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Hugh freeze could find even more time to be a Husband and a Father,if hespentles s time being a media hound, and a preacher. This kind of back and forth in the Media does not promote the University, and maked it seem as if Freeze "can't turn the other cheek."
Thank You Coach Freeze. We were one crazy play away from an SEC playoff. If you asterisk the Florida game for PED usage, We would be in the running for the CFP. That's an outstanding turn around in 4 short years.
Was Cousin Eddie in Miami today? ESPN sez watch for an announcement.
Ole Miss Dominated the MSST team, it was never really an "edge of your" seat game. The last Rebel drive was classy, ran to the red zone, then took a knee so as to not "run up" the score. Well done Rebels!
Did "Cousin Eddy" skip out on meeting Coach Freeze at mid-field after the game, couldn't really tell on the ESPN2 broadcast?
Not a single question about how the Ole Miss D Coaches, bit on the same Arkansas play action bootleg, play over and over again? How they failed to make adjustments to counter the play all day long?
If the pollywog defense that played against Florida, Memphis, and Arkansas , show's up for LSU and Miss. St. then the Rebels have probably won their last game this season. Freeze is a very stubborn man, He will run Jaylon Walton 3 plays in a row. I don't expect he will make the necessary changes.
How many big passes did Tony Bridges get beat on? I counted 5. The Ole Miss secondary was MIA. It would never had been that close for a fumblerooskie to make a difference if the secondary had preformed. The "pollywog" Defense cost Ole Miss the game.
Being a Rebel is a character building exercise. Like Charlie Brown and the football. Same old same ole... But this has been the most expensive ($4 Mil a year) failure to date.
RED Jersey's, GREY Pants, and Navy or Powder Helmets. When did white jersey's become an Ole Miss color? Bland!
Reading up on ligandrol, A highly effective androgen receptor modulator, used for the goal of bulking, cast doubt that it could have been accidentally ingested. It's a testosterone booster plain and simple. No wonder he had a miraculous recovery from the flu. I think the "Revenge" of the Ghost of Col. Reb, and Good old Rocky Top just visited the swamp.
I agree with the author, but see a troubling pattern in the Freeze era, his refusal to make adjustments when things are not working. Nothing highlights that more than the3 back to back running plays from the Gator's 4 yrd line. All that did was to demoralize the offense, bring a hostile hometown crowd to its feet as the Gators made a goal line stand, and resulted in 3 points when they needed 25. That was poor coaching any way you slice it, and a refusal to evaluate on the fly, and implement changes.
Three back to back running plays from the 4 yard line, and coming away with a field goal? That was a poor game plan, not an execution problem. Bad coaching. The Goal line stand, only got the crowd louder, and inspired. Never mind how it demoralized his own players. There was a great big "pop" in the swamp, it was the air rushing out of some "big headed" Rebels, as they lost the "swag". How did that video go? "Back to Back"! As in poor Vanderbilt and Florida preparation?
Chad Kelly reminded me of the "Bad Bo" feeling I used to get, at least once during the Alabama game, and often during the Vandy game. Bad reads, not scanning all the options, not picking up on the defense, bad ball control on the snap, and sacks. I hope it was an anomaly.
I hope Freeze tells them "that's enough of the swag, rebels". Don't want to hit a skid streak like last year. Celebrate in January! The Gators will be at home, it gets very loud and hot in the swamp.
Herbstriet was up at 3:15 am, bashing Touhy? Then like a spoiled brat he whines about how hard his job is? Was he drunk?
Herbstriet was up at 3:15 am hating on Rebel fans? That in itself is sophomoric, juvenile, moronic behavior. And what kind of little spoiled brat, can't take the criticisms that come with a job like his? To my ears he called the game with bias against Ole Miss, but I can see how his words might have been music to others. But for him to whine and throw a tantrum about how he can never please everybody, demonstrates he does not have the skill to be in his position.
Hard to take Doering seriously, after his DWI evasion stunt, leaving the scene in Gainesville last summer.
The Rebels looked unprepared today. Not the same team that played A&M, Bama, or MsSt. Thanks to the Seniors, it has been a good year all in all.
It sux to live in the arm pit of the USA, I know, but it only took me 6 months to leave Missouri Misery behind.
Freeze hardly looks foolish for trying to actually Coach young men. Being involved with young people's path to maturity means giving second chances. A trust placed in Coaches by players families, includes making men of them. Decent, self sustaining, men with core values. Coaches around the NCAA would do well to remember that is a part of their job description. Not to use them up, and dump them on society uneducated, and unprepared for life. Whay's the matter SDS, was it a slow news day?
The whole world likes to dig up dirt on the Magnolia State, and Ole Miss specifically. This kid has had chances, Clemson, and he keeps blowing them. The Rebels don't need the bad publicity. Cut him loose.
Hugh Freeze needs a big Running Back like Hershel Walker, or Emmit Smith were, and a QB who studies the system and game film. If He lands them, He's bringing a National Championship title to Oxford.
MSST got their Bull Dawg butts spanked, and they lost to Alabama. Both of those schools were defeated by Ole Miss. This poll does not take that into consideration, but whatever. Who is going to remember the poll during recruiting season? Good luck with that insomnia for the next 364 days Dan, as the EGG BOWL TROPHY is back at the flagship University.
Dan Mullin or "Cousin Eddie" as we know him in Florida, is a very frumpy class-less man. Blaming his players for his own bad gameplan is just, well no Class. I watched the end of the game for a second time, and I am not sure he even went to meet Freeze at mid-field. When the rebels scored thier last touchdown and kicked, he waved his reciever to stay in the end zone. Curious not to try to generate offense when he was down by 2 scores. Then there were the running plays that stayed in bounds as the clock ticked down. Stupid is as stupid does, and thats why the Gators ran him off.
LOL, Tempest in a teapot....must be a slow news day.
It's not about how swell a guy Muschamp is, or how good a defensive coordinator he is. The team has quit him, stand around and watch, run out of bounds to aviod a tackle. That can't be fixed!