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continues to make bad decisions, i sure as hell dont feel bad for him!
yes, not everyone is stockpiled with talent like bama. man Tennessee needs to build some depth
I would have to disagree brauhuff, I would rather Tennessee lose to the #1 team in the country in the SECCG than lose to either Missou or Vandy which is quite possible if they dont start playing better defense
cant disagree with that at all Bama is cream of the crop if there is a team that can stay on the field with them, they must be playing in the NFL sadly my beloved Vols may have to play you guys twice or we lose to Vandy and let Flarda take the beating but if we have to lose another might as well be in the SECCG
depends on which Dobbs shows up and if KY can control the clock. this game can be close or NOT!
I respect you so much i am going to spell your name right, PEYTON!
think Butch must have teed off some reporters trying their best to throw gas on a conceived dumpster fire. Vols are just going thru some tough times and a learning experiance
LOL volman that is a pretty good joke Dooley better coach than Jones albeit one gets beat by a highschool quarterback and one gets beat by a receiver playing quarterback. i dont know which is worse. but i would have to put Butch in the same field as Les Miles good coaches but stubborn to change. Dooley? good receivers coach
now that would be a championship game for the ages! Kentucky against Alabama! I would be glued to the tube. what is the record for points scored in the SECCG? by 1 team? 1 defense?
6. watching Saban throw a hissyfit when Lames offense turns the ball over time and time again.
lol most of our defense is starting 2nd and 3rd string guys now next man up!
Bama loses plain and simple. Bama has more turnovers than Tennessee Jalen Hurts throws at least 3 picks
I sleep watching NFL. college game is so much more exciting even with the occasional blowout
Flarda will be lucky to beat Mizzou much less Georgia unless they can weasel out of that game too
i agree Bama gets turnovers so cant afford to give them any help Vols can win this game if they keep from doing that
Corso trumps all you guys! he is never right when it comes to Tennessee. thanks coach!
I hear its nice in gamemansshipville today no way this game could not go on monday night I bet those Tigers would be happy to come rolling in and kick some chicken tails
think coach will hold out Kirkland and make sure he is ready for Bammer. gotta have 1 of these next 2 games and i really think Bammer might be our best shot. cant let Flarda back their way into the championship game.
Amazing! the arrogance of this team. their heads must be made of granite. would rather back in to the championship game than win it on the field. the closest you are going to get to Atlanta is Nashville, Tennessee Losers!
Im not worried Flarda will not go 6-1 anyway only way would be to play Vandy and Kentucky again and drop Georgia and Arkansas
most important though. college gameday edge Tennessee if Corso picks A&M GAME OVER! VOLS WIN!
Hope you Gators enjoy your trip yo Nashville!
I doubt Arkansas will play Bama as close as Kentucky did so where does that place the Hogs? if they were in the east looks like bottom
If the Vols offense will play 4 Quarters they can put up some good numbers. doesnt matter to me if they win 50-48 or 7-0 Just win baby!!!
you guys deserve better than that. dont make the same mistake Tennessee did. still trying to dig out of that hole. never know when his next DREAM job will come open
glad we beat the Gators but if we dont beat Georgia its not gonna matter much if we still dont win the east