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It's war on the field, but I've got nothing against UGA or their fans. Nothing but respect.
LSU dominated UGA a year ago in every phase of the game. LSU is a much better team this year. UGA is either the same, or has regressed. This is going to be a statement game for LSU to the committee.
I think I remember reading Guarantano had death threats after the Tennessee/Bama game. It had nothing to do with LSU though. LSU fans did get Ehlinger's number, but I highly doubt they were sending death threats, more likely just trash talk...
"And we certainly don’t lose to teams like Troy." Alabama lost to UL Monroe in Saban's first year....
??Fromm is 2nd on the list. Joe Burrow is the only QB ahead of him and also beat him in their only head to head matchup.
"I didn't come here to play class" -that mystery player, probably
"It is also worth noting that in two of those four instances (2012 and 2015), Alabama would rebound with enough juice to win national championships No. 15 and 16." Actually it was in three of those four instances that Alabama rebounded to win NCs: 2011, 2012, and 2015.
I mean, UGA's 2018 recruiting class was one of the highest ranked, all time. Those dudes will be juniors next year. They should be loaded.
Most likely because A&M had a glorified bye, so there is not much of substance to talk about.
He certainly has the all time highest completion % through nine game and it is not close.
I tend to agree. What if all five power conferences were to produce undefeated conference champions (not this year, obviously)? The committee would have Sophie's Choice on their hands.
In the playoff era: the PAC 12 has had two teams make the field (Oregon, Washington), B1G has had two teams make the field (Michigan State, Ohio State), SEC has had two teams make the field (Bama, UGA), ACC has had two teams make the field (FSU, Clemson), B12 has had one team make the field (Oklahoma), and one independent has made the field (Notre Dame). I'm not sure what will never change, all of the conferences have been well represented.
Urban Meyer had the highest rated recruiting class of all time (at the time). Tebow had multitudes of talent around him, and to pretend otherwise is absurd.
I’d like to think you’re right. Winner of Oregon/Utah should get the 4th spot if LSU runs the table. That win would be better than any on Bama’s resume.
You know that's pretty funny bc I was watching the World Series and saw the shark people and me and my fiance turned to one another and said "do these people think they are at an Ole Miss game?".
I get the feeling that Lane Kiffin is more of a beach dude rather than a mountain man. Mike Leach would be a home run hire for Arkansas, even though I would probably have to start begrudgingly cheer for them most weeks out of the season. I think Bill Clark would be a good choice too.
You say "our" as if you are an Auburn fan, but your flair is an Alabama A. Did you lose a bet or something?
The two that you didn't comment on, Bill Clark and Gus Malzahn, are the two that I thought would be the best fits.
Does this mean that you think Winnasota will be in the Rose Bowl? They should be the B1G runner up.
I don't think OU is playoff bound this year. I think the PAC-12 gets in before the B12.
Oklahoma didn't look good yesterday. I don't they make the playoffs this year, the committee would choose one of the two PAC-12 teams over them.
Yeah, and even after the penalty proves to be something other than what he is droning on about, he still talks about the first thing. He is exhausting.