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I also don't see how UF and UGA are LIGHT YEARS APART either. Sure UF lost head to head. Teams missing half their secondary will tend to do that. But if you look at the final Sagarin rankings for 2018- UGAs losses are to # 2, 14 and 17. UFs are to #s 4, 18 and 26. So we are dealing with all top 25 team losses here on both sides. I am not saying UF is better than UGA (Yet!) but we are not light years behind UGA. And a common opponent (LSU) we played right around the same time and UF won while UGA lost. Depth is going to determine how UFs season goes this year. We do not yet have championship caliber depth. That will be the determining factor (IMO) in Mullen's ability to compete for championships, SEC or otherwise.
King Negan please, please PLEASE tell me you have this diatribe saved somewheres so you can copy and paste. For you to type out this soliloquy for an opposing team's coach is, well, sad. Really sad.
Boxster355 I’m not happy about any of that. For any team. Florida has had its share of drama and craziness too. But I like how you see it on both sides. That’s fair. Last year’s game you beat us fair and square. Our depth was a serious issue but we played even for 3 quarters. Hopefully we have more in the tank this year. Should be another crazy SEC season for sure.
Ya - all quiet on the Bulldog front. Only 6 players arrested this offseason for y'all. Nothing to see here... Keep wearing those rose colored mirrored lenses
I grew up in FL and live in GA. If you think UF fans are getting fatter by the minute, then UGA fans are getting fatter by the second.
1 and 4 against Michigan too. What do those two victories have in common? Dan Mullen coached both teams. He gets it. He was the OC last time UF beat Bama in 2008.
Says the fan of the team on the wrong side of a 44-16 beat down. Bama's time is up. You can't keep coaches and Clemson has you beat. UF is 2 years (or less) from retaking the SEC. Enjoy the end of your run