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My brother in-law was stationed there. I’m about an hour away up on Ky Lake. Appreciate your service.
Really? Isn’t he a grown man? This reminds me of when my youngest nephew whines to me about his big brother beating him in backyard sports. “It’s not fair!”
The disrespect may not be within the SEC, but nationally. Especially when they rank a team like Louisville ahead of us in every poll.
For the love of everything holy let that happen.
And no one is missing the Pac 12. I’d argue that A&M is better than Washington after losing their coach. And I don’t think any playoff contender is worried about Oregon. They’ve had about as much coverage as the Mountain West, when it came down to playing a season. They don’t have a contender. So, no asterisks for anyone if the Pac doesn’t play.
Not sure why you keep bringing up A&M. What we’re getting at is will the committee throw them ahead of an undefeated Georgia, Bama, Oklahoma, LSU, etc. without having played a game. Most people will agree that they are possibly better than those teams but do you punish teams that have already played 3 or 4 games and are deserving of their ranking?
It won’t matter. They could start out at 25 and after they beat Penn State the media will claim it as, “the best win of the year.” Then propel them to #2 or #3.
Still not understanding the love for Louisville. I guess they rank on how many potential wins a team will get in a middle school conference?
The fact that she covers the league and forgot about Anthony Davis is a sign that she shouldn’t have a vote.
I agree, no big ten team should be in the playoff playing only 8 games. I don’t care how good OSU will look at 8-0. That’s still 2-3 games less than the other playoff teams will have played. They’ve already been an embarrassing side show getting all the attention. They can’t decide to only play 8 games and expect to be treated the same as the other conferences.
I still don’t think they should be considered for the playoff if they play less than 10 regular season games.
Been saying it for weeks now. They can’t get enough of Satterfield. Their defense is terrible. They’re not good in the trenches. We bullied them last year. They’ve scored a combined 23 points against us the last 2 games...
I want to meet the person that said, “Yep. Nailed it, guys!”
And I think that’s why a lot of people are putting Auburn on upset alert against Kentucky. Kentucky is strong enough in the trenches to upset a team that doesn’t show up. Not saying Kentucky wins, but people see the inconsistency with Gus.
I agree. No way they can start later, play less games, and be included in the playoff. I honestly don’t think they should take a bowl spot away from any team that plays a 10 game schedule. They can have big ten/pac 12 bowls.
Might as well go ahead and hand the title to the CATS.....just kidding, Georgia and Florida fans.
Exactly. It blows my mind how none of these “experts” see that. The AP gave them more votes than us. There’s a reason they’ve only scored a combined 23 points against us in 2 years.
Now way they will be allowed any type of meaningful postseason, right?
I think they underestimate us and we punch them in the mouth. This is a bigger game for us than it is for them. First game of the season and a handful of fans. Recipe for an upset.
They’re saying that because UK has the talent and experience to come into week one and surprise a team like Auburn. With one of the best O-lines in college football, Solid D-line, stable of good RB’s, better secondary than last year, dual threat proven QB I’d say Auburn drew the toughest “cupcake”.
I’m assuming the hesitation on Georgia is the QB uncertainty....but good lord...that defense is going to be juuust fiiiine. After watching those freshman absolutely fly all over the field and lay the wood against Baylor, it’s hard to bet against them. They’ll have the studs on both sides and I’d put them at #1 in the east.
You’re right, Diggler. Hell, at my age or theirs, I’d rather play the odds and get it, quarantine, be done with it. Instead of living my life hiding from a virus and prolonging the inevitable. Weren’t we told that an asymptomatic patient’s chances of spreading it is extremely rare?
I don’t think losing to Auburn on the road would mean Kentucky isn’t worthy of a top 25 ranking. I’d say a lot of teams ranked behind Auburn would lose, that doesn’t mean they aren’t top 25 worthy. What really bothered most fans were the teams that got more votes than us....especially Louisville...the team that’s scored a combined 23 points against us the last two games.
Especially with less votes than Louisville and app state. Louisville...the team that’s scored 23 points total the last two times we’ve played.
Wow....Louisville with more votes than Kentucky. This loses all credibility. Is this based on talent and experience or who plays in the sh*ttier conference and will end up possibly with more wins?
It absolutely blows my mind. They can’t stop with the Satterfield love. He benefitted from playing in a conference that was worse than it’s ever been. I think it did him a disservice. Last year was fool’s gold and now they’re setting him up for failure. Now he’s expected to win 8 or more. I can’t see the ACC being worse than it was last year, so it may be harder. Kentucky would destroy them once again.
Of course we won’t be. They’re creaming over Satterfield and ignore the dog stomping we gave them last season. It would be the same this year, too. They have the convenience of playing in a middle school conference so racking up 7+ wins takes nothing.
You nailed it. Never heard of a conference commissioner getting athletes to sign up to vote. I’m sure he let them think for themselves and didn’t tell them how to vote.