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Saban lost two games....might as well hang it up and walk away in shame. There is no way to bounce back from that.
Everyone knows the real National Championship game happens every year in Atlanta, after that its just about participation trophies for the loser conferences.
The defense was terrible all year, fix that one issue and everything else falls into place. I am glad Richardson is gone, I think that helps us next season. The Napier rebuild will take a few years but anything will be a step up from the paper thin roster he had this season. Also its not like there was a lot chump games out there, no one is beating Georgia this year, Tennessee had an amazing record year, Kentucky was a beast, FSU is excuse for losing to Vandy but this was a tough schedule for anyone.
Indeed! It is hard to get lower than Jimbo. He alowed players to run crazy at FSU, stealing, raping, hitting women in bars because they didnt give them a phone number. Jimbo showes his true colors and they are terrible.
Thats terrible, espeacilly for this time of year. Prayers for him and his family!
How many of those teams were rannked they played Florida with a brand new coaching staff? How close were some of those games? Florida is headed in the right direction. They did about what everyone thought before the season, a close loss to Tennessee and FSU always sucks, but rebuilding with a terrible defense and still coming so close in so many games aint too shabby.
I never understood the love for Franks that kept Trask on the bench. I heard that Franks was a leader in the locker room and at practice and Trask was very quiet, so I am guessing thats the reason why.
Yeah, its best to move on and turn the page. I am glad he is gone so that its no longer an issue.
You sure love Jimbo. You seem to try and attack everyone who says anything negative about him. 'And your coach didn’t suspend a grown man after slapping a woman'...... ummm like how Jimbo didnt suspend a player that punched a woman in a bar because she would not give him her number and it was caught on video????
I got my associates at Arkansas and my bachelors and Masters from another school that is neither Florida or Arkansas. If you think stealing crab legs was the only issue happening under Jimbo's watch then you are a fool and need to go google the rape allegations and numerous other crimes that happened under his watch and were swept under the rug and tolerated by Jimbo. Smear Urban all you want, that doesnt make Jimbo or his time at fsu or failure at a&m any better. I mean if attacking Urban makes you happy keep at it booster, there isnt much for a&m to be happy about so enjoy it.
Jimbo won one title with a group of criminals and thugs who ran wild and terrorized an entire city. Jimbo cannot control a locker room.
Remember when everyone mocked Freeze and mocked Liberty for giving him a second chance? - I remember a lot of snide comments and jokes. Everyone deserves a second chance and this proves why. I hope he stays at Liberty, but he is probably gone after this season.
Game of the YEAR!! Can't believe I am saying this but GO VOLS!
3rd and Toney is about as old as 3rd and Grantham.
Hooker can ball out, I hope he wins it will be good for Tennessee.
There are 300 coaches and staff and not a single one can coach defense. I have seen JV teams that would play better D.
Any JV team in Jacksonville could play better defense than Florida is right now.
How in the hell do you have like 300 coaches and staff memebers but not one of them can coach the defense?
Way too many flashbacks of Grantham going on here. Not sure if we just lack depth and talent or if it is the play calling but way too many mistakes are still going on. Grantham and the D dragged down the entire team the last few years and that was my biggest concern going into this season.
mrtruth - AR is more injured than they are letting on. He is not 100% so they are not calling plays like they normally would.
Exactly there are a lot of positives and people need to remember that we are a thin team right now. Give it another year or two for recruiting to pick up and add some depth.
I think AR is more injured than they let us know. I dont think he is 100% and that along with the fact that we do not have any lights out recievers yet to make life a little easier. I wish we could get Kitna more snaps and mix things up a bit but with Miller not healthy I dont see that happening.
I think there is more than we know going on injury wise. When he seems fully healthy he is a beast, but that has been kind of rare.
All I know is Tennessee Georgia is going to be the game of the year. I hope Florida bangs them up enough in Jacksonville that Tennessee can just steam roll them.
Georgia Tech is a sleeping giant. All it would take is someone that knows how to recruit and they can turn that program around. But I guess that can be said of any program in the South.
Im a Florida fan but Kentucky is the best team to watch right now, sure Levis is a freak weirdo for putting mayo in coffee but he is a hell of a QB. The Kentucky Georgia game is going to be the best game of the year and I am hoping they pull it out and win the East.