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And they combined for 21-42 for 348 yards and 1 TD, stellar!!! One of them had a 2.4 QBR. I guess that is something Purdue would be proud of?
Yes Weagle99 it was missed but fortunately it did not cause any real harm. The problem we have here is that they are throwing flags on 'infractions ' that are not causing harm and not throwing flags on 'infractions' that could cause serious harm!
Arkansas Razorbacks October 11th 2014 Final score Alabama 14- Arkansas 13. Key notes: Arkansas botched a very important extra point. Amari Cooper 2 catches for 22 yds. I'd say that was pretty close don't you think. To say "No one else has come even close without a dynamic talent at quarterback that can move in the pocket" is a crock.
Ironic you should chime in with the 'just stupid' Coozie
Not satire, hence the wording in title BOLD PREDICTIONS. Although 17-0 & 31-14 last 2 seasons against you scrubs and lost to the Tide by a total of 14 combined the last two seasons, he may not be far off. By the way nice name, I see the way you are trying to throw people off with the 'nobleman' but yet that freshman in high school trying to come out in the '69'. Oh...wait are you still a freshman in high school?
Just what the NFL is looking for, someone who cares not that they lost but that 'he' made one single accomplishment in one game. Someone please remind this poor kid he lost the game and "HE" gave up 31 points to a very mediocre team at best.
Check you facts. The Arkansas-Toledo game was in Little Rock.
Two things are weird with this Rebel_Landwhateverthehelltheyarecalled guy. 1. He hasn't changed his name yet. Your defense sucks take that Landcrap name thing off. 2. He only talks crap to teams who beat them. Which only means one thing.....he will be talking trash to Arkansas fans for the next several years.
Believe it or not Rebel_STOPCALLINGYOUSELFLANDSHARKCAUSEYOURDEFENSESUCKS or QB's in waiting are much better than B.A. Oh....and we are going to beat your a$$ again next year.
Don't get me wrong, I am no personal trainer or anything............but from the second picture it looks like he skips leg day EVERY day. Dude, lay off the upper body and hit the legs a little bit. He looks like Gru. Does this guys have enough strength in those legs to last him even one half of a game in the SEC.
I think you can officially take that stupid "LandShark" thing away now. Your defense sucks. I like how your undisciplined thugs got into I fight with LSU and were proud of it. Way to stay classy. We will see you next year as your "Land.....whatever you want to call it" is crying back to Oxford with yet another lose on our behalf.
I by no means would say we "CAN"T", we just didnt.
Not really like a national championship winningisaBrees , just an every other year kind of thing. We are actually getting used to it. It's almost like....looking down the schedule and seeing we are going to the Red Stick, oh that's another win. So back to your coach being....so we have agreed on just plain stupid then. He is certainly not silly...he eats grass for gods sake and claps like he has no fingers or wears a helmet to school, and I'm not talking the football variety of helmet.
Please note Arkansas beat you at your place. Why would you leave them out?
You know your conference is the best when other people outside the conference take the to start an entire website about your conference. See, we down here is the SEC don't give 2 flying f---- about your sorry a-- conference. We have enough to worry about in our own.
Talk about keeping your mouth shut or being a douche bag, I distinctly remember Les mispronouncing Arkansas right before we came into the Red Stick and beat LSU in 2 OT. So either he is just a douche bag or just plain stupid if you don't know how to pronounce our state name correctly.
Hey Darviathar, you ever looked up how many Track and Field National Titles Arkansas has? Never the best and anything and never will be my ass.
It's funny this comes out today, the day Trent Richardson was cut by the lowly Oakland Raiders.
As a gambling man I will say, if you bet with the Hogs every game last year as I did against the spread you won a lot of money. Arkansas obliterated the spread in most of its games last year and did not cover the spread in only 2 of it's 13 games last season. This ranking is certainly valid.
We don't go to College Station. We are playing that game in Jerry
But your mascot is a bengal tiger....like the animal. You have a tiger, which is your mascot on your campus. It would be different if you guys differentiated between the two. Take Stanford for example, they are the Cardinal the color not the bird, therefore they don't use a red bird as their mascot. See how that works.
Quin Snyder 4 Prez it should be "your" not "you're"
For the same reason some baseball players wear it in a dome or at night. It worked out for him when we beat the tar out of Texas that game in that picture. If that is the result he I hope he wears it every game day- night, dome- no dome.
Umm....Did you see the same Bears defense and even worse secondary the last two years?! Maybe we were not watching the same Chicago Bears team. The Bears team I had to sitting through and painfully watch had one of if not the worst defenses and secondary's in the NFL.
As a Bears fan and a Razorback fan, this is music to my ears!!