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It was about Bobby Bowden.. that’s how this guy rolls, being a hypocrite.
No divisions. 16 teams. Rotate and play each other. 4 team playoff for the SEC championship (top 4 teams with best record).
Kansa, Kansas State and WVU to Big Ten.. power basketball conference and SEC will be the power football conference like it is now.
You have held on to a grudge of a dying man for over 30 years. Wait to show your true character and morals, which you clearly do not have.
I mistyped. I admit I was wrong about 30 years. Unlike you, when you are wrong about a man based off a one time experience. The man is dying and you are just being a tool. You have no idea the positive impact he had on not only college football players but men across the county. So just shut up when make judgements when you don't know his full story. You have ZERO idea.
9mmDave, you don't know his personal life or his whole impact on young men. You are judging him based off a football game 40 years ago (showing your age). Get a grip. Loser.
One of the greatest coaches and leaders of men ever in college football. Absolutely hate to hear this but he made a Kingdom impact and will be rewarded for it when his time on earth is over.
Dang it, I thought the Big Ten Network would send him an offer he couldn't refuse.
They still have their names on the back of the jerseys. Need 20/20 vision to see it, but still.
He is trying to build a culture about earning everything just like in real life. If every player should have a number, then maybe you can install that in your own program but for now just keep on being a couch coach and pointing fingers telling people how to do their job.
Pruitt learned form the most morally bankrupt coach in Propst and used that instead of learning from Saban.
If it's top 40, it's a win for Vandy. He's definitely hitting the recrutiting trail hard.
Vandy currently has a top 25 recruiting class according to 247? What in the world is going on at West End?
Shocking an ESPN affiliate hired a spoken out Christian like Ben Watson. Tebow was first now Watson. Good for him and this opportunity.
You missed Cam Johnson, Vandy….. better than half these guys.
Lea pulling in 3 stars like Mason did. He may get 1 or 2 4-stars but it’s unlikely. The question is will he and his coaching staff develop them better than Mason and his staff, that will be the difference.
Why put a guy on this list who has played QB in only blowouts? Young is really good, but he shouldn’t even be considered a top threat to be SEC offensive player of the year until facing legit competition.
Keep Maria and get rid of Mowins and Burke. Also, there are also multiple men that can get the boot as well.
At 59, man absolutely hate this. Praying to the only One who can make mountains move and miracles happen.
Don’t get all the hate towards Vandy baseball. Guess that means were on close tier with Alabama football.
You sir are completely wrong and an idiot. Stop being soft and showing what’s wrong in America.
In today’s world, nothing surprises me anymore. If espn loses an African American female analyst, oh boy, the Libs might turn on the Libs.
Happy for State, they deserved it. We know what it’s like to win the first national title in school history here recently. Vandy’s horrible batting was contagious and the fielding errors were too. Pitchers didn’t trust their outfield to make plays. State was well sound. As much as I hate it for NC State and I always hate the NCAA, I don’t get all they hate towards Vandy. What were they suppose to do, turn a free offer to a national championship down? If they were playing against Texas, I would assume SEC fans (except UT) would pull for the Dores. But against State and their story line, I understand. Anyways, Corbs will keep building the best SEC sport Dynasty besides Bama football. Congrat Bulldogs! Party in Starkvegas!
I think Corbin knew that if Vandy would win last night, it would be pure luck and MSU just not taking advantage of a young pitcher. Little didn't pitch bad, I mean dude is 17 years old which is nuts. His defense didn't help him at all once again like against Stanford, mainly the 3rd baseman and Shortstop, which led to all the early runs. But Corbs was smart when Vandy got down big and wasted all the bad relievers from the bullpen. Now he can use Rocker, Maldanado, and Murphy to finish it out who are the best pitches besides Leiter. I think he had a plan all along.
Life isn't fair, as much as I hate the NCAA and hate it for NC State. Vandy were the favorites to win before the CWS even started, obviously they have the talent to be here. They only lost to NC state 1-0, people act like NC State was blew them out.