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Success in the eyes of a cats football fan is winning like we have been. That success draws attention from the basketball program. It used to be, “can’t wait until basketball season starts!” Now it’s, “I can’t wait for football season!!” Yeah, we probably won’t win the conference or even the east, but competing and winning bowl games gets the fanbase excited about something other than basketball season.
It’s just nice getting some attention from the talking heads. I’m 33 and it’s been tough most of my life watching the cats. Stoops has absolutely made this program a destination job. The fanbase and money is there. We’re a basketball school that’s been starving for a legit SEC football program. GO CATS!!!
If we can beat Florida, ole miss on the road, miss st., I think we’re sitting pretty at 9-3 or 10-2. Losses to tenn, Georgia, maybe drop one of the three I listed.
Why? Our d-line will be better. One of the best linebacker groups in the league. Better, overall, receiving group. Stable of running backs. Levis has a whole season, spring, summer, fall camp under his belt. Not saying mizzou can’t win, but this team will be better than last season’s.
Great job Cats!! We’ve had a rough year. We get a record tornado over here and then the awful flooding. Let’s hope for a good season to lift some spirits!!
He’s a dawg. Red headed fighter. I’d take him in my corner every day and I hope he retires at Kentucky. As soon as I thought we were going to be the “Iowa of the SEC” he hires big time coordinators. It would be a shame if Mitch doesn’t play the game and we lose him.
Come on down, Coach! They’re still rebuilding in Marshall County!!
Side bar. If y’all can, donate to a western Kentucky tornado relief. My road is still closed and our county is hurting. Benton and Mayfield need #BBN
Hell yes! Keeping coordinators is huge for building a program, especially when a team like LSU wants you.
Thanks Will! Our community was hit pretty hard in Marshall county along with Mayfield and Princeton. My road is still closed off due to power lines and trees still being down. Most of the community still has no power or water. Any help is needed.
People with common sense knew that Michigan state game was fools gold and knew the media would slurp OSU. Same defensive line that Oregon ran all over.
Tennessee struck lightning in a bottle with Hooker. What happens when he’s gone and the new QB doesn’t exactly execute the offense like Hooker? Tennessee will always have the talent, but will they have the right talent going forward.
Sometimes you gotta light that cig and you take yours eyes off the road for a spell
Yes. It would be over by half.
Holy sh*t!! Let us play wake forest!!
Can’t be punished for not playing…ask Ohio state.
Hell yes!!! Move all the way up to the top 4!
Vols are looking good. Glad I got tickets when they come to Lexington. Hope I don’t regret it.
You may be right. I think mizzou got pumped up because of the LSU win last year. I never understood why everyone was so high on them. Not saying they won’t be solid in the next couple of seasons but I didn’t see the hype for this year.
I wish we would go back to solid blue tops, white bottoms, white helmets with the “power K”
We could run the table and maybe reach the top 10. By gosh, they’ll jump all over a team like Iowa state, nc state, over rank penn state for beating a terrible Wisconsin team and a very mediocre Auburn with a brand new staff. I honestly believe Arkansas should be ahead of penn state, if resumes matter at all but they don’t. It’s all about your schools history and branding. Why isn’t Arkansas ahead of Oklahoma, too?
Seems to me that Penn State thinks they beat the other team from Alabama…