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Good luck Joey. I wish we could have kept you and sent Gus away instead.
The last two plays of the final possession of game the game. What does Gus do? He puts Whitlow in the wildcat. We needed a first down to ice the game. Whitlow had already fumbled earlier in the game. This worked out but very well could not have. That is classic Gus stupid decision making that usually cost Auburn a victory. My opinion has not changed. I want him gone.
Have you been watching the same Gus Malzahn offense I have this year? No way he scores 37 points on Alabama. If we win, the defense and special teams will have to have a big day. I have no confidence in Gus.
The officials helping UGA out has been the story of this season. They through them a lifeline in the South Carolina game resulting in Overtime. The Seth Williams catch reversal as well as reversing the on side kick. Not calling the face mask against Nix which would have produced a first down.
I cannot wait for the Najee Harris show to meet the Derrick Brown Show.
Alabama. I hate that team so much that even if it helps Auburn for Bama to win I would still root against them. Georgia has beaten two top ten teams. Alabama has played a cupcake schedule all year.
Interesting how he automatically assumes Alabama will beat Auburn even if Auburn defeats Georgia. Georgia has beaten two top ten teams at the time of the game. Alabama has played a joke of a schedule which is why LSU punched them in the mouth. Just a reminder, we only lost to LSU by 3 points. Our defense held LSU's explosive offense to 23 points. They easily put up 46 on Alabama.
I really wish Gus would pursue that job.
Remember 2017? Auburn and Georgia played for the SEC Championship while Alabama sat home. The committee still put them in the playoffs. Auburn has to beat Alabama to ensure they are not in the playoffs this year.
We beat you in 2017 at Jordan Hare. We will beat you again in Jordan Hare this year. Auburn does not have to live vicariously through(not thru) other programs. Tua meet Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson.
A loss to Auburn means they have no chance of playing for the national championship. As good as LSU's offense is, they could only score 23 points against Auburn's defense. Bama's offense is not as good as LSU's.
I noticed Tua started limping AFTER the game was over. Not only will you hear the "our qb was playing injured" excuse but be prepared for the "we beat ourselves" line. They never lose to anyone in their eyes.
The least Malzhan could have done was given him a chance in the Florida and LSU games. Nix was horrible in both games. At the start of the fourth quarter versus LSU, Nix had LESS tan 100 yards passing. He actually brought an injured Whitlow in to play. If Malzhan would not allow him to play at that point he never would. Gus mistakenly assumed this young man would not transfer because of his commitment to the team and was wrong as usual.
Tua sat on the bench for most of that season and had plenty of time to develop behind Hurts and the offense. Gus should have kept the competition opened until the season started. If Bo was not Patrick Nix's son , that is exactly what he would have done. Nix should have been benched in the second half of the Florida game and the first quarter of the LSU game. Good luck Joey.
Ironic that one of the most incompetent coaches in the SEC Gus Malzhan is the only active SEC coach to defeat Saban twice in the past 6 years.
"Malzhan has been a great coach"? What planet are you living on? Seriously.
I have felt this way since 2015 and the Jeremy Johnson fiasco.
Malzhan is incompetent and unqualified to be an SEC coach. To call him mediocre would be an insult to the word mediocre. If he had Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as his SEC team, he would still lose 4-5 games. Our players work hard and deserve better than this.
That young man is the only reason Alabama beat Georgia in the SEC championship game last year.
Orgeron has more confidence in Malzhan than I do. He, not Nix, is our biggest liability. I love Auburn but wish we could get rid of Gus.
Thank, very classy. Good luck and I hope you guys win the East. I am tired of the Georgia thing as well.
Auburn has the talent to beat LSU. Unfortunately we do not have the offensive coaching staff to do it. I have no confidence in Malzhan or his 29 year old OC. If Malzhan takes the advice in this article, we can win. He has demonstrated his inability to step up in the big games. He should approach this as if it is a national championship game.
LSU, Auburn, and Florida have played a much more difficult schedule than Alabama. Alabama's non conference games are a joke.
I am no LSU fan but I feel LSU is the best team in the country as of now. Hopefully next week that will change. The AP poll should reflect accurately week to week what is happening on the field instead of optics or giving certain teams the benefit of the doubt who have not earned it.
Still does not change the facts Bringthetrain made. He is correct. UGA lost to an unranked 2-3 team in Athens. They played so badly this weekend their own fans booed them. Auburn has played one of the toughest schedules this season. I wonder how many of the undefeated teams could have weathered such a schedule. Oregon is a top 10 team that would easily beat most of the SEC teams.
If only some desperate team would take Malzhan off our hands. Mississippi State fans are lucky to have an opportunity to rid themselves of this disaster.
Auburn has been in a tailspin under Gus for the past several years. He is incompetent. He does not know how to develop or use talent. The UF game was a disaster of his making.