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GatorPhil, since you just bashed Bobby Bowden like that, I can tell you are worthless and your word means nothing. You had Urban and Mullen, go take a hike, moron.
Former Mr. Basketball in Tennessee and the most dominant player and scorer in 1A for multiple years. Big get for the Vols.
TN 88, 1. I don’t have a sister. 2. It was probably your own sister. 3. that was a quick reply, so you may need to work on lasting longer. Good luck with the rest of your trolling.
Pathetic and comical is trolling from your parent’s basement like you are. Grow up.
My gosh some Bama fans are arrogant and fishing for comments. Pathetic and comical.
Once again Tennessee Tech broke Tennessee, now it is showing mentally. So teams aren’t supposed to celebrate after upsetting a #1 team on their own field?
Tennessee Tech broke UT and put them in a minor slump. Tech Yeah.
Very nice to see UT getting good at baseball, fuels the rivalry. However, they talk a lot of smack after being relevant for two straight seasons. Let’s see if they keep it up and make it to Omaha again.
Michigan has made 5 straight Sweet 16's the past 5 years. Has a SEC team done that? ACC and Nova have dominated the past 10-12 years in winning championships.
Best scorer in the SEC and one of the top 3 players.
Vandy won the SEC in 2012 and got a 4 seed. Lost in the first round. No surprised by the committee.
Vandy got hosed on two calls, the ghost whistle after the shot clock violation that gave UK a free two points in transition and the out of bounds call. Fouls were even even though UK fans kept saying Vandy was getting all the calls. SEC couldn’t have Auburn and Kentucky both lose in the same day, got to try their best to get a 1 seed somehow. Proud of Vandy for fighting.
Saban has Mercedes, Young has BMW.. good rivalry
That was meant for Snowflake Mountain Dog, not you glad2bsec.
Say that to Tyreek hill, kareem hunt, Adrian Peterson, Hugh freeze, etc. They got second chances. You have no argument now.
Once again another person cancelled and not deserving a second chance. Hate it for Briles. America is so soft and it starts at leadership.
He praises him at the end of the year and says he won't talk about Harbaugh anymore but then has to say something. He has an ongoing boy crush on Harbaugh.
Exactly what is failure? Not beating Ohio State and not winning a big ten championship? Stop hating..
Sounds like Connor is nothing but a Harbaugh hater. Maybe him and Finebaum can have coffee over it.
Used it as leverage to get more money since they cut his pay in half and he won the Big Ten championship.
Mark Stoops has taken UK as far as they can go, time to move on from him?
Wow.. Didn't know this called for a scolding from the media or a news headline.
So the best lineman in the world can beat double teams to get to the QB or be so quick to get to the QB in under 2 seconds before the ball is released. Got it.
TBH... Salyer wasn't the sole reason Hutch was shut down. They doubled team him most of the time as well as threw quick passes so Hutch couldn't get to Stetson. It wasn't just one man.