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Awesome, we're stuck with that idiot Rod GIlmore who thought the "Rod" on the fans in the stands was for him when it was to honor Rod & Paula Bramlett. Totally tone deaf to reality.
You a.) aren't bammer & b.) beat bammer, so this Tiger wishes you all luck in the playoffs. WDE
Yep on that agent thing. Sexton throwing crap out there that arky was going hard after gus in 17 got him that 49m payday.
If you doubt that we'd do that then you don't know AU. It's not so much how many we lose, it's so we lose to and how bad we look doing it. If we get our ass beat v uga or bammer then I can see yella fella pushing for and paying out on that buyout. We'll see...
And please bring Gus home. We'll help with the buyout. WDE!
This d*ck with ears has never once put a hand in the dirt and played a down so what would be know of a coach/player interaction. His opinion is completely without merit. Next.
Really hoping he gets the help he needs. Good for him to seek that help out.
Fair enough. Maybe they hit those bad apples. I'd love to come back up for a game. Gorgeous campus from what I recall and I know I wouldn't recognize the stadium. 2020, it's a date!
Wow, class moves on his part and on the fans' part. I would love to go to Athens next time AU is up there but I hear the exact opposite of class from the UGA fans. Have had friends get spit on and beer thrown at them and I'm not up for that rodeo at this age (or have my son be subject to it).
Yeah, I'm not sure I see that either. It all looks nice and is tasty eye candy but I think until we prove ourselves a little more in conference (see UF on the road...), it's fools gold to put us at 5. Time will tell. WDE
Truly hated to see that for this kid. Hoping for a full and quick recovery.
those were pretty darn good. Hope this is a thing all season long. Vandy was dead on accurate.
As an Auburn man and fan, I apologize that Gus did not properly prepare our team against this annoying gnat in the college football landscape. If he/we had done the job in Atlanta we would never hear from UCF. At least we only have him another 6 years for $42MM....
Amen buddy but Gus being Gus... WDE anyway. Wife is 3X grad from UCF so it's a neverending deal in our house.
Really no words for such an unimaginable tragedy. So sad to lose anyone like this. Prayers for comfort and strength for their children. RIP and WDE Rod!
Good luck to you brother, get healed and get on with life. Thanks for the memories man. WDE!
Hopefully it is interim HC Kevin Steele coaching us up. Gus is a boob that has yet to bring a motivated team to any bowl except the MNC game in 13. WDE!
Good luck kid. Just got buried in what hours to be a deep depth chart. Hope he gets to showcase what he's got.
Joey Freshwater doing saltwater things.
Now that was funny. I have my doubts he can spell anything
I agree. Move on from kiffin and find someone with the desire and passion to be there that Coach-O-cinco showed to be there. Kiffy ain't that guy.
Enjoyed the ride and the calls of the Prayer at Jordan-Hare and Kick Six. Will he still get his paychecks from bammer though?
Damn... Was looking forward to Kiffin's Kajun Korner. Guess we'll have to make do with Kiffin's Kougar Korner. Bring it Tosh
Just waiting to see Kiffin's Kajun Korner....
Funny stuff. Thanks for the laugh, especially with Coach-O-cinco and the jibberish.
So Coach-O-cinco wants to be there, is loved by the players, and is one helluva recruiter with ties in the state.... Makes perfect sense to chase an unproven coach.