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247 sports said that Tennessee wanted this kid over 4 stars. Guess we'll see in a few years how he pans out.
What about a 2-6 model? Then we don't lose so many rivalries and you would still play all but one SEC team in a two year span. I completely support playing all the SEC teams more often, but I think we're married to the idea of seeing all teams every 2 years, and we don't have to be.
I'm not trying to make this a big deal. Just exploring some ideas in a civil manner. I greatly appreciate your part in that as well. It seems that much of our difference in opinion is based on season ticket holder, vs second hand market. I don't have the time or money to devote to season tickets, so that is where I live on this. I'm not advocating for charity for smaller programs. This is a symbiotic relationship. As Class of 98 listed above there are pros for the bigger school as well. In addition to income, smaller schools get to test themselves, and sometimes come out on top. Upsets happen, and that is one of the great/ chaotic elements of college football. You are correct that other school's fans can come up big for charity/ support when called upon, but I don't think that charity is what is needed, or would even work long term here. Charity requires the attention of those who are in a position to give. How many SEC fans would give yearly to support Charleston Southern? How would those schools make budgets without knowing in advance what kind of income they can expect? As stated before, just playing devil's advocate in the interest of exploring all sides of the issue.
Would you support the SEC or any single school in the SEC sharing it's profits with G5 schools to keep them going? I don't see that happening. Unfortunately, I think the games have to be played for these teams to get support. I'm not saying this is the end of the world, just something to be considered. There are a lot of kids who are grateful for a scholarship and a chance to play beyond the the high school level. As we talk about NIL and what's 'best' for the student athlete, I just want to remember that, maybe, there are some good things in college football besides entertainment and money. I'm not all altruistic in this either. Like I said, the lower ticket prices at these games are also good for some. Is it the season ticket holder's responsibility to support smaller schools? No, it isn't, but does that mean it isn't worth doing? More importantly, does dropping a G5 home game on the schedule get you another home game of greater quality? Maybe every other year, as another SEC game would also mean more road games.
Just to play devil's advocate, teams like Charleston Southern depend on playing teams like Ga to fund their programs. I think ultimately, the SEC has to do what's best for the SEC, but it would be a shame if a lot of other programs have to close up shop because they can no longer afford it. I also like to have some options of G5 teams to take my kids to. Tickets are usually cheaper for these games and I can actually afford to take the whole family.
I'd like to think that intelligent talk is never a waste of time. I didn't take issue with the trolling per se, just the lazy trolling. If your going to do something, you should at least do a good job of it.
This is something I don't understand. There are plenty of actual and real things that Tennessee could be made fun of for, so why resort to fake news? Dan Patrick is the source for the whole McDonald's bag thing, and no reputable news source has ever reported it. I don't mind that you take shots at Tennessee, but lets at least avoid obvious lies.
No one mentions that Alabama might have a plan for succession too. As much as the media likes to talk about this, I'm sure the administrators at Alabama and Saban have talked about it too. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the new coach were to be promoted from within, a la Ryan Day. He hasn't exactly flamed out at Ohio State and he wasn't on anyone's coaching hot boards either.
This is may just be coach speak, but I like the attitude. Vitello has said that peaking early isn't a worry, since they have so many things to improve upon.
Arch wasn't considering Tennessee anyway. One of the reasons Iamaleava was high on Tennessee is that he was their primary focus.
Negan, per #'s released by Georgia's athletic department, their average attendance dating back to 2001 would be around 30K. The higher numbers you cite have not happened enough to constitute an average.
AlltheSEC, given past spring game attendance and the current excitement that many fans have, I would guess we would have had 50k or 60k. I was hoping to take my son to the game this year, since he's now old enough, so that is a bit of a disappointment. For the last several years, the spring game has been televised, so I would think that they could do that from their practice field if they really wanted to.
I would agree with that. Maybe a transfer period opens up from early signing day to signing day. I thought it strange this year that players transferring after the season gave their school a scholarship credit to replace them, while players transferring during the season didn't. A transfer out is a transfer out. The school has to replace them either way. I'm in favor of the one time free transfer, but we still need some kind of framework to work within.
Just found out that Tyler's dad was UT’s director of player personnel, who was let go earlier this season.
At least they've entered the portal after the season is over. That means they each give us an extra available spot for signing this year.
Until recently, it was common to have Florida, Georgia, and Alabama in a 4 week span. Next year's schedule really doesn't look too bad.
I just went back and checkek Boondock. You are correct that ESPN no longer has us as with the #1 SOS. I suspect this is because of strength of post season opponent. We are now #5 in SOS. Still very high and still proves my point.
People talked about how soft our schedule was this year. We only had the #1 strength of schedule per ESPN.
He made a statement to address the rumor mill, but I don't expect he got or is going to get a call from Oklahoma.
I was very glad that face mask had no bearing on the outcome of the game.
Agree I don't like 12. I would prefer 8 max. With 16 you would get 3 and 4 loss teams making the tournament. If you want more games, lets add a game to the regular season, then keep the tournament small.
I do not condone what happened at the Ole Miss game, but it pales in comparison to how I was treated in Athens. That is really my point. I had a bad experience in Georgia, but I’ve also met very reasonable Georgia fans. My experience is incomplete also, since I didn’t go to a game at Florida or LSU for example. I might have felt unsafe there too, but my opinion is based on the experiences I have had. Likewise, the fans throwing debris at the Ole Miss game were a very small minority of Tennessee fans, yet you want to paint the entire fan base with that brush.
I hear a lot of (rival) fan bases talk about how bad Vol fans are, and I just don't see it. I know that every fan base has it's bad actors. I dislike it when I see a Vol fan heckling an opponents fan in Neyland. That said, I've heard a lot of fans from non SEC teams that will talk about how great Vol fans are and how much they enjoyed the experience in Neyland. I think everyone's viewpoint on who has the worst fans comes back to that persons experience with ,probably ,just a few people from the opposing fan base. That said, I had a very bad experience in Athens. I was in the band when I was at UT and Sanford was the only stadium we went to where I flat out didn't feel safe. We even had special rules for the Georgia game dictating that we had to have a certain number of other band members with us at all times if we wanted to go to the concession stand or to the bathroom.
The title of this article should have been, "Hendon Hooker doesn't discuss potential of using extra year of eligibility"
From what I've heard, the administration at UT is fully cooperating with the NCAA. The hope is to limit how long this will drag out. It seems like there is some optimism that any punishments will be relatively minor, since UT cleaned house once they learned of any wrongdoing, and have thus far, self reported everything. There was a report today that Pruitt was calling up UT employees trying to dig up dirt, which only furthers the belief that Pruitt's claim of having damaging info against UT is bogus.
I understand it's not set in stone, but it was very clearly a choice. I just wondered if there was anything to it.
We're also assuming that Saban will be able to maintain until he retires as well (if he retires). All things eventually succumb to entropy.