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Obviously, games on the field matter more, but Norvell's recruiting doesn't suggest a turnaround any time soon. His G5 staff has landed 4 four-stars and 10 three-stars so far committed for the 2021 class. That's not "run the state of Florida" talent. Nothing suggests FSU is in for an enjoyable 2020 season, so hard to see recruiting getting better for the Noles in the fall. Full disclosure, I thought FSU football was on life support as the Bowden era came to a close. That was obviously a freezing cold take as Jimbo Fisher took FSU back to the top, capitalizing on rough patches at Florida and Miami. That said, nothing indicates Norvell is another Fisher. Jimbo was always an elite recruiter. Norvell can't recruit worth a bleep right now. Jimbo is a Saban disciple. Norvell is a Todd Graham disciple.
And if too many scholarships start getting pulled, the corporate athletic departments have to put out a weaker product and the school feels a financial impact. We seem to be watching a restructuring of the balance of power between student-athletes and colleges/universities who profit from athletics.
Yeah, I have pretty much the same reaction. At this stage of his career, he should have the financial comfort to not take the risk of getting another concussion. Obviously, he loves to play the game but I worry about his long-term health considering his concussion history.
NotGreatBob.gif Fandom aside, wanting to see them on the field this fall, it's understandable if any player opts out for 2020. There are numerous unknowns only months into dealing with a "novel" virus. Even if the virus is not life-threatening to young and healthy athletes, any impact to the heart or lungs (and there are certainly anecdotal accounts out there) would be career-threatening. Not sure with the NCAA is going to do about eligibility for opt outs, but Toney has a redshirt available. Copeland used his in 2018.
Many people, including a lot of Gator fans, forget that coming out of high school, Emory Jones was labeled as an elite passer who "can run when needed." From a December 2017 article breaking down Jones' film: "There is a reason Emory Jones is a five-star quarterback. Jones brings nearly every asset to the table that is wanted in a college quarterback. Jones has a cannon for an arm, is able to read and dissect plays, can run when needed, and is able to stand up in the pocket to pressure." (Armchair Media Network) Mullen has used him more as a running QB so far because he's a more natural runner than Franks or Trask. Mullen is big on not playing his QBs too early in their careers. He noted Franks was probably played too soon by McElwain in 2017.
I dig South Carolina's "less is more" approach as opposed to the graphics that try to cram everything in. The rings look really sharp on LSU's official offer.
Yep. It's simply easier to manage when it's all one conference and one commissioner. Cancellations/forfeits/postponements/TV assignments are all easier to manage when it's conference-only. I'd be surprised if all the ACC teams actually end up playing an 11th game against an out-of-conference foe. I think the ACC just wanted to keep the door open for the rivalries with SEC East teams hoping the SEC would agree to it.
All comes down to evaluations. Quite a few recent UF draftees were 3-stars (Jawaan Taylor, Lamical Perine, Jabari Zuniga, Jachai Polite, Jonathan Greenard). And we've all seen 3-star heavy teams at Kentucky, Missouri and South Carolina pull upsets. But, generally, the recruiting site evaluators are good at their jobs and the more 4-star and 5-stars, especially for overall depth, the better positioned a team is to succeed.
More 3-stars than I'd like but it's going to happen when you take a QB like Kitna just to have another body on the depth chart and a long snapper. Strickland is a terrible take, I just have to hope Hevesy knows something I don't because Strickland's film is garbage. Complete opposite with Watson. Dude is massive and will almost certainly shed some of that bad weight once Nick Savage has him working out. As for the other 3-stars, McMillon is a top-150 player on 247 but 3-star in the Composite due to a low Rivals ranking. Elksnis, Mitchell and Young all have good film. Hopefully when all is said and done the class has a blue-chip ratio above 50%.
Mullen is the designated play-caller but Hevesy, Gonzales and Johnson all have input. I see no reason to give the coordinators or co-coordinators anything extra to worry about. For temporary head coach, Greg Knox (MSU's interim head coach for bowl game after Mullen left) or Tim Brewster (former Minnesota head coach) make most sense.
We're still likely a year away from finding out what Mullen can do with blue-chip QBs he recruited to run his offense. Even taking generational talent Tim Tebow out of the equation, considering the production Mullen got out of Chris Leak (inherited blue-chip), Dak Prescott (low 3-star signee), Nick Fitzgerald (low 3-star signee), Feleipe Franks (inherited blue-chip) and Kyle Trask (inherited low 3-star), there are plenty of reasons to think Del Rio-Wilson and fellow 4-star Mullen signees Emory Jones and Anthony Richardson will do well at Florida.
Would love to have him for 2020 as he would be a starter at STAR, but not sure he's a take due to waiver uncertainty. The 2020 class had a solid secondary haul and a lot of them should be ready to see the field in 2021. DW is absolutely worth a scholly if you can get him on the field in 2020, not sure he's needed for 2021.
He's clearly a "willing" and capable runner but 247 labels him as pro-style for whatever reason.