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Funny to see how many people REALLY want to see these guys go to jail.
"I’m pretty sure Bama is running the evil empire right now." Oh yeah? What makes you so sure?
As a black man, I can say with 100% certainty that I do not dislike Cam because he too, is black. I think you lacked a real counter but just HAD to defend your guy so you, like so many white people like to say black folks do, "pulled the race card".
LOL! I would love to see it happen just to watch the melt. That is seriously ugly.
I think leaving him off is the right call.
Right, I didn't think you knew what it meant. You are simply letting your assumptions get the best of you and going full ignit in the process. Double standards? What? Did we have an argument about the Ole Miss game that you remember and I don't? I didn't complain about any thing. I was talking to Aggy fan about how Aggy didn't "give" Bama anything. I don't recall saying anything about Ole Miss not having anything to do with Bama's turnovers in that game.
@alcompto: Show me that you know what the word "irony" means by pointing out examples of it in my comments.
Welcome to the SEC, Mac. You aren't truly a member until you've been Mad Hatted.
So Alabama's defensive line constantly getting to Allen didn't cause the bad throws? Weren't their like 6 sacks today? No hurries? Allen was just sitting there with all the time in the world to make perfect throws but just made bad ones? Seriously man, if that's the case, you should have NO confidence that Aggy will win out.
It wasn't lack of an elite running back that the problem. Look at the Oline and then look at what the Oline was going against. There simply are not a lot of teams that will have success running at that defensive front seven of Saban's this year. Even the elite Nick Chubb was shut down til garbage time with the game out of hand and the defense complacent.
Could you explain how Aggy beat themselves? I think we were watching different games or something because Aggy I saw got manhandled. It's not like Allen had all the time in the world and just missed throws. He was under pressure and those errant passes were influenced by a defensive front seven that big boyed the hell out of A&M o-line. How about the Aggy ground game? Did the backs choose to not average more than one yard per carry or did Bama's defense have a little something to do with it?
What about the penalty that wasn't called on one Ole Miss' TD passes? Forget the turnovers, if that one penalty was called Ole Miss loses.
Um, no. Alabama has more problems than just the turnovers. Their QB and O-line is inconsistent and the receivers are average. They have NO ONE behind Henry and their special teams unit is a grade "A" dumpster fire, so you can safely count them out of any game that requires their kicker to make a field goal. That defense is all world but they won't be able to outscore the offense in every game like they did today. LSU is the team to beat, they look the most complete in all phases plus luck has been with them this year. They got to play one less game than every one else, got an extra home game, got to play the Gators who were missing their leader at QB, it's all working out for them.
Spot on. Not only do these auburn teams rely a LOT on dumb luck, players dismissed from other SEC teams and illegal plays that everyone except the refs notice, but that staff(and for the most part the one under Chizik) does not develop players well. They are good recruiters, that's all.
I don't understand. I was assured that he was even better than Marshall and would be a legitimate Heisman candidate this year. I was assured of this.
'I am ready to face my consequences, I just hope that people lighten up on the consequences.' LOL! You're not ready then.
Whatever, The Tebow still college football GOAT.
Not like it's their fault the Big 10 sucks.
What are you even talking about, barner? Reading comprehension, do you have any?
How has Father Time proved that win to be a fluke? The OU team that dusted Bama has never taken the field since.
Oh, and Mizzou is a two time defending division champ with "those 2 and 3 star recruits" you're talking about. What have the rebears done with there 4 and 5 star employees? Get a couple of winning seasons and you guys act like you've actually won a championship or something. Come back down to earth.
If Mizzou was offering the type of money Ole Miss is the recruits would think they were pretty big too.
You can use the same argument for Henry, and he played against a team with a pulse.
For proper context, Chubb has 175 more yards on 12 more carries and 14TD, in one year vs Henry's two. Don't give me the whole Henry played behind Yeldon spiel either, Chubb split time with Gurley. I do agree with you though that Henry should be #1 on this list. Dude is a genetic freak. No one that damn big should be consistently outrunning DBs like that.
Alvin Kamara should be on this list. He didn't even make your little honorable mention list. If you're seriously ranking them according to how they played this past weekend, Hansbrough and Fournette should not be on it.
Is that the guy that got hurt trying to tackle Henry?
Wait wait wait...Wisconsin is not a quality opponent? What are you smoking and why haven't you thrown it in the trash yet?