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Hey Bomani, stick to just doing your tv show, oh wait it got cancelled for being too woke.
To be fair, Georgia is more overrated than USC according to these stats. Also, most of these teams have a won a Natty since 1980.
This is horrible. I hate that divorce is the answer to people ending their marriage. Hope it all works out for the best.
One of the best players in the SEC. I can’t believe he is leaving.
You’re right my bad. He’s the first person to do it since Ronnie Henderson. Almost 20 years. Jenkins averaged 11 ppg his freshman year, and almost 20 ppg his sophomore and junior year. He tied the SEC record back then for 3 pointers made in a season and led the nation in made 3s per game. Yet you put Lofton, Thornwell, Maxwell, wilbekin on the list just cause they were SEC player of the year.
Why isn’t John Jenkins on the list? Led the SEC in scoring 2 seasons straight, no other SEC player has done that. Top 5 best shooter in SEC history.
As absurd as this Coronavirus freak out is, the SEC is probably not far behind implementing this as well.
Who cares? Waste of an article. I’m sure Michigan isn’t the only school not allowing coaches to go on recruiting visits.
I rather would have played Mizzou than Arkansas, no offense to Mizzou fans. However, Arkansas doesn’t show up for road games usually, so maybe that works in our favor.
If only Vandy didn’t have Garland get hurt last year to pair with Nesmith or if Nesmith didn’t get hurt this year.. luck of Vandy right there.
Bubbatime, I know you don’t represent all SEC fans and are a troll but you are an idiot. I wish SDS would weed out guys like you and block you from the site. You probably have nothing else better to do than sit in your parents basement and troll on the computer all day. Don’t criticize a teenager for making a decision that will affect his future. Go find another site to do that.
Vaughn, Lipscomb and Pinkney should have left their junior year. They would have be top 3 round picks. Instead they made a poor decision to come back to school and play with QBs that damaged their careers and senior season production aka Riley Neal and Deuce Wallace. The Big 3 should have left when they were some of the top players in the SEC but they thought they could win more this past year. It helps having Kyle Shurmur at QB to make you look good. It's a shame for these guys, but they made the decision. Patriots are using that as a tactic to draft him. Mason has a great connection with Patriots who drafted Adam Butler, Joejuan Williams, signed Ralph Webb. It's all a gameplan for them.
Vandy should have hit their free throws but the ref screwed Vandy over by giving Georgia the ball when he never stepped out. It was blatant and should have been reviewed if possible.
He is horrible. Only lasted one year at Vandy (Mason’s first year) and averaged around 14 points a game while playing 4 different QBs. Colorado just wasted a choice for a head coach.
Who cares? SDS is becoming to have a Harbaugh fetish like Finebaum.
All Mizzou’s fault. If their dirty safety didn’t hit Mo in the head on purpose while he was going to the ground, Mo would be started at Vandy. He was the reason Mizzou lost because Mizzou couldn’t stop him. Smartest thing they did to have a chance against Vandy was knock him out the game, and it still didn’t work!
I’m a Lions fan and I don’t want Stafford to leave. He is one of the best come from behind QBs the NFL has ever seen. It’s the organization who has failed to produce healthy WRs and a decent RB to help him out. Before Johnson, they haven’t had a 100 yard game rusher since Reggie Bush 6 years ago. Stafford has done it all on his own. If Megatron didn’t retire, he would have Golladay and Calvin as his weapons. Those two would be top receivers in the league together.
I think this shows more how bad LSU defense was. Vandy is averaging 59 points in SEC play and you give up 99? That is horrendous. LSU shot twice as many FT's as well. Happy for Stackhouse and this team. Saben Lee has been through alot of change the past 3 years so it is good he is getting recognition. He has the quickest first step and one of the most explosive players at 6'2 in the SEC. He proved it last night.
Vanderbilt University is a bunch of stingy liberals that don’t care about sports. It’s pitiful this university won’t spend money on athletics. The school doesn’t want to change, I don’t blame him for leaving. There is no hope because the school and finance department is a bunch of morons. UK football was down 5 years ago and the university spent money, recruited well and that’s why they are starting to see some success. I don’t blame James Franklin for leaving where he can have and spend all the money in the world to get what he wants.
Most universities that have a great or good football programs breaks these violations. Former coach just wanted to get money or his name out in the open.
Keep talking crap and just sit back while Vandy continues to bring in baseball nattys for the SEC.
It's his first arrest and offense ever. Not a big issue like handing out real money to athletes or whatever Antonio Brown is going through. Move along.
They will never leave the SEC since it is a charter member. Plus they bring the SEC natty's in baseball. Move along now.
Pretty sure Vandy has a more recent national championship than Alabama or Auburn or Arkansas or whatever fan you are. Remain silent please. Thank you Double O for the backup.
How is this complaining??? Clickbait. Like always SDS. Dude is staying a fact. Stop taking things out of context. He’s basically saying they got home field advantage, which is true!!
LSU got lucky. Edwards Elaire had a hand full of white paint then stepped out but replay didn’t buzz down. Better be lucky than good. #8 Terrell for Clemson is getting beat like a drum, had a pick 6 last Natty but tonight Chase is beating him one on one every play.