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What do you mean Georgia has consistently lost to SC? Because SC is 5-5 in their last 10 vs. the Dawgs? The Dawgs are 6-4 in their last 10 vs. Florida.
I see a similar score. Dawgs 31 - Tigers 21. I think the difference is UGA will have enough success on the ground to open up things for Daniels. Clemson couldn't run the ball last year with a generational QB and best RB in school history. Hard to believe they'll be better this year, especially against that UGA front 7.
No experience? The Dawgs return 14 starters.
I'm trying to understand your post. You don't think UGA and Bama are out of reach for whom? SC...Mizzou? What do you mean, "...to win the division and league the roster itself has to really be ready to play 60 minutes and 12 seeks"? Is that another way of saying depth is important? What do you mean Smart is not "uncatchable in 2021"?
That's why I'm not sold on the "plenty of firepower in the backfield" assessment. Harris is the real-deal. Lloyd is coming off a significant injury and hasn't taken a snap in a live game.
Cola is right. Since we're continually told there are no differences between men and women, lets's have a two teams; 1 mens and 2 womens. But, let's pick stack the teams with the best 15 players we can find - irrespective of gender - and then watch womens' basketball disappear.
You failed to mention the part about the meat consisting of ground-rat.
Yep. To the extent I watch any pregame, it's the SEC Network, and for the same reasons.
Thats certainly one way to look at the "rivalry."
"POS" seems a little harsh but I agree the effort seemed to be lacking with Landers.
I think it's fair to wonder if the Pope has read the Bible. But, that's a different website discussion.
LSU Tigers, on behalf of UGA fans worlwide, thank you.
You have no idea how "good" Wilson's father is. The fact that you conclude he isn't a good father, based on a spontaneous act of poor judgment, says more about you than him.
It was a pretty stupid thing to do and something a guy playing at his level should know not to do. Still, his dad's tweet reminds us of the personal side of it. Reminded me, anyway.
As a father of a similar aged kid, I can only imagine how this hurts. We all learn lessons about control and composure. Unfortunately for Marco Wilson, his lesson is being played out infront of the world. If Bame wins, this goes away. If Florida wins the SEC - and the LSU loss costs them a spot in the CFP - this stink won't wash off for a long time.
Let's not pretend had this happened to UGA, Florida fans wouldn't be all over it. Or, Bama if it had happened to Auburn. Don't pretend everyone else is somehow above making fun of this. Congrats on your win over UGA and yeah, I know it's been 40 years.
It's one thing to make a mistake as part of the game - thowing a pick, fumbling, missing a catch or a block. It's quite another to do something catastrophically stupid between plays - you know - like having the thought to through your head to toss a shoe 20 yards, then deciding to follow up on that thought.
No, we just take great pleasure in our rival losing, particularly in such an embarrassing manner. Everyone else here is the same.
He choose to sound baffoonish rather than use the coach-speak eveyone knows he should use: "We gotta be more disciplind." "Gotta play smarter, keep our composure...."He choose "I guess that's a penalty." I wish he would have gone with, "You can't do that?"
What are you even talking about? I never anointed Daniels anything. I'm pusing back on the writer's suggestion that Mizzou has been impressive in "battering" Vandy (do I need to go into detail?) or scoring 50 on Arky while letting their backup hang 48 on them. As for Daniels, I hardly think he is the second coming of Joe Burrow or Peyton Manning, but he does provide UGA's offense a passing game it has sorely missed this year.
I'm not sure I undertand the Missouri love. This is a team that lost by 3 TDS to Tennessee. Granted, that was early in the year but three weeks ago they had to hang on to beat an absolutlely dreadful SC by a TD, and last week Arky, with a backup QB, put 48 on them.
#2 - So replacing an ineffective QB with an effective one - and winning the game - is now a blunder. What would have been fair to Mathis - losing the game?
That ain't the same bear you last ate from. Good luck moving forward but you probably shouldn't expect to dine on bear for the forseeable future.
Beamer might want to get a couple of good recruiting classes in place before he pokes that bear.
Instead of Sara Fuller competing against Jason Whitlock to determine who is better, what if she competed against any other D1 kicker in the nation?
I have no issue with the girl. Good for her. It's literally every person on the tube talking about it as if it was the greatest accomplishment in the world. I just don't see how it's this great statement about women in football. Had she earned a schlorship or spot on the team, then yeah. And maybe she is capable of that. But that's not what happened and it certainly didn't make her SEC special teams player of the week. I heard one of these clowns on the SEC Network the other day talking about how it had made his life better. Really? Of course, the other two woke clowns on the panel couldn't agree fast enough.