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I agree, I love the orange jerseys with white pants. they are classic. Tennessee hasn't worn the Smokey alternates since the Butch era. Pruitt said they would have to earn special jerseys. About a decade ago, Tennessee wore all black unis with orange trim for Halloween. I'm still hoping we'll see those again someday.
I never thought that Pruitt would be gone anytime this season. For all his faults, I think Fulmer can see that that would be disastrous for the program long term (Even worse than it is now). Just think how it would look to prospective coaching candidates if he were fired after a season and a half. Nobody with any experience is going to step into that. Dooley only got 3 years before he was fired , and look how that affected Tennessee's ability to replace him with a quality coach. Actually, he really only had 2 before he was cut off at the knees. All the talk about firing him made it impossible for him to recruit (he had issues with this anyway, so maybe it's a moot point). Maybe Pruitt can't do it, but maybe he can and he just needs some more time. Everyone points to the quick turnaround success stories and says, "why can't Tennessee do that"(That's mostly a program leadership problem), but no one is talking about the success stories of programs that needed time to rebuild. Look at Kentucky, they had maybe the best season ever at Kentucky last year, but it still took Stoops 6 years to build up to it. Look at Dabo. It took him about 5 years to get Clemson rolling. He was in danger of getting fired but look at him now. I happen to think that things are much worse at Tennessee now than anyone ever believed, but back to my main point. How do you expect to get someone better than Pruitt if you don't give him at least 4 years, and how do you expect him to do better if you cut his knees out from under him with all the talk of firing him? For better or worse, I think Pruitt will be at Tennessee for several more years.