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I agree 100%....this is just off-season " I'm trying to think about something to write about" junk.
Perhaps the most blunt and telling nugget that Haney uncovered came from someone who works in the football building. “The culture is a disaster,” If you can't site a name, it's all crap...someone in the building...HMMMM the janitor???
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take DeBord!! Make this easy for everyone!!!
"Jim McElwain has done a fantastic job of turing Florida around — making the Gators the probable favorite in the SEC East." Who in the world wrote this crap!!
Funny....all UK can do is dream....never be a reality there!
Well Dobbs won't be passing to him...Dormady will or if someone else wins the job they will.
most of the time things like this are pretty tacky...never to be worn just displayed!!
Kentucky has not done and will not do $ least we know where we are headed...up!! Back to where we belong.
I can say the same thing about Penn State and I am from PA!!