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David I forgot something...Joe didn’t have an INT! You can tell yourself what ever you want to make yourself feel better but at the end of the day Alabama lost and this isn’t a good look for you!!!
David that has got to be one of the dumbest comments I have ever read!!! TAKE THE LOSS AND MOVE ON!!!
I think they will reveal the black when they play FSU!
It does seem like he has been on the team forever! I think it is because he became “known” back in 2016 when he caught that pass from his own 2 yard line and ran it in for the score. That play was in Baton Rouge in a game that should have been in the Swamp!
Haha!!! I had to scroll back to the top to make sure they are really the “Green Wave”!
I was extremely pissed while at the Mizzou game! You have fans that come from all over to watch the Gators play and they show up with zero heart! It seemed as if none of them even cared about being at the game! The best part of the game was when Franks was throwing the ball on the sideline and the ball ended up in a trash can of piss and Franks retrieved it and didn't know why it was wet and kept playing with it until one of the female trainers let him know why it was wet. It is pretty sad when that is the best part of the damn game!!!!
As a life long Gator fan that has been hurting the past few years I am just happy we have made it to where we are at in Mac's first year. It would be great to crush FSU this weekend and it is possible. As far as the SEC Championship game goes, we aren't ready to win that and represent the conference in the playoff. Wait till next year when Mac has his own players.
Strong would be a mistake and you won't get Herman! I think you will win a lot of games with Brohn!
Great comment! I am a Gator fan and I agree, Richt has got to go. If UGA doesn't put him on the hot seat then they have got to look at their AD as someone that needs to go. You have got to have an AD that can make tough decisions and right now UGA'S AD isn't doing your program justice.
The Florida game will be UTs biggest game until you finally beat them!
As Gator fans we have got to understand how lucky we were to win that game! I am still thinking about how unbelievable that come back was! Now we have to make it through October, starting with Ole Miss and ending with UGA, what a tough month!
UT had this game locked! Their defense changed their game plan in the fourth, don't know why! Both teams played their hearts out and UF. UT has no reason to hang their heads, you guys should be undefeated right now. Good luck the rest of the way.
If the OBC wants Champ then Champ will be in Columbia next season! Will has stated numerous times that he isn't in a hurry so he will wait for the OBC to make the move!
Andy Wilson--I hope they do destroy FSU and it is possible. Florida has really good players that are capable of winning this game, in reality they should have one loss right now. It isn't the lack of talent, it is the lack of play calling! If Muschamp would have opened up the play book he probably wouldn't be on his way out right now. I believe he will open the play book a little this weekend but when they play FSU it will be no holds barred! Therefore, your scenario about Florida beating FSU is very possible and very likely!
His next move is retirement! Him staying at SC has nothing to do with not wanting to coach the Gators. He just wants Florida to have a coach that will be in it for the long haul and he isn't willing to do that because he is ready to retire!
That is just crazy! We need a coach that can think offensively! And win in the SEC!
That is a pretty low standard! Hell, I could do that if they hired me!
LOL! That is the best reason of them all!!!
I certainly hope no one pays $200K to attend UGA!
The Gators never should have put themselves in this situation anyway! Total lack of coaching on this team. We lost and it was not because they added more time to the clock!
I love my Gators and I hate UT but if losing to UT gets us a new coach then lets go VOLS!
I am a Gator fan but his comment about Spurrier throwing his visor more yards than Driskel has passing was hilarious and true!
Looks like any nice JUCO playing surface!