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Yes it makes no sense especial given Texas’ three loses including one to TCU. Compare that to A&M that had to play Bama and the rest of the SEC West (except Ole Miss) and Florida. Plus have to play Auburn at Auburn is no cakewalk.
Not a little longer than expected. Not given how Jimbo’s predecessor sat on his rump in recruiting beginning 2015.
Look at all the Aggies missing: a starting line backer in Hansford. A starting DB in Myles Jones. A starting DT in Clemons. Their 2 top receivers in Ausbon and Buckley and their starting RB for half the game. Plus they were without the services of Bruce Matthews’ son. You know, the guy that was a 14 time NFL all-pro at center. So I don’t get the people here pushing false narratives. Would, coulda — the oldest bunch of baloney in the book.
Should have high on the list: SEC Shorts makes the cleverest, most pointed and funniest short yet about the SEC trying to get two teams in the playoffs.
SEC teams are overall better than ACC teams. Overall they are more physical and athletic. So no, ND’s resume is not better. And the worst part is the a committee knows it.
A&M’s resume is better than ND’s because A&M’s wins were all against better (SEC) competition. The SEC is overall just a more quality conference than the ACC.
Yes ND beat the team ranked #1 at the time but that team was not the #1 team in reality. It was not because a 2020 Clemson team without Lawrence would be like 2007 Gator team without Tebow or 2012 Aggie team without Manzel. Trevor Lawrence is a historically great quarterback. Remember how he just picked apart Bama two years ago as a freshman? He’s a huge game change. Clemson without Lawrence that day in reality Clemson was a team outside the top 5. Clemson without TL is just a shadow of itself.
tOSU should be in. But so should A&M. ND’s signature win was against Clemson, true, but that was against a Treavorless team. Clemson is one of the top two teams with TL. Without him, the are just a top 10 team. He is incredibly impactful and the best player that college football has seen in years.
Chris Wright: a hater doing what haters do. He clearly has disdain for all things A&M football related.
Something else that hurt A&M against LSU was rust. They’d gone 3 weeks since their last game. Add to the equation the rainy and wet conditions, and A&M just couldn’t get its passing attack going.
Absurd A&M’s DeMarvin Leal was not included. The kid is a manster and future top 5 pick.
Tony, you are wrong. That Aggie defense was lights out. Seth Small was flawless in the kicking game. So two of the three phases of the game was clicking on all cylinders. Further, the Aggie running backs, especially Spiller, was gashing LSU all night. Unfortunately, the offensive passing attack had issues all night because bad Mond decided to make his appearance, not good Mond.
Add into the list of factors the fact that LSU is a very talented team and knows A&M very very well. Despite all the talent it has, LSU’s issue this year has been that it has a number of gaping holes in that roster.
Have to put the game in context. Cold wet rainy conditions and the rust caused by a 3 week layoff clearly had a major impact on A&M’s passing game.
Sark is a boss. IF he’s licked the problem that got him booted from USCw, definitely him.
Doubt Arky wins. Most of the Aggie wins were under Kevin Sumlin and their current Head Coach at A&M is much better than his predecessor and has assembled an absolutely outstanding staff of assistant coaches.
Like AggieRider says, not Sumlin’s Aggies. This team belongs to the man LSU offered $7 million dollars a year to.
I wouldn’t make a bet on it. The fact is A&M has a significantly more talented roster than Arky’s. We know that by looking a recruitment class rankings and that’s. a hard thing to overcome. Stranger things have happened in sports of course but I wouldn’t bet on it.
My issue with him is not his injury. My issue is I don’t think he’s worth that much value. I mean, come on. It’s easy to look good when you are surrounded by a bunch of 5 stars and you’re playing against teams comprised primarily of 3 stars.
Winston has the physical tools to be one of the best QBs in NFL history. What his problem has always been is he has the tendency to make really poor decisions. It’s the oddest combination of strengths and weaknesses I’ve ever seen in a pro quarterback.
IIRC, back in the 60's, UGA got permission from the Packers to use that version of the famed "G". Green Bay came up with the design by the way because when Lombardi came to Green Bay he wanted a new look. He told the equipment manager at the time to come up with a logo and in a couple of days he had the "G" inside the circle in hand. Funny how the Pack came up with that brilliant logo when nowadays teams pay Madison Avenue big big bucks to come up with logos for their helmets.
To move up, A&M should do this: 1) make the facemask white, 2) instead of the school name put the team name in front, about the same size font used by XFL teams such as the Battlehawks. Use the full team name -- "TEXAS AGGIES." 3) add just a touch more color by following the NFL Skins' example in design pattern -- just with a different color scheme, that is, go all the way to the edge of the arm sleeve and add a grey stipe. Immediately above that stripe (no space) add a white stripe. Above that on the arm sleeves are the jersey numbers. Outline that number with the color gray. Do the same with numbers on the front and back of the jersey. Remove the bevel feature from the jersey number. Outline the maroon stripe on the pants with grey. Do these things and the A&M uniform moves into the top 2.
Nothing to really criticize Fisher about. He cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Remember, Sumlin just sat on his hands in the 2015-2018 Recruiting cycles. Once Sumlin got paid, out the window went the hard work in recruiting required to build a top tier SEC program. Now, if you look at how Fisher has recruiter since the 2019 cycle you know he has A&M heading in the right direction. It just takes time. Time to recruit the right players and time to develop them. Too bad you can’t trade players like in the NFL, or have free agency as if it did turnarounds would be a lot faster.
A&M would jump numerous spots if they did two simple things: ditch the shoulder stripes and the beveled numbers.
Jimbo is a zero or a 1. Why? Because the Aggies powers that be are well aware his predecessor stopped recruiting at a high level in the 2016 cycle and thus left the team with many gapping holes in the roster. Unlike the pros where there is Free agency and where teams can trade for players, in college it takes years to fix that kind of screw up.
Jimbo Fisher is making a lot of the right moves. They should catch LSU and Bama in a few years. Their facilities are second to none. The school itself has as much money as Alabama and LSU combined Times 10. The school is in the perfect location to recruit big as it is smack between the two largest cities in the South.
I sometimes wonder why I even bother with this site it has such a bias towards traditional SEC powers. Not only does it fail to account for Fisher ‘a players being mostly Sumlin’s recruits but does not account for this reason when A&M has just about the hardest schedule in college football history. Three #1 teams and one #4 creams — all but one of those away games. You follow this site and you will see a pattern: any benefit of the doubt always works in favor of traditional SEC powers and against SEC teams th are t are not traditional powers.
OP is letting his bias show putting Jimbo Fisher #5. He somehow thinks Fisher can work miracles and forgets all of A&M’s upperclassmen are Kevin Sumlin’s recruits. More than that beginning in 2016, Sumlin flat out quit recruiting for the Aggies.
Michigan = a bunch of whiny crybabies. They just don’t know how to play real football up there anymore.
Kirby, I posted an example when that happened to UGA. My example was in the 2000’s. I provided a link. SDS says it is “awaiting moderation.” Sigh So you may never see it. That said, it’s pretty easy to find though with google.