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Gotta disagree about the helmet. If you've ever seen those red helmets on a sunshine-filled fall day, you'd realize they are prefection.
I get it...SC won in Athens last year. Congrats but be careful what you ask for. This one is gonna get sideways quickly and not in way you'll like it.
Exactly. Before long you'll have to watch the entire game with the sound muted.
Tennessee? It's amazing how much push a team can get from a squeaker over Indiana. Imagine how different the narrative for Tennessee would be this year had Indiana won that game.
At most the league was trying to keep things even for the division contenders. That doesn't include Tennessee or Missouri.
I think it was "evened out" for East contenders. UGA now has 3 top 15 teams and Florida has 3 top 15 teams. I'll agree that UT got hosed but so did Mizzou. Neither team was seriously going to compete for the East anyway.
What would the complaint about UGA be? They already had #3 Bama, #9 Florida, and #10 Auburn. Florida had #4 LSU, #5 Georgia, and added #13 Texas A&M. Seems pretty even.
First thing, I'm not a part of whatever love spat exists between you and Booches. I'm merely sharing an opinion, which you are free to agree with or not. Two, you probably shouldn't draw conclusions about a person's leadership experience or abilities based on a reply to a football related comment. Presumably someone who goes to the trouble of adding "USMC" to their screen name would recognize the difference.
I don't disagree that both coaches have a dismal track record and I don't think either are long for their current positions. Having said that, we don't know how any team is going to be affected by covid and it's entirely possible any one team could be affected far more than any other. That's why I think both will be given a pass this year.
I object to the notion that what they get isn't fair. If they can do better, if the system is unfair or oppressive as some suggest, perhaps they should try their hand in the real world. There was a time when it seemed like a great deal to get a schlorship to a big time school. Now it's "unfair."
Booches I think you'd have to agree that at a minimum, most of these demands are not very well thought out and have no chance of being met.
You may be right that they view it as merely a starting point and it's a misguided effort. Seems like when theyu come out of the gate like this they aren't going to be taken seriously in anything more they have to say. And "academic" exploitation, really?
Booches have you read the list of demands? Profit sharing of 50% - stupid. Reduction of salaries - stupid. Medical care years after their college playing days have ended - stupid. If you don't think those are stupid demands, walk in to your place of employment and lay them on your management. You're bosses will wonder why you chose to be fired over stupid demands. The one reasonable demand, Covid safety precautions. The letter also lists concerns over "academic, physical, and economic" exploitation. Don't know what they mean by those but I'm sure they are also stupid.
You don't need a test to determine if a scholarship is fair. University offers a kid a free education. In exchange, the university wants the kid to play football. The kid, seeing the educational opportunity coupled with the potential to sharpen his skills for the professional level, accepts. Seems fair enough.
My son just finished up at Clemson. I would have much preferred the "horrible mistreatment" college football players endure to the massive checks I've been writing.
If players are and have been horribly mistreated for decades, why do they seek and accept scholarships? Why don't they seek a less oppressive path in life?
My son just graduated from Clemson. Given the fat checks I've been writing, I would have loved it had be been put in that system.
About the closest thing to a "right" on their list of demands concerns safety over Covid-19. Demanding other receive "drastically reduced excessive pay" hardly seems like it speaks to a "right."
I keep reading "Air Raid" as associated with UGA. Not being certain of that that actually means, I looked it up. The description said, "Rather than running the ball, an air raid system uses short passes to replace a balanced running attack. Quarterbacks in this offensive system often throw the ball over 75% of the time." I think Kirby Smart is trying to improve upon an offense that ranked in the 70s in pass offense. Not replace the running game or throw the ball 3/4 of the time.
Agree. This is the first step toward cancelling the season.
Why would he need an excuse when he plays Florida? This must be the year, huh?
Lindsay Scott's jersey from Nov 8, 1980. No explanation required.
I'm not sure what Kirby, Jaime, or the Heisman have to do with any of this. If you want to prop up a kid who finished 35th nationally, have at it.
Why does every mention of Florida prop up their New Year's Six Bowl win? They beat a #24 Virginia team who went 1-1 against ranked teams in the regular season, that win being against #24 VA Tech. A VA team that gave up 62 to Clemson and had a regular season loss to 6-7 Miami.
Exactly...and unless I'm mistaken, UGA came into the 2017 season #15.
The article is about home field advantage. Some UGA player or players tossed their cookies before a game there 8 years ago and you conclude SC has some kind of home field advantage? Take a look at SC's record there outside of Spurrier's golden age, examine the teams who have won there - irrespective of who may or have not have puked - then convince me about their home field advantage.