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Justafan. No I don't think the OC was the problem. Lost in all this is the fact that UGA had 468 yards of offense. Kirby deserves criticism for the late game decisions (not taking the field goal shot at the end of regulation). As for the offense, it was the four turnovers.
UF - my point is that I think there will be an undefeated ACC Champ in - Clemson. Likely an undefeated B1G Champ in - Ohio State. Likely an undefeated Big 12 Champ in - Oklahoma. The only way in for the SEC is as Champ. UGA and Bama could go 12-0 and only the Champ would get in. To those ends, UGA could still get in by winning the SEC.
I'll try again in a way that hopefully satisifies you and the gator fan. Congrats on your win. It is the kind of win that can reset the season for SC. I still think you lose to Florida and Clemson but no reason now not to think you'll beat A&M on the road. Seven wins now seems likley. As for Georgia, they are no further from the playoffs than they were before the game. With some many good teams this year, there will be only one SEC team in the playoffs - the SEC Champ. For UGA, that remains a possilbity.
Haven't see you in these parts lately (surprise). Congrats on your win. Guess it looks like you guys will make the Birmingham Bowl after all.
I'm starting to worry he is Will Muschamp only with 5-star talent.
Kirby Smart just lost at home as a 25 point favorite with maybe the best roster in program history. It's a choke.
How do you figure? Since 2012, UGA is 5-1 against SC with the avearge margin of victory being nearly 20 points.
SC has some players who can make plays. This is pretty much what we heard last year. Only then the names were Samuel, Bentley, and Williams. The best thing going for SC is the noon kick. That will keep the excitement level to a minimum. I think SC keeps it closer than the 25.5 line but still loses by two touchdowns.
One of the highlights of the season so far, UCF's two losses.
That same "something" told me the Dawgs win by four touchdowns.
UGA may $hit the bed but it won't be against SC. Brace yourself for another double digit loss.
Hard to believe a Will Muschamp coached team will leave College Station with a W.
Since 2015, SC is 13-21 in conference play. KY is 15-19, and 4-0 aginst SC. That's not an enormous diffference but it's a hard sell that SC is a better program. I guess you can get there if you measure "better" by things that don't seem to be making a difference; better recruiting class, nicer football ops center, bigger jumbo tron.
No, nothing at all like Bama and UGA. But again, it's about all ya got. October 12th is coming, my friend.
I get why the SC fans hate losing but the reality is that the SC program is not better than Kentucky.
Seems like winning the last 5 is better "perspective" than 18 out of 31. Other than that, a good article.
He's busy trying to trademark that "GA gonna GA" genius quip he came up with.
You seem to suggest it is UGA fans who are being overconfident. You can't find a talking head or pundit who isn't predicting a big UGA win.
Missouri loss, Kentucky win, Georgia loss, Florida loss, Tennessee win. Now that that's out of the way, you really think SC beats Georgia if the game were in Columbia? Haven't we heard that before?
No. It's stupid. Smart has coached in four "big games." The 2017 SEC Championship, which he won, the Rose Bowl the same year, which he won, the NC game that year, which he lost and the 2018 SEC Championship, which he lost. Even with your limited math skills you can see that he has won two of those. You can repeat all you want the Smart chokes in big games but it isn't true. Again, I see why you say it. Your team has historically been and is currently crap. You can't talk W's and L's, you can't talk championships or even "big games" for SC.
KB is going to cut that SC secondary to shreds Saturday afternoon.
Can I assume you're not going to address the legitimacy of asking Muschamp about the poor tackling?
Was it not legit to ask Muschamp why his team struggles to tackle? Anyone with panties in a wad is you. Anytime I bring up anything UGA related, you respond about their losses to Bama. I'll be here all year, my friend. You'd better pray SC beats the Dawgs.
Your comment literally has nothing to do with the discussion but again, UGA losing big games to other teams is about all ya got. Hey, remember when I told you to enjoy your four touchdown loss? I'll admit I was wrong. The late, trash-time TD kept it under four TDs. Congrats. Next SC loss: Missouri.
Why argue with this knucklehead? It has to be the refs cheated for Bama. This way, SC really won the game and they still "own" Bama.
All this newly found SC hype. It will be gone after they lose to Mizzou next week.
Wonder how mad he would have gotten had she asked, "Why can't your team tackle?"