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Almost everyone wishes they could copy Bama natty success. But that is the ONLY thing in Alabama that anyone would want to copy that's for sure. Name any statistical sociological category . Alabama is no better than 49 in every one.if not for Mississippi Alabama would be dead last in everything from Education to income. Look it up. Alabama is Haiti with a good football team
I suggested Herschelina as a name for my granddaughter but I was voted down. Idk why.
Larry Munson : Re Bill Bates TD: "He ran over him. Ran right over him. He had him dead away inside the 9. My God! a freshman" I was there.
For Mullen I'd go with a pork shoulder sandwich since he always looks like he has on shoulder pads. We cant give him anything from Oscar Meyer because he tends to choke on Dawgs
Why would he settle? He has 100% legal right to that money. Arkansas is showing their typical hillbilly smarts by spending money to defend their illegal withholding of money owed. Decisions like this are why the Hogs reside in the SEC basement.
Great to see. The late 20s are gonna be fun throughout the SEC. Even Florida has scheduled some decent games though not to level of Ga and Ala. LSU always has scheduled tough home and home as has Tenn on an occasional basis. Only SC has yet to join the non cupcake party.
Can you explain how the football season could possibly be affected by the election? Of course you cant because there is no correlation. Outside of football I cant see things going back on track BECAUSE of the election unless you think Trump haters are going to accept a fairly won Trump re election. They wont so nothing will change. The only good thing about Fla fans is their overall intelligence level which is very good. I live in Atlanta and there are no wifebeaters or Jorts among my Gator friends. Level headed smarts is the norm. Looks like you missed that boat.
It's bad enough we have to read articles by the guy who is the Mo grad. Cant recall his name. But at least Mo is in the SEC (why? Idk). Conner is an IU grad. All he knows is basketball and corn.get him over to Saturdays Up North
Alabama might not be the best place to find those who are sympathetic to anything black.
Yeah we cant have people speaking the uncomfortable truth in the wrong column. That would be just terrible
That opinion is as bad as USC football program. It's worse than your hideous uniforms or your childish insistence that you are Caolina. Youree not that's in Chapel Hill.If a person doesnt want to sit with 90k people that doesnt mean he wo t leave the house you mo ron.
Mullen v Kirby is still to be decided. Both states loaded with HS talent. Mullen gets edge on offense, Smart on defense. So far Smart is the better recruiter. One might argue Mullen has gotten more out of less. But in the end, this debate will be decided on the field over next decade. Who wins the most championships?
Alex, I'll take "Alabama Book Reviews" for $500
Maybe it would take an Auburn grad all day to read it. Most of us can read it in about 5 minutes.
This is far far better article than the ridiculous poll question articles we have been bombarded with. This took research and initiative. That puts it in the Top 5 % of articles here in 2020. Its not Who has the best socks in the SEC?. Which coach has the best hair? And most ridiculous if all ..the idiot writer who chose Orgeron over Saban as best SEC coach. No way. Maybe Next week when the poll question is Which coach would you most like to suck crawfish heads with, Coach O would be legit choice.
Ask 1000 college football experts who the best coach is Saban or Orgeron. 1000 would pick Saban.Orgetons wife would pick Saban We are all just a little dumber from reading this "article".
Maybe next year when Ga Tenn is in Knoxville but Tenn isnt beating Ga this year. This year the game is first in new time slot and and will likely be the most jacked up Ga crowd of the year. The fact the Masters is that weekend adds to the buzz. I predict a blowout win
IMO this move shows Ga coaches clearly arent sold on Beck for 2021.
My pick is Tenn over Fla. No good reason other than the SEC ghost of the past says the timing is right. But I think the Gators will beat LSU so Cocktail Party will still decide the east. As it should be.
Admittedly the Dawgs arent the best at every category. But in the mascot category, UGA is #1 in all of sports and #2 is not even close. Yeah Mike is cool but in the end, he would like to eat you for lunch. Its UGA all the way
Hes a scumbag but Meyer is obvious choice and I agree with EG at #2. But Mark Richt at 4 are you kidding me? He wasn't the 4th best coach in Georgia after 2007. He doesnt belong on this list. Also Malzahn? No way Coach Underachiever should be there
I wish there was an IQ test here. Then ridiculous remarks by ignorant people like this one would be excluded. I know Tennman prob lives in an old camper next to his still in Bugtussle, but that's no excuse.
What if we didnt have these ridiculous articles bogging down the blog? What's next, what if Cam Newton hadn't stolen that laptop at Fla? What if Phil Fulmer ate a salad every now and then? What Aunt Sally had a mustache? I can answer that last one. She would be Uncle Fred.
Kanell is a total idiot . Why do people even pay him any attention? Hes a cartoon character. This has got to be the dumbest poll question out of a spring of unbelievably irrelevant and stupid articles on this site. Bama won the freaking championship. How are they not deserving? Even me, who may never get over that last pass, knows this is a dumbest question ever.
Why does the pathetic loser Danny Kanell and his opinion make news? Hes just a whiner and a one subject pony. And does anyone on TV dress any worse?. I dont think he ever looks in the mirror but who could blame him?
An Auburn fan suggesting cheating by others? Now THAT is hilarious. Dont they lead the nation in the number of times they have been on probation? And that doesnt include Scam Newton which they fot away with.
One year? Ok I'd be saying stupid stuff too if I passed the weed store every day like Mr. Buffalo does cuz some days you dont pass lol. Even though it was an awful loss to a bad team, UGA trip to Boulder was great. Great fans ,great college town