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Dead program? Yea I can remember a few years back a lot of people said that about Georgia to. It’s a cycle vols will return. I guess if we haven’t won nc in 19 more years we can officially calls ourselves bulldogs. Oh wait that would mean it’s 58 years since y’all lastone but we are the dead program
Debord is gone. Look for helfrich to be the next oc.. book it
Oh lord. I don't even know why we would suit up then. Alabama is coming daddy!! Hurry close everything uo and run!! Kma we will be there rest assured. We slow your running game any at all game on. If not won't be pretty
Vols brethren just f ING stop!! Yea we won every stat catergory but the one that f ING mattered!! Stop with the bs ifs and buts my god no wonder everybody hates us! Yes we have talent but talent that doesn't play 4 quarters of football! Most likely get boat raced this weekend. Defense is completely depleted.
Bryanchip.. go vols but we may give up and ncaa rushing record thus weekend. Defense is completely depleted and whoever said a&m had a defense was smoking something good. Their defense us terrible. We put up 700 yards on them!
Seven t you commenting on anything during football season just shows how incredibly ignorant you really are please refrain until basketball season
And your a classless tool. You really went there? I'm quite sure your either a gayturd or butt hurt bull puppy. Those seem to be the only 2 fan bases trashing UT these days either way your comment was classless
Hurd has a concussion, nothing more. I'm glad a bama troll knows what's going on in our locker room,we appreciate the info. Mo
That lol was him reminiscing kicking the sh×! Out of the gayturds
Munson even for you that's the most idiotic thing I've seen today.. of coming from you I completely understand
Just like they folded.last year against your beloved dawgs.. try again
Gonna respectfully disagree with you on this. Where Dobbs is fully capable he just hasn't shown consistency throwing down field.. yes he is a great runner and yes we gave up a couple of leads late but if Dobbs would have been able to hit a few throws we do not blow those leads.. just my opinion .. gbo
Seven t while you are incredibly obnoxious and absolutely ridicloud 99 pct of the time, I'll give you credit on this one.. we were without a doubt out of our minds to get rid of Fulmer without a contingency plan.. we have paid for that 10 fold...with that said, here's to another year of of kicking the crap out of the kitty kats
Funniest post yet from seven t... talking about another program that has absolutely destroyed you for the past 100 or so years being a tier 2 program... not to mention the best part..sticking to moonshine and dropping out of high school coming from someone from Kentucky is absolutely hysterical.. thanks seven t I needed a good laugh today!!
Nothing like the Georgia homers losing their minds everytime the orange is mentioned.. since you mentioned it.. in those games we you made it so plain what's GA record against our sorry arssss vols???? 6-4 that's what it is... call it what you will.. your a short time away from getting spanked yearly just like you always did!
Same win pct as Auburn for georgia... what did I miss there..anybody?
and EVERYBODY is checking out kentucky right?
yep there it is... couldn't get through one day without munson mentioning mackenzies name,quite sure you have a man crush
Nice to see munson up trolling this afternoon.
Shoot hire was an Excellent hire airrebel. Not basing that on what he did at Penn st but what he did at vandy.. top 15 defense both years he was there
we were not in the last ap poll. we were in the playoff ranking poll at 23. that said florida still ranked is a joke
oh we will considering we gashed yall for 207 this year munson..tool
keep living in the past munson
always cracks me up when the team he boatraced is talking smack about where he is ranked. munson you sir are an idiot.. name pretty much explians that
why not...handed game to florida this year by a point lose to bama by 5..completely feasable..will take 2-1 against those 3