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I know but just look at Big 12 now. The CG is anti climactic and self destructive to their CFP chances imo. In a 14 team league that cant play a round robin schedule like the SEC, the top 2 would inevitably be decided by tie breakers between teams who did not play each other. Give me two division champs and decide it on the field.
Mo's place in SEC thats a tough one. Red headed step child maybe? A cold Kentucky without the horses or bourbon? Arkansas with a Tampa Bay Rays fan base? Ill have to think about it.
As flawed as those division were, you hang on to the memory because those will be the only two Mo ever wins. At least you seem to be in the 10% of the Mo fan base who cares. Ill give u that but you are delusional when it comes to Mo's place in SEC.
Mo won the first year even though UGa beat em like 35-0. The next year Dawgs win if Gurley doesnt go down. Mo was lucky to come in when east division was down and while Richt and Muschamp were was dragging Dawgs and Gators down.
Orgeron on this list is laughable. Also Peterson might be best Pac 12 coach but not top 5. Tbh maybe Mullen is in top 5 behind the 4 above. Id take him over Jimbo for sure for #3 in SEC
4 coaches are better than the rest imo 1 Saban 2 Dabo 3 Smart 4 Riley
Missouri has done ok on the field even though their div titles were smoke and mirrors. Thats not why SEC fans scorn them. Its their lack of fan passion in their half empty stadium with the frozen tundra turf. Its not as much fun to watch a game on tv there cuz of its small sedate crowd, Football doesnt mean as much at Mo as other SEC places and it shows.
Eliminating divisions is awful idea. Might happen somewhere but that will never happen in the SEC. The SEC Champ Game isnt going anywhere.
If they dont beat Miss St he better get a still up there cuz hes gonna be there awhile
Speaking from painful experience: if you wear black, make it a surprise. Like Ga v Aub 07. Dont pre announce it and give opponent an extra target. It could get ugly. E.g. Bama v Ga 2008.
I like to stick to traditional except in rare circumstances and never change the helmet. Not at all fan of same color jersey and pants. For Gators to me their classic road uni is one of the best and should be left alone. Blue jersey white pants orange helmet. And never ever the white F helmet. I wonder if UF has ever considered replacing the Gators script on orange helmets with the gator head logo? Thats one of the best and most recognizable logos in cfb. Maybe with white helmet. I saw logo was 25 years old this year. Seems like longer. So maybe a gator head gelmet just once to commemorate that.
Man , I agree with you on every point. IDK how that happened :-)
I disagree that no one gives Gators a chance. Obviously they are capable and tbh if it comes down to coaching ill take Mullen. (Did I really say that??). Anyway purely from a selfish standpoint Im for Gators . Cuz I want a two team undefeated Cocktail Party. Dont think thats ever happ. If so it was way back when.Im incapable of saying Go G.... But i hope they win.
When a Group of 6 has a team worthy of consideration then its an issue, Until then it is a moot point.So fat that hasnt happened. UCF in their best season would be 4-4 in the Sec. Maybe in the ACC Coastal 6-2 if they didnt draw Clemson. It is only their delusional fan base who doesnt realize it.
I liked what I saw out of the Vols last week. Ive got a feeling the Vols have a serious case of pent up frustration that is going to be seen this week. I expect Tenn to open up a can of whupass.
Agreed but i find nothing morally wrong about players seeking options if current situation isnt working. Its what adults do if they dont like their job.
Given that we are in the here and now, I love the way Kirby gets it re "todays kids" and adapts his approach accordingly. Yesteryear was great but yesteryear's methods wont work with todays generation. I remember when my generation in the 70s was considered slackers and doomed to failure. Then Gen X was supposedly even worse. Now Millennials are all clueless snowflakes. None of it is true.Fact is every generation changes things and create new paradigms different from their parents and we all are better for it.Change should be embraced, not resisted.
What about Florida having the team's average course grade on their helmets last week ?
Nice write up. I believe Mason will get another year cuz who are they gonna get? I also think Muschamp, Pruitt, and Morehead will be on very hot seat in 2020. So think about this: Lanning is a rising star. Say he gets a head coach gig after 2020. Say Muschamp is fired after 2020, Would Kirby bring in Muschamp ?
Or the one the Mr Dawg is flirting with Miss CFB and Mr. Bama cuts in and takes her.
Another great one is where school fans are saying what they never really would say out loud e.g. The Ga fan: " I admit I dont have a clue which UGA this II,V,X who knows?" Or Bama fan:"Yeah we have 17 natl titles but lets face it a few of those are kinda sketchy"
My favorite is the speed dating skit where fans from every school goes in front of a woman for conversation.Also another one has each bowl game as a woman at a party and each school is hitting on them. Pretty funny. Like when Miss Sugar Bowl blows off Mr. Vandy
Obviously the writer forgot about War Eagle #5. Or he is an idiot, one of the two.
Looks like Auburn better extend Gus another 5 years
He rejected Miami. They wish they still had him
My takeaways this week 1/Fla is a lot better than I thought. 2/Tennessee may suck but they are fighters and not quitters. 3/UGA needs to go downfield more often or Auburn and Fla DLines are gonna hurt us. 4/ Derrick Brown is a freaking beast 5/ Thank goodness Mo QB is OK.