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I sometimes wonder why I even bother with this site it has such a bias towards traditional SEC powers. Not only does it fail to account for Fisher ‘a players being mostly Sumlin’s recruits but does not account for this reason when A&M has just about the hardest schedule in college football history. Three #1 teams and one #4 creams — all but one of those away games. You follow this site and you will see a pattern: any benefit of the doubt always works in favor of traditional SEC powers and against SEC teams th are t are not traditional powers.
OP is letting his bias show putting Jimbo Fisher #5. He somehow thinks Fisher can work miracles and forgets all of A&M’s upperclassmen are Kevin Sumlin’s recruits. More than that beginning in 2016, Sumlin flat out quit recruiting for the Aggies.
Michigan = a bunch of whiny crybabies. They just don’t know how to play real football up there anymore.
Kirby, I posted an example when that happened to UGA. My example was in the 2000’s. I provided a link. SDS says it is “awaiting moderation.” Sigh So you may never see it. That said, it’s pretty easy to find though with google.
Kirby, notthing I said is untrue and you know. Kids don’t take the ACT in December and miss the first half of the state semifinal unless they are underwater. Maybe he scored well enough on that test to qualify. If so, great I’m sure he’ll make it because no doubt UGA will just have someone take his tests and do his school work for him. I’m sure it won’t be the first time.
I suspect he may have to go JUCO. His taking the ACT in December before the January he enrolls is a red flag that he has significant academic issues. Remember he even had to miss the first half of the state semi-final championship game to do that! Then on top of that he was suspended from the entire state championship game itself for violating team rules. SMH
No. What happened I’d after Kevin Sumlin mismanaged those two 5-star quarterbacks causing them to transfer, his recruiting prowess went to hell in a hand basket. A&M’s class rankings for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 cycles were18, 13 and 17, respectively. An absolute abortion. To boot, Jimbo lost a slew of guys who declared early for the NFL last January including their best defensive player and the SEC’s top running back. Jimbo landed the #4 class in his first full cycle (2019). In fact that class has been re-ranked the #3 class. Obviou ssh ly it is going to take a couple of more cycles recruiting at this level to effectively compete against the elite programs of the SEC West. College ball is not like the NFL where you can trade to make up deficiencies or go on the free agent market. A&M is heading the right direction with Jimbo it’s just hard to see that right now. Because he is only in his second year pay attention to the recruiting classes he lands not his on the field results. Remember, Dabo had a losing season in his year 2, and that was in the far weaker ACC.
Alas, SDS does not have an edit feature. My above post should have said Jimbo’s predecessor’s abysmal recruiting. :)
The reason A&M lost badly is their roster is less talented — especially after losing 10 guys to the NFL following the end of last season. You add that to Jimbo’s abysmal recruiting beginning in 2016 and the reality is there is a talent gap between the two programs. Last year Jimbo finished with a top 5 class. If he does that the next two cycles and he will have A team capable of beating anyone. The Aggies problem is not Jimbo. As a coach he is vastly better than Orgeron. No, Jimbo’s issue is that Kevin Sumlin gifted him a lot of marginal players. The only thing that will fix that is time.
That’s a rich comment about A&M coming from a LSU person. Talk about pot/kettle!
A&M is in the middle of a long term rebuilt thanks to Fisher’s predecessor who gifted him the 18th, 13th and 17th ranked classes (2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively. Meanwhile, each of those years LSU had top 5 classes. It is going to take Jimbo several recruiting cycles to have the talent required to effectively compete against the likes of teams like LSU and Bama. Last cycle they had a top 5 class and they need to do that at least 2 more cycles.
Those stats involving A&M in that game mean nothing because thst was the poorest called game I’ve seen in 20 years. Example: first UGA should have been called back because the Dawg receiver facemasked the defender. The Dawgs were the beneficiary of two absolutely blatant PI no calls. On one the Dawg was pulling on the Ag receiver’s shirt as his was reaching out for the ball which was just inches away. Then there was the QB sneak when the ref blew the whistle early. Had the right calls been made the stats in that game would likely have been radically different.
“Suffers”? Are you serious SDS? Everyone who knows how the recruiting game is played knows LSU has processed out these players because they have higher rated players waiting in the wings.
I watched the game very very closely and it is b.s. that LSU was robbed. Rather the game showed great tenacity and resilience on the part of the Aggies in overcoming almost impossible odds when there was only 30 seconds left in regulation.
What hurt more than losing Williams and Sternberger was losing their center, McCoy. He is on track to be all-pro! Losing him really really hurt the Aggies OL.
They have a good back in Spiller but the problem is he is a true Freshman. They big two they planned on rely upon were Corbin and Vernon Jackson. The loss of those two to season ending injuries has hurt their running game tremendously. Especially Jackson. That one went down to a NSD nail biter between A&M and Bama. Kid is a stud and it is such a tragedy his career is now over on account of a neck injury in camp.
Fair enough. So Saban's predecessor left him with a lot of studs obviously. But here is one: it took Dabo four years to get to double digit wins. His third season at Clemson he was sub .500. My point stands. It often takes awhile. I know it is a cliche, but Rome Rome was not built in a day. In the 2021 season if A&M is not taking a serious move to elite SEC status, then talk to me. But he is only i year two of a multi-year rebuild. The worst part for him is that when Sumlin knew his days were numbered, his recruiting classes really took a nose dive. That was Sumlin's parting gift to A&M. It is easy to gain quick success when you have stacked classes. A&M has 41 five and four stars and Bama 68. Saban's success is directly tied to having more depth with quality players. Its more linked that that than anything else. Almost all coaches would be tremendously successful if they had Bama's roster. Given that once can only add abut 25 kids a year, this obviously takes time. It is not as if he can trade for great players the way a NFL coach can. That's why a NFL turnaround can happen really fast but it often takes years to do that at the college level.
I was surprised they did as well as they did last year since those were all Sumlin’s players. However, this is clearly a multi-year project. And their quarterback is too error prone and is constantly hurting their momentum. He is an anomaly. He is often a Hudini when he gets in trouble but he is very error prone.
Seems like the OP is trying to advance an anti-Jimbo Fisher narrative. I get it. He is loyal to a competing program. He should ask himself: would his hero Saban have done better with a roster full of Kevin Sumlin recruits? Not a single upperclassman was recruited by Fisher. Only one offensive lineman was recruited (a true freshman) and the QB was a Sumlin recruit. For goodness sake OP - it took Dabo four years to get Clemson to the 10 win mark and that was in a conference far weaker than the SEC. Aggies need to show patience. Given the nature of college football where everything turns on the quality of the program’s recruiting classes it can take years to build a winner. Look at Saban. He never had that good of team during his years at Michigan State and after that it took him some years to build a winner at LSU.
Texas conducted its affairs as if it were the flagship school of the state and A&M was an afterthought and were treated as such. Ags finally said enough is enough. Good for A&M. As Texas’ oldest public university and a school with a top 8 endowment it is not second fiddle to any Texas school. Indeed, UT is not the flagship school of the state of Texas. Rather, they are the flagship school of the UT system, just as A&M is the flagship school of the Texas A&M system — a system with more than 120,000 students. UT’s arrogance and self professed belief that they are the only school that really counts has made a mess out of the Big 12. It’s like having a neighbor who is supremely arrogant, meddling, haughty and rude. No one likes being in that person’s neighbor.
Two points: 1) Mond is improving by leaps and bounds; 2) the offensive line did not play up to part. A much bigger and athletic group than their opponents, they should have dominated more than they did. That said, there is no doubt A&M knew going in they were going to win big. They knew that because the talent disparity between the two programs is massive. When it’s like that, it may be hard for the offensive linemen to mentally get up for the prospect of playing up to their ability and totally destroying the guys sitting on the other side of the line of scrimmage.
Two points. First, he’s no doubt happy to be out of Oxford give the extreme penchant OM coaches and booster have had for cheating in recent years. Two, A&M already made its two most important hires in Jimbo Fisher and Buzz Williams. That means the job has become much less important than would otherwise be the case and if it doesn’t work out the man can be very easily replaced.
It's the curse of the #5 team in the final CFP. Being the odd man out turns out to be the kiss of death in the contest to follow. They are 1-4 in bowl games.
It was ranked below UGA for the obvious reason that the rankers view Georgia as the better team, but that they did not come to New Orleans to play. This is born out by some statistical evidence. The #5 team in the final CFP poll is 1-4 in bowl games. It is almost as if the #5 ranking is the kiss of death. I guess to get that close and then miss is just incredibly disappointed to these 18-20 year olds, and they allow that disappointment to impact their performance on the field. We all know that is true.
Well Silva thought enough of their application for membership to call an emergency meeting of the other SEC presidents. It was to make Texas to the SEC footprint and all the eyeballs that brings. It was also recognizing that A&M has quality athletic programs. No so much in football in recent years but in many other sports they've been among the nation's best. It was also a recognition that with the right coach, given A&M's location, resources and fan base they could be an elite fSEC football program. I mean, how many other programs could raise $740 million cash in a year to do a stadium remodel and facilities upgrades? By adding A&M, they added a school that clearly has the SEC's deepest pockets. It was also to add another AAU school to boost the SEC's academic reputation -- the other SEC presidents sure liked that.
You must not watch late nite TV or SNL. The so-called comedians on those shoes come off as dumb as a box of rocks.
gators should be #7. Then Texas and then UGA at #9.
Don't care. Georgia embarrassed itself and the entire SEC. Texas is a team that could not even beat Maryland. They are good but not that good. Quite clearly if the Georgia team that showed up in Atlanta and took Bama to the wire had showed up in the Sugar Bowl, Texas would have lost by 30+. That was not the team that showed up. From the get-go the dawgs seemed disinterested and unfocused. That is how a top four team loses to the 15th best team. All the talent in the world means very little if the folks with that talent are unmotivated, unfocused and undisciplined. Texas did not win that game as much as Georgia inexplicably gave it away.