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Connor, just FYI, the "fan" that posted the video yelling at Butch is a former Vol and was a preseason Heisman candidate in 2005.
Dan, I enjoy most of what you publish here on this site. However, I totally disagree with this article. Have you seen JG play? He's lost out there. Throws are all over the place. The game still moves too quick for him. The only reason he doesn't have any picks is because the ball hasn't been close enough to either the defender or receiver. He stays confused on his check-downs and audibles. On top of that, the other guys completely lose their focus and drive. He comes in the game and the pocket immediately collapses, Kelly doesn't run as hard. There's much to be said about chemistry in the huddle, and it's non-existent when JG is on the field.
That wasn't at all what I was insinuating (I realize insinuating is a big word for someone from Florida with a double negative in their user name). I simply thought it would be interesting to see the data on the subject. I figured it would be posted given the title of the article.
Chris- You should do a run-down of the past 10 years to see what the difference would be in who represented each side in Atlanta if cross-over games didn't count.
Very true. Could be. One of my favorite things about SDS was when every article had a video of Christ yelling at the top for like 2 months, it would make me mad and I would pause it. Literally, ever single time, his face looked like his triplet 4 year old daughters had just trashed the kitchen again trying to make cookies. It didn't matter if it was 2 seconds in, or 2 minutes.... I guess turn-about is fair play. Last year it was all about the Vols. This year, according to SDS, we'll lose to UMass. Gonna be a load of fun when this team gels and is sitting 10-2.
As a Vol fan, I'm not sure why I even check this site anymore.
Funny. Preseason darlings, go 3-0 to open the season, and now we're "incapable". This article will read completely different Sunday morning. "We've been picking the Vols all season!"
When did Utah become an SEC memeber? LOL
Tennessee the best overall special teams team this season in the SEC you think?
How do the '39 Vols, not surrendering a single point in the regular season, not make this list?
The Vols are in the SEC East, not West, just FYI. (Consensus Projection) :-P
Center Crowder is out 4-6 weeks. Weisman will get the nod. SS Randolph suspended first half this week.
Tennessee plays on Sunday night, not Saturday.
They don't play tonight. They play tomorrow night...
No kidding. Seeing Johnny football with his head down and about three highlights of Oregon scoring touchdowns as they say "Someone other than the SEC is going to win the NC..."
It's a "What they MEANT to say"... I freaked out at first too. Guess it's easy to get worked up anymore as a Vol fan.
Guess I should read closer... LOL.
Ditto. I know I am a homer, but I don't agree at all with that statement either. RB's get tackled low all the time. Part of the game. Would like to see a source for that Bray quote, too.
They'll probably just let that Taylor Brey guy go to make room. They don't really need him anyway. Just takin' up space on the roster...
Does UT have the salary cap room for him?
Who is Justin Harper? #GoVols
Maybe they forgot a "1" and it's 111th. There is no way their schedule is harder than any other team in this list (with the exception of maybe Houston). That's ridiculous.
I agree. I try to not be a "homer"; I realize when talent reveals itself no matter what team they play for. But look at this above list. Bray hasn't played in the last 5 games. He's still 4th on this list in total yards. And he didn't have his #1 reciever for 3 of the 5 games he has played. His QB rating still leads the league, as well. Wilson is a great quarterback, but Bray is #1 (when healthy) in the SEC IMO.