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I am not sure that UT or UK comes out of the East but I do agree that the gap between them and UGA/UF is not as much as a Gator fan would have you believe. I like the physicality of both UK and UT.
Better be able to stop the run and protect your QB at an elite level if you think UK is an automatic win on anyone's turf and that includes Gainesville.
I like the way things are setting up. Thank you Laura for your contribution.
I like the way this is setting up. Thank you Danny for your contribution.
Personally, I was not upset with the tweet. In fact, I kind of giggled when I thought about how Stoops will use this as bulletin board material. Teams better be ready for Kentucky.
Calipari already had his revenge in 2012 when UK won the title over KU. C'mon Man!
So lets get this right Stoops will not be winning the East because Florida is heads and tails above Kentucky? There is always one of you Gators trying to keep the Cats down knowing darn well you don't want any part of it.
Kentucky hasn't looked very weak against UF for a while now but please carry on...
All delusional UF fans aside... I believe the East is going to be very balanced. UF, UT and UK are very close to challenging UGA for the East.
Anyone without the blinders on knows that UF is not a clear cut favorite in the East and they will prove it by lining up and running it down their throats. Georgia definitely knows the recipe and has the personnel. As for UK I guess we will have to see.
You guys are really going to be sensitive if UK comes out and whips you for another 3 quarters. Winning one quarter after being manhandled by UK does not make you the favorite in the East. Thanks for proving my point my guy!
A little sensitive today. The UK lines controlled the front and anyone watching that game knew it was only a matter of time until they got to Franks. At no point in my post did I say I enjoyed watching his UF career end but the truth hurts I suppose.
I'm not buying it. UF is not heads or tails above UK or UT for that matter and surely not UGA. Gator fans like to live in the past in regards to their dominance of UK but the reality is UK has controlled the front against UF for at least 3 years now. Who was it that ended Franks UF career? That UK Dline terrorized him.