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The disappointment at SDS is palpable.
Everyone knows you can’t use terms banned by the cultural elites in the media back in the 90s.
David, you have a terrible typo in your last paragraph. The F key was pressed about 10 times.
That was a great call. He did there what Munson used to sometimes. Never said it was good, or complete. Said the name of the player and Tigers win.
Wild opinion of the day, Nolan was good for preventing 7-10 points. I could never quantify it, just my gut. Huge loss that will change the game. Hope it doesn’t cost him money in the draft. Terrible for him.
Guy with microphone generates random thought in response to question. Poot it out there on innerwebs. Presto! Copy for sports writers.
Cole - your proof reader didn’t catch Coach Kirk Smart in the third paragraph.