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Next week: "Why all College Football Starters should opt out of playing against good teams" moron.
You either did not watch the game or dont know much about football in general and this gamecock team specifically.
entire team of captains. Coming soon. The new Captains of Life.
Was someone on Billy's army taking notes watching the Colorado game?
Ole Miss is gonna be a big miss for this ranking lol.
The South Carolina one is not correct. Wtf were they counting?
I smell...... overpayment for services yet rendered. lmao
What do you know. The South Carolina game is also the #1 (and only) reason to be excited for Tennessee football. Imagine watching that shade of orange all year long. Puke inducing.
DMV to SC. Win recruiting battles against Bama Ohio State and Georgia enough times and the wins will come later down the road.
Bit early to say its an SEC commitment. Lets hold that off till next year when they... ya know.... actually join.
When did women's basketball become a "big revenue sport?" Serious question. When political correctness trumps facts. Its on the same level as men's university soccer. Some diehard fans keep track of it and attend but its nowhere near the level of baseball, basketball and football.
Dumbest take. Saban wasnt able to overrule everything. The schedule was only proposed for 2 years. During that time they have to re-negotiate tv deals because if you are playing more sec games you can get more espn money. Also gives schools time to plan for the future. This site has the most IGNORANT writers.
Well guess who does? 5 of our next 6 series are in the top 20. LSU's schedule cant touch the East at least this season. And not to mention on top of playing all of the east teams we also drew LSU and Auburn from the west who are probably the best teams in the west. Id GLADLY trade schedules.
lol Alternate title for this article "I name every team except for Bama, Georgia, Michigan and Ohio State as pretenders" Article has 0 thought or predictive capability. Just Filler thirsting for a click.
HMMMMM I think Ill trust Nick Saban over a wanna-be B level sports click generator lolol. I guess you got your clicks though. Is it worth looking like an absolute moron though?
There have been rumors swirling around and this has been in the works for so long. Glad to see its finally announced. Cant wait to see how good we can make that area.
By that logic then Tenn has only beaten a winning SC team once in the entire series. Thats what happens when logic is applied to a moronic statement.
No cause then you would have won. Its that simple my simple friend.
No its not. Its anyone that did any research on the guy. Hes been a failure and fired at every OC job he ever took. Next season is gonna be mediocre at BEST and theres no reason to even gamble on that....or pay him 7 figures for it.
Yeah and his hire of Satt using all that knowledge was sure great. MMMMM who wouldnt love having the worst OC in college football and then turning around literally hiring the worst OC in the NFL. Yeah pump that sunshine baby
are you f'ing kidding me. 7 figures to this perpetual failure? If this isnt an F'ing Home run hire... not decent... not sortv okay.... if this isnt a home run, then we need to rethink Beamer. He is getting in his own way right now.
Annnnnnnd all positive momentum among the fanbase is gone.
You realize that punctuation is a part of grammar, right? oh wait clearly you dont. Bye Felicia
lmao no Cam smith or Darius Rush or Marcellas Dial on the list in the DB spot? Really? Joke.