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If you believe the "OR's", he could potentially be the starting QB and starting punter.
I need to see proof too. Johnny would never do something like this. He is an outstanding human being and a role model for kids everywhere.
Clearly. I just can't see him doing anything like this based on his behavior over the last few years.
There's that pessimistic fan base I know and love.
My take away from this article is that Auburn has a place called Grilled Cheezy and I now want a grilled cheese sandwich.
If this is true, I hope he smartens up and takes advantage of the opportunity presented to him.
"I could guess where you are from, but it’s so obvious, I won’t mention it." Tennessee? See Double O's comments at the top of the page. =)
Good point! they squeaked into to the SEC championship game somehow and managed to look like the fourth best team in the SEC east playing against Alabama. Grats!!
Thanks for the butt hurt comment. Are you trying to argue that missuori wasn't an embarrassment for the SEC east? WOW!