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Because Aranda is a West Coast guy with strong connections to the Polynesian recruiting pipeline that that part of the country better provides. Baylor is a weird fit for him, it's a testament to how good of a coach that he is that he makes it work.
Daronte Jones provided the blueprint to shut down Bama's offense. Exotic pressure almost every down on the front end, man coverage on the back end. Arkansas and Auburn both copied it with pretty good results. How Kirby and whoever his DC is couldn't figure that out is baffling. Kirby is a great recruiter, terrible coach.
This is going to be a blowout. Bama does not have the firepower this year and Kirby built the Deathstar.
Did not see that coming. Can UVA do better? I doubt it.
SoCal is literally paradise. There is no where remotely as nice within the SEC footprint.
Why do you have UGA flair, but refer to Auburn as "we"?
It sounds like Gator Phil is jealous that LSU hires a proven name brand coach, and Florida is stuck with an "up and coming" G5 coach, again. BTW a coach that couldn't win the Sun Belt with multiple opportunities to do so....
Notre Dame doesn't reveal salaries, nobody knows how much Kelly made there including TDOW.
When will people figure out Paul Finebaum is full of sh*t. He has no idea what he's talking about, when is he ever right?
Alabama is about to get their doors blown off by UGA. They barely escaped Florida, LSU, Arkansas, and Auburn, which are all mediocre teams this year. They are not elite.
I seriously thought USC or UW would make a run at Aranda, and maybe they still will, but he was never coming to LSU this year.
Fullback, you are replying to Florida fans, I don't think they are talking about Napier to LSU...
Yeah but they knew that when he was hired. Probably worth it for the program's 1st 11-win season
Would be a home run hire for USC. His Polynesian connections will have him recruiting like gangbusters out there
Napier probably not interested in VT. TCU, maybe...
As a Hokie, I actually think that would work for all parties. Less pressure to recruit and win championships in Blacksburg. Win the ACC occasionally, and you're golden.
I don't see Stoops fitting at LSU, but he might be wearing Blue and Orange in the near future.
No thanks. The shine will wear off that one if he ever leaves Big 10 country. He will kill it as OSU or ND one day though.
It is definitely shocking that this Florida team looked like the better team on the the field against Bama. Not so much today. Geaux Tigers!
Happy Meal Valley is NOT the toughest environment in college football lol
5/8, almost 50% if it weren't for some Auburn 4th quarter magic dust against *check's note's* Georgia State
You still feeling good about this comment? A&M got man-handled by the hogs...EXPOSED!!!
Arky v A&M has been a close game seemingly every year since A&M joined the league. I expect this one to be the same, and Arky has a real shot at finally pulling it off. A&M looks overated, they might get exposed (again).
Agreed. He was throwing into some very heavy traffic. Not well advised throws. AR-15 just looks different out there, have to play him.
There is NO way there were 14 better QBs in the 2020 class. Bryce Young and DJ U may have arguments, but that's it, and that's highly debatable. Recruiting services are a joke.
I thought Auburn just hired their coach because of his success at the program.