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Finebaum is never going to miss an opportunity to throw shade at Les Miles.
Cry me a river. LSU had two primary D-lineman that weren't playing at 100% too. We still found a way to manufacture pressure. Good coaches make it work.
Yeah, you already said that. Try and keep up.
You what though, LSU's offense and defense are ranked higher than Alabama's right now and that is against tougher competition. I don't think you should be talking about anyone's defense right now.
You know, what they say about you is true BamaTime, you might not be able to read at a third grade level.
Agreed. Nobody can help their schedule though. The fact is LSU, OSU, Wisconsin, and Alabama have all been dominant against whomever they line up against.
The defense has been the star of the show though. Four shutouts in six games is ridiculous.
Wisconsin has been impressive. Ohio State too. That sets up for a B1G showdown.
Some of the calls definitely make me think that the refs had money on Florida covering the 13 point spread. That being said, it was a solid win and Florida played an excellent game. Mullen outschemed Aranda for the third year in a row.
It is hard argue against Saban at 1, but I think Mullen and Orgeron should be flipped. Sure, Orgeron has more talent so is expected to do better, but the reason he has more talent is because he recruits better than Mullen.
Keeps your paws off of Brady. We're fond of him down in the Bayou, and I would would hate to get in a bidding war with y'all.
BamaTime, why do you say sure... Utah St. has been LSU's worst offensive game from a statistical standpoint. If you remove them, the stats go up. Math is fun.
He's like 1-6 now though.
NashvilleGator, I've watched many Florida-LSU games over the years. This LSU team is different and they covered the 13 under the lights in Death Valley, just as I predicted.
LSU rushed for >200 yards against Florida, it was still overshadowed by Burrow's stellar passing though.
Seems like they nailed the line to me.
You keep saying it, but that doesn't make it true. LSU's defense only surrendered 24 to Vanderbilt. Obviously that is still too much, but the object is to score more than your opponent and so far LSU has in every game (unlike UGA).
Vandy only got 24 on "their D", and LSU covered the 13 point spread against Florida.
You were right about that NashvilleGator, LSU scored 42 not 38!
Are you still saving it Mister2Bits?
Don't know anything about Dawgsofwar or whatever you said. Like I said, Burrow hung 40 on Florida, and Florida didn't have the firepower to keep up.
I don't think Tennessee lost to Memphis (only to Georgia State, BYU, Florida, and Georgia), but I do think the game Saturday could end being unmemorable.
That would be my takeaway. Same results with more talent indicates worse coaching.
Alatide, I don’t think anyone is assuming LSU is unbeatable. Everyone is assuming LSU will score 1+ points in Tuscaloosa though. This Alabama team is not shutting out this LSU team (but they could very like out duel LSU in a shootout).
Great write up Connor, I especially like the Burrow dagger bit. One small bone to pick though, the defense is only allowing 30 points on average to the three P5 teams this year. 38 to Texas, 24 to Vandy, 28 to Florida (the other 14 in the Vandy game were scored with the offense on the field and you were specifically talking the defense in that portion of the article. )