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No problem with OP’s ranking of A&M. Yes they have the best class of all time coming in but most of those players will need a year or do of development. Plus, A&M lost a ton of talent. It’s too bad A&M lost it’s starting QB and center for the year. They didn’t have enough depth in those positions. Had those two absolutely key players not gone down they would’ve been a 10-2 or 11-1 team. But hey that’s on Jimbo. He should’ve stockpiled more depth at those positions. As to Baylor, it’s pretty obvious the OP does not believe in the recruit rankings. No way.
Sort of like Alabama paid a million dollars to buy Bryce Young?
Don’t blame the Ags. They were down to only 38 scholarship players —- far under the league minimum. Blame league rules.
Well, since they had only 38 scholarship players available (only 13 on defense) yeah they’d probably lose. So would Alabama in that situation. Duh!
A&M was down to 38 scholarship players. No way you can play when it’s like that.
He has before. At FSU. They are trending because they are a team devastated by injuries including the loss of their starting quarterback, center and corners. Yet with that mesh unit they beat Bama.
A&M has more resources than Bama and has facilities second to none. Now they have a great head coach — someone LSU was willing to pay $13 million a year to. There’s a reason for that. Of course A&M can catch and surpass Bama. It is not about there being some spirit that hovers over Tuscaloosa that causes them to win so much. It’s about recruiting and development and resources. All the ingredients are in place in College Station to build an absolute monster.
Don’t want to whine but wow — talk about a poorly called game. Every notice how, if the game is late and tight and at Tiger Stadium, the calls always go in LSU’s favor? Talk about blatant offensive pass interference on that last LSU pass. Just outrageous that was not called.
LSU is always tough at home and especially at night. A&M will be fortunately indeed to come out of there with a W. Tiger stadium on a Saturday night in November is a really tough place for the visiting team.
A&M has never recruited like it is now consistently. It’s never had facilities like it has now either.
Great points. My view is the Committee gets the #1 team right. It also gets the top 3 right, although sometimes the order of the top 3 is wrong. After that, politics starts playing a role and the further away from the top three one gets, the more political the Committee gets. The politics is basically this: “hey we can’t have that many teams from x conference ranked that high. That would be disrespectful to the other conferences. Hey, it’s only equitable to include this other team over here in the top 15 because they belong to y conference” (even though they’ve not played anyone).
They would never do that given the SEC’s position as king of college football. If it’s either Auburn or A&M, the committee woukd have to caulk it up to a team taking time to gain its footing early in a season. If they were to leave out the SEC Champion, the CFPs would lose all credibility and they’d lose millions of viewers as a result.
Everything’s is still on the table for the Ags. Not just a snazzy bowl. Everything. Consider if the Ags will out and Bama loses a game. That would mean the Ags go to Atlanta. Assume then they beat UGA, then the Ags go to the playoffs because there is no way, absolutely no way, the committee woukd ever leave out the SEC Champ. I know this is unlikely but hey stranger things have happened in sports. Btw, everything is still on the table for Auburn in much the same way.
Chris Petersen would be the smartest move.
I do not know if it was A&M playing down to its opponent, but it had more to do with the nature of this game: ever see how much of it turns on the quarterback? If a team's QB is not doing well, seems that team can be beat by anyone! The reality is, when A&M's starter went down, the back up, Calzada, just wasn't ready. He was so unsure of himself it stuck out like a sore thumb. What happened to A&M is that its back up quarterback finally got his footing, and it happened at just the right time -- the Bama game.
No way it’s Jimbo. A&M has given him everything he’s wanted and then some. The Ags even made the AD answerable to him, not the other way around. Plus there is the issue of a bidding war. Does LSU really want to get in a bidding war the the Aggies? Good luck with that!
There are different kinds of trap games. This wasn’t a potential trap game in the sense that A&M is vastly more talented more talented than Mizzou. Sure it’s more talented but not by that wide a margin. No, it was a potential trap game because A&M was coming off this incredible high from the week before for an 11am away game. Would be really easy to come into their house unfocused and undisciplined.
They usually do beat MSU and Arky. I doubt they can best anyone right now because of their plethora of injuries. I can never recall any team so decimated by injuries.
No — the Aggies have too many injuries in key issues. Season is lost.
Lost season for the Aggies. Losing their starting QB to a fractured ankle AND have such a green OL is just too heavy a lift because their roster lacks depth.
*Should have said left tackle not left guard. That LT, Ruben Fatheree, is unbelievably talented. His only problem is he’s so inexperienced as a true fish.
Disagree. They are working hard on securing the depth needed to win 10+ games a year. They were close to having it until their starting QB, starting center and starting right guard went down. They have future first round talent at Bach-up center and left guard - just not now because the players in those positions are true freshmen.
Jimbo had some misevals on all of the quarterbacks he’s recruited to A&M except the starter, Haynes King. So now they are a pretty talented team lead by a untalented quarterback. Given the supreme importance of the QB position that’s a major major problem. Thus, their ceiling is probably 8 wins as a result. However, I wouldn’t be st all surprised if they went 7-5.
1 in 10 the last decade. Sounds about right, hogs. Nice win but no need to make too big a deal out of it.
A&M’s problem this year: injuries. Not just that, but the injuries happened to players in the most positions on the team - especially the QB1 Those players are very good. Unfortunately, their backups are not to good. Some are not so good because their talent is mediocre. Others are not so good because they are true freshmen.
If you believe in recruitment rankings, A&M should win. Those ranking say A&M is a vastly more talented team. That’s no surprise. A&M has much better facilities than Arky and, unlike Arky, sits in the middle of an elite recruiting hot bed. And in terms of recruiting, I realize Arky has good coaches but perhaps the best DC in the nation is Mike Elko.
If Oregon wants to keep him, he’ll never leave. How do I know that. Because yes, USC has a lot of money, but Oregon has Phil Knight — the 20th richest person in the world. He’s worth about 60 billion dollars.
It takes time in college football to pull all the pieces together when every year you lose a quarter of your starters due to attrition. This is not A&M’s year with a new OL and QB. I do not believe they will have stacked enough talent across the board to field a potential champion until 2023.
When the QB sucks on any team, the offense sucks. I don’t care if you are Bama or the Crimson Tide. For three quarters today, Calzada sucked and that was the problem. Fortunately for A&M, he got a lot better in the 4th. Look, the kid never played in a meaningful situation in the past 2 years since starting college football until today. He had the jitters and was as rusty as a QB could be. Hopefully he continues to significantly improve or King returns soon.