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No conference wants BYU because their student pilgrimages make for 25 and 26 year old seniors playing against 18 year olds.
UNLV is sharing Raiders new stadium and gave commited to upgrade program to match the new digs.. They will be one if the next Pac12 expansion teams. Boise could be other
When I was in college, Bogart was not just a town but also a verb. E.g. "Dont bogart that joint, my friend"
I dont want it to happen at qb next year like rb this year. We went after the Tx kid,ignored Bigsby, didnt get either. I saw where we told Williams we wouldnt offer another qb until he decided. So where does that put Kirby? Do we offer Brock or wait on Caleb?
Isnt it great how quickly we all turn the page to 2020? Clemson's body is still warm and Ga and Fla fans are already at it about our game in 9 months. Awesome. This is why I love the SEC.
OBJ reminds of the old high school jock who likes to go back to the old school and act the big shot. Or shows up at the prom the year after he has graduated.
I agree with Top 5 and bottom 4. The middle 5 are an interesting scramble. Kiffin over Pruitt? Malzahn behind Leach and just ahead of Stoops? These 5 could be ranked in any order. My ranking of these 5 would be Stoops,Malzahn,Leach,Kiffin,Pruitt. I put Malzahn ahead of Leach for his recruiting and the 2013 run to NC game. I would take Leach in game.
The Birmingham Bowl is calling your name:-)
I have been wrong occasionally lol
Call me a Dawg prejudiced Gator hater (guilty), but Im surprised that most early polls like this are assuming Fla wins the east. I dont see it. Not saying the Gators arent gaining on the Dawgs quickly because they are. But their talent level and quality depth is not there yet. Also call me crazy but I dont see a Joe Burrow like improvement in Trask next year. Imo he is at his ceiling. Our transfer should be at least his equal. Ga schedule is tougher (toughest 2 other than each other: Bama,Aub vs Lsu, nobody). I could see both teams coming in to Jax with 1 loss so it still all comes down to Cocktail Party which is as it should be. (with winner to play for sec and cfb spot v Bama).I believe Dawg D will be too much for Gators ,especially if injuries hit the Gators.
No LSU fan I know is gonna stop the celebration just because coaches are leaving. In fact, its a good reason to just keep drinking lol
I dont care. They play in the pathetic ACC. Their third toughest game is Va Tech. Or maybe Ky. Everybody else on their schedule awful, so it isnt a stretch to see them going 8-4 Regardless of what players they lose. And 8-4 in the ACC is good enough to be the annual Orange Bowl ACC turkey.just like Va this year.
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Btw Congratulations on a great win and a great season . Just a dominant championship season. If you guys get that Houston QB next year might be as good. Hioe not:-)
This is the bad side of winning. Everybody takes your coaches. Another reason Saban is the GOAT is how he replaces coaches every year but never misses a beat. For everyone else, it can set you back. E,g. Dawgs lost Cheney last year and this year losing Pittman is a killer. Immediate negative ramifications.I expect Lanning to be the next one go after next year so seems like it never ends.
I will disagree about Louisville. They are prob 2nd best team in ACC going into 2020 as pitiful as it is.They might be the ACC Orange Bowl turkey next year
Kentucky is now where 7-5 is just ok. That a credit to Stoops. Their 2020 schedule makes 8-4 very possible. Every SEC team who goes 8-4 and wins the bowl game finishes in top 25, thus Ky is a Top 25 contender imo
Tennessee is definitely a top 25 contender. If they could somehow beat either Fla or Okla, they could be in Top 12 orcdo going into bama game. 8-4 looks doable imo
Auburn should be in Top 10 imo. Lsu rank will depend on their qb. If they get Houstons qb, look out
I thought Herby might have a Dabo-gasm in the 1st qtr
Kanell is the biggest tool in sports. And the worst dresser. Does he ever look in the mirror?
A great finish to the year of skits. deserves some kind of award for this series.
I think we just need to put all of this finger talk on ice.