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Nothing I said was political. You brought that up.
He didn’t deserve it. Ref was all over him and he didn’t know if it was a player or a ref. Poor decision by the ref.
Just drop it. Football isn’t cancelled like some people wanted it to be. You can still fear it and not leave your house if you want.
RIP to all the media forcing fear onto America. You lost, COVID fearing people lost, try to find something else to cancel.
Maybe, the next Kyle Shurmur or Jay Cutler?
Poor guy, he will be running for his life.
I would love to see what absurdity and racist quotes this Kevin guy is talking about. Oh no, has ESPN bought out SDS and we did't know about it?
Vandy is a joke school. Liberal democratic ran by a bunch of snobby losers. They care more about forcing students to vote for Biden than they do about helping athletics in general. I hope they go 0-10 this year. Hiring an african american woman AD, basketball coach, and football coach isn't the issue, but they are way more qualified african americans and white people that could do a better job. They are just trying to prove points and force the agenda, between that and not caring about athletics, fans are walking out left and right. That's why only about 5k fans (if that) show up at football games. I hope Alumni continue to bash the leadership because it is a joke.
Thanks goodness. One of the worst changes they made to "protect" people.
This is an entitled kid who thinks he deserves to play immediately like other people. I agree the NCAA is inconsistent but you can't cry "racism" or blame your past coach/school because you aren't getting your way.
They are still doing it on other articles. It’s only political articles or articles that could creates “division” between fans. Like most media outlets, they are afraid of taking heat. Love to dish their opinion but won’t let the good people who read their articles comment with their opinion. Today’s world is full of soft men and women who either cry to get their way or blame other people to get their way. It’s either cry racism or whine to get immediate satisfaction so they can get what they want. Sure call out the NCAA, they suck with dealing with transfers and are inconsistent with their decisions but don’t blame head coaches and schools because you’re not getting your way. They don’t care what you think
Buh Bye Mason. Can't even keep players anymore. Everybody bet the spread against Vandy this year every game and the under win total. You will become a rich person.
Such a great comment and totally relevant. Love Primetime.
We were spoiled with Franklin, then spoiled with Shurmur who owned Tennessee. If Mason didn’t have shurmur, he would have been fired years ago. Riley Neal last year was the worst QB in all of Ncaa college football including D3. Whenever you got 4 QBs and haven’t picked one, it’s trouble. Just asked Mason his first year at Vandy, same thing. Put all your money down on under 1 win for Vandy this season.
This is the best article by far. You forgot Nicole Auberbach but Wolken/Rovell are spot on. Coronabros are in the fetal position right now eating their words with the false nonsense they are spreading. Covid nonsense needs to stop. If we were going with irrational reporters, Jemele Hill would be the top of the list.
People have lost their minds. When will this nonsense end? I mean, people are completely insane when it comes to making rules for COVID. So stupid.
I love this player. Calling people out. It’s a shame schools won’t release the truth. This nonsense has to stop, the media loves the fear though.
Franklin had success and recruited well. It can be done. It's Mason and also the athletic department/school support for the program. But thanks for your 4 paragraph lecture and FYI I know more about Sewanee than you.
Losing two 4 star recruits, which Vandy can barely get. Mason needs to go.
a.k.a, make sure Trump doesn’t win. However, they deserve not to have any distractions since it’s their constitutional right to vote IF THEY WANT TO.
Terrible decision to go with Milton. MaCaffrey is so much better and has played more. Guess Harbaugh is setting the table for the 5 star they got coming in next year.
This it uncalled for. I like Maria, but come on this is bs. Soft world we live now, everything is offensive. It was an odd piece of clothing.
If he said this about a way a man dresses, would it be this big of deal? She looks like Sandy from Grease.
Mason tanking the season so he can get out of there.
If I was Harbaugh, I would resign. Why play for a school where you don' have a voice and the President/AD don't care about your input/leadership?
Michigan and Michigan State won't play because of their democratic liberal witch governor. Swing State, gotta get those votes.