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No, dude, what those two teams being close is SOS, with UGA playing Clemson while A&M has four cupcakes says is, it takes adding a top team in out of conference play for an East team to have a schedule close to a West team’s. Just take a second look and you’ll see that five of the six toughest schedules in the conference are in the West.
I’ve seen this kid play, Vols are getting a good player.
Booches, go ahead and come up with three permanent opponents for everyone, without having those opponents play each other every year. It can’t be done.
You can’t have Mizzou play those three teams every year and them not play each other, or scheduling would be impossible. If they do all play each other, you’ve just created pods.
You’re right, my bad. Free Seafood University.
Is Fisher admitting that the Seminoles earned the Free Shoes University moniker under him like they did under Bowden?
Zou, watch the Hogs against the Horns on September 11, and you’ll see real hatred.
Dude, even if you do have a good point, or something witty to say, no one will ever know because of the lengthy posts you’re intent on writing. Quit tilting at windmills, and spit it out.
My favorite Burks tidbit is, he hunts feral hogs with just a Bowie knife and his hands. He’s a beast.
Kemp saying Georgia didn't have the players last year shows the casualness of his fandom. Georgia had a top four roster in 2020.
If no one else leaves, this puts the roster at 82 scholarships. I think Sam Loy gets one since he’s taken the punter spot, JD White gets one cuz they keep bragging about him, and then one other former walk on gets one based on summer work and fall camp.
I’m not sure how it works, but Pittman has been saying since signing day that we had three spots we could push forward to next year, and that he intended to fill those spots with D-linemen, O-linemen or a guy who would have the ball in his hands. I assume we can only sign 22 in the 2022 class because of it, but that could be good since there’s very few scholarship seniors on the roster.
Jefferson outweighs Smith by 37 pounds.
Bruce played at 188, Harrison at 185, and Larry is at 218. I'm not saying Smith can't play at 166, but those guys are definitely in a different weight class than he is.
Yeah, the last sentence in this article nailed it, without putting quite as bluntly as you did, but you’re right.
Didn’t put up that many against Arkansas.
Not sure if you’re serious or not, but the G5 game I’m concerned about is Georgia Southern. It falls right between Texas and the SEC opener with the Aggies. Screams trap game.
Can you really say your team is stacked when you're hyped about getting a guy who didn't get enough minutes for his liking at his former school, which is in the same conference?
By your logic, I guess Waddle was Bama's best receiver. It won't be easy replacing Woods, but if you've watched one Hog game in the last three years, it's obvious Burks is the WR1.
Yeah, this one confuses me. I could see if he had been passed on the depth chart, but by all indications he was going to start opposite Burks. Maybe he didn't want to play second fiddle to Treylon, but it seems like there's more to the story than we're being told.
I wish Arkansas and Vandy played this year. Guess we'll just have to wait until the postseason to settle it.
Since you know Clarendon, I wanna see why you think of this, the Hogs TE commit just moved there. Tiny town with two D1 commits. I want the odds on them winning the 2A state championship.
C'mon man, can't we get away from politics for one day?
There's always Kansas. They still have football, right?
He was short on all caps today too. Must not be feeling well.
Total homer call here, but I think Feleipe Franks will be a good late round grab. At the least, I think he's a solid NFL backup, with a ceiling of being an above average starter.