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The iron Bowl is so unpredictable. Alabama should win but as everyone knows, seasonal stats goes out of the window during this game. My biggest concern is Bo Nix who looks like a deer in headlights in big games on the road.
You guys have been getting screwed by the refs all season.
I have wanted Gus fired since 2015 so I fully understand how many in the Tennessee fan base feels.
Auburn had the number five player drafted in the NBA this year and the number sixteen from last year. Bruce is great. He is building something special.
"But, outside of Kentucky (and occasionally Florida and LSU), there is often not much to write home about in the basketball world." Unbelievable quote considering Auburn went to the Final Four in 2019.
If only Auburn would do the same to Gus Malzhan. Our fan base is equally sick of him as well.
I grew up with treasonous criminals memorialized with statues and historical revisionism. The are called confederate statues.
By rioters and protesters are you referring to those armed militias(terrorists groups) who stormed state legislatures in Michigan and other states with assault weapons demanding those states reopen? I'm guessing you are talking about black people who protest police officers choking them to death while handcuffed faced down on the street.
Clemson's "backup quarterback" is better than most teams starting quarterback.
New season same old tired speech from Coach "Goober" Malzhan.
Gus Malzahn is Auburn's problem. He refuses to hire competent offensive staff because he wants to continue to control the offense. My fear is he leaves AU in the same condition Jimbo left Florida State.
Agreed, although I will not miss Gary Danielson.
I have no faith or confidence in Gus Malzhan.
It is truly sad this deadly virus has become a political wedge issue. The only reason that happened is because many people chose to ignore science and medical experts and listen to cynical politicians and media. I remember vividly during April and May when wearing masks became controversial. Experts warned if you want football in the fall wear a mask now. Millions did not and this is where we are.
I hope these athletes are reading these comments from their "fan bases." It is very revealing what they really think of them.
Are you referring to the one from the Massachusetts biotech company Moderna? It seems to have the most promise among stateside potential vaccines and is entering the final phase of testing. So far it has been successful in all previous phases. Astrazeneca has partnered with Oxford and are testing an even more impressive one in England. Football is probably done for this season but hopefully next year will be different.
Reality check. Until there is a vaccine or credible treatment for Covid-19, there will be no football season.This conversation for 2020 is mute.
I live in Alabama and yes it is racist.
It is frightening how people are willing to put other people's kids lives at risk for their personal entertainment. Any parent who allows their kids on a football field with no vaccine or credible treatment for this disease is an unfit parent.
This is a personal matter. I thought this was a SPORTS news website.
If only Auburn would fire Gus Malzhan. It would be the happiest day of my life.
Malzhan is an incompetent clown who should have been fired after the Jerry Johnson fiasco.
NO. I have wanted him fired since 2015. Each year has only gotten worse.I do not care how many wins over Alabama. He should have been fired years ago
I never blamed anyone for the lost to UCF except Gus Malzhan. I have wanted him fired for the past five years. Clearly you have no knowledge of what you speak. I remind you that we beat both UGA and Alabama who were both undefeated with a healthy Kerryon Johnson that same year. The UCF lost was on Malzhan no one else.
In the past 5 years, we have played Alabama with our starting running back and starting quarter hurt, I don't remember AU making excuses for the lost. If Bama had played the same schedule Auburn played this year, it is conceivable they would have at least 3 to 4 losses.