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Hogs 26th in the country, but way behind in the SEC. Man, this league is ridiculous.
PAC-12 doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they just follow the Big Ten like a lost puppy.
Nobody prevents you from watching Gone With the Wind.
There’s no ratings for sports reporters. Good try though.
I don’t know if you’re punctual, but your punctuation needs some work.
But dv said he’s old and sports were never intertwined with politics. How can this be?
You just gave kudos to a sports reporter, so reports of the profession’s demise might be greatly exaggerated.
You should check out some of National Geographic’s articles on Covid if you think it’s not different than the flu, unless you think that’s too political too. PS, I know you said pneumonia not the flu, but pneumonia is a condition caused by a disease, not a disease itself, so I thought I’d help you out.
By canceling you mean calling for people to not buy certain tires, or people burning their sports apparel because it is made by a certain company?
Well, dang it. There goes any chance the Hogs had of getting to three wins.
There’s plenty of families that have to live apart from each other, I don’t understand why separation is necessary to make this a legitimate move. Dad could’ve just taken a job and made Georgia their official residence. I think he’s working on a side piece, and this is just a smart way to get free.
Dumb takes aren’t limited to certain political leanings. You may be right about which side of the aisle she falls on, but it’s just plain, old fashioned stupidity on her part, if you ask me.
They also combined for 2,670 kick return yards, and 748 receiving yards in their three years.
D-Mac and Felix 3 year combined total of 7,546. 2005 - 1,739 2006 - 2,815 2007 - 2,992 I think it’s safe to say they would have surpassed Sony and Chubb if they played 4.
Perspective on pics is misleading, but two rows between seats in a straight line is about right. I had to mark off seats for my volleyball gym and I managed to just use one row between seats, but I had to zig zag them, essentially putting three rows between the ones that are in a line.
Facts obviously mean nothing to you. Cite one instance of the national media saying all these players will die, or admit you’re just making sh it up as you go.
I’m sure no matter what is written, you’ll whine about the media. And, in case you’re wondering, this story was written by the media you so despise.
Yeah, 4-1 is not very likely. It’s also funny that he cited Trask’s 25-7 ratio, which is not 4-1. Guess somebody’s not too good at math.
When have you ever heard of the flu in the summer?
I’m not sure if it’s still operational because of Covid-19, but the NFL has a car service for the players too, just for situations like this. So he wouldn’t even have to pay to have a designated driver.
Why were the Raiders using him as a running back? He’s obviously a WR, who they can use as a Wildcat QB if needed as their third quarterback in emergencies.
I agree, but Urban probably just forgot we have a team here in Arkansas after the Morris fiasco.
Yep, even a week earlier could have allowed for a game to be postponed. The way it is, we’re kinda stuck if some team has a rash of positive tests.
Two years, Tony. And the Tigers are barely favored over the Hogs despite playing at home this season, so what does that say about your program?