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I hope you're right. I think we're about two weeks away from a nationwide meltdown.
I'm not sure what it is I'm supposed to try harder to do. Your posts suggests the East could be one by any one of five teams, including TN. Then, you go on to suggest TN has a QB who has never been any good. Of course UGA and Florida have question but do you really think UT is just as likely to win the division as the Dawgs or Gators?
I don't know how he lists Tennessee as a contender for the East based on a veteran QB who is "not very good...consistently...any season." Hardly seems a blueprint for success.
To paraphrase, Brewster said, "We're gonna try hard to compete with Georgia in recruiting." What a startling expose.
Smart took the job at UGA in prior to the 2016. To describe the hiring of Cochran in 2020 as "calculated" seems odd. You really think Kirby waited four years to make this "calculated" move?
Florida fans - what's with the constant moaning about UGA fans posting on UF articles? What do you want - someone who parrots exactly what you think? Isn't part of the fun of reading and participating in this the spirited back and forth between fan bases? If you don't like what he posts - challenge it. Don't complain just because he responded to the article.
You really think the first two losses were the only bad ones? What about the 31 point loss to Florida? The 29 loss point to Georgia. How about the 3 td loss to Bama?
You know a guy has worn out his welcome when he can get the Auburn and UGA fans to agree.
I think Muschamp is making some better hires. Bobo is a at least an and experienced OC. Not sure why Thomas Brown left but I think he was another really good hire.
Not sure I could completely agree with that. From 2010 - 14 SC had a great run against the Dawgs, going 4-1. You could argue that in only one of those games did the SC defense dominate - 2012. Spurrier's defense held UGA to 6 in 2010, when Aaron Murray was a freshman. In 11 the Dawgs scored 42 and had over 400 yards of offense. In 13, they scored 41 and had over 500 yards. Even in the 14 loss (Bobo's last season) they scored 35 and put up over 400 yards.
I couldn't care less if you respond. I also couldn't care less about UF fans posting on Georgia articles. A lot of the UF posters on here seem to drone on and on about Georgia fans posting on UF articles. Why would anyone care?
The only thing as fast as a UGA fan response to a UF article is the UF fan reply to the UGA response.
Landers may look like the second coming of A.J. Green in practice, but the guy cannot catch the ball when it matters.
The only people who ever talk about UGA's "recruiting championships" are Gator fans and Clemson fans.
Agree about KY being among the worst unis. They have great color of blue but manage to screw it up with that checkerboard crap. No idea what A&M is thinking with that goofy shading on the numbers and vertical stripes on the jerseys.
On a sunny, fall Saturday there is nothing like those UGA red helmets.
Yeah but look at how spirit even that debate is.
They did whip us so you got me there. SC will finish above Tennessee in the East.
No better looking uni than UGA's road look.
The South Carolina fanbase has far more reason to be optimistic about their team than Tennessee fans.
Who is living rent free? I responded to an article about Tennessee recruiting with comments about Tennessee recruiting.
If TN is 7th in conference, how excited should they be? In 2019 they were 7th in SEC/13th nationally, in 2018 - 8th in SEC/21st nationally, 2017 - 7th in SEC/17th nationally, 2016 - 7th in SEC/14 nationally. Where is all this progress you keep hearing about?
You seem to be holding up close wins against unranked teams as some indication of Tennessee's future success. A better argument would be close losses to ranked teams. For example, Florida's close losses to #5 LSU and #8 UGA.
Richt had a good run during the first half of his tenure at UGA. Not so much the second half. The Dawgs were terrible against good competition and not even competitive in many of those games. I think most UGA fans liked Richt and wanted him to be successful (win a NC). But it was also evident that he had done what he was going to do in Athens.
In his last 8 seasons Richt was 14-23 against ranked teams. That's why UGA didn't allow Richt to continue doing Richt things.
I don't understand the narrative that Pruitt and TN are about to make some kind of leap this year. Based on an 8-5 season with home losses to GA ST and BYU? Based on getting trucked in the three games they played against Top 10 teams (UGA, Bama, and UF)? Is it based on TN's best win, which was either over a KY team who finished 8-5 or the nail-biter bowl over Indiana? Recruiting? 2019 the Vols were 13th nationally and 7th in the SEC. In 2020 - 14th nationally and 7th SEC. That doesn't seem like improvement.
Its an article which tosses out an opinion about the UGA head coach. It shouldn't come as a shocker to anyone that UGA fans might respond to it.
You want to argue Florida overtakes UGA in the East? Fine. "Total nosedive" for UGA? Based on what? Georgia's championship caliber defense or improved?