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Watch NFL Network and Fox Sports like normal people do. Nobody should watch ESPN on draft night, if they want real knowledge of football and breakdowns of each player, don’t watch ESPN. Heck, do people even watch ESPN anymore except for games? I know they don’t watch it for Monday Night Football.
They did, they just wanted you to get more practice time to win at the last second against Cincy. You’re welcome.
Good for Jackson State, they have more wins than Vandy did this year. If only SEC teams were allowed to play NAIA schools that went 2-9 the previous year, heck Vandy might still lose. It would be about even though.
This generation is the worst when it comes giving respect to someone older than you. Some kids are missing good role model father figures in their life to teach them how to show respect not only towards women but men as well. Hope these kids and this generation learn that without respecting authority or someone older than (man or woman), you will get no where in life.
Don't forget women's soccer, men's golf and women's bowling.. You know, the money making sports.
I agree 100%. It’s repetitive every week “let’s see what Twitter and fans are saying about Danielson this week”. It’s lazy journalism for the guy just to have that article saved in his word documents and just tweaking the words each week while searching Twitter for screenshots. Very weak.
Does anyone take Clown Finebaum seriously anymore or did they ever? I feel like he loses his thought process and respect more and more each year by just opening his mouth.
He’s better than what you got now and he knows how to beat Saban. Something your new coach, as much of a great guy he is, will never do.
Coozie, You make no sense.. like the far left agenda you follow. I don’t know if you can tell, but Christianity is starting to become a minority the more our country divides. But keep continue to post, people get a laugh out of your comments.
They obviously don’t realize who Jesus was or what He did along with reading the Bible. If so, they wouldn’t be throwing Christians in here as an excuse.
Might as well drop every mascot name mentioned in the Bible. Eagles, Devils, Demons, Lions, Angels, all animals that went on the ark need to be dropped as well so that every school is equal. Maybe even drop the name Volunteers since people volunteer at churches all the time. This is what happens when you let the younger generation who have no idea what they are talking about and spineless men/women leaders running our country and schools. I feel for the generations to come.
After winning 7 Super Bowls, I’m sure Tom has earned the right to do whatever he wants.
He just mad he got put on skates by Brown on that whip route TD and his defense got exposed the first half. I’m sure the GOAT loves it when guys like Mathieu run their mouth. Like Jordan, it feeds them more.
Hate this for the kid. Also, hate this for the UT fans. The lack of leadership and transparency is uncalled for.
Covid year doesn’t count for NCAA athletes and plus you get one free transfer anyway.
Not a bad hire at all. He develops QBs, knows the SEC real well, and his offense always puts points on the board. UT is a mess and it wasn't an attractive job, he needs to gain the trust and support from everyone because it was all lost with Pruitt and Fulmer.
No way.. Lawrence is a Manning and Andrew Luck type of QB that comes around very rarely. Jags need a future leader of the team.
Uh oh.. Vandy going with the gunslinging pass offense?? I guess hiring a guy who’s coached Baker, Mahomes, and Murray is a smart idea.
State of Michigan: “Biden is now president, Let’s open inside dining and bars back up” U of M: “Let’s not play sports for 14 days because of this new so called severe virus” When will the hypocrisy stop? Oh wait, never.
And Eric Gray transferred because he realized UT is a dumpster fire right now. So your point is invalid. Vandy may be left wing woke unfortunately, but they don't cheat. Continue to ride the sinking ship you are on, hopefully basketball can be your saving grace because it sure isn't any other sport.
And Andy Reid/Bruce Arians does? They are both older and overweight. You either have the "pretty boys" like Kingsbury, LaFleur, McVay, Shannahan, or you have the old guys Carroll, Belicheck, Reid, Arians. I just don't see how you can say Campbell is in way over his head after being a partial head coach for the Dolphins and didn't do too bad of job.
At the top, especially since she was a special guest at the inauguration today.
How the heck is Ken Seals still last especially behind Harrison Bailey? Dude started all season and broke freshman records at Vandy basically playing with wash ups because either people opted out, got hurt, or played the COVID card. What a bogus list.
Also, the women's basketball team at Vandy are not playing anymore for the rest of the year. So student atheletes, who don't pay for school, meals, housing, etc can call the shots now? What world do we live in? this is absolutely absurd. They were tired of getting drummed by good teams so just called it quits. It can't be becaus eof COVID, that's an excuse. Not one single college athlete has died of COVID and teams can just back out because they feel like it? What about the other teams scheduled to play you? Vandy should take all the costs for these girl's school, room and board and pay each SEC school equally the total costs. What a disgrace. This is what happens when the world/NCAA starts letting entitled kids make decisions. They worked hard all their life to get a full ride to play a sport and just say "nope I'm good, but I will take all the free stuff".
They also are the smallest school, I think 10k undergrad maybe while the rest of schools have 20k plus for the most part? It makes 0 sense. Also, with the hospital right there on campus you would think that the school would tighten up a little bit.
Vandy is taking these COVID protocols and issues too seriously. Not one college athlete has died due to COVID since football and if one or two people get it, they just shut down. Stackhouse and his crew must not be monitoring their players like they should be or they wouldn't be cancelling all these games.
Recruiting is terrible at Vandy, but hey at least we don’t cheat in that, like some people. Oh too soon?