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Hope UTk can make a turnaround and be relevant and competitive once more. Voks are only team to play our biggest rivals each year (bammer and thUGA). Good luck add you'll need it. WDE
I had him pegged for starting QB at The Villages retirement community football team down in central Florida. Isn't he social security eligible next year?
"It is the 3rd matchup all-time between the 2 programs and the first since 1961. The Black Knights lead the series 2-1." Wait, what?
I'll miss the leader Gus (not so much coach Gus). He and Kristi are high class folks and he ran a good, clean program. Wish him well (unless he becomes an "analyst" at bammer). He was such a key part in what we've done over the last 10 years winning a natty and playing in another. Good luck Gus & Kristi
Screw that. It'll be a cold day in Hades before I wish anything well to them. They beat the hell out of us and I'll give em that but that's as far as it goes. Hope the they get embarrassed by LSU and UF. WDE and let's go get a coach with fire in his belly.
Great story. Prayers (and now tears) for Wildcat nation and especially for his family.
And some guy named Bart Starr. He was always a favorite of this old guy.
This is the kind of stuff you never want to hear. Hoping he regains all feeling and movement and soon. Prayers up for the kid and his teammates who also must have been traumatized by this.
Harbart, yellafella would and should make the payout and it doesn't have to come out of AD funds. Oh and withhold that pledge gus made to the football-only facility.
I think we are the ones getting screwed. Bammer paying off the refs so we win and have to keep gus. Screwed again!
While we're tossing out ridiculous a** names, why not Art Briles? Same chance as czar Sankey allowing Hugh back in.
Apparently a lot of first time SEC viewers logging in to comment. Believe it or not, the SEC refs in general, suck and consistently make horrible calls (well unless you're bammer in which case there are no bad calls). Welcome in newbies.
These are the same mouth breathers that had Corona parties earlier. Unbelievable ignorance.
Won't be long till they come after War Eagle. Bunch of nonsense (thinking of much stronger words).
Paranoia isn't just a song huh? How did you ever survive H1N1 ? Live in a bunker?
There is little doubt that I can't stand this guy but even I applaud what he did here. Made a lot of old people happy. Now I just wish they had kept him. Just kidding. WDE.
That was a great piece by Rinaldi. I too may have shed a tear. Congrats to the LSU family in the win and continued prayers for Carley's family.
Or spell the name of the godforsaken town that university trailer park resides in. Most of their Updyke sidewalk fans can't.
Amen. Some of these kids have zero concept of the word 'commitment' (nor do coaches) but they should stay true to their word and, as stated, leave the drama behind and not burn bridges.
Love it when these kids have no clue on the names of the schools....'University of Ole Miss'. Kind of like when we get commits to the 'University of Auburn'. Funny stuff... Carry on
Respect! Certainly understand them trying to protect their financial futures but respect this more.
Awesome, we're stuck with that idiot Rod GIlmore who thought the "Rod" on the fans in the stands was for him when it was to honor Rod & Paula Bramlett. Totally tone deaf to reality.
You a.) aren't bammer & b.) beat bammer, so this Tiger wishes you all luck in the playoffs. WDE
Yep on that agent thing. Sexton throwing crap out there that arky was going hard after gus in 17 got him that 49m payday.
If you doubt that we'd do that then you don't know AU. It's not so much how many we lose, it's so we lose to and how bad we look doing it. If we get our ass beat v uga or bammer then I can see yella fella pushing for and paying out on that buyout. We'll see...
And please bring Gus home. We'll help with the buyout. WDE!
This d*ck with ears has never once put a hand in the dirt and played a down so what would be know of a coach/player interaction. His opinion is completely without merit. Next.
Really hoping he gets the help he needs. Good for him to seek that help out.