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Lol, so true. I moved to West TX from FL and this place is the land of magnificent homes surrounded by completely dead / brown vegetation. I love Texas, don't get me wrong, but this scenery is not the lush SEC type
Yep, not to mention half our passing issues (Treon was admittedly horrid down the stretch) were O-Line related. Coming back stronger and more experienced to protect whoever QB1 is in 2016
Your point was still a good one. If you're gonna mention Shaw and Murray, you gotta mention him. Dude could sling it
Columbia (the Ivy League institution) is in New York, not Pennsylvania. Seriously SDS, Wikipedia is just one click away.
Really poor protection all year long led to what I would call confidence issues. Had only a few weapons that defenses could easily key on and just declined as the season unfolded as he played against good defenses. Very bright and honorable young man from everything I've seen so hopefully he can do well at BC - heck, change made a world of difference for Driskel
From a UF grad and fan - I love that y'all don't change. Keep it classic and classy
Remind me how many times yall beat Muschamp?
Great hire for SC. What this man did in the wake of Meyer's "gas it down and light a match" exit was actually pretty impressive. Save the inexplicable injury ridden 4-8 2013 and it was downright exceptional. That said, it was his first ever HC job on the biggest of stages and it couldn't quite shake out. He's a good man with great passion. He will be dedicated to the SC faithful and will give his all and then some. Good luck, Coach Boom
Bro, obviously he won't be sold on Coach Mac until he admits his white privilege, alright?
Well done, Missouri. 5-7 should not equal a bowl berth and their decision to not play as such honors the sport. Good luck in finding a new HC and see you next year in Gainesville
My thoughts exactly! If we were number 8 last year there wouldnt have been a fired coach walking the sidelines for that game. Amen. Go Gators. C'mon Treon...
Thanks @tiger-by-the-bay. It's pretty obvious we are a more dangerous team with Grier at QB, but that won't stop us from throwing the kitchen sink at these final 3 weeks
I hope so - for everyone's sake. But honestly that's the saddest part: something that will get chewed up for a week or two as the media's latest toy cost a man his career, his reputation, his passion.
Mizzou will undoubtedly feel the effects of this for years to come. No top level student (be it for undergrad, grad school, research, etc) with prospects elsewhere is going to want to be in the middle of this nonsense. Prepare for the plunge.
The question was rhetorical, in essence getting at my point that Columbia, is, in fact, not a horrible place for blacks. Thanks for the name calling, though
I have for many years cringed when I flipped over to another game and heard Beth's voice. Saturday she finally called a Gator game and it was devastating. There are women with voices that are not annoying, she is not one of them.
I can't even read this list all the way through because the grammar and misspellings are too painful. Go Gators.
ONCE AGAIN - someone else is asking "what do they want?" (and no I don't mean the demands of apologizing for white privilege and resignation - LOLZ) and nobody has an answer.
Ok with all due respect - if these athletes of color were great enough to get offers at Missouri, then they almost all certainly had offers elsewhere. If Columbia North has is such a HORRID place for blacks, it puzzles me as to what brought them there over other institutions. Additionally, I struggle to see what they actually want changed. Demanding the Univ's Prez's head is great and all, but the two most recent incidents that happened at Missouri were handled appropriately from what I have read. What's the solution? Make Wolfe resign, hire Al Sharpton as the new prez, make all white students apologize for being white? Game plan?
Great game, UK. If y'all rally and come out fired up in a week you should and will DESTROY Missouri.
Right? I don't get what was so hard to understand about that. Grier threw a block as the whistle was blowing, then after the whistle got popped. Simple as that.
I see nothing has changed since I applied to schools back in 08. Vandy in first with UF in second (at a much better price tag)
Had such high hopes for Pittman coming out of North Marion, but the dude has made few plays, run his mouth, gotten unsportsmanlike penalties and now suspended. Good grief. Hope he turns it around but what a waste
Agreed. We (UF) look stupid in black and I'm glad we haven't done it... though I wouldn't be surprised to see it done soon with the stupid Marketing division of our Athletic Department. One of their biggest errors has been shifting our logo from the "block" F to the "slant" F, it is a logo that looks like it belongs in the Pac-10 or something. IMO, Georgia and SC look the best in black and SC obviously takes advantage of that quite often. UF looks best in orange jerseys with white pants!