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Don’t get it twisted. SDS writers and sports news in general make a big deal about it. Tennessee fans could care less. This article is complete nonsense.
It's kinda hard to decipher which team you pull for after looking at all your constant childish trolling you do but if I had to guess, you're a corn dog.
Heupel may have scored 60+ on you back to back years but at least we weren't running around claiming that we're America’s team.
Lol I bet most of these “writers” on here are ubers.
He’s going after the writer not Tennessee. The writers on this site aren't very good.
Kamal Haddsn’s pick was the play of the year?? We still would've won the game without it. Nah it was certainly Dee Williams punt return TD vs A&M. Could've lost the game without that play. Best win was Kentucky. Joe played pretty well and we were on the road. Gotta win more road games next year.
Yeah I didn't think Herring played good at all this season. He lead the team in tackles because every time the ball carrierwpuld get past the d-line he was chasing them down after they get the first down. I don't think he's quick enough. Wouldn't you like a rematch vs the tar heels though?? That bowl game vs UNC in 2010 was BS.
Good comment AFan. Joe was supposed to be our Milroe. He is like a bridge that goes from one mountain to the next (Mountains represent great quarterbacks) he just had to take us there without a disappointing season.
52-49 in year two under heupel has did a number to a lot of the gumps. Their gonna try to get as much trolling done this offseason until they have to face Nico In knoxville next year.
Pitiful…. Let’s close out against Kansas!! Vols fans tune into ESPN and support even if you don’t like basketball.
Go Gators!! I really think an upset can happen in the swamp. Florida state is good but I don’t think they’re playoff worthy. They would lose in the first round most likely.
AFan…. Heupel has already made his presence known in college football while digging a desperate program out from rock bottom. Considering all the trolls and the amount of hate that gets thrown at Tennessee everyday just proves that Heupel has already succeeded in just 3 years. Oh and I also think it’s funny that it only took two years for Heupel to embarrass Nick Saban with mediocre talent compared to y’all.
Pi$$ing in the river does no harm to the environment city boy. If you wanna pollute any body of water with your urine then a lake would be most viable.
Just like when Burton earned the nickname “wife beater” because he hit a woman on the field.
Fresh baked chocolate chip cookie with my saliva all over it. Trust me you would love it.
Heupel knows Nico is better. All Tennessee fans that have watched Heupel closely knows that Nico is Heupel’s wet dream lol. Nico is redshirting and Milton lead us to an 8-4 season. Heupel obviously just didn’t want to start a true freshman unless he absolutely had to. Heupel understands the pressure a quarterback has to face better than a lot of head coaches.
Fulmer wouldn’t have been as successful in today’s college football landscape much less in the past decade but we should’ve kept fulmer until a more qualified candidate could take his place instead of rushing it.
These petty trolls wouldn’t have the nerve to t r ash talk to someone’s face.
You mean “trolling?” All your fellow tide fans are gonna hate the puppies trolls yapping after the SEC championship.
ATL is a disgrace against humanity. Other than generating a ton of Hip hop artists, ATL represents nothing but t r ash.
Joe is just not it. He’s a terrible quarterback. Overthrowing, under throwing, and missing reads on every drive. I’m tired of watching this bum. I don’t get why Heupel is so high on him.