Professional man who attended college at a D3 school on the east coast, but has had two sons attend TAMU.

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Neither Saban nor the ghost of Bear Bryant could have fielded a Texas A&M team up to this point in fielding a SEC capable of winning a championship up to this point in Jimbo’s tenure. Why? Because Jimbo ‘s immediate predecessor at A&M sat on his butt his last three years in recruiting. When Jimbo got there the cupboard was near bare. That’s why. Jimbo can just do so much with what he had to work with Fortunately gor A&M, that situation is changing since Jimbo is an outstanding recruiter. I would t worry about Texas doing anything. That program has cultural issues because Texas University has turned into Woke U. Then, consider Austin. Once a really desirable place, now it has homelessness that rivals some west coast cities. You will find human feces and needles in many of the streets there. And this has resulted in an explosion in crime. Murders up 96% in just one year! Just one year!College Station is just a much more wholesome, safe place. That selling point, havingJimbo and having facilities that are among the very best in the nation should greatly help A&M in recruiting. Plus, adding OU and Texas will open up recruiting for those elite guys who’d otherwise go to one of those other big 12 schools since there is no way the big 12 will survive. In addition, increasing the SEC brand so significantly will help will recruiting in AZ and CA and help prevent Ohio State from endlessly poaching the Lone Star State for some of its top guys.
Under NIL rules, the schools can’t pay players. The money has to come from outside the program. A&M has as many wealthy fans as anyone. I’m sure your Alma mater does as well.
And giving them the SEC’s easiest schedule is a way to keep it that way!
We shouldn’t base it strictly on geography. We have to base them on power so that the power should be spread out. For example, UF/Fl should be together. I would say OU/TX except the horns haven’t shown any power for a decade but because of their wealth they certainly have the potential to be very powerful in football.
Don’t like those pods because it gives Bama the easiest pod in the conference. That would give them 2 gimme games each and every year.
No keep at 8. We do it this way: 3 games against those in your pod, 4 games against another pod, 1 game against a permeated rival from another pod. In years your permanent rival is in the same pod your pod plays, that will mean two other SEC teams are open. Play one of them. 3+4+1 = 8. This way by the end of season 3 you’ve played every SEC team. Also, there is a way to design this where the long time traditional rivalries are preserved: Pod 1 - Georgia, Miss St, S. Car., FL Pod 2 - Ou, Texas, Arky,Mizzou Pod 3 - Vandy, KY, LSU, TAMU Pod 4 - Bama, Ole Miss, Auburn, Tenn Permanent cross division rival games: A&M-Tx, UGA-AUB, Ole Miss-MissSt, Arky-Scar, Fl-LSU, Vandy-Tenn, OU-Bama, Mizzou-KY And let’s just call the pods divisions. Pods sound stupid. We could name them thre East West, South and Central Divisions.
No I’m not. I told you. I have no trouble playing them. Their AD is the one who canceled the series. I’m all for playing them. I just don’t want to be conference mates with them.
Has nothing to do with playing them. They were the ones who stopped the series, not us. They have a lost record the past decade to boot. We just don’t like doing business with them.
We should invite FSU, Clemson, Louisiana-Lafayette,GaTech, and Louisville into the league. Give some of the hypocrites on the page some of their own medicine. And then say, if you don’t like it, leave. We don’t want you here.
What a hypocrite you are. The only reason the league exists is because of money. It’s recent actions proved that to be the case.
Yes we are lucky. But now we know our SEC “brothers” have much in common with Joseph’s brothers from Genesis.
What else can A&M do? It’s happening whether they like it or not. But what the hell SEC brass. You cannot be trusted to keep your word. Gentlemen’s agreement my foot.
What else can A&M do? It’s happening whether they like it or not. But what the hell SEC brass. You cannot be trusted about anything. You’re dirtbags. Gentlemen’s agreement my foot.
I thought there was a gentlemen’s agreement among schools not to let in-state rivals of SEC schools join. This would mean not only A&M but Kentucky (due to Louisville), Florida (due to FSU), S. Car (due to Clemson) and UGA (due to Ga Tech) will likely stand against additing Texas. Plus it seems likely Arky, LSU and Bama would be against it because they recruit heavily in Texas and thst would eliminate a recruiting pitch.
Yes it makes no sense especial given Texas’ three loses including one to TCU. Compare that to A&M that had to play Bama and the rest of the SEC West (except Ole Miss) and Florida. Plus have to play Auburn at Auburn is no cakewalk.
Not a little longer than expected. Not given how Jimbo’s predecessor sat on his rump in recruiting beginning 2015.
Look at all the Aggies missing: a starting line backer in Hansford. A starting DB in Myles Jones. A starting DT in Clemons. Their 2 top receivers in Ausbon and Buckley and their starting RB for half the game. Plus they were without the services of Bruce Matthews’ son. You know, the guy that was a 14 time NFL all-pro at center. So I don’t get the people here pushing false narratives. Would, coulda — the oldest bunch of baloney in the book.
Should have high on the list: SEC Shorts makes the cleverest, most pointed and funniest short yet about the SEC trying to get two teams in the playoffs.
SEC teams are overall better than ACC teams. Overall they are more physical and athletic. So no, ND’s resume is not better. And the worst part is the a committee knows it.
A&M’s resume is better than ND’s because A&M’s wins were all against better (SEC) competition. The SEC is overall just a more quality conference than the ACC.
Yes ND beat the team ranked #1 at the time but that team was not the #1 team in reality. It was not because a 2020 Clemson team without Lawrence would be like 2007 Gator team without Tebow or 2012 Aggie team without Manzel. Trevor Lawrence is a historically great quarterback. Remember how he just picked apart Bama two years ago as a freshman? He’s a huge game change. Clemson without Lawrence that day in reality Clemson was a team outside the top 5. Clemson without TL is just a shadow of itself.
tOSU should be in. But so should A&M. ND’s signature win was against Clemson, true, but that was against a Treavorless team. Clemson is one of the top two teams with TL. Without him, the are just a top 10 team. He is incredibly impactful and the best player that college football has seen in years.
Chris Wright: a hater doing what haters do. He clearly has disdain for all things A&M football related.
Something else that hurt A&M against LSU was rust. They’d gone 3 weeks since their last game. Add to the equation the rainy and wet conditions, and A&M just couldn’t get its passing attack going.
Absurd A&M’s DeMarvin Leal was not included. The kid is a manster and future top 5 pick.
Tony, you are wrong. That Aggie defense was lights out. Seth Small was flawless in the kicking game. So two of the three phases of the game was clicking on all cylinders. Further, the Aggie running backs, especially Spiller, was gashing LSU all night. Unfortunately, the offensive passing attack had issues all night because bad Mond decided to make his appearance, not good Mond.
Add into the list of factors the fact that LSU is a very talented team and knows A&M very very well. Despite all the talent it has, LSU’s issue this year has been that it has a number of gaping holes in that roster.