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I agree that is harsh. Thomas is mixing his dislike for Malzhan, which I share, with the talent on the team. Auburn has the talent and should be ranked ahead of UGA. We suffer from a bad head coach.
UGA should not be in the top 10 after their loss to South Carolina in Athens.
Why would you rank UGA and ND ahead of AU? South Carolina is an unranked team.
Auburn defeated Oregon and Texas A&M and lost one game to a top ten team UF. UGA barely defeated Notre Dame and lost to an unranked(2-3) team and remains in the top 10 ahead of Auburn. I don't get it.
Oregon is much better than Notre Dame and UGA barely beat them. According to the pundits, Auburn was going to get beaten by Oregon and Texas A&M.
Alabama has not played a credible defense either. I doubt if Tua put up numbers like that when he faces Auburn or LSU.
There was a true freshman playing a high quality team who did pretty well. Bo Nix.
Tua has four or five NFL caliber receivers. They make him look good.
Interesting how Auburn's victory over Oregon never occurred in Finebaum's world. That was a quality win against a very good team. No other ranked team had a quality opponent in week one.
I really feel bad for this young man. I hope it is not a career ending injury. We all get caught up rooting for our teams and forget just how dangerous this sport really is.
Auburn has to play 4 of the top 10 teams and 6 of the top 15.
This is typical. I am not surprised. Auburn is constantly underestimated and disrespected.
Bruce Pearl said in an earlier interview the "SEC prepared us for this." He was right. Look how good many of the SEC basketball programs are now. Kentucky has always been the gold standard.
In the mean time Bama will open with Duke in 2019.
When was the last time Auburn beat Alabama? When was the last time Georgia beat Alabama? How often has Georgia choked against Alabama?
If Alabama is so great why do they not play credible teams throughout the year. Look at LSU's schedule. It is tough. Week 2 they play Texas. By the time Alabama play SEC teams that can beat them, those teams are beat up and hurt while Alabama is fresh from playing essentially a high school schedule.
Auburn's 2019 schedule. Aug. 31: vs. Oregon (in Dallas) Sept. 7: vs. Tulane Sept. 14: vs. Kent State Sept. 21: at Texas A&M Sept. 28: vs. Mississippi State Oct. 5: at Florida Oct. 19: at Arkansas Oct. 26: at LSU Nov. 2: vs. Ole Miss Nov. 16: vs. Georgia Nov. 23: vs. Samford Nov. 30: vs. Alabama
Given Alabama's week schedule as usual, they should not have any problems bouncing back next year. They do not pla a credible team the first six weeks of the season.Alabama 2019 schedule Aug. 31 vs. Duke in Atlanta Sept. 7 vs. New Mexico State Sept. 14 at South Carolina Sept. 21 vs. Southern Miss Sept. 28 vs. Ole Miss Oct. 5: Bye Oct. 12 at Texas A&M Oct. 19 vs. Tennessee Oct. 26 vs. Arkansas Nov. 2: Bye Nov. 9 vs. LSU Nov. 16 at Mississippi State Nov. 23 vs. Western Carolina Nov. 30 at Auburn