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Just because that Bama team made them look pedestrian doesn’t meant OSU would haven beaten them. That was not a good OSU team, even Urban Meyer said that during a press conference. The big ten was absolutely awful that season.
Yeah, it’s ridiculous they have UL a pre-season top 25 and not the cats. They benefitted from being in an absolutely terrible conference. We completely manhandled them to the point where it was almost hard to watch (not really). We return 17 starters and a quarterback. Lamar Jackson isn’t walking through that door...
You’re exactly right. It also helps a conference (big ten) when they miss out on the playoffs. Their best is pitted against a lesser team from a conference that put a team in the playoff. They get avoid the “best” 4 by missing the playoff. Ohio state walked through their bowl games when they missed the playoffs. This year they make the playoff (lose) and Wisconsin has to play Oregon in the rose bowl. If Ohio state misses the playoff again they roll through Oregon and Wisconsin gets a “lesser” opponent.