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I can tell you based on my own experience and going through it again with my son recently that a huge part of recruiting is done during camps. We were both blessed to have offers at top schools and both eventually chose the school that felt the most like home. For both of us it was a school we visited multiple times through camps and meeting the same coaches over and over building that familiarity and comfort. Although he chose a school I’ve rooted against my whole life LOL it felt good sending him somewhere he felt comfortable. It’ll come for Napier. He needs a couple camp seasons and word of mouth will travel for sure. Patience is a virtue. The real gator faithful have that. Don’t listen to all the noise.
Once again you show yourself to be a self indulgent idiot that only likes to spout hate for attention. So far you have spouted how UF is failing in recruiting and we were behind Vanderbilt and then just a spot ahead and then when a player or two chooses another school. Now 2023 rankings have a rebuilding UF 3 spots behind UGA the defending national champions. When the rankings get closer and closer will you still be this openly dumb or is it so ingrained in your GA tr@sh DNA that you can’t help yourself. Go Gators!!!
Anyone in “meltdown mode” right now is an idiot and their opinion shouldn’t mean much at all. Recruiting is going just fine and the fruits will start to show soon enough. There are several high targets that will be announcing they are joining the Gators soon enough. This program is headed in the right direction. You continue with your lowbrow, slack jawed taunts from the curb of the local quick stop. Like the trailer park Georgia scum you are. It doesn’t change a thing for the Orange and Blue. Go Gators!!!!!!!
You shouldn't be scared of any of them you moron. You don't play for UGA. You aren't affiliated with UGA. You aren't in anyway associated in any meaningful capacity to UGA. You are a fan. You get loaded at night and make stupid comments. You are not real. Your persona is fake. You are lonely and reach out using this site. Your life turned out way different than you hoped and now you just find anything that fills that void. The silence in your life is deafening at night so you type stupid comments and pretend you are a man of import but alas you aren't.
Being from the area and around this program alot over the years I can tell you this is a great stop for a player just like this. This young man can find what he is looking for at UCF. It is a high level program with only an upside for great players that would not have had the opportunity to get the valuable playing time at top tier SEC programs. We tend to forget that these are kids just out of high school and the most fun they have is playing on Saturdays. Wish him all the best in his new home. Charge On young man!
From what I can tell his kids go there and he will be just a Dad giving football knowledge to a school just starting a football team. Those private schools are tough places to run football teams. That is, of course, unless you make it a priority and recruit kids and give scholarships for transfers. Without that, it is tough to have kids in higher end private schools focus on getting hit. Lived it with my kids.
On this one, injected with a good mix of apple juice, Worcestershire, brown sugar and rub. Then rubbed with mustard and Killer Hogs.
A 9 hour pork butt smoke leaves a lot of free time for cold libations. LOL
Yup. Tons of typing mistakes. I see it. No need to correct. :)
I think that there is alot of upside for the D this year. If only with coaching giving direction to better themselves and hopefully a simplified plan. Football is an ever evolving beast but there will always be the basics that reign supreme. I am very happy with what I've seen so far with this coaching staff. Also, might I add that the back and forth on this article is has been awesome. I have read alot of input from people that usually aim low and it is fun to here the intelligence come through. It's so much more entertaining this and informative this way.
It would be fantastic if this guy would like to come in and play for the Gators. His experience would be a nice shot in the arm during this transition period.
One thing I absolutely love about the transfer portal is players like this get to evaluate their current situation and get to play. So many talented kids had their opportunities at having fun cut short by being behind a player that was just a little better for the program they were currently in. The pure joy of playing on game day is something that is truly unexplainable to some who have never done it. As a former player and coach I really like seeing them get that chance before graduation. We tend to forget just how many of these kids will never go past this level. Best of luck young man. Show em what you got!
Why do you say that? Is that what you really think or are you just trying to be a tool? I suspect it’s the latter. You spoke up just to be a fool. Be a better man.
It feels like right now everyone knows that this is a very strange and almost lawless era in recruiting either out of high school or via transfer portal. This may be the last year of this open season of recruiting. It'll tighten up after this season. It has to. Then let the lawsuits and litigation begin.
Why do you care at all? Why search the UF stories just to piss and moan and act like an idiot? Not your team. Not your problem what is said about them.
Once again, 2008 was a great year. UF National Champs!!!!!! Thank you for always reminding us of it.
All you’ve done is prove you are a hater and half a man. The dose of reality UGA is in for trying to repeat will be harder and harder for you to swallow with every little petty stroke of your keyboard. You are not a real man. You are not a real fan. You are a nasty little boy with a serious UF love/hate complex. The amount of times you and Negan refer to alternative lifestyles is starting to look like “thou doth protest too much”
I honestly believe this Florida team will surprise alot of people. The low expectations are cool and UF can only hope that other teams aren't looking at them as a real threat. Do I think they will win 10 this year? No, I don't but I do believe they will be alot tougher than many will give them credit for right now.
Negan you insufferable idiot. There is a huge difference between a Copyright and a Trademark. You seriously make yourself look very dumb when you post stuff on these articles. You are an embarrassment to UGA Nation "Copyright protects original work, whereas a trademark protects items that distinguish or identify a particular business from another. Copyright is generated automatically upon the creation of original work, whereas a trademark is established through common use of a mark in the course of business."
I sorta had a feeling this would eventually come once Miller transferred in.
You ARE wrong. You don't know this young man at all. You know nothing of his past. You know nothing of his past behaviors or his ability to learn from mistakes. This is a 20 kid who has a fast car that got caught speeding just outside of his hometown. Not unusual at all. Just because he doesn't play for UGA doesn't mean he is less than. He is a talented kid and I look forward to seeing him this season.
It was a foolish decision to go that fast for sure. Nothing to do with football. Just a scary choice for his and others safety. Hopefully, like most teenagers, this will be a one time mistake and he learns.
Nobody here cares if you like UGA football. Grow up!!!
Nobody here cares if you like UGA football. Grow up!!!
Nobody here cares if you like UGA football. Grow up!!!
My problem with it all is that never in a million years would a punk like this walk around society and be that much of a tool all the time. He wouldn't last. Giving anonymity to hide and they crow like there is no tomorrow. It's a weak move for TDOW, 2008, Negan, Leghumper and the rest of these idiots to constantly try to do nothing but lessen the enjoyment of others. Just because they like a different football team these airbags feel the need to jump in and dump all over everything. I honestly hate these idiots. Weak, pathetic men with nothing to do.