B.B.A. UGA 1992 Interesting football fact: Former Bulldog Garrison Hearst once fielded my punt and handed it off on a reverse for a 67 yard TD in the 1987 class A state championship game. Other former bulldogs of note who played in the game: Mack Strong RB (Brookstone) who went on to play 13 years for the Seattle Seahawks, Curt Douglas (LB) and DeWayne Simmons (Lincoln Co.) Not a bad talent pool, and the game came down to 70 yard TD drive with 1:23 remaining. The drive was kept alive by a controversial call on 3rd and long where an incomplete pass was ruled a fumble and recovery. We lost 19-14.

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Good reporting gets the facts straight...SEC East went 5-9 vs. the West in the regular season (teams that lost to East were MSU, Aub, LSU, Ole Miss, and Ark), which, when you think about it, is only 2 wins from being at .500. Tenn gagged one away vs. A&M, and Vandy should've beaten Auburn if not for a controversial booth review.
Better watch it again....he most definitely lowered his head and led with the crown of his helmet. Amazing how something so obvious can seem subjective.
MisterFurmam makes a good point. I wish I had 7 hours of my life back watching those games the past 2 years. To call UK irrelevant in football is unfair. It's not like UGA is undefeated against them. There's a fine line between winning and losing in the SEC (except the GA/FL game the past 2 years), and UK has been on the wrong side of a lot of narrow losses. Let's respect our opponents better; God forbid if our players approach the game like you do hiding behind your keyboard.
It's funny how all the other fan bases want Richt to stay; that's because UGA is now a team that everyone looks forward to playing. There are plenty of coaches out there that are qualified and will bring new energy to this program; it's also funny how everyone points to the worst case scenarios of Tenn post Fulmer and Texas post Mack Brown. Nothing great is achieved in life by not taking a risk....there was risk involved when we hired Richt.
CMR fans think losing Eason will hurt; wait until all the qualified coaches are swiped up by other schools currently looking for replacements. Now is the time to create a vacancy at UGA.
All things are cyclical...senseless use of analysis ...would be a shame to see the deep south's oldest rivalry be broken.
Wonder if we'll continue to try and pass out of the power I..... Also, if by the grace of God, we win this game, I think it's a bit presumptuous to think we'll go to ATL....it just sets up for another huge letdown in the Plains.
Having gone through the Goff years during my time at UGA, I'm thankful for what Richt has done at UGA and I'm pulling for him to turn it around this year. However, I agree Bobo has worn out his welcome. It's obviously a tough move for Richt to make; it's unfortunate that his loyalty to Bobo is what will undoubtedly cost both their jobs. It's worth noting also that the O-line always seems to be a weakness; there's no excuse for that, and this falls on Richt. A one and one start is a must this year....should be interesting.