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If what they claim is in fact true, and with Dabo’s whiny azz I don’t doubt it one bit, then FSU shouldn’t have played them. If they traveled to Tallahassee with a Covid positive player traveling with them? Well that’s Clemson for you. And Dabo whining? Why is anyone surprised at that. That man would be whining and complaining if you hung him with a brand new rope.
And your here for what reason? Seems all the Bama sites have unwittingly inherited all the looser Auburn fans since The only way Auburn will ever go to another CFP Championship is to buy a ticket.
Still living in the past huh? Tell you what, you want to live in the past? Bama has won a National Championship since the Iron Bowl you refer to.....let’s talk about that???
You know it seems to me that as many people as there is that it’s their job to sit on their butt and talk about sports at least one of them could proof read these articles before posting them. This article because of the mistakes is completely useless. How are you suppose to even know who Nessler is even talking about. Pitiful......
You agree with him right? A 3 and 7 conference is better than a 6 and 6 conference. Well congratulations, you are just as smart as he is. If you will wait right here I'll be right back with you Bozo button. Don't go away now, wait here.
It's amazing how the media can change your attitude about something or someone. I watched a documentary last Saturday morning about Wilkins. It talked about how is grandpa died and how he has dealt with that. At the end of the documentary I had a great respect for this kid. That lasted for a few hours until I seen what he did in the playoff game. I suppose he thinks that sexually assaulting some who has just been tackled on a football field lieing face down with no knowledge of what's going on.........I'm sure he feels his grandfather is watching over him.......he is really making him proud. What an idiot. If I saw my grandson do that to someone I would bust him in the mouth myself. One thing for sure, a person will never have self respect until they respect others. Where is Dabo in all this?
I am steadily loosing all respect for Clemson and Dabo Swinney. He is the head coach there and if he didn't he should have addressed this issue at first knowledge of it. As a Bama fan thru the past 3 or so years have hoped that one Day when CNS retired we could get Dabo as HC. After seeing all this and hearing nothing at all about from the coaching staff from Clemson I'm about to decide I should hope in a different direction. This action whether it be on the field, in a locker room or on a street corner is 100% unacceptable. Anyone guilty of that should be kicked off the team, expelled from school and brought up on charges. If I were an HC and I seen this within my organization I promise heads would roll.
An unbiased opinion: I think smart will do great. I'm not sure you will see a 10 win season in 2017 but after that it should be 10 or better. No disrespect meant to CMR by saying that at all as I think he is a great coach. That's just my opinion for UGA going forward.
Sometimes you can't help people. They can only be helped if they want to help themselves. Get rid of him and make room for someone that appreciates the opportunity. Maybe he can get on Kiffins thug train @ FAU. RTR.
Show me a man that wears his religion on his sleeve and I'll show you a hypocrite.
With all the money they are saving on their HC
With all the money they are saving on their HC
Quite frankly I have to disagree with Tn fan base being the most annoying. We make the trip to Knoxville every time Bama plays there. Never once have I ever had a problem with a Tn. fan. They are always kind and courteous to us. I have had many many fans thank me for coming to their stadium to watch the game. My vote would have been overwhelmingly lop sided to LSU fans. They are the worst by a long shot. RTR .
Good luck to Coach "O" and the LSU team in the bowl game. Let's show them that the SEC is alive and well. RTR Go Bama
These guys may have been the kind of person that would take their time to do this before they played for CNS. I don't know. But I do know that he has played a huge part in molding a lot of young men's lives. It does my heart good to see them giving back to kids less fortunate.
I agree 100% with Barnett. These guys are given the chance to change their lives and play in the NFL. Now they are going to abandon your teammates at the end? Makes no sense to me. However , Fornette doing this is not surprising to me at all. That being said, it's their call. Their decision. Let them make their own choices in life.
Congrats to Auburn on a good commitment.
Way to go Manning. Keep your head held high. Best of luck to you down on the plains.
Sounds like He is a great candidate for a spot on the Kiffin Convict Train.
It does not matter what a coach brings to the table for year after year. It's all about " what have you done for me lately". That's especially true in the SEC west. Get all you can get from a coach and when he has a slump, throw him to the curb. In my humble opinion Miles should have been given an a choice, fire Cameron or be fired. Miles is one of the best coaches that ever came to the SEC west. He is definitely not a Nick Saban but other than CNS himself, who is? He gave LSU many great seasons. Was Miles stubborn? Of course he was. Then again who wants a "yes" man for a HC? Miles has some good years left in him and it's a shame he wasn't able to finish his career at LSU. All of us have a stubborn streak, or else we are just a gullible yes man. I hope coach O does great but I personally don't see it happening. LSU if like Bama in the respect that they require a strong willed coach to be successful. I for one wish coach Miles the best going forward.
Welcome to the Bama family. We are proud to have you here in T-town.
Butch Jones looks just like Sergeant Carter from Gomer Pyle. If only he could get Andy Griffith for his OC , Jed clampett for his DC and Boss Hogg for the Athletic Director he was have a great culture.
Tennessee should have gotten Kiffin when they had the chance. Now it's too late.
For many years I have tried to figure out why all these fans are so interested in what Bama is doing or gona do. Why is it that these people feel the need to interject there half witted thoughts and ideas into what Bama is doing. Most of these opposing teams have their own issues. I for one am not interested in what Gus is doing @ the barn, what the NCAA is doing @ Ole Miss, what "O" is doing @ LSU. I have my hands ful keeping up with the happenings at Bama. But, I also have a job too. Is that it? All these people have nothing else to do except mind someone else's business. How have I missed that all these years. Come on folks, get a life. Buy you some golf clubs, a boat, or maybe just a deck of cards. Do something productive.
Cats I watch the NFL and have seen all these players you speak of. What I hadn't seen is a WIN for the Browns this year.
OSU lost to Penn State. Who is not taking care of their business ? I am a Bama fan and it shouldn't matter bro me but right is right. PSU is conference champions and they beat OSU heads up. If PSU is not ranked ahead of Ohio State , then the system needs to be changed cause it's not working.