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Leave it to Vandy to pull this for PR.. bet the school staff is gung ho over this.. I’m sure she has a good leg, but Vandy doesn’t need a kicker, just go for 2 every time. It’s all about the agenda at Vandy, the most liberal school in the south.
And look Auburn isn't cancelling because of one positive test.. Good for them. Not trying to hide like teams such as FSU, bunch of cowards.
Oh please. The whole Georgia week Saban was “positive” the media ate that up. He had 3 negative tests and one false positive. Don’t tell me Bama didn’t eat all that attention up and wanted the drama. They all knew he didn’t have it. LSU had multiple cases, Clemson only had one. Different story. Can’t compare it unless it’s apples to apples.
Absolutely love this... calling people out is what American's are afraid to do now because they are afraid of their image. Stop being soft and take it. You think coaches didn't talk like this 20-40 years ago? Bullcrap. All media now will take it to another level to divide everyone. 1 positive test and you cancel a game with there being no more positives? Absolute insanity. FSU and the rest of the people hating on Dabo need to just stay in the corner hiding in the fetal position.
This is so stupid. Vandy/UT is always after thanksgiving. They couldn't have picked another game to replace Mizzou with? How many Arkansas players have it? Do they still have enough scholarship players to play? SEC decision makers jumping the gun again, 6 days before the game. Sankey falling into the COVID trap.
Can you blame FSU for using it an excuse? They didn’t want to get destroyed on national TV and keep throwing matches on the dumpster fire.
He doesn’t deserve to be at Indiana. A great guy and a great coach. UT, South Carolina, Texas, USC need to go after him.
Triggered people will always find something to complain about. Who cares? If people have freedom and the right to go attend somewhere, they should. They know the consequences, their adults and if they get COVID, so be it. Let them make decisions for themselves.
The fact he thought the Milton dude was better than the QB he put in last down 17-0 shows how delusional Harbaugh is.
Florida wasn’t anything special. Trask is good but that defense is awful. Also, they had multiple calls go their way. But Vandy put up a fight. Weird, SC and LSU looked way better than Florida against Vandy.
Should be 10-10. Last TD was incomplete, but refs had to give it to FL and Vandy never gets those calls.
Him and Bobby Bowden. Man it's getting young and old coaches. Hopefully he can beat it.
Kirby went the National Championship. Mark never sniffed it.
Ken Seals is definitely the best Freshman QB in the SEC given what he has to work with.
You obviously don't know Derek Mason.... At least at Georgia, his path is easier to the NFL.
Still think if Texas AM wins out, they should get in over Florida.
Definitely wasn't a cheap shot. Pitts dropped his head, otherwise the safety would have hit him in the upper chest.
Mason is a great guy and good coordinator, but a horrible head coach. However, Vandy won’t fire him because they care more about diversity and sticking to the agenda than winning.
This vaccine will probably be like the flu shot. More so putting poison in your body rather than helping it. Who knows though.
He's been injured most of the year. His team isn't that good so he probably has been prepping for college.
If he goes 1-9 but beats TN, he will get a lifetime contract. Vandy doesn't care.
Good news is, we are testing 1.4-1.5 million people a day and of those tests only 100-150k are positive. Still around or below 10%. With more testing comes the possible increase of more cases. The percentages since April/May pertaining to positive cases don't change, just the numbers. When the news says "we are seeing record cases each day", well duh, you are testing hundreds of thousands more people as well.
They only have one COVID positive test, the rest is contact tracing. These rules and guidelines are just absurd. They are put in place to make it impossible to play if one person is positive, like so. So stupid.
This is horrible if it’s all true. Should have never been covered up and hidden. Awful. Firm believer in Innocent until proven guilty, so if there is evidence, they should be prosecuted. However, in today’s world you can just say it and people will believe it.
Some fans from different fan bases, just don’t have class, not all, but some.