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If Feaster goes to SC, they will have exactly one good RB on roster.
Charleston Southern will be the only game SC will enter as "heavy favorites."
Muschamp's record against good teams would suggest the answer to that is no.
Not sure I'd expect SC's running game to improve much. (I guess it couldn't get much worse). They haven't had an SEC caliber back since Mike Davis. Things are looking up with the hiring of Thomas Brown and signing of Marshawn Lloyd. That won't help this year, though.
If UGA and Bama arrive at the SEC undefeated, I can certainly see the loser being among the top 4 - provided it's a close game.
Then lets not pretend they are students. Dump academic requirements (probably largely ignored now anyway) including enrolling and attending classes. Let colleges search the country for the best football players and put them under contract to play for their school. At that point just call it what it is, another pro league.
Bradford got 20 million from an NFL team. What college is going to give a player anything close to that? I think it would be a disaster to have colleges in continual battle to outbid other schools - before or after signings. The recruiting process is dirty enough. If you pay players are they employees? Can you fire them? Do they get Worker's Comp if they are hurt?
The peanuts a college would pay a guy like Fields is hardly enough to keep him from transferring to a place he would start. You noted guys in the pros being content to sit. That might be because they are making a ton of money.
SCs offense was solid? They ranked 11th in the SEC in rushing.
I see no scenario in which that game is close.
It would be nice to get to the promised land. Until we do, we'll just enjoy embarrassing Florida every year.
Heard all that last year. I live in Columbia and I said all off season UGA would win by double digits. People wanted to remind me of the 2012 game when SC crushed UGA, how tough it is to play in Williams-Brice, it was game 2 and somehow SC would be clicking and UGA wouldn't have figured football out yet, blah...blah...blah. SC is catching a beating from Bama, the first of several SC will suffer.
First conference game for Bama and they'll be looking to make a statement after that embarrassing loss to Clemson. Plus, Saban will use the 2010 game in Columbia to rev that bunch up. Your optimism is admirable but barring a complete Bama collapse on both sides of the ball, there is very little chance of this being a close one. It's gonna get sideways for SC very quickly. Just like the UGA game last year.
Agree BamaTime. This will be Kirby Smart's best team. He'll have a 3 year starter at QB, one of the best O-lines in the country, and a championship caliber defense. He needs to climb the mountain top this year.
Congrats on the big offensive game. Despite a million yards of offense SC stilll lost by 3 touchdowns. The game this year will be over by halftime.
I don't see alcohol being an issue between SC and Clemson fans. Midway through the 3rd quarter most SC fans will have departed.
As you suggesting that if the fanbase was more humble the score on the field would have played out differently?
I hope so. I can't take another UCF National Championship.
WTH does Mark Richt have to do with this? You think a Richt coached UGA team would be playoff bound?
Everyone in my house knew not to fake a punt from midfield on 4th and 11. I wish Kirby Smart knew that.
Welcome to the disussion, Rooster. Has nothing to do with being yellow or Bama. It's a friggin' article about the Clemson and SC game - nothing to do with Bama. I suppose we'll be the tallest midget (whatever the hell that means) but what does that make SC exactly?
I don't give the Dawgs much chance next week so I guess we're in agreement there. Still, Georgia is in the SECCG again and SC isn't....again. Hey, you enjoy that game with Akron next week.
Nope. Just a UGA fan who hates all things SC.
The SECCG has nothing to do with it but thanks for watching.
This one will be close until Clemson's second possession. This is going to be a historic beating.
Hard to disagree with anything in this article. Put another way, Clemson has better players who are better coached.
I've also learned to dislike and root against them. That whole mythical national championship was too much.