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He's going to leave Tennessee after this season. Can you imaging Vol twitter if he leaves Tennessee for Georgia in a couple weeks?
He didn't say TN will lose to SC, UK, and Mizzou. Just 1 of the 3.
This seems reasonable to me. I also think 8, but tend to think we'll lose to Bama, OU, UGA and UF and win the rest. The loss of spring practice is a HUGE asterisk on any predictions. Tennessee has more veteran players returning than most teams and that could help them come together quicker than other teams next season. If I had to bet on beating one of the big 4 teams we play next year, I'd bet on OU, since their breaking in a new QB.
Muschamp will be on the hot seat this year, virus or not, and SC will have a couple of losses by the time this game is played. They could be 2-3, but I'd bet they are 3-2. The same could be said of Tennessee, but I'd bet Tennessee has a better state of mind going into this game. Should be a good game, but I give the edge to Tennessee.
This video made me feel bad for Nick Saban. Not something I thought I'd ever say. This boat was not "passing" Nick Saban. It was sitting next to him, harassing him.
I agree. It doesn't matter if more Americans have had it than originally thought. That just makes it worse because the infection rate is off the charts. You can use math to reduce the burden of all the people we know have died from it.
That's never been reported anywhere. Fake news.
I agree it's way to early to proclaim the Vols are back and it is also true that UT's average recruit is currently below 90. However there are other implications of Tennessee's recruiting that this doesn't take into account. The last several years, several of Pruitt's recruits have gotten bumps when the final recruit rankings come out. He's certainly not a perfect coach, but I trust Pruitt's evaluations and expect that 3-4 of these 3*s will turn out to be 4*s. Second, everyone (rightly) points out that NSD is far off and Pruitt will need to hold on to these players, but the reverse is also true. Having a class that's further along can also be an advantage. For example, Colby Smith admits that he committed because he was afraid that Tennessee's class would fill up. This perception of limited space, compared to rivals, is helping Tennessee land some blue chip players and they can use that momentum to trade up for better players if they wish. It's still true that Tennessee has to hold on to them, but the inertia of people's lives suggests that it's easier to hold off a rival with a commit vs. an committed recruit. Several of the blue chips that TN has got in the last couple of weeks have also started peer recruiting for TN. That's generally a bad sign for rivals wishing to flip them. It's way too early to proclaim the Vols are back, but it's also way to early to dismiss the recruiting momentum that Tennessee is building.
Pruitt was actually the first choice for UT's current AD...
I have similar thoughts. Last year, a bunch of Pruitt's recruits got bumps in the ratings. He has is faults, but evaluating talent isn't one of them. I tend to believe that 3-4 of those 3* players will wind up being 4*'s. Tiyon Evans, for example is currently 3*, but he broke a bunch of Alvin Kamara's records at the same JUCO school. I would be surprised if he doesn't climb.
Tennessee seems to have figured out how to recruit in a quarantine faster than anyone else. Really impressive work this week.
I like the black and orange, but people forget that the last time Tennessee wore these was on Halloween. I like them, but I wouldn't want to see them too often. Maybe only wear them when games fall on Halloween?
It is also very fair to point out that the rankings are weighted toward the top, but it is still a number that doesn't accurately portray the talent that was brought to the team. As mentioned previously, many of the players signed never actually played for Tennessee, and of the ones that did, there was an unusually high rate of 'busts'. Despite such large signing classes, Butch Jones left Tennessee with fewer than 85 scholarship players. It just irks me a bit when people point to Butch Jones' recruiting prowess, when in fact, that may have been his greatest weakness as a coach.
I think saying that Butch was a better recruiter is quite a stretch. Everyone points to the recruiting classes in 2014 & 2015 when Tennessee was 7th & 4th respectively, but they also forget that Butch signed 32 & 30 recruits to get there AND only half of that talent ever played football at Tennessee. You can also look at the point ranking of those classes and see that they grade out about the same as Pruitt's 2019 class, which was ranked 13th. Butch's 'great' recruiting was all smoke and mirrors, just like the rest of his coaching.
Yeah, a mild disease with a mortality rate of 3.4%. To put that in per perspective, the Spanish flu, which killed more people than WW1 had a mortality rate of 2.7% - 5.4%, depending on how you calculate it. This is not a mild disease. That's a fact.
As of right now Tennessee is ranked 10th on 247 Sports. Also, they are 1 of 13 schools that are hitting the 50% blue chip ratio.
I agree. Tennessee finished on a winning streak, not necessarily a 'strong' finish. They still didn't win pretty games, but it's definitely an improvement to grind out a win, even when you don't play your best. Tennessee will be judged by the eye test next year. They could go 8-4 and still barely grind out wins, or they could go 8-4 and look very competitive. We'll just have to wait and see.
I agree, I love the orange jerseys with white pants. they are classic. Tennessee hasn't worn the Smokey alternates since the Butch era. Pruitt said they would have to earn special jerseys. About a decade ago, Tennessee wore all black unis with orange trim for Halloween. I'm still hoping we'll see those again someday.
I never thought that Pruitt would be gone anytime this season. For all his faults, I think Fulmer can see that that would be disastrous for the program long term (Even worse than it is now). Just think how it would look to prospective coaching candidates if he were fired after a season and a half. Nobody with any experience is going to step into that. Dooley only got 3 years before he was fired , and look how that affected Tennessee's ability to replace him with a quality coach. Actually, he really only had 2 before he was cut off at the knees. All the talk about firing him made it impossible for him to recruit (he had issues with this anyway, so maybe it's a moot point). Maybe Pruitt can't do it, but maybe he can and he just needs some more time. Everyone points to the quick turnaround success stories and says, "why can't Tennessee do that"(That's mostly a program leadership problem), but no one is talking about the success stories of programs that needed time to rebuild. Look at Kentucky, they had maybe the best season ever at Kentucky last year, but it still took Stoops 6 years to build up to it. Look at Dabo. It took him about 5 years to get Clemson rolling. He was in danger of getting fired but look at him now. I happen to think that things are much worse at Tennessee now than anyone ever believed, but back to my main point. How do you expect to get someone better than Pruitt if you don't give him at least 4 years, and how do you expect him to do better if you cut his knees out from under him with all the talk of firing him? For better or worse, I think Pruitt will be at Tennessee for several more years.