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Exactly. All these predictions are based on the expectation that all the starters will be available for all the games. I just don't see that happening. Why cap SC at 5 wins. If things go your way you could be 8-2 or 1-10 if they go against you. That's true for every team. Alabama or Georgia could go 5-5 if quarantining goes against them. This year, any team truly could win on any given Saturday.
I don't see why Muschamp would announce the starter at this point. Until I see it with my own eyes, this has as much chance to be misdirection as fact.
I completely agree. This year, it's almost impossible to set preseason expectations. All these predictions are based on the expectation that all teams will have all their starters available for all games. This season is going to look very strange on paper at the end of the season and won't look anything like any of these predictions.
There is some historical bad blood between Tennessee and Auburn. It was a major rivalry from 1956 - 1992, but ended when the SEC split into divisions. Tennessee picked up Georgia as a rival instead and Auburn picked up LSU as a rival. Now the Tennessee/ Auburn rivalry is primarily in recruiting.
Auburn - Tennessee is a major rivalry for the older generation. It fell away after the SEC split into East & West Divisions. I don't really consider Auburn a rival, but my dad does.
I think we saw some of that change mid season last year. The way we lost to GA State and BYU, but then we were able to grind out wins against all the SEC teams we "should" be able to beat. Pruitt has shown some glimpses of punching above his weight class. He beat Auburn 2 years ago and last year GA and AL were good games at points before the wheels fell off. We are definitely improving. Just have to wait and see when/ if we hit a ceiling.
While some UT fans expect to win a NC every year (every fan base has some of those) The vast majority of us are pretty realistic about where we are. It's not the fans, but the media that frequently hypes us up. I do expect that we won't be down forever. One day Tennessee will be back, but I don't think this is the year we're contenders again. Next year we should be getting pretty close to back. If not, we'll probably start talking about who's available on the coaching carousel.
I wonder what tickets will go for. There will certainly be much less supply, but there will also probably be less demand.
I had the same thought about Kentucky and SC. 5-5 seems pretty likely to me. I don't think the win percentage will matter as much at the end of the season as the eye test.
Just checked the attendance numbers for every year going back to 2003. Tennessee's attendance numbers were better than Florida's every year.
I wouldn't say he didn't do anything. Success begets success. He just needed time to prove to top talent that UT was a place they should take a closer look at.
I'm betting on no fans at all. If that's the sacrifice we make to have a season, I'm all for it.
There was a report by WBIR about 3 months ago that gave these figures: 6' between every fan - 16,393 fans - 16% capacity 6' between groups of 2 fans - 18,444 fans - 18% capacity 6' between groups of 3 fans - 35,800 fans - 35% capacity
Black was actually our primary uniform color from 1911-1920. I like throwing something different out every now and then, but mostly I like the 'classic' jersey.
Have to keep my eyes open for that. Tar Heel Blue is pretty close to Lady Vols Blue.
That's certainly the way they would hope it would work. After seeing two separate pro spring leagues fold that last two years, I'm not sure that there is enough TV money in the spring to support all the FBS teams.
If this were a thing, there would no longer be any FBS / FCS crossover games. I would think that that would crush the budgets of smaller athletic departments. The only way that would work for FCS teams is if the improved visibility on their programs allowed them to make enough money on their own.
I really hate to hear that Gooden did this. I hope we can get to a place where this no longer happens anywhere. I applaud CP for dealing with it quickly and decisively.
Apparently they were at a high school talking to a coach in the office when the student walked in.
I'm somewhat surprised that impermissible contact is a greater sin that extra practice time.
I think best depends on your metric. We can't talk about who's in the the recruiting class on national signing day. We can only talk about the recruiting classes as they are now. If signing day was moved up to tomorrow, which class would you rather have? I would say that it is unlikely that UT's class remains the highest ranked class, but it is CURRENTLY the best.
Just re-read. Not a scout, but media. Point remains the same, but less powerful.
Regardless of whether this is true or not, think of how coaches will use it in recruiting. "Don't go to Alabama. NFL scouts won't believe in you. They just assume that all the talent around you makes you look good."
He's going to leave Tennessee after this season. Can you imaging Vol twitter if he leaves Tennessee for Georgia in a couple weeks?