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Reality check. Until there is a vaccine or credible treatment for Covid-19, there will be no football season.This conversation for 2020 is mute.
I live in Alabama and yes it is racist.
It is frightening how people are willing to put other people's kids lives at risk for their personal entertainment. Any parent who allows their kids on a football field with no vaccine or credible treatment for this disease is an unfit parent.
This is a personal matter. I thought this was a SPORTS news website.
If only Auburn would fire Gus Malzhan. It would be the happiest day of my life.
Malzhan is an incompetent clown who should have been fired after the Jerry Johnson fiasco.
NO. I have wanted him fired since 2015. Each year has only gotten worse.I do not care how many wins over Alabama. He should have been fired years ago
I never blamed anyone for the lost to UCF except Gus Malzhan. I have wanted him fired for the past five years. Clearly you have no knowledge of what you speak. I remind you that we beat both UGA and Alabama who were both undefeated with a healthy Kerryon Johnson that same year. The UCF lost was on Malzhan no one else.
In the past 5 years, we have played Alabama with our starting running back and starting quarter hurt, I don't remember AU making excuses for the lost. If Bama had played the same schedule Auburn played this year, it is conceivable they would have at least 3 to 4 losses.
kodyaufan2 as a fellow Auburn fan, it is very disappointing to see you defending this officiating. We (AU) have been on the receiving end of too many of these calls from the same officials when we play LSU, Alabama, or UGA. Many times altering the outcome of the game just as was the case here. You may not like Ohio State, but this is bigger than that.
We all have teams we like or dislike. Often where we come down on these calls depends on who we want to win. We all should be concerned when bad officiating affect the outcome of the game. I am an Auburn fan who rooted for Clemson in previous playoff games. The refs clearly put their thumnbs on the scale in that game. Ohio State would have won without it. The fumble play was only one bad call. There were several. Clemson owes 2 TDs as well as a score taken away from Ohio State to the refs. Yesterday it was OSU. Tomorrow it will be your team in a big game.
This is essentially Justin Fields' freshmen year considering he received no development at UGA. Compare his first season as a starter to Jake Fromm's third year and the results are clear who the better QB is.
Never ceases to amaze me how UGA and Alabama brag about all of the five star recruits they have. Yet if one or two players are not available to play in a game, that will be their excuse for losing.
Justin Fields' "crime" to many SEC fans was to point out racist comments directed at him. As a southerner, I know how many southerners react to racial insensitivity. I hear a lot of UGA fans who are angrier at Fields for being upset at racist comments instead of being upset at the guy who made the racist comments. UGA will never choose a Black QB over a white QB. Fields should have known this before he went there. The results are clear who the better QB is. UGA fans will not accept it.
Good luck Joey. I wish we could have kept you and sent Gus away instead.
The last two plays of the final possession of game the game. What does Gus do? He puts Whitlow in the wildcat. We needed a first down to ice the game. Whitlow had already fumbled earlier in the game. This worked out but very well could not have. That is classic Gus stupid decision making that usually cost Auburn a victory. My opinion has not changed. I want him gone.
Have you been watching the same Gus Malzahn offense I have this year? No way he scores 37 points on Alabama. If we win, the defense and special teams will have to have a big day. I have no confidence in Gus.
The officials helping UGA out has been the story of this season. They through them a lifeline in the South Carolina game resulting in Overtime. The Seth Williams catch reversal as well as reversing the on side kick. Not calling the face mask against Nix which would have produced a first down.
I cannot wait for the Najee Harris show to meet the Derrick Brown Show.
Alabama. I hate that team so much that even if it helps Auburn for Bama to win I would still root against them. Georgia has beaten two top ten teams. Alabama has played a cupcake schedule all year.
Interesting how he automatically assumes Alabama will beat Auburn even if Auburn defeats Georgia. Georgia has beaten two top ten teams at the time of the game. Alabama has played a joke of a schedule which is why LSU punched them in the mouth. Just a reminder, we only lost to LSU by 3 points. Our defense held LSU's explosive offense to 23 points. They easily put up 46 on Alabama.
I really wish Gus would pursue that job.
Remember 2017? Auburn and Georgia played for the SEC Championship while Alabama sat home. The committee still put them in the playoffs. Auburn has to beat Alabama to ensure they are not in the playoffs this year.
We beat you in 2017 at Jordan Hare. We will beat you again in Jordan Hare this year. Auburn does not have to live vicariously through(not thru) other programs. Tua meet Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson.