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Point to where the mean woman hurt you (Negan points to his chest)...
They same the same thing about Saban when he came to Alabama. 3-4 years at most. Scott Woodward is one of the best ADs in the country. Look at what he did at Ampersand U. LSU will drop the coin on Tucker if he is their guy. If he wins, they will back the Brinks truck up to his house.
Klownell never missing an opp to Klown.
I see Alabama is still living in your head rent free
It's a novel that no one reads. Dude should get a job. I hear Krystals is hiring.
RJ is the same guy that said Oklahoma is going to run roughshod through the SEC once they join. Fool.
And yet pre-Ole Miss game, the remaining Alabama schedule was rated as one of the top 5 toughest remaining schedules in the country. Try another angle.
Texas is not in the Alliance. 2027/28 opponent Ohio State, who was omitted, is in the Alliance.
You know it's bad on the bayou when LSU feels the need to drop a HYPE video before the Central Michigan game.
I wouldn't go back. As long as he continues on this trajectory, he'll get the big job. Everyone is pumping Brian Kelly for the USC job. I cant figure that one out. ND is not good. Ogeron's inability to play a CEO role in todays game will cost him his job. LSU, ND, FLA ST,MICHIGAN, NEBRASKA (though the shine has come off of that program)... all will have opps. Frankly I hope he stays at Ole Miss for a while.
You mean lying as in posing to be an Alabama fan? Classy. Nice to see Alabama is living in your head rent free 365 days a year.
How often do you have to replace your Shift, Caps Lock and Exclamation keys?
It was a parody. Fitting that someone from Georgia who is throwing possum and trailer shade at ANYONE can't understand that.
Watching your bagmen rule the administration through another bungled hire is far more entertaining. I've run out of popcorn on this one...
Poor little SLAcKer. You're gonna get to see another one close up after you're plowed over in ATL.
You obviously do not know Saban. With that said, I am pretty sure you'd be happy as a billy tootin' on a moonshine jug if Saban was your head coach, and lead you to 10+ years of domination.
At least you can experience a little success living through other teams. Good for you little fella.
I don't see Leach at Arkansas. He just called all of his players frauds after a loss this past weekend. They've lost lost 5 of his last 6. He's obviously losing the locker room. He's a tool... a walking freak show. I wouldn't want him if I were a Hog fan. Mike Norvell, Bill Clark or Eliah Drinkwitz are better (and more reasonable)choices IMO. Consider too that you are competing with FSU, and possibly 4 or 5 other SEC schools by years end (5 SEC schools are in the coaches hot seat top 20, 4 of those in the top 8).
He's a Russian asset, right? Oh, wait... Saban strong armed Ukraine to get Sankey to do all things Bama. I'm sure there is something their right? I mean, they keep winning. The SEC office is in Alabama, right? There it is! The SEC office is in Birmingham! All SEC officials have been directed to make calls against Alabama opponents because the SEC office is in BHM... and Sankey is an Alabama asset! You'd make a great Democrat...
Indeed, it was closer than it seemed. UT played well. Maybe Pruitt is on to something. The biggest worry for UT fans is Phil Fullmer P.I.
Sounds like HE forgot that Missouri is part of the SEC.
It's easy to see why the Big 12 was happy to let go of Professor Click University at Columbia. Adjust your tin foil hat... and take those meds little fella. Napoleonic complex is treatable.