Gregory Overcashier

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Please tell me there isn't a blade on that saw
Roger that. That was classless for Missouri players. Reminded me of the stuff Ark. would do on the sidelines when Gators played there. I thought they were going to get an unsportsman for that.
I would put Shawn in to block punts. The guy is a beast. Nobody flies to the ball and hits as hard as Davis. I'd bet money he blocks a couple punts. I agree he needs to control his emotions. We need him on the field.
They should just do college football a favor and not allow Nole fans to wear masks. Problem solved
HaHaHaHaHa! As a Gator seeing this happen to a Missagain player makes your day. Who cares about Missagain. HaHaHa
I hope Harbaugh stays at Michigan forever. The question is which SEC beats him next year.
Gators 38 Cocks 27 Most Cock fans are angry because after they threw their water bottles they realized they didn't have any water. Cock fans embarrassed the entire SEC
I think the most telling thing was Trask getting in his face after the play. I don't think Trask was asking him if he got his hand "freed" OK. This obviously helped motivate the Gators to beat their ass.
I am going to give Milton the benefit of the doubt here. He is obviously still heavily medicated from his injury. Good luck next year in your conference.
Somebody needs to tell Mr. White the whole world has already moved on from UCF playing UF. Welcome to today.
I don't think McElwain will get death threats at Central Michigan. He didn't get them at Florida. The players just have to understand strength and conditioning is something they'll have to get on their own off campus. They need to know he can with his dog at quarterback. The media has to just accept the fact that they will never get a direct answer to any question. I would start with a six month contract and see how it feels.
I think momentum is the right word. Things are heading in the right direction. It ain't gonna happen over night. This years turn around is pretty impressive.
The only fans left in the stadium were Gator fans. What's the problem. He's the one being disrespectful to the opponent that helped his team get 11 players on the field.
Well after reading these tweets I have to admit I had it all wrong. It appears Zach Smith is really a down to earth guy with sound judgement. Also a wonderful role model for his child. The Buckeye Legacy continues to grow.
Sadly our society accepts rudeness as an acceptable norm. If you come to boo ,stay home. It is probably acceptable at professional event but to boo your own college players is a bad reflection of your universities standards. Mullen has to turn around the program and the fans.
More than 2-3 seconds and it is delay of game call. This is simply people not understanding CPR.