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Congrats on the degree kid and best of luck!
the "student"-athletes will probably be out on strike for higher NIL by '27.
dude would need a waiver to be able to play in '23 since 2nd transfer. Is that correct?
Well someone has to be the designated QB for 4th and 8 on the old piss 37. Analytics right? The others can hold clipboard and signal in plays.
You do know there will be another portal open season after spring practices run right? Only downside to not grabbing a portal QB now is deadline to register for classes and go through spring practice was yesterday (1/18). We'll be fine. (I hope/pray)
Did something change where there is more than one QB in the backfield at a time. What was so wrong with Dart that they are bringing in 2 more clipboard holders?
I really hope someone will sell them. I'm down for one. Not able to go to game. I saw on Twitter folks really wanting one with proceeds going to a charity that was special to the Pirate. I love that idea
AU paying tribute to Mike Leach tonight and rocking some pretty great shirts. On the front it says "swing your sword" and has the pirate's signature above it and on the back has the Mike logo like was worn on the backs of helmets this bowl season. Pretty cool tribute to a very great guy.
Very well deserved TT. Great as a player, infinitely better as a human. (Though you still never beat Auburn WDE)
This ish won't happen when the new Titans stadium opens up in Nashville.
Hail State and RIP Pirate! You'll be missed but most definitely never ever forgotten.
Very well said. Can't imagine any coach or colleague having anything bad to say about the Pirate.
So while his wife and daughters have made peace with him and forgiven him, you all somehow feel you're entitled to withhold your forgiveness (as if he seeks or needs it). Hope every AU fan/alumni opposing the hire hits the fan transfer portal and moves on to holier than thou schools. Be well. WDE.
Hoping for great things on the field and no personal news off the field. Has certainly made mistakes along his way (who hasn't) but if his wife and family can forgive, who am I not to as well. WDE CHF!
Agree, always a d ick measuring contest with those boys with money. Never gonna let an opportunity to screw things up pass them by...
You sound like the low hanging fruit SDS goes for and then posts on message boards... Sidewalk "fans" that most likely can't even spell "credit hour" or "degree" from the school they chirp on. Get mom to bring you another grape soda
The pirate doesn't look particularly well last few times I've seen him. If he having some health problems that might make him step away? I hope not as he is so good for the conference and for State. Great game Dawgs
Lather, Rinse, Repeat. SEC refs may, in fact, be the worst in NCAA. At least they're consistent at sucking
You ever have an original thought or are you just another bammer simpleton that plagerizes others. Go kill a tree or 2 updyke
are you having a stroke while "typing" or are you just another naturally occurring bammer sidewalk fan/idiot? Hope you get the help you need. Not being a bammer is just one more thing I'm thankful for
If Mr Potatohead is still coaching we lose by 40 and he'd have recycled the same coachspeak drivel that we got since last year's loss to the cowbells.
On other news, water still wet. These names have all been mentioned by literally everyone. But hoping Takeo has some influence in getting Prime to the plains. WDE!
Thought it was a swing and a miss. Better would be someone dangling an NFL coaching contract in front of Heuple and Dooley saying he'd be back or champs of life jones coming back.
Have come to expect it from this bastion of journalistic integrity, SDS. But, it needs to be done and done like yesterday. WDE always.
Saw somewhere that we've scored like 3 points in the second half of last like 8 games against P5 opponents. I had very high hopes that he'd instill a harder working culture than gus had and would get us going but it turned out to be total false hope. Time to move on.
Feel a little piece of me dies each time I click on this stupid site. Those may have blunt and to the point answers but we're in no way "disgruntled".
Always a Tiger... Mizzou, AU, LSU or clemmy? So many choices to fit his answer