Professional man who attended college at a D3 school on the east coast, but has had two sons attend TAMU.

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Dude. It was a grand jury investigation. Those proceedings are conducted in secret. Indeed, grand jurors are sworn to secrecy.
Agreed. It’s well known there’s something in the water in Nashville. It’s true.
I hope they don’t set it up so that a bunch of teams get a bye week. That woukd creste a grossly uneven playing field given how football physical wears down teams week after week given the sports physicality. Reward teams what had better seasons by pairing them agsinst tournament teams with the weakest record. Don’t reward them by giving them an almost insurmountable advantage.
You listen to Mike Elko and you realize what a monster grand slam hire he was for A&M. Football intelligence, values, integrity and work ethic are off the charts. No doubt having Elko played a huge part of the decision.
Under the why it doesn’t work section directed towards A&M the article doesn’t say anything about Elko. Instead it talks about taking toolong to fire Fisher and about UTw. Doesn’t make sense. Let me just say that Mike Elko has done well everywhere he has been. A calm and unassuming guy, the Ivy Leaguer is as bright as it comes. He’s exactly what A&M. Fisher’s ego got in his way. He thought he was the smartest guy in the room and that is a big reason why he did not meet expectations. Contrast that to Elko. Not only is Elko a modest person but he is supremely knowledgeable about defenses and in areas where he is not so knowledgeable he has no problem turning to others who do know. He’s a humble man who has a work ethic that just doesn’t quit. Brian Kelly almost cried when he lost him at Notre Dame and there’s a reason for that. Look what Elko has done already; A&M already has the number 1 rated portal class and he’s about to add to that! For what A&M needs, Mike Elko is absolutely an A hire.
You can’t blame him for wanting to get paid big money now since running backs NFL careers are usually much shorter than that of other players.
Every position coach on offense or defense is greatly impacted the scheme his coordinator implements. Perhaps his WRs were not as good lately because his boss, the Bama OC, was not implementing a very good scheme.
Bold talk coming from the fan of a program that endlessly tampers with other teams’ rosters — the same team that won on last play of the game against A&M.
Is that why Kiffin’tampers so much with other teams ‘ rosters? He follows a long line of sleazy Ole Miss coaches. That’s ok. He’s got a bunch of dudes who are there for only one reason: money. They sure better hope they don’t get a career ender. That Ole Miss degree sure won’t take them very far.
Lol. Did you see what Elko did with Duke despite the Blue Devils having higher academic standards? Did you see how Kelley almost cried when Elko left Notre Dame? Elko was more respected coming from Duke than Kiffin was coming from FAU. Elko has one of the brightest minds in college football. Did you know he went to Penn? Do you have any idea how that in itself speaks volumes. Do you have any idea what kind of test scores it takes just to get into Penn undergrad? My guess is Elko’s IQ is 20 points higher than Kiffin's. Ever listen to Kiffin speak? He talks like a kid. I’d hire him to wash my car or mow my lawn but that’s about it. Just becsuse Ole Miss beat A&M at home on the last play of a game when it was being led by a fast talking used car salesman of a coach means nothing. That’s all over now. They now have the real McCoy. By the way — don’t be surprised if Walter goes the way of Chris Marshall. How’d that work out?
Oh, so that’s why he went to backwaters Mississippi. Check.
Then he should have put forth better effort. Instead he was JAG.
Here is the reality. A&M with its huge NIL could have very easily met Nolen”s financial demands. It chose not to. What does that tell you?
Here is the reality. A&M with its huge NIL could have very easily met Nolen”s financial demands. It chose not to. What does that tell you?
If he can replicate what he did as Army’s DC, look out!
Ole Miss spends big in the portal. Someone over there has a lot of money to spend on players.
This blasted autocorrect function on my iPhone! Meant to say blue collar. “Blue Oklahoma” - what the heck is that!?!
The A&M AD thought he had more authority than he did. It’s just that simple. Stoops has done a good job but let me tell you something: there is nobody in college football who works harder than Mile Elko. Add to that he has a sky high football IQ. Intelligence wise, he’s probably the smartest head coach in the SEC. Do you realize how difficult it is to gain admission to Penn? He smart, supremely organized and really hard working. He’s also young (only age 46). I have no doubt they make the right hire. Splash hires are not what they are cracked up to be. Look what happened when they made the splash hire of Fisher in 2017. With Elko they have a guy who will outwork and outsmart most, if not all,of his competition. Elko has the highest ceiling between him and Stoops because guess what — with Elko there is no ceiling for a program like A&M. And unlike Fisher, Elko is a great listener and great at implementing needed changes. He is going to bring to A&M a blue. Oklahoma mentality that’s been missing.
I’d add I was not thrilled about a Stoops hire. Beyond his prime. Thst said, Elko was #2 on my board. #1 was Jedd Fisch. No real reason for that other than I’m intrigued by the AZ’ HC’s coaching chops and football background.
I wouldn’t call Saban’s a splash hire either when LSU hired him away from Sparty. Sometimes splash hires are not all that they are cracked up to be. I think Elko will be a hard working coach who is exceptionally bright and, unlike his predecessor Dumbo, not mistake prone I would not be happy with this particular hire if I’m an A&M rival program.
Lanning may change his mind after considering all those 5 hour flights to and from games in the reconfigured Big 20.
It is a tippy top program if you consider facilities, location, resources, fanbase and stadium. If you base your decision on history of skins on the wall it is not. But my word, a coach with confidence and knowledge could obviously achieve anything using A&M as a platform. This is what I do not understand about Jimbo. They completely got out of his way. They gave him near complete autonomy. They gave him everything he ever asked for and them some in terms of program resources. Any coach worth 2 cents would have done wayyyy better there.
Agreed. Overpaying leads to complacency which leads to lack of effort which leads to losses.
Elko is briliant. Look what he has already done at Duke.
Haha. Is that a lot of money to Bama donors? Man, I did not realize you guys were so poor.
Yes, all you have to work with there is the best location to recruit, the largest stadium, the best facilities and unlimited resources to give it a go. It truly shows how bad a coach Jimbo is to not make it work there when A&M gave him everything he ever wanted and then some on top of near complete autonomy.