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Should be every one of them if they are smart. This issue though is eventually going to make it where all non playoff bowls have teams that are shells of the reg season. I can see in a several years how we may have to go back to making final rankings after conf champ games. Playoffs would still happen for top 4 or 8, but meaningless non playoff bowl games skewed with reduced rosters would not impact final rankings.
When Bama fans have to resort to invoking LSU to troll UGa , its been a bad year for them
What about Napier at Louisiana? Hes done a good job and worked for Saban for 3-4 years. He would be a good fit at Ole Miss or Ark imo
Anyone who believes Bama is done is crazy. They arent done until the GOAT retires. Then, however, youre done.
What a bunch if whiners here
I never thought I would say it but Bobo might be the answer. My problem with Bobo before wasnt that we werent moving the ball, but that we were too predictable on first down and later in game we would get away from plays that were working before. We were out smarting ourselves imo. But right now I'd settle for moving the ball and then worry about the rest.
Sorry for duplicate post. Wish there was an edit/delete function here.
After Belicheck said that,The Pats beat the Bengals that next week . But Hogs arent beating this version of Tigers in BR. Cincinnati would beat Arkansas too,so better not go there. Maybe on to Pine Bluff?
After Belicheck said that,The Pats beat the Bengals that next week . But Hogs arent beating this version of Tigers in BR. Cincinnati would beat Arkansas too,so better not go there. Maybe on to Pine Bluff?
Idk Coley's future but the thought of Bobo coming back sends me into a siezure. Please no.
What would we do without SEC WatchDawg pretending he is somehow plugged in to the inside scoop of the SEC? The powers all call him for advice and tips, right? Dude, we all know you make this stuff up in your Moms basement. Give it a rest
Definition if Delusional: suggesting there isnt much diff between Ark and Fla.Last time I checked the Fla panhandle has hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches. Has gohogs7988 has ever been out of Arkansas?
Muschamps 2020 schedule is more manageable than this year? IDK about that. They drop home game with Bama but pick up road game at LSU. Still have UGA and Clemson.
I like Spears and I think McElroy is outstanding as an analyst. Their show on SEC network is one of best.
Auburn may win but above article is brainless drivel. Auburn is gonna win cuz their running game is due to improve from awful? Because of Gus past record? Ridiculous.Writer forgot to add that Auburn will win because he is wearing his lucky pants. The writer should be embarrassed by such trash
Everyone who poo poo'd Uga and Bama lights are now rushing to get them . Cracks me up.
Im thinking you must be related to Leonard "PostToasties" from Leonards Losers. Go u Red Clay Hounds
For many years only Tenn and LSU among SEC schools ever regularly scheduled top non conference games. I remember a Tenn classic with N Dame back in the day.
I agree. Kiffin would be a pain in the butt for Fla and whats not to love?
Leach is too much of a loose cannon and blames his players when they lose. But Kiffin would be a brilliant hire imo. Huge upside and what does FSU have to lose?
Blaming officials for losses is what losers do. That said, SEC officials are awful. Not the reason we lost, but ga sc game was worst officiated college game ive ever seen. Ga ky almost as bad. For both sides. Why does best conference have worst officials?
I agree, in fact i think head to head success this year means almost nothing to recruits for next year.
Mullen wanted to say this: "I hate it because he sucked so badly I wanted him to be there 10 years" From UGA viewpoint its always better when FSU is good to provide recruiting pressure on our arch rival. But with that train wreck, its gonna take awhile for them to get back. Opportunity for Gators to get back on track to top level recruiting like they had under Meyer.
What a whiner. Coach Mullet, you got beat by a better team. Dont make it worse by making excuses or nlaming refs. The epitome of poor leadership; deflect blame. Hey Coach No Neck, did the refs cause the procedutal stupid penalties. Did the refs make the OL play poorly? Mullen better quit whining and start recruiting or Bama and Ga are gonna leave the Gators in the dust
I still see Fla going 10-2 which prob puts them in the Orange Bowl
Some people take tongue in cheek humor way too seriously. Relax people, we are having fun here.
Fun article . Bull for Pruitt is spot on. Jimbo and Muschamp costumes are also good choices. Nice job