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2017, we lost our Senior leader/best player on offense and then our Senior leader/best player on defense to injury in the same game. Our kickers missed several Field goals and we had to shuffle in a new offensive line lineup. Also our OC was terrible. 2016 and 2015 we were just plain BAD. 2014 we shoulda won but we had no defense at all and lost like 5 games within one score or something with many teams having 4th quarter comebacks. In short Outside of the extenuating circumstances last season, the previous 3 were some of the worst teams we have had since 1999. Not really a surprise.
we were onyl favored in the media days. Literally everyone else including the vegas oddsmakers has been down on us since the beginning. Youre taking 2 totally different people and saying HEY LOOK THEYRE STILL DIFFERENT. God.
Thats basically what I predicted for us lol. Beating UGA and then losing to 2 other teams down the stretch. Its a very South Carolina thing to do.
First 3 were good points. Last 2 just seemed to be there to make it an even 5. "Make all the big plays" why not just say "Georgia ending with more points". It would have summed it up nicer.
By the way every major meadia outlet and even small ones like SDS has South Carolina BEHIND Florida in the east and finishing with about a 7-5 record. At SEC media days they were voted 2nd. That is basically it. ESPN, Bill C, Athlon, Yahoo Sports, CBS and others all predict SC as 3rd. I have no idea where the "SC IS A MEDIA DARLING" narrative even came from lmao.
You were the better team... when you lost 35-7. sure. Take your moral victory bub.
We are gonna be rotating 6-8 players... at DT position alone. We have the depth. Another 4-5 at DE. Your o-line will be the one that is gassed by the heat in the 4th.
10x more than you do about SC. I can promise you that.
uh. You lost me at "Wyoming could beat 1/3 of power 5 programs"
Yeah its not as if we went 13-1 in 14 straight years of opening against FBS teams. Beating NC-state last season and punching above our weight. That didnt happen.
Nah. We have depth and size up front this time as well. We will be rotating 6-8 guys in the DT position alone. The depth narrative is finally on its way out.
He was talking about 2014 when the ground was shaking. And we won that one. Also what made his one-handed catch better than the others we saw this past weekend was that he did it with his left hand... Deebo is right-handed.
Tenn? Clemson is the historic rivalry lmao. There is no rivalry with Tenn beyond SEC east. Geez learn your own rivalries son.
hes gonna claim UF, GA Tech, Clemson and Auburn. Idrc. Won 3 out of the last 4 in WB and the one we lost was our worst team in 20 years. Georgia fans are silly. Enjoy your L.
How many returns for TD has he given you against power 5 teams? Deebo has 3 in basically 9 games. Please.
Pretty accurate. Except they missed D-line. Georgia has a weak D-line.
I Do think LSU is 2nd best in the west this year but there is NO WAY they are voted in top 10. MAYBE #15? ish?
Gamecocks? What? I... dont think Bentley will be joining the draft so... not unless he wants to still be a backup.
Cept that was one of the worst defenses that Tenn will face all season. Great time watching the game.
He was the #2, not the starter and we get him back in the 2nd half when we really need the depth. I thought it was a bit of an unfair call since he was coming into the receiver's chest and the receiver ducked a bit but whatever. Err on the side of safety I suppose.
Yep yep thats the only difference. I have a feeling I know way more about Georgia than you know about SC lmao.
Theres these things called Mascots. Not everyone wants the same 3 of Tigers, wildcats or bulldogs. Your Mascot is bland, your team is overrated and you are an imbecile. Sorry for using big words there I know learning to read was a big step for you in highschool.