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Sure let’s cancel something 6 months away, seems like a rational choice.. America is buying into the fear of the media and not focusing on the facts/numbers.
KJ can't stay healthy and as a RB in the NFL, if you can't stay healthy, no matter how good you are, your career will be quick. Swfit will be starting mid-season and beyond if KJ misses any games.
Hey “partner”, I’m the realist Vandy fan there is. The athletic program is a disgrace except baseball. They should have fired Mason years ago. I hate the fact it is a liberal gun control loving institution. I’m glad they started serving alcohol at games, they should have done it years ago. In fact they should have given it to Vandy fans for free since we had to sit through so many pitiful seasons of football. They should have never got rid of Stallings in basketball. I hate pretty much everything that the school and athletic department does except in baseball. I know how bad Vanderbilt is. But your argument about Shurmur not being one of Vandy’s best all time QBs in so stupid. He beat UT 3 times in a row, with all of them being blowouts and at Vandy that’s like winning the super bowl. I literally could argue with you and win every single time about anything good or bad about Vandy, most of it being bad.
Love this. I hate the nba and all their entitled players. Woke nba players not being grateful. What a shame. Get em Frank!
Kyle Shurmur was a top tier QB his last two years at Vandy... Your QB argument once again is invalid. He has pretty much been the best QB at Vandy, him and Cutler. Other than that, I’m a firm believer Mason and all athletics get no support from the University.
Shut everything down for a less than 5% positivity rate... what about the other 95%? Oh wait, people don’t care about the good news going on in today’s world.
Hope he recovers and does well but he falls in the 7% positive stat of America.. Wish Dems, Libs, Coronabros, People in fear would stop paying attention to the media and focus on the 93% of whom tested negative.. They coming after college football because they failed at taking every other sport.
Delandman, you’re a woke moron. Good luck debating on here, you will lose every argument.
Like a dumb liberal always blaming trump and states opening up early. Wake up, we opened everything up at the perfect time! There are more cases because more testing you moron. Deaths are declining. Gosh stupid liberals are go dumb to look at data and facts. 7500 people on average die a day in this country, I hate people had to die of COVID 19 but 133k in 5 months is not that large of a number.
What a clown. Get him off the air. Woke ESPN SEC guru. He just makes us hate him even more.
Georgia would cancel the GA Tech game, 70 miles away from campus but will still travel to play Mizzou. The NCAA and America is truly losing it.
South Carolina is to cancel the historic Clemson game which is 130 miles from their home state, yet they will travel halfway across the country to play Texas AM. This is absolutely making no sense, what a disgrace this has become.
Paul is part of the woke ESPN coronabro team. He is a disgrace to SEC football and has a negative mindset, which fits right in at ESPN.
I agree..Non-conference games matter, not just for large schools but for smaller schools as well. That 1-2 million they get paid to take a butt whoopin is relied heavily upon for their budget. This is just a shame for all involved.
How? Because I look at the stats/facts and don't fear that there is a 8% positive test rate in this country? The fact the more people die of flu/pneumonia between the ages of 18-25 than COVID-19? We have to learn to live and play through COVID. Out of 40 million people tested, 3 million people have tested positive. But sure, I'm the idiot. SEC will do the same and schedule an extra conference game so that everyone plays the equal amount of games.
Shut up Coronabro, football funds most of the athletic/school budget. You and the rest of the coranbros can try and stop every professional sport from happening, but stay away from college football. Oh and coronabro, right now COVID-19 has a 94% survival rate, so you can go on and fear the 6% of you getting it/dying. Or you can focus on the 94% survival rate and the 92% negative test rate going on in America. Stay woke. Study the facts before you open up your mouth.
I mean UT getting 3 CBS games? That’s a bit of stretch, I can see 2 but come on..
Money money money. It’s all about the money. Power 5 schools won’t let that happen. Also, let liberals take the lead and make the decisions, this is what you get. Like Harbaugh said, we have to learn to live with Covid and play through Covid. We can’t stand around waiting like morons for a vaccine. 3 million people out of 38 million have tested positive! 92% of people have recovered! Let’s stop being scared idiots and move on!
Thankful to live in a country where EVERY CITIZEN has the same amount of Freedom.
Do you even know the mission statement for BLM? I encourage you to look it up.
Gundy didn’t even post the picture on social media He was just fishing! Not one black player that has played for Gundy has come out and she he was racist, treated black people differently, favored white players more, etc.. yet he gets a pay cut. It’s all about an agenda.
Who cares if a coach supports a certain news outlet or a certain President? As long as they win ball games and mold football players into men helping them in life, who freaking cares what or who they support? If a winning black coach supported Obama, you think a white player would care? No, they want to win and get a free education!
Poor Gundy. Targeted from the get go. Dude was just trying enjoy a fishing day and then social media took over. What a world we live in now.
SluvaLuv, you are what’s wrong with America causing division. Please stay woke so we all can get a good laugh at your thoughts and comments.
Good for him, but if he is anything like Thon Maker (which it looks like), he will be a bust in the NBA.
Amen to that. Thankful they started selling alcohol at games, only thing that gets Vandy fans through the games.
Firm believer in innocent until proven guilty. If your guilty with evidence, you deserve every punishment you get.
So he violated the sexual misconduct policy and expelled, but was not charged with a crime due to not enough evidence? If he was expelled, he shouldn't have been allowed to be back on campus. Just wonder what it was since he wasn't charged because of not enough evidence. This will be Mason's last year anyway, so any baggage or investigations will have to follow him elsewhere as well.