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Pocket passer? Are we talking about the same QB? Bo Nix is clearly a duel-threat, and a better runner than passer quite frankly.
Malzahn to UCF is a much better hire than Hardin to Auburn or Heupel to Tennessee. UCF wins the coaching carasol this round.
White hired Heupel to replace Scott Frost at UCF, and UCF has been decidedly worse since. Frost left to lead to renaissance of Nebraska football, a once-proud former CFB Blue Blood. Maybe hiring Frost's UCF successor will lead to the resurgence of UT football, a once-proud former CFB Blue Blood. Who knows, how has Nebraska football looked lately?
Stoops is not a good coach though. Texas boosters/fans were right to protest that hire.
Must have been SCar fans with the fowl language.
It wasn't desperate, it was poorly executed. Leach or Sciano would have been better hires and we're ready to come.
I doubt Pruitt is moving to Amsterdam. Wasn't he confused about what brussel sprout was, I.something really ignorant like that?
Auburn had the best defense in the SECW in 2019, and second only to UGA in the whole SEC. I don't know where sds1967 is getting this "last couple of years" nonsense from...
I don't have a comment on UT, good luck on the coaching search. But A&M: what have they done, like, ever? LSU has won the second most national championships this century. They are not on our level. A&M recruits well, but so does Tennessee, Auburn, and many other SEC schools.
Deep thoughts with Coloradeaux TIGAH.
I guess Tank for Tia was not such a brilliant idea after all. Anyone else remember that?
Right, Spurrier definitely opted-out. Maybe Kiffin at Tennessee.
The ACC is not a good football conference period. People have been saying for years that the weak conference slate props up Clemson and they said the same thing about FSU before them. But about Clemson specifically, this makes three playoff games in a row that neither Lawrence, Etienne, or Venables showed up for. They are clearly not the elite program the media makes them out to be.
I would say it applies to the DC at Wisconsin right now. Leavitt, I think
Clemson had no business in the playoffs. They are consistently overrated due to name recognition and a cupcake schedule. ACC football is garbage.
I remember the preseason hype being that Trask would be the best QB in the SEC and Florida would win the East. Despite my doubts, both of those things arguably turned out to be true. That being said, Oklahoma should win this game easily and Trask will have lost three straight to finish the season.
South Florida is a really nice place. Knoxville is ok...
What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
Pelini didn't coach with Saban at LSU. That was Muschamp and Smart. Pelini was a Les Miles' DC.
Why do you keep saying Lineman was sitting at home for a few years when Orgeron hired him? A quick Google disproves that easily.
Lineman wasn't "unemployed for a few years" when Orgeron hired him, he was the Cowboys' OC.
He wasn't a take for LSU anyway. He can spin it how he sees fit, but he want coming here.