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SDS use to have mainly articles of insight and creativity coupled with some analytics and a love of the game. Now it is this kind of stuff. A coach of a 2-loss team (by 5 pts) in the toughest conference votes his team second in a meaningless poll over one and two-loss teams playing weaker schedules and this is hard evidence of the end??? Is this a junior high writing project? Oh for a return of more Matt Hinton. BTW, I’m not a Bama fan or even close. Just someone who used to enjoy SDS
Matt, maybe scale back the apocalyptic tone of your recent posts a bit. Do I know what is going to happen. Well, no. But it is a good bet that college football survives. After all, what has been in place for the past couple of decades wasn’t our fathers college football and that wasn’t. I grew up in Texas in the 70s. When Arkansas jumped to the sec and Colorado to pac 10, there was a lot of this kind of language in swc and pac 8 country. Same thing when a&m and missouri went to sec. Guess what, the world didn’t collapse. New Year’s Day bowls used to be huge. Now they are a side show. World keeps turning. Are the current shifts even bigger. Yes but fans of sec, big, and some others are still going to show up. So please ratchet down the rhetoric a bit
Insightful piece. Had to laugh at Beamer’s quote. Let me rework from many past players perspective “it is somewhat discouraging and frustrating that you can spend a couple of years developing a relationship with a coach and his staff only to have them leave for more money and then I’m stuck unless I want to sit out a year”. Suspect that you appreciate the hypocrisy, or maybe myopia, of Beamer and his peers, Matt
This outcome isn’t a 10 year thing spurred by the Longhorn network. It is the outcome of the growing popularity of cfb over the past 100 years. A sports entertainment industry grew up with branding ties to colleges and a thin veneer of amateurism. Ohio st, mich, usc, and a few others were making big bucks. Places like OU and GA were doing well but saw bigger revenues out there, so the y sued and the 1984 SCOTUS decision unleashed the “retail” side with attending revenue growth and conference musical chairs. The SCOTUS finally ripped off the back of the house restrictions keeping millions from flowing to players. Yes, there is some chaos but blame that on fans spending and the colleges’ desire to hold on to their protected system to that last possible moment along with the particular situations for each conference. Does any sec fan really care about losing some matchups of 30 point mid major or fbs underdogs for an occasional app at win? Come on. The real roadblocks are the conference agreements that make it hard to get Clemson to the sec and keep vandy in it like it is still 1955.
Your point 1 is DEAD ON!!! The “model” was one of university personnel and departments take all the money as part of a sports entertainment offering but use words Like “amateur” and “student athletes “ for the players that they screwed over. Fun to see the various powers get the due. College sports is going to survive albeit with some transition chaos. Can only hope that congress doesn’t get involved.
Using inhaler? Asthmatic? I have for 50 years especially in May. This doesn’t mean that someone is out of shape. Sad to see kuharsky not consider this. Also indicates that Vrabel is pretty much in the Neanderthal mold of coaches. Remember jimmy johnson all over some rookie in Johnson’s first year because the guy had asthma anc couldn’t get his breath. Not much has changed. NFL coaches with no more sense than some high school coaches in Texas in the 1970s