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Most of the time I ignore poll question columns but this one was fun. So many great players .
Lattimore was and is 100% class act admired by all SEC fans.
Ok now I know I'm not the only boomer here lol
Good call on Hines Ward and let's not forget his teammate for two years, Champ Bailey
Showing my age but imo the best Gator of the 70s was Chris Collinsworth. Dude could catch anything. In the 1980 Ga Fla Lindsay Scott game he prob caught 10 passes. And who knew the kid OC for the Gators that year would coach 2 Super Bowl champs?
Just a tick behind would be Emmett Smith and Peyton Manning
Dawg fans overwhelmingly wish the best for Coach Pittman but the author is correct. He has a tough road ahead in a tough division with premium coaches as his competition.
If we dont play this season, that means for Ga v Ala series : Georgia will go from 2007 until 2026 with no regular season game in Tuscaloosa. 19 years. Assuming the same rotation continues, it would also mean Bama will go from 2015 until 2033 without playing in Athens. The 2033 game would only be the fourth Bama game in Athens since 1995.(2003,08,15).Four Ga Bama home games in 39 years. Wow I hope if we lose the season they bump the rotation up a year rather than skipping it.
I dont believe we will have football season this year. Think about the timing. No one is going to feel safe until a/ No new cases pop up exc maybe health care people and mainly b/ until everyone can be tested . Once everyone can be tested ,we can separate out the ones who are infected and everyone else can get back to normal. Now there aren't near enough test kits so that's a mfg issue. So how long will it be until there are no new cases, there are enough testing kits for every American to be tested, and for those tests to be done and acted upon? And for people to then feel safe enough to go to a crowded event worry free? Factor in an over abundance of caution about the next upcoming flu season and IMO there is no way we get there by August. IMO once we get a handle on it, we will have a slow trickle back to normal re schools, restaurants, etc., but crowded venues will be the last thing to return .I believe it could be as long as this time next year. I hope I'm wrong.
As info there is a website that shows every school's future schedules and it is updated often. Its fbschedules dot com. Ga has best futures of top teams. Fla is so so. SC and Tenn are pitiful. LSU's and Bama are pretty good. Am and Auburn so so
Thats right and seems like it's always been that way. Big 12 and Pac 12 are where qbs are. I'm trying to think of impact NFL starting QBs from the SEC this century. Not many. Newton, the Mannings, maybe Jay Cutler. Who else?
I cannot believe the Falcons actually signed a Ga player. Did somebody tell Dimitroff he went to Tech?owever it happened it's great. A huge upgrade over Freeman even with the bad knee.
Agreed. What do the Falcons have to lose? They have the cap space
As long as Ala and Aub are in different divisions as Tenn and Ga, the permanent game will stay. What I wish is that one day the Big 12 blows up. Add two teams from there (okla,tex maybe), then kick Bama and Auburn to east. Problem solved.
The SEC Championship game is a premier event in large part because if its permanent location in a huge city and no threat of weather issues. It would be the height of stupidity to move that game.
My UGA basketball bar is low. Split with Auburn and beat Tech. Everything else is gravy.
If the time span stretched back 2 more years then UGA trip to Final 4 in 1983 would be at the top of the list. That was like Vandy making the CFP. The bad news is if we went to Final 4 next year , that would be #2 on the shocker list. Some things never change.
This statement is Scum Bag Meyer's way of implying he was the best and applying needless pressure on Mullen. Meyer is a liw life piece of spit.
Ive always had high opinion of Strong as DC. I believe by this time next year he will be DC. And he is a guy who has had his HC chance so maybe he would stay in that job for several years which Bama needs. He is strong enough personality to handle Saban IMO.
Dad, hes right. The series since the mid 70s has been one of streaks. Ps. And Dad, Nobody over 10 likes to be called Son
Tennessee has always been one of the few teams that would play tough non conference opponents. For many years Tenn and LSU were only ones who did it. But if you look at future schedules, Tenn is lagging way behind Ga,Ala,LSU,Auburn Even Fla (tho hard to believe) They need to add some muscle.
Oh please . Uga has no more arrest issues than anyone else
I heard Bobby Bowden say one time that in his mind Florida State had the best team in the nation every year for 15 years. They won only two titles. He said luck was huge part of it. All you can do he said was to put yourselfin a position so that when good luck hits, you are there to take advantage
The dumbest thing I ever did was agree to a wedding Thansgiving Sat. Yeah I was gonna miss the Tech game that year but no worries after that, right? Wrong. Our anniversary always conflicted with the game and often me and my wife were in conflict on which we wanted to celebrate. Shes my ex wife now bahaha
St Louis? You must be kidding. If you polled 1000 people in the US outside of Missouri asking this question, not one would say St Louis . If you had those same 1000 people list their Top 10 sites, St Louis would never be mentioned.