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I couldn't have said it better. They didn't just start recruiting in the Top 10 in 2022, there is no excuse for Jimbo not getting it done
Tennessee fans crack me up, you really take Off-season Champions to a new level
Texas is the SEC, or at least it will be by the time Arch Manning is taking college snaps....
You mean other than all of the other 5* receivers on the team lol
When that speed limit drops on I59 in Jones County, MS, the smart move is to slow down
Clay Webb is an example, from this article, that invalidates your claim...but thanks for playing
Youworship has a VT flair, how about Frank and Shane Beamer? Nepotism is the norm in football, both college and professional.
Baylor and Florida would be my top guesses too. Especially Florida, with Coach Corey Raymond on staff
This one sucks. I was excited for McGlothern to be that dude
I forgot about Adams completely, thought he would have broke through by now. I wonder why so many WRs are leaving. Maybe Deion Smith will come back...
Why do you think BK is a worse culture fit than Nick Saban or Les Miles, who were both able to find success at LSU?
Yeah...but it might work. Tell me, what do you see great Oracle?
...but Cam Lewis is a 6th year senior. He is not a 3 year player, he just didn't see the field until he was a super-super senior. No idea how he still has eligibility TBH
Would have been cool if y'all did though,not for my team probably, but for Auburn it would be
Poor Auburn, thought they were getting Caleb Williams (because of a dentist, or something like that), and instead get Zach Calzada. Lol
He is a really good fit there. The fan base has reasonable expectations and Stoops can reliably deliver on those. I don't know why he would go anywhere else, he has it made. Well except Iowa when that job eventually opens up, but is that really an upgrade?
Probably whatever team wants to win a quick championship.
The kids got talent, maybe could use some maturity, but a good coach can help instill that.
Joe Brady will not be in South Beach unless it is with the Dolphins, and Nix would be a terrible fit for his offense.
He will get some PT there, if he can get healthy
Jontre Kirkland played HS QB. I don't know if he can pass, but he's fast. We could run the wishbone like Kentucky did when they played a WR for QB that one season.
Just the De-latest De-commitment. Probably be more before it's over. He was the longest committed player in the class, but to be honest, I never understood why he was a take. Maybe he wasn't for the new staff...