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Fake News!!! D-Mac and Felix were definitely the best RB duo in the SEC. If you throw in Payton you have 3 running backs who went on to rush for more than 1,200 yards in an NFL season.
Give me Arkansas and Mississippi State with the over.
I would have Austin Allen somewhere on this list too.
Mississippi State at 5.5 is a lock. All they need is one upset all season. I think with Nick at the helm this is defiantly possible.
Austin Allen? Come on guys, no Razorback love at all today.
"Everybody: Who are will be the SEC’s 15th and 16th teams?" Editing skills on point today! Also, why nothing from the Razorbacks?
If you are a GM and you are thinking about taking a TE at the #6 spot, you won't be a GM for long! You can't build a team around a TE, so the value here is not worth it.
BossHog, you took the words right out of my mouth. I am willing to bet Jeremy Patton leads all TEs in the conference this next season in Rec yds and TDs. Do your homework SDS!
Insert Bielema here, his seat is much hotter than Jim's at Florida for sure!
This is a PR play to get us out of playing in War Memorial for good. The worst team we play all year and on a Thursday. Ha! Good riddance War Memorial!
Good to see that Bielema is out there snatching up all of these good recruits!(heavy sarcasm implied)
God I hope Enos doesn't go! I do hope we hire Diaco though I think he will fit in nicely with the program we are trying to build and anything has to be better than Rob.
This is the best thing to happen to Arkansas Football in a long time! Now I just hope we make smart decisions on our next hire. Good luck with that Wake Forest.
Bielema is fine, the problem is on defense. We need to hire Charlie Strong already and move on!
Sorry Austin Allen but, two broke down QBs from the SEC are just more worthy at this point than you (Sarcasm Implied Greatly). This is a joke!
Damn, my bad lil' Jimmy, I didn't know your mom was a $2 Lot Lizard from Mizery!
I think having Mizery as a constant cross divisional rival is complete and utter Bull Sh%T! Screw the stupid Battle Line rivalry that the SEC wants to make a thing, Missouri sucks and will always continue to suck in the SEC. I know, I know but, we got to the SEC championship game 2 years in a row! Well that was before you lost a great coach and the rest of the East grabbed their sack and started winning.
I'm just glad Ol' Verny Vern isn't calling our game. If he was I'm sure he would still be reminiscing about his glory days of announcing back when Tebow was at Florida, I swear that dude had a hard on for some Tebow time!
I think Bielema is the right guy for the job but, I think it is time to make a change at Defensive Coordinator and although it hasn't been very long of a tenure with the O-Line Coach he needs to go too. The main focus of recruitment this year needs to be at the Offensive Lineman position, Defensive Back position, and Linebacker. If we can get those tasks accomplished this year into next we will be set up to become a good program.
Gatorboy, you should just admit that your AD dropped the ball and didn't want to play LSU after he witnessed the ass whopping LSU laid down on Mizzou. It seems to me LSU offered you alternatives that weekend such as playing on Sunday and the Gators were to scared and were pissing their pants at the thought of having to play LSU. Have fun getting your ass whopped on November 5th and November 19th now, hope the Belk bowl is goes well for the Gators!
John Crist for the love of god please take down all of the videos that appear before every article I open up to read! Thank you that is all.
Um TCU is still a defensive minded school as long as Patterson is at the helm. If I was you I would be more worried about our d-line we definitely have more depth at that position that A&M does. O-Line is coming together nicely now that adjustments have been made. Your run game will be stifled and Knight will be contained. We have better play-makers all across the field too with the likes of Morgan, Hatcher, Cornelius, Reed, and Sprinkle at TE and Rawleigh Williams III is a great back. Good luck but I don't see A&M making out of this one with a "W" Hogs 31-28 WPS!!!
Dan Skipper will do a better job at protecting the QB this year than Cam Robinson. Once again SDS you have failed at the one job you have, the Razorbacks should defiantly be higher.
This might as well be an Alabama hype video, the whole first half of this was all Bama. No love for a lot of other programs in the conference and I'm not just saying that because my beloved Razorbacks weren't included. What about Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Missouri, Auburn, and Missisippi State? No Love!
John Crist but when it starts to happen a few years in a row it is considered a "trend". So to be fair when we beat LSwho this year after they lose to Bama again if I was you I would start keeping track of that trend for your predictions next year.
Manipulating Schedules? Really Cowheard, go home your drunk again? You failed to even mention your beloved BIG10 Michigan team canceling our home and home next season. Every FBS team plays a couple lower tear teams as "tune-up" games to start the season off, and if any division can get away with a pass here it should be the SEC West!