Cade to have immediate eligibility. Pretty sure the Georgia games I saw, he wasn't that impressive anyway.
The reason why Chase and Jefferson are great receivers is because they can get open with ease or Burrow can escape the pocket and find them open downfield. Ross and Higgins are better athletes that can make better contested catches. It's a toss up though. The game will come down to which defense can get crucial stops at the right time.
First off, it wasn't a poster. It was a great unbelievable dunk but he never touched the Vandy player at all. Second, Saben Lee had an incredible dunk in the 1st half too, but gets no love. Biased much? I am proud of Vandy's effort to night and Lee/Nesmith are going to be big problems for the SEC this year.
He knew next year with Lawrence and Fields that it would be tough to crack top 5 again. Smart Decision. Great leader.
Fitch is better than Coley. You give Fitch all the studs and 5 stars UGA has they would be a top 10 offense. You put Coley at Vandy, not much will change.
That kicker missed the extra point and it left the door wide open. Vols won the last 5 minutes when it mattered. Indiana gave it away badly. What a game.
Alright good for UGA. LSU got Gilbert from Marietta, GA however Georgia gets the #1 TE. Imagine if Gilbert would have committed to UGA, best TE combo in the nation. Oh well still nice for them.
Only reason Vandy won 3 in a row was because Kyle Shurmur was UT’s daddy and the Vol Slayer. Without him, UT will go back to beating Vandy with ease.
With your username, I can’t take you seriously.
He is a UT homer and Titans homer.. Does anyone know his predictions for all UT games this year?
Finebaum is a clown and has a man crush on Saban. No one respects or takes the skinny little man Finebaum seriously. Michigan kicked Bama's a$$ in the first half, but Saban made 2nd half adjustments like incredible coaches do. So glad we don't have to hear Finebaum for another 7 months until football season starts.
Pretty sure this is clickbait. He could of meant a “Smack in the face” like we should have played better defense in the 2nd half and we have a long way to go to be considered an elite team.
Everything on my first comment was true Or fact and you know it. You’re the one who commentated on my comment first because of what I said about Saban taking a knee. Don’t blame me for you commenting on my comment.
No sir. You make stupid comments way more than me and everyone on this site knows it. Trust me, people have barked back at you because of your dumb comments more than mine. Guarantee it.
Just wanted to get on your nerves and pester you to death because you do it all the time on this site to everyone. Thought you would like a taste of your own medicine! Enjoy the rest of your day watching football and Happy New Year! I’m sure we will be commenting on the same article in the future.
I usually most of the time agree with your opinions and pretty cordial but I will argue about this if you want to keep on going. Also, have to admit if Michigan had a QB like Mac Jones instead of Shea awful Patterson, the game would have been different. He basically missed atleast 4 TD passes overthrown because your DBs got beat.
Shut up Bama Time. Just admit PJ Fleck gained your respect and had a better year this year than Saban. I’m sure if Bama lost to Michigan, it’s because Tua, Lewis and Diggs didnt play but if Bama won it’s because Michigan and Harbaugh aren’t good enough to compete with Bama. Is that what Bama fans were thinking? Or did the bowl game even matter to you because you weren’t in the playoff?
Can’t buddy have to wait until the spring.
PJ Fleck has more class than Harbaugh and Saban. He took a knee inside Auburn’s 10 yard line. That’s all I’m saying. He gained a lot of respect today in my opinion.
Except in baseball. Bama has football and nothing else. We have baseball and nothing else. Shut up bg29 who has no association with anyone.
PJ Fleck didn’t. At least he has class unlike Saban and can beat Auburn.
If Michigan had any other QB in the world, they would have had a really good chance. Heck they were in the lead at halftime. Bama made great 2nd half adjustments and Michigan didn’t. Patterson is the most overrated 5 star ever in the history of recruiting. Overthrows, stupid mistakes, inconsistent, Michigan is better without him. Game was closer than the score of Nick Satan didn’t run it up in the last 30 seconds instead of taking a knee. Jeudy is freak receiver and no one in the country can cover him one on one. Bama exposed Michigan’s man to man coverage just like OSU, great scouting. Mac Jones is a really good QB and would start at most SEC schools if he wasn’t behind Tua. Happy New Year!
Auburn fans have the weirdest love/hate relationship with Gus. One week they want to buy him out, the next week they love him. Every year.