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They actually consider themselves "South" Georgia. Great place. They've got some really good Single "A" football programs down that way. Clinch Co., Irwin Co., Charlton Co. etc... They love their football in South Georgia
I think you should stop with the nuanced and veiled commentary and call the replies to this article what you really think they are, which is racism. I have seen no evidence that posters are "losing their minds." I believe that many are astounded that this young man would forgo the opportunities which accompany an athletic scholarship to a prominent D1 Power 5 institution. No one spoke of his lack of character. People theorized that his long term financial security would be impaired due to the obvious fact that he would be competing at a much smaller school. The "evils of NIL" has been a highly debated topic since the concept burst on the scene. As to Sutpens100, I don't recall anyone questioning this young man's academic prowess, either. Bottom line is this. If YOU want to read racism into every event and topic, you probably can make that interpretation on just about everything... If you try really, really hard.
Dude... Just shut up... As you can see by the comments from the Florida folks, they don't want him... I don't think I've seen a comment that you've ever posted that isn't just borderline asinine and even comes close to contributing to the sane and rational discussion of a topic
We are an amorous lot... But, what happens between a Marine and a traffic control device is nobody's business
Someone needs to explain this thing called "offense" to me. I think I recall that we may have had one when that guy named Spurrier was here, but it's been so long ago that I just don't remember what that phenomenon is
Peter, good effort, but like Coca Cola, there ain't nothing like the real thing. As for Leonard Postosties, man, I miss that guy. I would literally stop whatever it was I was doing to listen to him at 11 in the morning on Saturday. I don't ever recall him using "Classic Canines" for Georgia. It was the Red Clay Hounds or the Clark County Cow College as I recall. Anyway, thanks for the article. Brought back some fond memories
"Gamecock Prime" is catchy... Watch the latest loss on demand any time you want to. I'll give Beamer some time. Heck, it took Spurrier a few years to get us to those 11 win seasons. But there's a big difference between standing behind a mic and standing on the sidelines as a head coach. Wasn't in favor of hiring a guy with no head coaching experience, but I'll wait... As always
I didn't think we had any delusional fans... Thought they were confined mostly to the Gainesville and Knoxville area
I took a wait and see attitude when he was hired. I knew that Spurrier wasn't recruiting at a high level in his last couple of years so I was willing to give Muschamp 2 or 3 years to right the ship. The thing that sealed the deal for me was Boom's hiring of Bobo. I remember the UGA fans railing about that guy when he was there under Richt. And I didn't disagree based on on-field performance. What really torqued me last season was starting Bobo's transfer QB from Colorado State, Collin Hill. Pure B.S. And it led to Hillinski moving to the transfer portal. He was the future of the program Wish Muschamp the best. He's a great Defensive Coordinator, IMO. Head Coach? Not so much
I took the Cocks +31.5 and won despite that play!!!
As long as ESPN is in the picture, there's always the prospect of Howlin' Beth Mowins doing a game... She just makes my skin crawl and my ears bleed Not sure the SEC's future move to ESPN is such a good thing
It's those dadgumm "Woke Supremacists" pushing their CMT (Critical Mascot Theory) agenda again... But it's good to know that my Cocks are offensive for entirely different reasons
Larry Munson, the radio voice of UGA for years, was originally from Minnesota. I grew up in Georgia, hated the Dawgs, but strangely could listen to Larry Munson's play by play on game days. He was, like Eli now, one of the best One thing about the good ones. When you're listening to their broadcasts, they're apologetically homers. I'm a Gamecocks fan and love Todd Ellis and Tommy Suggs calls for South Carolina. Whenever watching a game I go to TuneIn, find the team that's playing, and listen to their radio broadcast. Highly enjoyable
Muschamp is here until at least next year. As most all athletic departments are, we're running a close to $50M deficit. Muschamp's buyout right now is in the $10-13M range We're stuck with him for at least a year... Or two
One of the most interesting things I've heard is that Malzahn is actually seriously considering the Arkansas job. I know it sounds "conspiracy theory" but I've got a friend over in Fayetteville that says some of the big boosters there are really putting on the full court press to get him to leave The Plains. Also said that Gus would actually forgo part of his buyout to get out of Auburn. Crazy stuff happening this year when it comes to coaching jobs
True. But it's a shame when you have to explain satire to someone...