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It probably depends on your source, but Forbes has UNC ranked in the top 50, higher than Georgia Tech or Vanderbilt. Duke is on its own tier, though, in the top 10
I never understand when people say Trask has plenty of arm talent. He consistently underthrows receivers and all of his passes are ducks. There is no way he plays in the NFL.
Yeah California has some of the best universities in the country.
I guess that means the Zach Evans sweepstakes is still open. Tennessee or Ole Miss?
His visit to South Carolina will give Burch an opportunity to tell Muschamp in person that he is signing with LSU.
Aranda was not a recruiter, neither was Chavis. LSU does not really have a track record of DCs who can recruit yet they tend to stay stocked with defensive talent.
Pelini is an excellent DC. Probably the only thing better would have been to convince Muschamp to come back and be DC before he inevitably gets fired next season.
The Clemson commit is basically JaMarcus Russel 2.0. Which was a good thing in college.
They signed the overall prospect according to 247 last year too. He transferred to Colorado though.
Yeah, it is right now. I think Auburn is probably Bama's most hated rival, but LSU doesn't have that natural, built-in, in-state rival.
Saban had a lot of help too. Every coordinator he had at LSU is a head coach now including the one at A&M now.
Burrow and Tua were easily the best QBs ever at their respective schools and both hold some all time NCAA records. If that is not generational talent, I don't what is.
I'm glad someone else said it. KJ is pretty much a lock to MSU, Chase Brice is not even that good.
On paper, Barnett was the better QB over Hurts. Not the same situation at all. A more comparable situation was Tua's freshman year. Tua was the better QB on paper (and reportedly at practice), but Hurts started every game that season.
Sure there were some spread teams that didn't win the national championship, but there were NO Pro-style run heavy offenses that won the national championship (or even made the playoffs).
Austin Thomas helped LSU recruit, especially the Tennessee area. I don't know if they land Jacoby Stevens or Jacob Phillips if he was not on staff. I haven't followed him much since he left Baton Rouge other than remembering he was caught up in the UT coaching search fiasco somehow.
Charlie Strong, Randy Shannon, Grantham. There are a number of established guys that could be brought into Starkville for the right price. This could turn out to be a great diamond in the rough hire though. Mike Leach hired Alex Grinch at Wazzu and he turned out to be a good hire. Different level of players in the SEC though.
The Chiefs also have running backs Spencer Ware and Darrel Williams from LSU on roster. Both players are on injury reserve, but Williams was a contributor this year before his injury.
It's hard to argue that Colorado is not a nicer place to live than Alabama or New Jersey. I think in this case, homesick is just a euphemism for Alabama is a terrible place to live.
LSU has not won less than eight games in a season this century (the longest active streak), so that is their absolute floor. Realistic expectations for next season should be in the 11 win range including the bowl game.
I heard it first as a reference to the movie American History X which is about a Neo-Nazi gang...so maybe
2001 Miami did win the NC though and along with 1995 Nebraska are always mentioned as the "best ever" teams. The 2001 Miami team had a ridiculous amount of players that became stars in the NFL. I think this LSU team is also now in that conversation. They beat 5 teams that made the final AP Top 10 by an average of 20 points.
He looks ok but he gets burned a lot on slot coverage. He won’t be able to cover Thad Moss if it comes to that.
It would have been nice to get him, but Louisiana produces so many talented receivers. LSU will be fine. WRU!
Why hate on Mizzou? They can create good chaos for LSU, plus they have won the SEC East twice this decade. Pretty impressive for a team added to the conference just for "TV contracts".
Towson is the Colonial Athletic Association, and TN-Martin is Ohio Valley Division, both FCS participants and neither are particularly good in the FCS.
Kiffin had to know that it wouldn't work. He is just trolling