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Yeah I'm pretty concerned about the DL. LB should be alright with Bumper Pool and Grant Morgan both back, and the secondary has its best CB back along with all-SEC safety Jalen Catalon. But there isn't much depth and we'll have to be very creative to generate a pass rush. The reason we ran a 3-2-6 so much last year was because we just didn't have enough quality bodies on the line.
Why is Ole Miss included in the top group? No idea why people are so high on them. Only reason they won more games than Arkansas last year is because they got to play Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Kentucky...plus Arkansas beat them by double digits
I know it hasn't mattered on the field but Arkansas usually recruits better than Mizzou and Missouri to me just seems like a pro sports state, Arkansas seems to have more support and financial backing of the program state-wide. Missouri's facilities are getting better but I don't think they're quite SEC quality yet, mainly the stadium. I didn't really get this comment from the article though considering Arkansas went 7-1 in the SEC the year prior and has had several seasons better than 4-4 since then: "I mean, Darren McFadden, the greatest player in program history, could only get the Hogs to 4-4 in SEC play in his final season." Just seems cherry picked and random.