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Great choice Big Fella! We have work for you Go Big Blue!
The upcoming years will be painful for the UT homers still clinging to past dominance of UK. The 34-7 whipping on your home field should have been a sign of things to come and here is another! Welcome to the BBN Wade bros!
He’s about to be making a lot more money than you but not that you’re not living the good life, trolling SDS for reasons to hate. Well done!
Toney fought through social injustice and systemic racism to make his way! Plumlee won’t even make the league! Haha
With all the social injustice and systemic racism you can’t really expect Jimbo to correct this type of dysfunction but it can be done and it starts with you YankeePig, take a knee for the cause!
Those were two basketball players in a heated physical exchange, it would be impossible to determine if racist thoughts fueled an elbow but one thing is for sure, the racist thoughts do exist in your head!
Booches94, Cam surely could not go wrong with your proposal. I am sure once he reads it he is on his way!
You really had to dig deep for that one, not too relevant considering none of those coaches are currently in place. So your history lesson has no relation to this article. The recent dominance of Mizzou by the current football coach at UK now that is relevant to this article. What else do you need schooling on?
The previous 7 years, Mark Stoops is 11-3 against Mizzou and South Carolina. There are facts and then there are opinions. Enjoy!
The most delusional fan base on this forum, talking about how you dominated a team for your first victory in 5 years in the series.
Not a very good look for a coach being paid millions of dollars to represent Louisville.
-Terry Wilson is plenty capable of executing Jimbo’s offense as a true dual threat. -Wilson has coaching aspirations. Is this the same Terry Wilson whose ineptitude as a passer and bone-headed decisions cost UK at least 2 wins? You must have something against the Aggies!
Waters and Maddow living rent free in your head! Problem is, not even the worst politician could save you the embarrassment of being a DJT admirer. Trust me that doesn’t make you the least bit imposing! Stop the steal! Haha
I think the great thing is laughing at the macho men behind keyboards. Thanks Tigurr! Looking like a solid Mizzou team! Interested in the new DC as it seems like a roll of the dice but it appears he inherits some talent. Keeping an eye on the Tigers!
You triggered? A little sensitive to be playing macho haha tell me how bad you are, while assuming I would not mop the floor with you because I’m not a bigot. You guys never learn.
Put this guy on the domestic terrorist watch list! People are tired of this rhetoric, especially the ones who have lost loved ones. I would stay on the internet and out of the public with these options because people like me are looking for people like you.
Gwhite you must not have watched any football this year, I’d say the tide turned when UK dominated UT in Knoxville. 34-7 and a lot more whippings to come!
Nice pickup here! I bet the new OC is breathing a little easier today as the Cats need playmakers on the outside. However, It doesn’t mean anything without improvements from the QB spot.
2 star recruit, was probably 190lbs on arrival. This guy is underrated and didn’t get the accolades but look at that work ethic in the gym. Jamin Davis epitomizes the key players in the Stoops rebuild. Thanks for your contributions #44
A big loss? I’m assuming you didn’t watch any UK football this year. UK will now have to decide about a starter in 2021? I’m assuming you didn’t watch any UK football this year or you would know that Wilson planned to leave all along. Where do they find these writers?
Big hitter! Happy I get to watch him another year. Probably the right decision, I believe he is already a late round pick so this is big for the Cats!
Stop the press UT beat a ranked(overrated) team! Wake me up when they miss or take a 1st round exit from the tourney again.
Seeing that UK has long dominated UT and carried the SEC in hoops you should get used to it. Where was UT when UK was carrying the banner for the SEC through the tourney? Sitting at home. Cool #7 ranking
Mr. Devonshire, I’m going to keep it real and say your comments are disappointing. How about you weren’t good enough and you’re now throwing shade at UK because of it. Early signs of Narcissism, Good riddance!