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Les miles minus the national championship was Mark Richt West that 05 Conference championship game was a revenge game for the 03 conference title game and Les just happened to be the coach to take it just think though UGA vs LSU is the 2nd most rematches SEC title game behind only Bama vs Uf
I admit that the QB play this year isn't the best but we have the best Damn running Backs in the country and Alabama, Georgia, and LSU always has 2 or 3 great running Backs in line 1 through 3 on the depth chart we have more than 6 schools in the SEC with 1,000 yard rushers and they play the best run stopping Defenses in the NCAA we have are the best RB and the best Defensive Conference in all the NCAA that's why when we play each other it's rare to see 60 to 0 against the conference and even if we were milking that 7 years of winning Back to Back National Championships did we not earn the right to do so
And you did just give the #1 team in the country a huge scare Clemson barely beat yall
Well they are gonna hold uga at higher regard for a good while cause if nothing else Uga has been in the SEC since it's Creation and 2 national title and 12 conference titles it's just a little more traditional school in the SEC
Georgia does have multiple National Championships 1942-1980 1942 Frank Sinkwich UGA QB won the Heisman and the National championship ring and 1980 Herschel Walker is all need be said and he won the Heisman 2 years later And Alabama anyone can win a championship when Paul "Bear" Bryant is your coach ask the 1950 Kentucky Wildcats
We claim 2 if you really want to know who claims the most that they didn't win it ain't Bama actually it's Ohio State
Yet Auburn Tries to say UGA is dirty at least we didnt Hose the opposing fans because we lost Auburn hosed the Georgia fans at Jordan Hare in 1986 because Auburn lost at home
Georgia bulldogs Classic Red uniform is amazing but wish they would show the black one
Ok i honestly believe 35 UGA-14 ARK because everyone is doubting the Dawgs who is a Dawgs Fan so Dawgs win big
Wow back to no worries about Florida and that's beautiful AU for Life made my day
MSU still talks about how they beat Bama 6-3 in 1980 I'm sorry if your an LSU fan you will never hear the end of it there also still mad to have never won even an SEC Championship in Football
We're going to beat S Carolina and then I got my eye very hard on the west I think it's a contest between Bama, A&M, Auburn, and ole Miss and I'll be happy to see just how good Jeremy Pruitts defense is going to be in the championship game in Atlanta
Yall just can't stand it that your sorry fanbase ain't as good as UGA we have the best fans because of trial by fire a long amount of loosing seasons and we still sold out crowds so what then
Last 2 times Norte dame played a top 2 Nationally ranked SEC team for a chance at a National championship upset they lost to UGA (1980 17-10) and Alabama(2012 42-14) r here so sad Notre Dame sucks SEC rules
5 more Yards it would have been the same story against Georgia= Notre Dame no chance
Plus Mark Richt is already in the most prestigious company of UGA Coaching history as only the 3rd Coach in UGA history to win A SEC Championship joining the late (Wally Butts) (1940-1963) (1942,1946,1948,1959 SEC Championships) (1942 National Championship)) the Great (Vince Dooley) (1964-1989) (1966,1968,1976,1980,1981,1982 SEC Championships)(1980 National Championship)) then there's (Mark Richt) (2000- ) (2002,2005, SEC Championships) (____ National Championship)) only thing missing for Richt is a National championship and I'm Confident that there will be a 2014 SEC Championship and a 2014 National Championship to be added this year he has all the pieces of the puzzle to do it this year Gooooo DAWGS
Time for the return of the Junkyard Dawgs
Oh yeah I forgot Ole miss has one from the 1960 National Championship year
I do believe that the year the gamecocks get SEC championship#1 is win they finally get that national championship interesting fact university of South Carolina hasn't won a conference championship since it's days in the Acc SEC championships go to BAMA 26, Tenn 13, LSU 13, UGA 12, AUB 6, GT 5, Florida has i believe 4, Kentucky 2, yes Georgia Tech was an SEC school from 1935 till 1961 South Carolina and Georgia Tech traded confrences
I know im biting a sharp stick here but I honestly predict the Dawgs have a national Championship appearance not saying they'll win it but I think Georgia finally beats Alabama in Atlanta then first playoff game then makes national championship appearance Either way win, lose or tie I'm a Red&Black Bleeding Dawg till I die
You call us Georgia Fans Dumbasses because of that you obviously don't know that in Herschel Walkers Freshman year not only did he finish 3rd in Heisman Voting he set the all time record for amount of rushing yards by a freshman back and in his sophomore year he finished 2nd in Heisman voting and set the all time record for rushing by a sophomore back he is still 6th all time leading rusher in College Football history and he's the only one in the top 12 to only have played 3 years so eat that and if it were today he would have won his freshman year