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Pathetic ending to a season we thought was full of promise.The coaching at Tenn. is piss-poor at best and don't give me the injury thing.Where is next man up or the developement of younger players?
Speak Idiot all will listen?DUH?2 games you are my friend a fuking troll
The coaches and media have such a big hard on for Michigan
Tennessee has as much talent as any team in the conference,what they have to do is win the big games and break the mental collapses they have been plagued with.If they do that this team is capable of playing in the playoffs.This is also counting the coaches mental blocks not just players.
I agree with ND always over rated they schedule maybe 2-3 tough games then cupcakes and then they are called good.Join a conference!!!!!
GO VOLS beat the Dawgs!.............Wait we already DID!!!!LMAO!!!
Who cares what he said just a little fun jabbing,it was a good game hopefully the series is starting to get competitive again.I really miss the days when it was a very important game in the national college football landscape.......GOO VOLS!!