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TJ Hockenson, Evan Engram, Cole Kmet, Noah Fant, Hunter Henry, Irv Smith Jr., David Njoku, Eric Ebron, OJ Howard, Mike Gesicki and Chris Herndon were all drafted as tight ends in the last few years. And that's just the ones I could think of off the top of my head.
Very few good offensive lines have freshmen or redshirt freshmen playing on them.
We lost to WKU at home, with an Arky, and former Hog who Morris ran off, playing quarterback. It can always get worse.
As bad as it seems, you guys are still one John L. Smith, and a Chad Morris away from completely bottoming out. Certainly thing are bad, but they could be much worse.
Ten players have said they're returning, not seven. LaDarrius Bishop has taken Clark's starting spot already, moving Clark to a backup at safety. Dorian Gerald will start on the defensive line, and most likely so will Jalen Williams. Jefferson has the experience edge, but Hornsby has a great shot at winning the job. And, Kern was actually the starter at tight end. Other than that, CV is spot on.
You're bothered by seeing minorities in commercials?
Are we thinking Herbie is a Charmin Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong fella?
Genuinely curious how you can blame Odom for Eli not retaining Dooley, and Mizzou not paying him?
Was there not enough room to list the two leaders in the defensive categories?
Yep. The expression is that sports builds character, but in truth, sports and pressure reveal character. Mullen exposed his.
I think opt outs are here to stay, but not at the magnitude of this season. Covid amplified the sheer numbers, in my opinion. Personally, I’d like to see the playoffs expand to eight teams. Take the five P5 winners, the top G5 team, and two at large spots. It would incentivize more players to stay at the top programs. Those teams are the ones losing the most players cuz they have the most draft likely players.
Thanks, Leghumper. People say Pittman is a great recruiter, but I think it’s more he’s a great guy, and the recruits see that. End result is positive on the recruiting trail, and in the locker room.
Nah, Tennessee got left out, but Corch mistakenly thought the Volunteer state had more ridge runners in it than we do here in the Natural State.
Since Steele got to run the D free if interference, Auburn should go with co-head coaches. Let Morris have the same thing with the offense. Make it a total split in the locker room. Be brave, Auburn, or at least be funny.
And look at the difference Franks made. I know there was a lot of other changes, but the QB play was night and day from last year.
Cam is two or three inches taller, and about 20 pounds heavier. He’s bigger than a lot of the guys trying to tackle him. Fields is not.
Very Twainesque. Leach will appreciate it, even if Gus doesn’t.
I'd take Franks back in a heartbeat, but I also feel a lot better about where the Hogs' QB room is after seeing KJ on Saturday.
Sounds like a good fit for the Hogs.
Neil keeps referencing the money being paid to Morris. It's not that much cuz Gus wanted to give another F you to the Hogs, as did Morris, so the contract is minimal. Arkansas is paying Chad a lot more than Auburn is currently.