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One of the reasons 2019 LSU is so great is how dominant they were. And unlike all those other teams listed by other commentors, LSU had to face Saban's Alabama and Kirby Smart's UGA. Thats the difference.
Just 10 wins? I mean..... Would be great but thats decently possible. Not likely but possible. We could still lose to UGA, A&M and Clemson and still win 10 games with bowl win. This is very possible if everything comes together the way it could. Heres hoping he has to do it though.
lul. So much BS coming off here Id think you were a fan of a different Texas school.
Article is just clickbait. Mizzoo and vandy make this impossible. Not to mention after the top 2. lul PURE clickbait
Okay matt we are miserable that this is the content you are putting out. Congrats.
Its not on the brink. Go watch little league. Stop the constant moaning on this platform.
They dont give the full value up front. You get paid over time. Fuzzy I knew you were lacking in the management department upstairs but thats just sad.
I feel like this series could be called "which position group has the same players" If they do then writer says "better" if it loses key contributors writer says "worse". Its really that simple to them.
He balled out for sure. But looking at his fundamentals and throwing motion etc? Hes not going to be good consistently. It just isnt going to happen. Same with Jason. can have good games but is not going to be consistent against SEC level competition.
For the..... bit older folks. Thats a copypasta. Not real. people paste it when their teams lose sometimes.
Pessimism isnt the problem. This site always sets the lowest of expectations for USC anyway. Its the ignorance. This should be "the Ignorant Tennessee fan who doesnt know anything about USC View" Thanks for proving my point.
If it was as widespread and easy to do as what you are saying, Texas and A&M would have gotten #1 recruiting classes a loooong time ago. It happened but only in VERY select cases.
Lol We went to the portal got 2 of the best PROVEN Wr out there and not mentioned. Our RB room is the biggest strength on the team. Even other teams are aware of this. Its the spot we are LEAST worried about except for maybe "who is our #1 CB" Here let me write a better article. "I dont know anything about the gamecocks but last season the offense was the problem so let me grab some names and make something up."
huh. Shane making a big boy move right there.
36 hours later "your comment is awaiting moderation". Theres no curse words in there. Maybe "below average" when talking about our offensive line is enough. Who knows? Definitely not SDS.
"Your comment is awaiting moderation" 10 hours later.... "your comment is awaiting moderation" So bad.
Just wanted to log in to say I didnt read a word. Doubt anyone does. Get a life.
thats why I said to everyone but Georgia homers. And tbf Id be saying the same if my team won. *shrug* again the article is praising Smart's decision making.....which this one championship does NOT make him deserve that kind of praise yet. Its a dumb article.
Look teh success Saban has had disgusts me. And this is a real nice narrative now. BUT if Bama had their wide receivers instead of having all their starters down to injury? We saw the result with just ONE in the SEC champ game. If they had both UGA's defense would have been smoked and everyone could see that except homer UGA fans. UGA won the championship fair and square. No arguments that they dont deserve it cause of injuries or anything. Thats just football. But to say that Smart won it from his decisions? No his decisions to do that SHOULD have lost him the title game. He got bailed out by injuries. Dont go anointing him the next coming of Saban from that. He hasnt figured out offense and adapted the way Saban has. Its been mind-boggling the way Alabama transitioned according to their players seemingly effortlessly.
1-3 should be the likely outcome. 2-2 would be great and what im hoping for.
Career backups want to try their 6th year elsewhere. Wishem luck. Have your education and want one last shot for the NFL.
I honestly dont mind the media taking Rattler's comments out of context so often. He will get asked a specific question and when he answers it the media just takes his comments without the question. Watching his interviews it seems like he just answers the way he thinks. *shrug* By all means keep pushing the narrative.
Cant say much Iv gone 130 mph and done street racing lol *shrug*
Since when was Clemson in the SEC? Theres constant articles about them. Get your tater butt outta here.
oh no how will we ever replace those stats.... the horror. Starting forward in name only.
Another name is transfer WR Antwane Wells. Apparently he has track speed and rattler has been connecting with him pretty well in practice. Could be that over the top threat that we need.