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Should we assume the opposite about Bryce Young since he has chosen to sign almost seven figures in NIL deals? I am not criticizing NIL or Bryce Young. I think it is great. These kids spend a lifetime of training, attending camps, and other sacrifices to get where they are. Most of them will never make it to the NFL. Many of the them with NFL talent may sustain a career ending injury.
Leave. Go to Russia and you probably will never hear it again.
The "pseudo-religious fervor" you are describing started in 2015 when your fuhrer Trump walked down the elevator and the racist MAGA cult was born.
@lsumc stated: What insensitive comments did Nichols make"? Now he isn't stupid or maybe he is. He knows it is the same racist trope that only White people get jobs and promotions on merit while every minority particularly African-Americans are unqualified token hires. Everyone reading this knows that but because all of you racists agree with it, you do not find it offensive to say. Conservatives hate being called racist. Here is an idea: stop being racist.
Why are you commenting on the article if you do not watch ESPN? Disney owns ESPN, ABC, Marvel, the Star Wars franchise, and a plethora of other valuable properties. The fact that some racist like you do not watch does not impact their bottom line.
Charles Barkley is the biggest hypocrite. He uses his name, image, and likeness to earn millions of dollars each year. Yet he has a problem with kids, many from poor homes doing it. During March Madness, Barkley, Samuel Jackson, and Spike Lee are all over the TV earning money using their NIL
That's socialism. Interesting how people who claim to hate wealth redistribution and socialism are just fine with doing it with other people's money.
Your cavalier attitude towards a lethal virus is stunningly ignorant.This virus has already dug over a have million holes for our fellow Americans. Keep up the stupidity of not taking it seriously and one might get dug for you and it will be your permanent residence.
Thank you for saying what I was thinking. This young man's health is more important, but some UGA fans are only concerned about his impact on their season.
No. The answer is no. Too many bad habits for far too long.
Nix clearly did not put in the work and effort and was given the job anyway. Willis was being nice. Everyone can see who the better QB is. UGA let Justin Fields get away for pretty much the same reasons.
Georgia played three or four QBs this year alone because none were getting the job done. Nix has been there 2 years and should have been benched during the Florida game last year.
Thanks to Gus, Auburn already has a real mess on its hands. I find it interesting that a mediocre four loss coach was acceptable and his replacement must be "stellar." Stellar should always be the standard and Malzhan should have been fired five years ago.
The most alarming thing about Auburn football this year is the same thing it has been for the past seven years. It is Gus Malzhan
What happened to "leave your politics at the gate"? What you really mean is you only want to hear political views you agree with. The level of racists contempt many in the SEC fan base have for those Black kids entertaining them each week is astounding. I keep seeing the name calling.. communist, Marxist, socialist, etc while Trump is literally trying to pull a coup and overturn a legal election he lost. All of you so called freedom loving "patriots" fully support this coup.
By "crap" do you mean the players being upset that they or their families could be gunned down by a cop for no reason?
Truth has not been in vogue since Trump was elected by people like you and probably 90 percent of the people reading and commenting on this website. You people have no credibility and your decades of "character" B.S. has been exposed by Trump.
The iron Bowl is so unpredictable. Alabama should win but as everyone knows, seasonal stats goes out of the window during this game. My biggest concern is Bo Nix who looks like a deer in headlights in big games on the road.
You guys have been getting screwed by the refs all season.
I have wanted Gus fired since 2015 so I fully understand how many in the Tennessee fan base feels.
Auburn had the number five player drafted in the NBA this year and the number sixteen from last year. Bruce is great. He is building something special.
"But, outside of Kentucky (and occasionally Florida and LSU), there is often not much to write home about in the basketball world." Unbelievable quote considering Auburn went to the Final Four in 2019.
If only Auburn would do the same to Gus Malzhan. Our fan base is equally sick of him as well.
I grew up with treasonous criminals memorialized with statues and historical revisionism. The are called confederate statues.