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Truth is, Jimbo's players at Florida State were good athletes, but thugs and troublemakers. Maybe that's OK with A&M, but that's what they just bought. I hope he changes his ways, but I wouldn't bet on it.
They better watch their hiney too. Clemson likes to grope their junk while they're on the turf.
I'm embarrassed that my team would take such a whippin' and then start whining about which names they were being called. If any players used the n-word, it wasn't any of the white players. The fastest way to turn me away is to cry racism every time you don't get your way. Go deplorables.
I sure hope all those Tennessee players don't get hurt. Oh and the Carolina players too. I guess.
Playing at Clemson would suck. That's three hours from Columbia, and one hour from Athens. And then there's that smell.
If the NCAA suspends him for a half, the SEC should suspend him for a game. And then LSU should double that. No place for that.
And to think I almost went there because it was so respectful of our heritage.