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Who is Rashard Alexander? Maybe you are combining former LSU player Ed Alexander and current player Rashard Lawrence.
I am honestly surprised Giles has waited this long to try and transfer. It's too bad that it didn't work out, but something never seemed to click for him. Maybe it is cliche, but the SEC speed might have been too much to adjust to.
I was disappointed when Franks chose UF over LSU, but now that he seems to be developing nicely under Mullen's guidance I think it was the right decision for him (and us). Congratulations are in order for being drafted in a major sport, it is no small feat.
Things might be looking better for USC in a couple of years, first Bru McCoy now Chris Steele. Both players were considered whiffs on the part of USC's recruiting and maybe USC ends up getting them both after they sit out a season.
Based on what? O will be at LSU longer than Morehead will at MSU.
I will always remember Mack for that incredible interception in the LSU game this season. We only made it to the red zone once and he spoiled it with a really athletic leaping interception in the end zone.
Charles Moore chose Auburn, not Louisville (and signed with Jones County Junior College). He is from Louisville, MS though; probably where the mix-up happened...
'Bama can sign 28 players in 2019. They have already signed 23, so have 5 open spots for NSD.
He signed during the early signing period. He is enrolled in classes at USC.
LSUSMC, he did sign during the early period though. He may get a waiver since Kingsbury left, but I doubt it.
They had Kingsbury at OC when he signed. Now they don't even have an OC plus Helton is a joke.
I was hoping LSU would hire him as a wide receivers coach, but obviously UT is a more natural fit. Good hire.
What possible position could be seen as a step up for him? Maybe a HC job, but not a different OC job.
I love how short the LSU list is, and I hope it stays that way. Greedy deserves to go make his money and we have guys to fill in for his spot. Ed, unfortunately, was injury prone and didn't contribute as much as expected when we signed him. Good luck to both of them in the future. Please stay one more Devin White and wear #7!
Not a UGA fan, but they have been lamenting Chaney all season. Seems mutually beneficial to me.
That hurts for Ole Miss. Where do the crystal balls have him going now?
Clemson's O-line was dominant the whole game. Todd McShay may need to re-evaluate that statement.
Clemson's O-line was dominant in a way that I have never seen against Saban-'Bama. Trevor Lawrence had all day to throw, every down and he picked apart the secondary. That was the difference in the game. 'Bama ran the ball at will, and really did what they wanted on offense (except score).
Last season, UCF probably was the better program. Florida was in a downward spiral. This season, and moving forward with Mullen, UCF wouldn't stand a chance against UF in Gainesville or Orlando.
The media sure wants us to think that Clemson belongs in this game so that they can get viewers, but the truth is, we don’t really know. Clemson’s schedule is so weak, they haven’t played anybody with a semblance of a pulse. ‘Bama has probably already balled out on 2-3 teams with better defenses, and only a fool would think that Ettienne gets more than 50-60 yds in this game. ‘Bama will force Clemson to be one dimensional and Lawrence isn’t ready yet to win against this pass rush/secondary with his arm alone. ‘Bama by 30+. OU had a better chance since Kyler Murray is basically a video game character and they got handled. 28-0 at the beginning of the 2nd quarter when ‘Bama put it in cruise control and played the time of possession game.
LSU was missing two consensus All-Americans, plus a litany of other defenders. I say that it evens out.
Are you referring to what Joe Burrow and Nick Brossette did to UCF's defense? BC that was straight up 1st degree murder....
There were definitely some bad calls. LSU scored a touchdown on their first drive, clearly, but the play was not reviewed. LSU's QB was clearly targeted, but no flag was thrown, even after review; this would have negated the touchdown for UCF. On LSU's "muffed punt", the return man was clearly down with the ball in his hands, the ground cannot create a fumble in college football, but that gave UCF a short field and gifted them a touchdown. UCF got to play a team with their 4th string defense in, was gifted multiple calls incorrectly that directly led to points and they were still dominated. Time of possession was 75% in favor of LSU.
There is no evidence that UCF would finish with 10 wins in either the West or East of the SEC. They might squeak out 1 or 2 conference wins on either side, but would year in and out be in the bottom of the barrel struggling to get to a garbage bowl game. Similar to Vandy.