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That's interesting. I was talking to a UT employee on Wednesday, and they said that the physical plant people were working on something an there was no steam being supplied to any buildings on campus. That means no hot water for anyone, not just Arkansas.
I'm not certain the facts entirely support your position. It seems to me that his draft slide had less to do with his ability and more to do with the blood clotting issue. He chose to come back so that he would have more time to show that his condition could be successfully managed. He did that last year, being able to practice more than once a week, as the year before. Despite that, there were reports BEFORE the draft that only 1 team had medically cleared him. His fall to the 6th round was mostly due to the fact that Kansas City knew they had no competition for him, so why waste a higher draft pick. In fact, they probably did him a favor by drafting him at all, since they could pick him up as a free agent after the draft.
To be fair, I'm not sure all of Georgia fans feel the same way about Tennessee now. I'd say our two fan bases are far more similar than they are different...
I don't know that it's fair to say that the majority of the fan base is delusional. As with all things, the most delusional are the most outspoken.
Fulmer said at his resignation that a plan for his succession had been in the works for a while.
I have to wonder how these AD's are ranked though. Everyone talks about how great his hire of Scott Frost was at UCF was. Frost did seem to work a miracle there, but he hasn't fared so well at Nebraska. I have to wonder how well his track record of good hires will translate to the SEC.
While I'm not a big fan of UCF's declared championship, It was a shrewd business move. After all, we're still talking about it today. I hope he makes many decisions at UT that are good for UT.
I've heard the same concerning Mims and Niedemeyer. I had also heard that Georgia had some recruiting issues with Mims of their own. Credible journalists have dismissed both as click bait headlines.
I agree with what your saying, however, I see recruiting as a problem caused by the other problems and not the primary problem itself. I think it's also telling that people weren't talking about in game coaching as a problem until this year. In the previous two years, people were overall happy with the coaching. I see it as a fixable problem and not that the coaches are just bad at their jobs.
Honestly, compared to what the results have been, I think recruiting has been pretty good. The staff has been involved with a lot of high profile recruits. I can't help but think that if the on-field results were better, they would have landed more of them as well. If I were to try and guess where things were going wrong, I really see three big things. First, I've not felt good about the team discipline. Every time it looks like we're going to make progress, someone commits a HUGE penalty and kills the teams momentum. This has hurt us big in almost every game. Second, It seems like Pruitt is dogmatically attached to running particular schemes and isn't optimizing for the players he has, and third, He hasn't been able to find/ develop good quarterback play. There is hope on the horizon here, but I need to see proof of it. I think that if Pruitt had fixed any one of these for 2020, the team would have performed much better. Fix 2 of them and I think we're a pretty good team. Fix all 3 and we could have won a lot of games.
None of these seem that bad really. After all the smoke, I expected it to be worse.
Not to mention that if CJP is fired, I highly doubt that the next HC will be a defensive guy.
Did Butch do those things? And here I thought it was Josh Dobbs who did it.
I believe that there was some kind of exception granted this year that allows teams to use additional people as recruiters.
Since I apparently cant respond to glad2bsec below, the second their in the last sentence is incorrect.
I'm not sure I'm ready to put the blame on Fulmer. He was hired as AD during the coach search that was botched by previous AD Curry. Fulmer wasn't exactly in a great position to hire. I still think that Pruitt has a chance to become a great coach, but I agree with Shonuff VFL above that he has some ideas that he's dogmatically clinging to. He and most of his staff have all been too successful at their previous stops to be bad coaches, but their clearly taking the wrong approach here.
Several other words as well. Clearly no proofreading.
According to this, it would appear that Tennessee is getting a bargain for Pruitt. The 4 coaches ahead of him are Drinkwitz, Muschamp, Leach, and Stoops. Tennessee beat all of those coaches/ teams the last time they played (of course he hasn't played Leach). Based on what we've seen on the field, I would expect Stoops and Pruitt to make about the same. So, the question is, is Pruitt underpaid, or is Stoops overpaid?
Tennessee's jerseys used to be black with orange accents...
I worry that it's a problem for UT and not UGA. UGA was playing to run the clock, not to score.
You'll notice that the "We're back" stuff is mainly spouted by the media. I have no doubt that Tennessee will be 'back' eventually, but you won't find a lot of fans saying so until it actually happens.
I agree that every fanbase has it's bad actors. I know that not all Georgia fans are awful, but I had a bad experience. I was in the Pride of the Southland Band when I was a freshman. We played GA on the road that year and it was terrible. GA was the only place we went where we weren't allowed to go the the restroom or concessions by ourselves. We were required to stay in groups of 6 minimum. I saw some things there and will never attend another game in GA.
You are correct that I didn't check to see where the Columbia river was. I assumed that it had something to do with Columbia, Missouri, which would make it a tributary of the Mississippi. You know what they say when you assume... That being said, it doesn't save the rest of your comment from being nonsense.
I guess the Columbia and Missouri are just creeks for the Mississippi by that logic.
I will admit that I don't really understand what they were going for, but how could it not be about Tennessee? They were playing Rocky Top in the video.
I agree. I fully expect to see JG on Saturday. He made mistakes, but I didn't see anything that would get him pulled. His decision making was clearly improved from last year. Just have to hope that trend continues. He missed a lot of throws that should have been completions, and at some point that will bite us if it isn't fixed. I'm a bit curious/ worried about Missouri. Drinkwitz has been very cagy all offseason. I wouldn't put it past him to show vanilla against Alabama, since they aren't going to win that anyway, so that they can hit us with all the wrinkles. We'll see soon in any case.