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Im no Grantham fan but he had a good game. Repeatedly abused Miami awful OL. Called for blitzes at all the right times . But holy crap what bad tackling. On offense Franks is up and down in his performance. Same as before. What are you gonna get each game? Each series? #2 is a fine RB . OL was mediocre against a mediocre Miami DL. Before this game I predicted 9-3 for Gators. Some think thats under rating Fla. After this game I dont think so. Cant see them beating Ga or Lsu. Can they go 9-0 in rest of games to match last year? It would take extreme luck and zero injuries on OL and in DB to do that IMO.
Good thing it isnt on ACC Network . We couldnt find it
No Georgia fan is worried about Fla. Could Gators win? Of course. Ga Southern beat Fla, right. But worried? Bahahahaha
1/Dan Mullen and Felipe Franks share a creepy sideline dance together before kickoff 2/ Florida introduces their new sideline prop: The Transfer Chain 3/UCF students rampage the field at the end of game and declare UCF the winner
Kanell is a joke but this is cool. Now we know he has a heart even if he has no brain.
Good luck to Eason who showed nothing but class during his time in Athens
Dawg fans love all the Fla transfers and roster attrition but nobody wants to see injury end a season. Hopefully he will make full recovery
UCF needs to just shut up and play somebody. You dont get respect by declaring yourself great, you prove it. And not just in a bowl game vs opponent who doesnt want to be there.
When UGA does win a natty, what will Gator fans have left to use as a club? Right now thats the Gator default when all else sux..1980. Thats all theyve got and they cling to it like a lifeboat in the ocean. Question : How many years must pass before a natl title is too far in the past to gloat about? Ans: a lot less than 39 years. 2008 keeps getting further in the rear view mirror.
We Ga fans are happy as hell Saban is a good teacher
Ive heard from more than one person that Kirby and Harbaugh are buds and even moreso now that his Bro in law Creen is here.He has been in Athens a few times
Has Ohio St. been cheating as they beat Michigan? Every. Year. Calling schools cheaters is the fall back for people who cant compete. "That team is better so they must be paying people".It is a loser mentality.You see it in sports and the workplace where unsuccessful people credit office politics and brown nosing for the promotion of others over themselves. When ability or lack of it is the real factor. No one wants to take responsibility for their shortcomings.
In today's environment its almost impossible to keep a QB in this situation from transferring,but thats OK. You always want to recruit numbers and let things shake out on the field. You just have to hope your coach is picking the right guys to play.
I never get tired of watching this happen to walk ons at any school
You say New Gus, Old Gus. I say smart Gus. Hes got 26 million reasons to loosen up in a make or break season for him. He played Auburn like a fine fiddle on that last contract. If he had gone to Arkansas, the Hogs would still be 2 -10 but Auburn would have had a better coach for all that cash.
Jethro Tull has an old tune with perfect lyrics for Gator Fans. Cue the music for "Living In The Past" Happy and I'm smiling Walk a mile to drink your water You know I'd love to love you And above you there's no other We'll go walking out While others shout of war's disaster Oh, we won't give in Let's go living in the past Once I used to join in Every boy and girl was my friend Now there's revolution, but they don't know What they're fighting Let us close our eyes Outside their lives go on much faster Oh, we won't give in We'll keep living in the past Oh, we won't give in Let's go living in the past Oh no, no we won't give in Let's go living in the past
Florida program is being emulated by Miami. Really? Of all the programs to use as a model,Fla? Is it UFs top flight recruiting of non qualifiers or is it their outstanding player retention rates? Perhaps the player life skills training program stands out?
As a Dawg fan , selfishly I always want Miami and Fla State to be good. Thats because if they are good , it hurts Fla in recruiting. Doesnt hurt UGA cuz we rarely play either and neither have much recruiting presence in GA. Nor does Fla for that matter.
Imo best Gator uniform is blue shirt, white pants, orange Gators helmet. All blue is awful and the white UF helmets say FU in the mirror . Although most dawg fans dont need the mirror lol.
Nice to see this rivalry getting a re start. The worst reg season ass whuppin ever taken by the eventual natl champion was Fla routing Miami in 1983. I think it was the first game of season
Yes Fla finished tied in polls. Just shows how whacked polls are and why it is so nice to settle things on the field where Dawgs kicked Gators ass. UGA can afford to lose skill positions with roster depth so we will be fine. Fla keeping up? Not so much. Players are leaving like rats off of a sinking ship. Not sure, but isnt that Dan Mullen's wife in the transfer portal?
Im surprised KY got 0 votes . Also surprised not one vote for Tennessee
Going back to early 2005, with 1 or 2 exceptions,every SEC team who finished 8-4 AND won their bowl game to go 9-4, finished in Top 25 in at least one poll.So I use that as my guideline for Top 25 possibilities...Can a team win minimum 8 reg season games? And if 8 is the ceiling, win a bowl game ? This year lets assume Al,Ga,LSU will win 9 or more. Assume Miss, Vandy and Ark will win 7 or less. Every other team has at least a shot at 8-4 or better. So 8 teams have Top 25 hopes, Imo, Mo and Tenn are most likely to join the 6 currently ranked SEC teams in Top 25 at year end, but only due to light schedule.
This list is a joke and a waste of time for real college football fans.
Bama has enough money but why in the world would Dabo go back to Bama? To follow Saban and the ghost of Bear? No way. Bama fans who think that are delusional. At Clemson Dabo IS Bear. He is creating his own legacy. Also, where would you rather live? SC mountains near Greenville or Tuscaloosa? Exactly.
Yeah Vandy is gonna suck again this year in football. When does baseball season start?
May I please have the number of your weed dealer? That must be some really good stuff.