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UK leads that series 5-3 and owns the last win. You’re welcome.
The better team won. So much for out-talenting UK. Before you start figuring out what went wrong maybe think about your perception lacking reality to begin with!
A lot of users dropped off tonight haha Enjoy that L
I think these teams are similar. I’d give a slight talent edge to UF but UK has closed that gap. The battle in the trenches will be a good one and I think the Cats keep it close again. However, Until they prove they can execute at a high level offensively it’s hard to pick the Cats.
Same MO here from Nashville. He likes to throw shade at UK while backhandedly complimenting them. We will see Saturday. Go Cats!
Mizzou is overrated, they couldn’t stop my son and I from running the ball.
Where are the delusional Mizzou fans? Relegated to 6-6 with nothing to say. We will catch them in the comments later playing grammar police.
This is why Mizzou fans are the most delusional on SDS. They get bullied by Kentucky 9 out of 10 years and can’t admit it. Loser
I think Bama is still coming together but UF doesn’t have the offense to consistently move the ball on a top Defense. They’ll keep it close for 3 quarters. 37-24 Tide
Cats were controlling that front on both sides but Mizzou OL held up okay. Cats exposed some personnel issues at DLineU
Aren’t you predicting SC to beat Georgia? Surely you won’t need to warn everyone after that happens!
This poll is biased against the SEC. People don’t want to see 8-10 teams from one conference so they pick teams like Indiana, NC St, OK St to balance things out. The problem is, the SEC has been beating those teams in bowls. Middle of the pack SEC teams are just as good as contenders in other conferences so why don’t the polls indicate it?
Gonna be hard to blame this one on the refs again… I guess that leaves all you delusional Zou fans to play grammar police… stick to the Jayhawks
The majority of Zou fans I’ve seen on SDS have claimed dominance over UK after winning once in 6 years. Pretty much a given they have said.
I don’t put too much thought into how bad these polls can be but…. UK getting 3 votes is absurd and I bet they have taken note of the disrespect again.
Don’t feed these delusional Mizzou folks, they get one win on Kentucky in 6 years and want to make us their rival! Stick to the Jayhawks
Mizzou…The most delusional fan base on SDS Remember after you get another beat down in Lexington that your rival is Kansas not Kentucky. KU not UK. If you want to be a rival you have to win more than once every 8 years. Stick to the Jayhawks
If You guys are still butt hurt over losing to Joe maybe find a decent human being to represent yourselves. Patriots get behind their President. Crybabies whine and complain, say they won when they lose and make fun of the winner. Grow up
How many years in a row can Indiana lose to a middle of the pack SEC team in their bowl yet retain the hype the following year? Iowa St, UNC, Miami, Indiana, Texas overrated
Maybe you could raise the sun for us tomorrow morning? I think I’ll keep my faith…you guys take too much for granted, I would start there first.
Not too concerned about the Defense other than finding a pass rush. The secondary is deep with talent and last year’s corners who had no previous starting experience at UK both ended up being drafted. Expect the Cats to be one of the better defenses in the league. QB play is the big question that will determine whether or not this team is 6-6 or 9-3.
Cats ran for 150 in that game. It was terrible QB play that was the difference in that matchup surely wasn’t the line of scrimmage
The refs got Mizzou a 1-5 record in their last 6 against the Cats! Haha I think you’re preparing for another L!
Probably another case of a Mizzou homer thinking Mizzou is better than reality indicates. Those are prevalent on SDS
Last year’s unit also played with their backs against the wall due to offensive ineptitude, amazing they still put up decent numbers.
This will be the highest rated OL signing class in UK history. Welcome to the BBN big fella!
Michigan would finish 5th in the East! Harbaugh has been relegated to stealing Kentucky’s recruiting coordinator and now offering every kid that UK offers. Stalking and competing with the mediocre SEC teams for talent.