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Country music star??????????? He doesn't even play country music and he's hardly a star.....
Mark Long...it's people like you that contribute to the softening of this country! I'm so sorry that Mcelwain didn't tell you who the starting quarterback is gonna be after the first day of practice. Grow a pair and quit acting like a little school girl or go work for vogue
I love how fans are arguing what the toughest venue's are to PLAY in.....Stephen Garcia is ranking the toughest places that he has PLAYED in.
Oxford takes this one....
I'm not very smart but in this day and age we should be grammatically correct and or spell everything correctly........I'm not sure what makes you an expert but if you get paid for what you do than I think you've figured it out way more than I have....Go Gators!!!!
This is talking about toughest venues to play at....Florida / Georgia always play in Jacksonville! I was absolutely drunk watching every game and if you want to call it spotting us a number of points off poor special teams play then you're ignorant! Short sighted??? Since 1999 were 5 - 2 at your house.....your 2 wins are by a combined 13 points and our 5 are by a combined 86!!
Well he's not gonna win championships at ole miss!