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Since you know Clarendon, I wanna see why you think of this, the Hogs TE commit just moved there. Tiny town with two D1 commits. I want the odds on them winning the 2A state championship.
C'mon man, can't we get away from politics for one day?
There's always Kansas. They still have football, right?
He was short on all caps today too. Must not be feeling well.
Total homer call here, but I think Feleipe Franks will be a good late round grab. At the least, I think he's a solid NFL backup, with a ceiling of being an above average starter.
There’s no competition for Stingley’s spot. And, yes, it’s easy to lead in the offseason, players are full of energy and enthusiasm, there’s no losing streak, there’s no breakdown of bodies because of the grind of SEC play. I’m a coach, the offseason is infinitely easier to lead in than during the hard times of the regular season and/or the playoffs.
It's easy to lead in spring, there's no adversity. You'll find out if Stingley is truly a leader sometime in the fall.
Answers to all your questions, except the radio ones, were published after the lady talked to Louisiana state representatives on Friday.
Bilas, despite all the evidence being against him, said the Big 10 wasn’t overrated. I’m not worried one bit what he thinks of the Hogs, or any college hoops team left in the tournament.
KSmart, can you explain the forward counter thing? I get the backfilling, like when Morris signed a huge second class after his first only had 17 players, but I don’t understand how teams determine how they can count scholarships forward to the next recruiting class. Can anyone help me out?
SECfan100, no one with half a brain thinks it was antifa. Even the folks already arrested admit they were there to support Trump. The morons posted videos of themselves.
Not a big fan of the repetitive sound in Stretch Armstrong arms. Go-Go Gadget arms is my preferred, and surely I'm not the only one old enough to remember him.
The play was dirty, but race wasn’t a part of it. Your take is trash.
Long fired Petrino for a mistress, and lying about it, despite the Hogs being the best they had been in years, so I assume he would’ve canned Miles over this.
Not to beat a dead horse, but the contrast in coaching between this staff and the last is amazing.
This Hog fan would take the Dogs’ problems in a heartbeat.
Seems like a good fit, especially since our LB coach is young and new to the on the field. It gives the young man a mentor.
Where have I seen that schedule before? Oh yeah, the Hogs last year. And this year minus Florida but plus Texas. The path to six wins or more is definitely easier for Stanford than Arkansas, and that’s with Rice and UAPB on the Hogs’ schedule.
This one hurts, I thought he was one who could maybe fill the void at DE after Coates left. Hogs are getting awfully thin on the DL.
It's quite possible that winning the conference tournament may be harder than winning in Omaha.
AJ Green is listed as a returner for Arkansas, despite being in high school last fall. They don't even try sometimes.
He’s 6’6” and solidly built, with a cannon for an arm, and every coach and player who has been associated with him loves him. You can question whether he holds onto the ball too long, or his touch on short passes, but if you don’t see what the scouts are seeing, you’re just telling in yourself.
The Wentz Pederson thing is odd. Getting rid of one of them is understandable, but it appears they're just canning the whole thing and starting over.
Not sure how, but Arkansas has three scholarships available, and Pittman has already said he wants more linemen on both O and D, so I think there is a decent chance the kid heads to Fayetteville.