Professional man who attended college at a basketball school on the east coast, but has had two sons attend TAMU.
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lovingdagame, in this instance that was no home field advantage. The refs would have called it the same whether A&M was the home or the away team. I say that because the replay definitively shows that indeed his knee was down.
How can you tell. Not only has he only beaten three FBS teams with winning records but have you seen those Big 12 defenses? They are absolutely putrid. To boot all season long his team defeated no one of note. The highest ranked team they played all year sat at lowly # 14.
The truth is we have no idea how good a quarterback Murray is. I say that because he had not played against a team with a defense above the level of mediocre all season.
That was the most exciting game in college football history. You have to tip your hat to the Ags for never quitting and always believing in themselves. Have to tip your hat to LSU. They had every chance to win even taking those questionable calls out of the picture. They couldn’t and that’s on them. Plus those calls are reviewed by a three person panel in Birmingham. More proof the calls were correct.
A&M donors could and would come up the amount needed for his buyout in less than a week. A&M is a school whose big donors, of which there are many, have incredibly deep pockets.
Of course Mullen will taste success sooner. The East is just flat out easier than the West. Add to the mix, A&M has to play Clemson the next two seasons. The Aggies probably have the toughest scheduled in the country the next two seasons.
Oh, and I said unAmerican because that is the way America is set up. There is no set in stone hierarchy in college football. It is a meritocracy. If you were to put A&M's program in the hands of a person with vision, guts, knowedge and work ethic there is no ceiling. That is the way America works. It is a meritocracy and not a system of overlords. Of course, fans of the schools on top now would like you to believe it is that kind of system because it makes them feel better, but it isn't. That is not how America works, and it is certainly not how college football works.
The OP is unimaginative and frankly unAmerican. He is both because he acts as if there is some spirit that floats over the stadiums of the traditional elites. I remember well when FSU won only four games in three years in the 70's. I remember when the U was a joke in terms of football. What happened? Pretty simple, really. FSU got Bobby Bowden and the U got Howard Schnellerberger. Psssst....OP. Open your eyes: its the coach! A&M just has not had the right coach. A guy who is really good with the x's and o's and development. Every other possible ingredient is there and, in fact, they are in a far more advantageous than most of its SEC brethren. My hunch is that if A&M had Gary Patterson as their coach the last 10 years they would have already have won a couple of titles. Yes, it would have made that much a difference.
Came across this article. Hate to bump it forward but just feel the need to comment. Where the OP has it wrong is he makes it sound as if only SEC West teams have to go through Saban and the Crimson Tide. Actually, with the advent of the playoffs, everyone must in all likelihood deal with the crew from Tuscaloosa. Might as well then get up close and personal with them. A&M has the resources to go toe to toe with them if it had the right coach who is both a top recruiter and insists on excellence from his players. For that reason, if I'm Chip Kelly I would welcome the opportunity to coach at TAMU if they agreed to give me the resources needed to build a winner.
I agre TxnG8r. The reality is they seriously overpaid him. Not Sumlin's fault because a person should try to get as high as possible pay as he can. It was A&Ms fault for not being better evaluators of coaching talent before offering him that big contract. It should have been obvious that the success he had early on in his career at A&M was due to being gifted an amazing quarterback, receiver and offensive line. It should have really been apparent when you consider all of the major gains made in 2012 by the quarterback coming out of busted plays.
Putting Bama at the top with that extremely boring design is ridiculous. Here are my top 3, in order: Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia. FSU has the best helmet in the country IMHO.
There is a certain irony in the OP saying that aTm reminds him of the initials for an automatic teller machine. Makes sense. The place is like a money machine! Lol! Consider that not only does TAMU have the largest endowment in the SEC by a mile, but shows that on average its grads make the second most salary than the grads of any other school in the State of Texas except Rice. A&M spends more on average on its students than any other public university in the State of Texas (that includes UT- austin -- while the horns' system endowment is larger, then again, the UT system has a slew of system universities with 25K+ with whom it must share as well as a four medical schools and major cancer research center in Houston with whom it must share, thus bringing UT-austin's average expenditures per student way down). Moreover, TAMU grads on average make more than any other university in the Southeastern Conference. Finally, A&M has more Fortune 100 CEOs than any other university except Michigan (it is tied with Michigan in that ranking). So yes, it rains money for a lot of Aggie grads.
Agreed PDADawg. Both are great towns. However, I frankly liked Austin more about 20 years ago because the place has grown so much and I prefer having more elbow room. Metro Austin is pushing more than 1.7 mil and still growing like crazy.
And I wish SDS had an edit function for comments. I misspoke. A&M is not the oldest school in Texas. I believe that distinction belongs to Baylor. However, it is the oldest public university in the state.
A&M viewed as little brother? That is ancient history. I live in Houston and nobody here other than longhorn alums view A&M as a little brother. Now the sports media may like to push that perception but that would be about it. A&M is not only the states largest and oldest school, but it has the largest stadium and for the past two years in a row its Athletic Department has grossed more than any other athletic department in the country. Not to mention their endowment is almost as much as all the other SEC schools combined. It's grads on average earn more than any other school in Texas except Rice and it is in the top 10 university in terms of grads who are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies (tied with Nortre Dame, Penn State and the U.S. Military Academy).
Texas would never be added. Never. The reason is that S.Ce doesn't want Clemson, Florida doesn't want FSU or Miami, UGA doesn't want Ga Tech, and Kentucky doesn't want Louisville. There is an unwritten agreement among these schools that they will vote together to stop adding a cross-state rival from another P5 conference. Don't you know A&M would fight like hell to keep Texas out? The same rationale would be applied as a courtesy to the Aggies. So that would be five schools dead set from the get-go to their coming onboard. Then we know Mizou and Arky would be against the addition because of their past experiences with the horns. That is now seven schools. Then there is LSU. My hunch is they would be against it as an act of courtesy to A&M and Mizzou, plus they get a bunch of players out of the State of Texas. No way LSU would want to give UT-Austin a leg up in their recruitment wars. In fact, since Bama has gotten so much talent out of the State of Texas in recent years I would bet they would be against the addition as well.
Those two A&M receivers big issue is that they are very afraid of getting hit. That caused them to hear footsteps so to speak and drop a lot of balls. Fear is a funny thing -- you just cannot coach courage into a person. Either he has it or he doesn't. Those two would have been better off playing a less physical sport in college.
LSUMC, you do realize LSU won 8 regular season games don't you? And that A&M also won 8 games? Nobody in the SEC except Bama won more than 8 games in the regular season.
You realize the tremendous parity that exists in the SEC but for Bama? A&M had the second best record in the league last year.
A&M is missing one key element: the right head coach. The current head coach is lacking in two critical areas. One, he is not a grinder. What he considers working hard is not what Nick Saban or Jimbo Fisher or Jim Harbaugh would call working hard. He coasts at times when he should be pumping those pedals. Two, he does not insist on players giving him their very best 100% of the time. With its resources, location and conference alignment, if A&M could ever hire the right head coach --- look out! As it is, they thought Sumlin was great when all he really was was lucky enough to have inherited Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans.
Warren Sapp absolutely cannot contain himself he is so envious. Not only is Garrett way more athletic than Sapp ever dreamed about, but Garrett is much smarter as you can see from his 31 Wonderlic score. That's a better score than a host of great NFL quarterbacks, including Elway, Peyton Manning and Brees. Warren Sapp only had a Wonderlic score of 20!
There is no doubt Garrett would have started and starred on Ole Miss' team. Same with Bama, LSU and Auburn. Their respective head coaches would be absolutely drooling to have them on their teams.
Can't dominate when schools like Ole Miss, Alabama and LSU are so frightened of a player that they keep running plays the opposite direction like scared little children.
Tub of lard Sapp who gets caught with women of the night. Who cares what he thinks? Garrett's stats were pushed down because his opposition was constantly running plays on the opposite side of the field. There is no denying Garrett's athleticism. Allen does not even come close to Garrett as an athlete. In short, Myles Garrett is a freak of nature. A Jadaveon Clowney level of freakish athleticism.
Yes, I'm surprised he has not been projected to go in the first round.
Malzahn and Briles will be hell on wheels in the SEC West.
More to this story that what has been written. No coach with an ambition at all would take a lateral move from a major college football power like Auburn to go take the same position at UConn unless he was really looking for a reason to leave.
I've no problem with the order of ranking except I would have LSU and FL swap spots. To deny FL that after the Gators beat LSU in B.R. and then won their bowl game makes no sense.
Very foolish move on Speedy's part. Given his history he has red flags all over him. He needed a year of keeping his nose clean before bolting.
This year was a fluke. The OP is dead wrong. If you believe in recruitment class rankings the SEC is in a class by itself. They just have issues with coaching. Example: if A&M had a good coach this year they would be a top 10 team. Arky would have a much better record if they had a different coach. LSU would have a better record if they had give LM the boot sooner.