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Brent Venables should be on this list he would be my first call out of the realistic candidates.
Are you really that stupid? Nobody with common sense would have thought they meant anything other than the biggest game based on attendance.
If it is garbage why do you follow the website? Couldn't you just click unfollow button?
Mississippi State LOL what a powerful tradition they have.
Wow you just made my point for me that you have no idea what you're talking about we don't even play Oklahoma put the keyboard down.
Nobody knows what Tennessee will do throughout the season or any team for that matter it wouldn't surprise me if Tennessee was 8-4 and had to look to make a change but to make a comment that Tennessee will have 3 losses in September would be implying that they will lose to either Appalachian State or Ohio and that my friend is an absurd comment.
I read comments on this website all the time and this is possibly the stupidest thing anybody's ever said.
Wow some people have no filter (or class) when it comes to what they will type.
How is it that you say Tennessee was overhyped last year they were preseason number 25 in the country and ended the season at 23 and were picked to finish second in the east and they finished second in the east sounds like they were hyped just about right.
That's Tennessee's locker room in the practice facility not the game day locker room in Neyland Stadium.
That is Tennessee practice facility locker room not the locker room in Neyland Stadium.