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UGA is good in a different way than Auburn. UGA has blazing lateral speed and tackles better than anyone. Auburn is absolutely monstrous up the middle. It is not Auburn is not fast, but they are not near as fast as Georgia side to side or around the edges. LSU has not seen a defense like UGA's. I do not think LSU will score 40 or even 30, but they likely will be the first team this year to score more than 21 on UGA. To win UGA either needs to find 2018 Jake Fromm or score some points on defense. The offense probably will be held under 24 by LSU and it's own ineptitude.
He knew the guy was on the ground without a helmet and turned to stomp off. Even if he did not mean it, it is a perfect example of stupid and unreasonably dangerous behavior. The SEC and NCAA cannot allow that go without consequences.