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oh no, a missed holding call that resulted in nothing is equal to a missed holding call that gave you 7 points? LOL other "missed calls" resulted in nothing but the missed calls for yall resulted in over 14 points. Well you probably cant count past 2 (one for each hole to put your legs in for your jorts) so I understand how you cant comprehend the enormity of those missed calls.
WAIT WAIT WAIT. The guy running behind the "best as touted by the media" offensive line in the nation gets #1 for getting fewer than 5 yard more than Feaster and the frikin VANDY RB who had virtually no help. REALLY? Jesus homer much? the UGA uniform counts for a first place spot over a 4th place. Good god.
If it was any worse than in Columbia with the monsoon there it would have been canceled.
All I have to say about last week is BAH
LOL. The bad calls for SC in the first half gave us a couple first downs we probably would have had anyway. The no-calls for UF in the 2nd half gave you 17 points. THESE ARE NOT EQUAL. Holding AND false start on a play that you bust for a TD... Just laughable.
Well as of 3 hours ago before this article was written, UF was only favored by 4.5 and SC had a 39.9% chance of winning.
Thank goodness Dobbe picked us to lose. I feel a bit better about the game now. I mean we beat UGA in a noon game so CLEARLY we need a night game to pull off an upset.
hm? A top 10 team against a barely .500 and unranked team? Methinks Vegas values SC way more than the pollsters and media.
At least you have Alyssa. I like her. I actually really liked the new guy, Dan Orlovsky. He had some on point comments about both teams, the schemes and called what was coming just from the formations a few times. Hes not on this list but just sayin.
Sure 30+ years ago it mattered. It hasnt in 20 years. No recruit in the nation cares about this rivalry. Sure it matters for older fans but really it just makes the inevitable win for Bama fans a tiny bit sweeter. And thats about it.
You... are not very bright are you? Its okay, the University of Missouri will pattycake you along to a degree in... underwater basket weaving or something.
There is only one thing I want to see...and thats a L against UK.
Ill jump on this train...*ahem* You only won because Hilinski injured his arm against Bama and was visibly off all game against yall! There how was that?
Well since Tenn beat Miss St, then I say ours is tougher.
I used Kudzu as sarcasm because if I said Privet nobody would know what it is. Privet is ALMOST as invasive as Kudzu. And their horticulture department has several studies on how bad it is for the field.
You... havent been a UGA fan for very long have you?
I mean we were rushing much better before hilinski went down. After that Georgia was keying on the run completely. All we did was run over and over just trying to burn time. And then punt. That hurt our numbers.
Georgia whining about their imported Kudzu "hedges" takes a close 2nd to Texas. UGA fans and players give no crap about anyone else or their traditions then whine about their own. Those hedges take damage EVERY time UGA loses. They got destroyed when your own fans rush the field. AND your own horticulture department has submitted several times that the vines are invasive and DaNGEROUS. that they ruin the condition of the field and suggested several alternatives. Dumb D-WAGS.
Every coach says BS like "we need to get ready" before the game.
HC too. We have had coaches that went to the university. And alot of times it doesnt work out very well. Did Saban go to Bama? Kirby is a D-WAG and how did that help him this past weekend? heh The fact you even bring that up and think it matters says you dont know squat about football.
First off I already know youre a moron boxster. And Ballout90... you are an insane person. Please go root for another team IF Carolina is who you claim to be a fan of. UGA is probably a good fit for you.
Yes of course. Because the only other option for you is that a 2-3 team straight up beat you. hahahahaha make excuses.
.... I really dont know what this guy sees in Miss St.
It had everything to do with that. I laughed when Miss St hired Joe Moorhead. All the Penn State fans were happy to see him go. It did not seem like he was the source of their offense in their opinions.
You dont have to worry about losing vision slowly as you get older Because the horrendous shade of orange will blind you much earlier.
As if your OC knows how to use a QB. He would never have a chance at the next level with yall.
Unbeaten since he started wearing them. Lets go against Florida!
no it was a joke because after the game someone had changed the Wikipedia of Sanford stadium to say that he was listed as the owner.