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Thank you UGARMYRet, Are referring to the Nashville police officer that got hit in the middle of the night by a teenage girl who snuck out her house, was violating curfew, fled a police officer, ran a red light,and killed a cop on duty? If so, I agree and I don’t tolerate people who speak very low and basically call our policeman worthless. Keep that crap off a sports website and go protest with everybody else or vent on Twitter. Why bring up Epstein who is a very sick man and should be punished severely for what he did on here? There is no need to scold the NYPD for a harmless joke that didn’t offend anyone.
Vandy has the Big 3 coming, yet no one is even mentioning this and probably since they are on the last day, no one cares. Keep sleeping.
And it helps the writer is a UT graduate and saw this on twitter and wanted to write an article about it. If it would have happened to someone else from the SEC or another conference, we probably wouldn’t know about it. But for sure Allen got carried away and given his history, should have been ejected. However, NBA is getting soft, teams today couldn’t handle the Bad Boys or late 80s/90s basketball where it was more defensive and rough. NBA now is all about offense and drawing touch fouls. Harden is the best at it.
He definitely should have been ejected. ESPN announcers though have been known to overact but Allen should have definitely been ejected.
Where is Kalija Lipscomb? Arguably one of the best WR's in the SEC. I would think Jake Fromm would be a little bit higher and Anfernee Jennings.
Yes Vaughn is a top 10 back and proved it last year. Even national media agrees with this.
I scratch that on Mason, after thinking about it, his only good defensive play calling was at Stanford.
Don Brown at 12? That is absurd that you have Michigan State DC Manny Diaz, a DC from UAB, and Wisconsin’s DC Agra’s of most of these guys. They are good but not worthy of top 10. Apparently what Brown did at BC and Michigan is not impressive to you. I know we are all about the SEC including me, but come the dude only calls man to man defense. He had one bad game against Ohio Fake University and he is out of the top 10? What about Derek Mason? What he did at Stanford and for the most part what he has done at Vandy while the DC is pretty worthy of a top 25. What about Kirby Smart? He’s not even ranked yet you have Pruitt and Diaz in the top 10? I’m guessing you forgot what he did at Bama.
Vaughn is too low. Should be top 10 at least.
Army at Michigan could be a sneaky good conference game. A solid triple option offense vs a new uptempo offense? Look what Army did to Oklahoma last year on the road, almost pulled off an upset to a playoff team. Look what Citadel did last year to Alabama on the road in the 1st half. Army is a really good disciplined football team and that game against Michigan will have my attention.
Exactly. Schools like Duke, Stanford, USC, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, BYU, TCU are very well known private schools and I assume have the same amount of scholarships as Vandy, but really only Duke and Stanford are decent in baseball. People want to argue about the scholarships in baseball, how come they don’t argue about the schools that have the same as Vandy but are not as good. It’s all about the culture that Corbin has built for 16 YEARS at Vandy.
You’re an idiot. Just shut up and keep overpaying your coach in the only sport Kentucky is relevant in. 1 national championship in 10 years on a 9 million a year salary? Keep reaching.
Vandy was the regular season champions, SEC tournament champions, and National Champions. Has any other SEC team done that?
He definitely is the best in today's game. I believe Saban is the best college coach of all time while at Bama. He was good at LSU but Les Miles had the same amount of championships and a better win percentage. But building Bama and winning multiple championships since he got there is like Corbin building Vandy. Corbs probably has to win another championship to be compared to Saban. I don't know what is harder, going through a 12 game season, conference championship game, playoff game and championship or a 50+ game season, 4-5 game SEC tournament, 3-4 game Regional, 2-3 game Super Regional and 4-5 games in Omaha. It's hard to win championships no matter what.
Bats got hot on the right night! Can't wait to hear the "Vandy doesn't belong in the SEC" or "Let's trade Vandy out of the SEC" guy. I am glad we represented the conference and brought the SEC a Natty this year.It was a great and dominating year! Anchor Down!
So you’re telling me Georgia/Vandy is a hotter ticket than Oregon/Auburn? Hate to say it but it’s probably because of Georgia fans and that Nashville is the best SEC destination even if it is Vandy.
Kumar was Rockin tonight. He is the best freshman pitcher in the NCAA and it’s not even close. Glad we got the win. Need Hickman to get hot early tomorrow and the bats to get hot. Michigan will throw their two best aces tomorrow. I don’t know why they went with a reliever tonight but we will take it. Hate to see the Michigan player go down, he was a great hitter for them.
If Vandy and Michigan make it to the championship, it will be a battle of pitching.
Yet the players who failed the drug test didn’t play in the Natty and they still beat Bama by 20+.
But the Vandy Whistlers annoying or not pay the same amount of money to go to games like every other fan. As they are in the Vandy section, surrounded by Vandy fans there shouldn’t be a problem. Shoot the rest of the Vandy fans clap along. It’s a sequence 3 whistles and 3 claps. Should all the Vandy fans be thrown out for clapping? They do it while their own team is at bat not when the opposing team is at bat.
That's like throwing Mississippi State fans out for ringing their cow bells while their own team is at bat.
Gator just likes to troll. Safe is safe no matter how you get there.
So Keshawn Vaughn doesn’t make the list but 3 unproven freshman RBs do, makes sense.
Best pitching performance not only in Vandy history, but probably in SEC history given the situation Vandy was in facing elimination. I don’t think anyone in the SEC has pitched a no hitter while facing elimination in the NCAA tournament. The breaking ball was his favorite pitch to get the 3rd strike every time and the Duke batters went for it. As a freshman to do that, was remarkable. Hopefully they can punch their ticket today to Omaha.
Those have to be best odds to win a national championship for Vandy in the history of their sports program.
Harbaugh and Michigan are under the most pressure, given his salary is one of the top ones in the nation and the fans are getting restless since he can recruit but can’t win the games that matter. I’m surprise Finebaum doesn’t have him #1.