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Agree. I don't think this is make or break for Muschamp. Problem is, I don't see how things can be expected to be that much better for SC next year. They drop Bama but pick up at road game at LSU. Hardly a walk in the park. SC will lose a lot of experience and be playing a fist year starter at QB. In the meantime, permanent opponents Clemson, UGA, A&M (and probably Florida) continue to out recruit them.
A&M finished 4th in recruiting for 2019 compared to 17th for SC. Who knows how it plays out but my money is on Jimbo out recruiting and out coaching Muschamp. I think moving forward this is going to become an increasingly difficult game for SC.
I think you're right about Muschamp needing to do something this season. If this year gets sideways for him, I don't know why anyone would think next year will be much different. Anyone really think SC getting UGA and A&M at home next year will matter?
Nope. I got that number by watching SC lose games.
In 2017 Kirby brought an 8 win team to within a play of winning it all. Disappointing? Yes. Blowing it? No. You may be the only UGA fan I've heard unhappy that Jim Chaney is somewhere else. As for Mel Tucker, what is Kirby supposed to do? Pay him a fortune not to become a head coach? As for the Fields situation, maybe it was Justin Field who was terrible.
Muschamp is going to have to beat some good teams to get much respect at this point.
SC is 0 fo their last 19 vs UGA, KY, A&M and Clemson. You might want chill on that kind of trashtalk.
Won't matter. They still "own" Bama from the 2010 game. Just ask them.
If SC can't find a way to beat Kentucky this year they may never beat them again.
So how many times a year does SC do some kind of uniform reveal video...every week? How exciting that must be for the fans. Know what UGA is going to wear at home and on the road?
That program seems to spend a lot of time concerned about what they'll wear.
Agree that Dabo needs to let it go. Until proven otherwise, he has the best program in the country. I think Dabo was right not to give Bryant a ring. The kid walked out 1/3 into the season.
I don't think people think SC sucks. People just are real about the fact that SC isn't as talented or deep as the better teams on your schedule. By better teams I mean UGA, A&M, Clemson, Bama and Florida. Will Muschamp has shown no indication that as a coach he can overcome that and win.
What does that have to do with Bentley's comment or mine? Hey, remember when South Carolina beat UGA in 2012? Yeah, it was a long time ago.
No panties and no wad. Just noting yet another comment from Young Bentley. He makes them often. You know, Clemson wasn't better...he isn't leaving SC until they win a national championship....
There is clamor for any SEC team to play up north. It's the cry of the B1G fan: SEC teams are afraid to play in cold weather. Blah, blah, blah. UGA won at Notre Dame in 2017 but I'm sure that game (in early September) wasn't cold enough to count.
Sure I do but I always make the time to kick take a shot at that program. It shows I care.
Bentley says lots of stuff. Didn't think Clemson was better after losing 56-7 to them. Said he was going to remain at SC until they won a national championship.
Seems like Chaney sometimes got a bum rap from fans. You can always find specific plays that don't make much since (the fourth down sweep with McKenzie vs. Vandy in 2015), but his last couple of teams at UGA were ranked very high in conference.
I was just on the SDS Bama main page (to see how many UGA posts are there). One article has one comment from one UGA fan.
What are you railing about? The poster merely suggested the advantage Bama had over UGA wasn't quite as large as the writer suggested.
I doubt blue chip prospects commit and sign with a school anticipating they won't play and will need to transfer.
SC was absolutely hyped last season. Remember all the SC-will-beat-UGA-week-two nonsense? It wasn't just SC fans who were fooled by the 9 win 2017 season.
Dangerous running game? I agree that Feaster is now the best RB on SC's roster but there is a huge difference between improved and "dangerous."
Fans were hyping SC last year. I live in Columbia and all I heard leading up to the UGA game what that SC would win because 1) the game was week two (as if UGA wouldn't now how to play football by then) and 2) SC won in 2012.
Seems like a pretty fair assessment of Bentley. The interceptions are what they are and Bentley himself says he needs to mature.
I live in Columbia and heard the same stuff last year leading up to the UGA-SC game. SC was going to win because 1) it was week 2 (apparently UGA wouldn't know how to play football by week 2), 2) the game was in Williams-Brice (that place is no more difficult than any other SEC venue except Vandy), and 3) SC beat UGA there in 2012. We saw how that worked out. On the heels of that NC game, Saban will be looking to make a statement.