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It's easy to see why the Big 12 was happy to let go of Professor Click University at Columbia. Adjust your tin foil hat... and take those meds little fella. Napoleonic complex is treatable.
robb knows that deep down. Publicly though, it's a way to spin the losses his Bulldogs have taken. An attempt at distraction from reality. Poor pup.
I'm pretty sure if they watch ANY of the news outlets, it's MSNBC... to which your point would apply.
The poor gals history suggests she has a case of Alabama envy-ache (and apparently a healthy dose of SEC Napoleon syndrome). I get the Bama fatigue. No need to push false narratives though Professor Click.
Care to share your views on the validity of the moon landing, 9/11, maybe The Reptilian Elite?
Maybe, just maybe it is possible that you are less informed than the Vegas oddsmakers. I bet on yes. Yes you are less informed. See you back here after his commitment.
Awe... isn't that cute! The new fella to the party throws a jab at the Confetti King
Wishes vs fact. We've been hearing this stuff for years. Now that GA has become relevant again, they think they own the world. Typical conduct for newbies to success. They don't know how to act. Let's see what they are saying January 9th.
Chizik doesn't owe the Barn a damn thing. He was booed when his crop duster arrived at the barn, and he was run out of town 4 years later with a 7.5 million dollar check in his hand.
I'm pretty sure Tommy didn't go to school... there or anywhere. Enjoy your Peach bowl with your 3 losses while Bama and GA are playing for another natty.
Poor little fella. I've seen some sad envy fueled conspiracy theories from the orange headed step children, but this one... this one has me rolling with laughter. Thank you and Thomas SO MUCH for making my day.
Everyone else knows that. But in Oxford, they believe that the SEC office is pro Bama, the officials are pro Bama (pro anybody that is playing Ole Miss really), and now they are getting hammered because of Bama. It's denial at it's finest... making excuses and blaming others for their own shortcomings and errors. I've had the fate of being a MS resident for the last 15 years, and I can tell you that it's the Ole Miss way. I think they teach it at the school... Denial 101.
You guys have been saying that for 10 years. One year, you'll get it right.
I'm thinking you need one Honey Boo Boo. You are also part of that stereotype my Squidbillie friend.
Never get between a Memphian and the buffet table, or a Volbillie and her "corn from a jar". See what I did there?
Sorry RW. The whole country is sick of the over-the-top snowflake antics at Missouri. Headlines: -Long After Protests, Students Shun the University of Missouri - New York Times -University of Missouri struggles to rebuild image after hits to reputation, enrollment - Kansas City Star -U of Missouri’s 35 percent drop in freshman enrollment blamed on backlash over student protests -Freshman enrollment at Mizzou to take a steep drop in August... resulting in its smallest class in nearly two decades - St Louis Dispatch -University of Missouri sees 25% enrollment drop, $32M budget deficit - Washington Times I'm sure you'll want to spin it. No one is buying it.
I can only assume you did not read the article. Even without reading it, I'm not sure how you don't get the gist/point of the tweet from the Blazers. Tongue-in-cheek humor my friend.
And just how is that philosophy working out for you at Missouri?
Hey 'billie... maybe if you won some games and did something of significance, you'd get some praise. That's kinda how it works. Put down that corn from a jar. It's fogging your brain.
I can't stop laughing. Where do I begin? How about with that "impressive passing game". You know, the one that is ranked 11th out of 14th statistically in the SEC? Or maybe Kelly, who is not in the top 5 RBs in the SEC statistically, and has 97 carries to Harris' 56. Since that "impressive passing game opens up the run", TN should be bear the top in rushing, right? Oh wait, they are #11 out 14 statistically in the SEC too. Hmmm. I know you want to be in the conversation with the big boys. It's obvious it bothers you to be excluded, but sorry ... Kelly (nor UT) are in the conversation.
BJ needs to be blasted. Jones looks and sounds more clueless every time he takes the podium. And that's NOT a swat at TN from a "Bamer" or trash talking. Seriously, it's time to move on... and they'd better do it before ARKY and LSU throw in the towel. GA is putting distance on TN (and everyone else in the East) that will be hard to overcome if they continue in this direction.
Let's look at your statements mr. pit. First - Floundering. I'm looking through the top 25 for you. Don't see you anywhere. Haven't seen much of NE this millennium (although CBS has you at 64th, Two spots BEHIND Vandy. Didn't they just get crushed by AL (59-0) and then GA (45-14)? But hey, if it makes you feel good to go back 50 years... have at it. None of the current players PARENTS were born back then. Like it or not, you're floundering. Next - "take Huntsville and NASA out of that state"... OK. Let's take Lincoln out the your state. Ewe... that's just plain ugly. Next - "you guys HATE government down there" - Looking at the political map, NE has followed the same trend as AL in each election. Both are Red states. Always have been. Hey... I tell you what, come back when you have something of substance to say, something that's not hyperbole. One thing I DO know, it won't be football related.
Delusional? Look at your comments about how your WISHES would "terrorize" the rest of the country, and then tell me about the current state of football at UA. Now see definition of delusion. de·lu·sion·al - characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder. Look in the mirror little fella.
He's worth every penny. Not just on the field but for the school, students and faculty. Look at this cut and pasted from the NY Times: In 2015, the athletic department recorded a $33 million profit, according to university documents. It gave $9.1 million to the university, including $4 million for the university’s Presidential Scholarships, which go to top-performing students. Since 2010, athletics have also provided $1 million annually toward faculty salaries. The biggest line item in the budget is $16 million to pay for more than 300 scholarships at full price. The student-athletes have helped their cause as well by posting an overall cumulative grade-point average of 3.03 and a graduation rate of 71 percent, 5 percentage points better than the rate for the regular student body. Last year’s football team was recognized as one of the nation’s top academic programs, ranking third in the annual academic rankings of the top 25 college football teams. In the past decade, the university has added 64 buildings, including an engineering research quad with labs for testing combustion engines and large-scale structures. These new labs await researchers, and there are plans to expand graduate programs and hire 300 to 400 new faculty members in the next five years. Around Tuscaloosa are cranes, fenced-off construction zones and new apartments (8,270 additional beds since 2012). The University of Alabama is the fastest-growing flagship in the country. Enrollment hit 37,665 this fall, nearly a 58 percent increase over 2006. The average G.P.A. of entering freshmen is 3.66, up from 3.4 a decade ago, and the top quarter scored at least a 31 on the ACT, up from 27. Alabamians are now just 43 percent of the student body.
It's simple. Apparently not simple enough for some...
Awe... bless his heart. Keep hanging on to that Josh. That and the usual referee conspiracies that we hear from your fan base after every game will get you... well... nothing.