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It's hard to argue that Colorado is not a nicer place to live than Alabama or New Jersey. I think in this case, homesick is just a euphemism for Alabama is a terrible place to live.
LSU has not won less than eight games in a season this century (the longest active streak), so that is their absolute floor. Realistic expectations for next season should be in the 11 win range including the bowl game.
I heard it first as a reference to the movie American History X which is about a Neo-Nazi gang...so maybe
2001 Miami did win the NC though and along with 1995 Nebraska are always mentioned as the "best ever" teams. The 2001 Miami team had a ridiculous amount of players that became stars in the NFL. I think this LSU team is also now in that conversation. They beat 5 teams that made the final AP Top 10 by an average of 20 points.
He looks ok but he gets burned a lot on slot coverage. He won’t be able to cover Thad Moss if it comes to that.
It would have been nice to get him, but Louisiana produces so many talented receivers. LSU will be fine. WRU!
Why hate on Mizzou? They can create good chaos for LSU, plus they have won the SEC East twice this decade. Pretty impressive for a team added to the conference just for "TV contracts".
Towson is the Colonial Athletic Association, and TN-Martin is Ohio Valley Division, both FCS participants and neither are particularly good in the FCS.
Kiffin had to know that it wouldn't work. He is just trolling
I love Clyde Edwards-Helaire and the season he is having, but Bowden deserved this. It is remarkable how he has been able to do it all for Kentucky this year.
Exactly. We are in the running for the recruiting title this year. Brennan has a better arm than Burrow. LSU is not going away anytime soon.
Glad that LSU could provide that "predictable one-off Kirby Smart blowout" two years in a row. JK UGA fans, kind of. I actually think that since that incredible recruiting class from a couple years back will be juniors next season, UGA is going to be hell.
It's ironic coincidence. The two things are not mutually exclusive.
Does Alabama beat Michigan without Tua, Najee, D. Smith, Ruggs, or Jeudy? Saban has never had to deal with player bowl game NFL attrition. Compound that with the ridiculous amount of injuries, and that -7 looks like an interesting bet to me.
News to me that Dumervil is an LSU commit. He is one of LSU's top remaining targets though. Maybe he is a silent, either way, he is not going to Bama.
It's war on the field, but I've got nothing against UGA or their fans. Nothing but respect.
LSU dominated UGA a year ago in every phase of the game. LSU is a much better team this year. UGA is either the same, or has regressed. This is going to be a statement game for LSU to the committee.
I think I remember reading Guarantano had death threats after the Tennessee/Bama game. It had nothing to do with LSU though. LSU fans did get Ehlinger's number, but I highly doubt they were sending death threats, more likely just trash talk...
"And we certainly don’t lose to teams like Troy." Alabama lost to UL Monroe in Saban's first year....
??Fromm is 2nd on the list. Joe Burrow is the only QB ahead of him and also beat him in their only head to head matchup.
"I didn't come here to play class" -that mystery player, probably
"It is also worth noting that in two of those four instances (2012 and 2015), Alabama would rebound with enough juice to win national championships No. 15 and 16." Actually it was in three of those four instances that Alabama rebounded to win NCs: 2011, 2012, and 2015.
I mean, UGA's 2018 recruiting class was one of the highest ranked, all time. Those dudes will be juniors next year. They should be loaded.