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"Criticized" ? When and how did he "criticize" Maria Taylor? "Unleashed" ? I believe all he said was, "so don't ask". Hardly "unlleashing. What the hell are you people at SDS doing? You just make up your own "facts".
Part of the reason those teams are not "in the TOP 50 in any [either] of the two main defensive categories" is because Bama hung 50 on all of them.
Give up the "tradition" already. Geez.
Uuuum . . . It seems that in your comment above you confused the subject-verb "I am" with the subject-verb "He is".
Alabama is not "blocking" anyone. Please get your facts straight. There is an SEC bylaw prohibiting graduate transfer between SEC schools. There are 100 other schools that he could transfer too. Just not to an SEC school.
10-2 South Florida defeated 6-6 South Carolina in the Birmingham Bowl. It required overtime. Muschamp did pretty well in his first year a USC.
"Passed on" ? Pretty sure Jackson was offered by Florida. And you automatically assume that Watson would have chosen Florida (a sinking ship) over other schools?
This exactly. The tournament marginalized the regular season. None of the games played before January even matter.
This is exactly how the NCAA should react if Ole Miss announces a self-imposed bowl ban. Ole Miss had their chance before the season began. They chose to self-impose a bunch of meaningless sanctions. They have lied, covered-up, and basically spat in the face of the NCAA. They probably will not be bowl-eligible at the end of the season anyway.
Yeah. No one on Tennessee's football team would ever do anything so terrible. ( How do you do sarcasm font around here?)
" venerable object" ???? Geeeez! The Aubren fambly desecrates its own objects each time they win a game against an FCS team at home. The only school in the country that has a "tradition" of vandalizing its own property.
His point is, Saban is not going anywhere. Deal with it, America.
It's not about proving anything. You people will never get it. Rick Newhousel is nothing more than a jealous fan. He was never a good coach and he left every program that he touched in trouble with the NCAA. He is even worse as an "analyst".
Michael: "Steve Sarkisian (who undoubtedly gave the Alabama staff some help leading up to the game)" Source, please. Or is this just conjecture on your part?
If you have not already sold your Auburn stock, it is too late. Just take the tax write-off and move on. You still have time to sell your Tennessee stock before it crashes.
Smith is "released". There are 114 other schools he can go to and play immediately.
So lets just continue riding the denial train since there is still no way to prove that Jones tried to influence the investigation, called the person who tried to help the alleged victim a traitor, and encouraged his hit-squad teammates to attach him.
When your whole season rests on beating Alabama, it is easy to let one game ruin your whole season. Just ask Georgia, aTm, LSU . . . even Ole Miss, they win the Alabama game and then promptly lose focus and drop 3 very winnable games. After the Alabama game last year, those teams were a shell of their former selves. It will happen to Tennessee this year.
Yeah, Alabama linebackers are seldom successful. Alabama is only going to have about 5 first round draftees in May. He is going to be harmed greatly.
Said it over the summer. Saying it again. Winning their last 5 games against UK, USCe, North Tx, MU, and Vandy will not make Tennessee any more relevant. They finish "strong" at the end of every season because they play a bunch of very bad teams at the end of the schedule. So all during the off-season we will hear about how Tennessee is on a 5-game winning streak. Let's wait until they beat a decent team before declaring them relevant.
I was at the game. Georgia fans were great. Very hospitably. However, the culture of thuggery fostered by the Georgia coaching staff AND administration was clearly evident and clearly cost the Georgia team. This pre-game attempt to intimidate the Alabama team is just one example and served only to make Alabama even more determined to dish out a beating on the field.
Who did Tennessee play again? If Kamara does it against OU on Saturday then you'll have something to talk about.
Not the same team (unless their players from the 2007 team have each been granted eight extra seasons by the NCAA.
"Gets his mojo back" ???? When did he ever have it?
Really? Show me the video of LSU players intentionally trying to injure players who are down on the ground, vulnerable, and unable to defend themselves?
To assert or even insinuate that Georgia and Alabama coaches do not develop their talent is foolish