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He produced and molded Jordan Matthews and Jerry Jeudy, two of the best receivers to ever play in the SEC. That's a pretty good resume'.
Stings not making a bowl game two years in a row and losing 3 in a row to your little brother. However, no doubt UT will win next year for sure and go 8-4 since you have 8 home games.
That Gonzaga win doesn't look that good for TN since UNC beat them pretty good and UNC just lost to an unranked Louisville team at home by 20.
Duke was without 2 starters, this loss for them doesn't look that bad. Full strength, they are still the best team in the country.
That’s wrong man. That accusation is just a pure evil thought.
Thank the Lord! Bring on the wishbone, triple option, or air raid!
Easily the best RB returning in the SEC. Should be pre-season SEC 1st team.
Maybe Gator fans should take some lessons from their coach about having some class. Showing no respect to an opposing QB that had one of the most brutal injuries in the sport is the definition of classless. No excuses.
Hush? What is this preschool? Does 2019 feel like '98 again?
It's like Chaney is stealing from the football program and University. Average OC making more money than head coaches. Every school is going to benefit from this except for UT. He isn't worth it.
UT paying an average OC a salary he doesn't deserve. Pruitt did a disservice to UT fans and Vol nation by hiring him. Chaney is stealing from the Athletic program and UT Board of Trustees with the amount of money he is being paid. Pruitt is hiring like Butch Jones and with 8 home games next year, if he doesn't win 4-5 of those, he isn't going to make a bowl. It's funny to see UT fans excited about this hire because this is the best they could do.
Once again no Vandy. But I get it, they lose Shurmur and start out with Georgia, at Purdue and LSU. That’s 0-3 start, no doubt.
Saban is getting outcoached. Bama’s defense is finally getting exposed. Tua is getting shown up by a really great Freshman. It’s just an all around bad game which means bed time
Shouldn’t have come down to a kicker. Bears defense should have stopped the Eagles last drive especially on 4th and goal to seal the game. Can’t blame the kicker.
Prayers for his family. May we all live everyday like Tyler, each breath is a blessing. Thank you Tyler for your story and inspiration.
Classy by Burrow, Pure class. Would have love to see this matchup.
I agree 100% LSUSMC, I typed this on the article on what Devin White said and BamaTime trolled it. This is exactly what I said almost.
So your telling me, you don't agree with anything I just said? And no I am not talking, I'm typing just like you.
Oh that's right that was DarthA that brought up talking about other sports. My bad BamaTime, however my first comment was thanking UK for beating Franklin.
Dude (or madam), I totally forgot about that article and apologized, give it a rest. If I would have remembered, I would have defended my comments, but it's over with. Florida and LSU won and I gave both teams credit because they are really good teams. Yet, you still don't seem to comprehend that.
Just like every other male sport at Bama besides football..... Oh I'm sorry, golf too.
No I don't. I just completely forgot I said I would argue sports with you on that article because I totally forgot about that article.
Oh that; my bad, I totally forgot about that article. But it was nice of you and LSUSMC to say you guys didn't think Harbaugh did anything classless since he pat him on the stomach. Pretty sure it was clickbait from SDS.
Personal attacks? What was personal in this whole feed?
I'm a Vandy season ticket holder and Vandy has been my SEC team since I have lived in Nashville all my life. My wife is a Georgia fan so I'm pulling for them tonight and I'm pulling Bama in the championship. You and BamaTime just love trolling.
Hey BamaTIme, you get out of here with your BS! I never made an excuse. I predicted Florida to win. Come at me, I can argue with you all day everyday. Bring it.
Hey Chris, Vandy made a bowl game unlike UT, Ole Miss and Arkansas. They beat all those teams too! How about you compare UCF to those teams? Your opinion is atrocious comparing Vandy to UCF, saying they get pushed around. Get out of here with that nonsense. Vandy competed with Notre Dame, Florida, Kentucky and Mizzou; however they blew it in Vandy fashion. Literally, you compared a SEC bowl team to UCF saying they don't have enough elite lineman. Couldn't have picked the 3 bowless teams? Come on!