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Cats ran for 150 in that game. It was terrible QB play that was the difference in that matchup surely wasn’t the line of scrimmage
The refs got Mizzou a 1-5 record in their last 6 against the Cats! Haha I think you’re preparing for another L!
Probably another case of a Mizzou homer thinking Mizzou is better than reality indicates. Those are prevalent on SDS
Last year’s unit also played with their backs against the wall due to offensive ineptitude, amazing they still put up decent numbers.
This will be the highest rated OL signing class in UK history. Welcome to the BBN big fella!
Michigan would finish 5th in the East! Harbaugh has been relegated to stealing Kentucky’s recruiting coordinator and now offering every kid that UK offers. Stalking and competing with the mediocre SEC teams for talent.
Typical flamer…. Most Cats fans are reasonable, I think UK is in a good spot for this year but I expect UT will continue to challenge us in the future. Winning once every 6 years and then claiming dominance is for Mizzou fans. Go Cats
It’s UK not KU I mean you gotta beat Kentucky more than once in 6 years if you want to be a rival because you look more like a hater! Stick to the Jayhawks
Stoops has figured out how to beat Mizzou fairly well. As bad as his offense was it sure was nice watching them gash inferior defensive lines such as D-Line U haha you know about delusional
The fact that Auburn is 10th tells me the system is flawed
The previous DC left for the same position at.... Illinois
Darian Kinnard LT for UK is a beast and should be on this list.
Very true Zou, Maybe he found out they have a losing record to Kentucky
Better opportunity, more luster in being a Hog, pretty much sums it up.
Mizzou 21 CMU 20. Afterwards Mizzou fans flock to this forum to further anoint Drinkwit and warn the SEC of their dominance
Most delusional fan base on this forum, what SEC teams does Mizzou own a winning record against? Vandy? Maybe
Great choice Big Fella! We have work for you Go Big Blue!
The upcoming years will be painful for the UT homers still clinging to past dominance of UK. The 34-7 whipping on your home field should have been a sign of things to come and here is another! Welcome to the BBN Wade bros!
He’s about to be making a lot more money than you but not that you’re not living the good life, trolling SDS for reasons to hate. Well done!
Toney fought through social injustice and systemic racism to make his way! Plumlee won’t even make the league! Haha
With all the social injustice and systemic racism you can’t really expect Jimbo to correct this type of dysfunction but it can be done and it starts with you YankeePig, take a knee for the cause!
Those were two basketball players in a heated physical exchange, it would be impossible to determine if racist thoughts fueled an elbow but one thing is for sure, the racist thoughts do exist in your head!
Booches94, Cam surely could not go wrong with your proposal. I am sure once he reads it he is on his way!
You really had to dig deep for that one, not too relevant considering none of those coaches are currently in place. So your history lesson has no relation to this article. The recent dominance of Mizzou by the current football coach at UK now that is relevant to this article. What else do you need schooling on?
The previous 7 years, Mark Stoops is 11-3 against Mizzou and South Carolina. There are facts and then there are opinions. Enjoy!
The most delusional fan base on this forum, talking about how you dominated a team for your first victory in 5 years in the series.