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Don't forget Auburn Fans only hope is always in the past! This game was there Championship! But it will be short lived enjoy because next year you will not have home field cooking
Don't even try, we are anybody else can't fix stupid, one word IDIOT! Ohio state had the 7 east schedule in all of college football, while Alabama had the hardest schedule in all of college football, Alabama played 5 yes 5 playoff contenders and top ten units, all while Ohio played one and got beat, go figure, the rest of there schedule the power puff girls could win!! Get real.
Well lets look at Ohios schedule uh!! One ranked opponet all year, ONE!!! And still got beat!! Tissue!! Jack Wagon!!
Tissue, You are a Jack Wagon!!! No wonder Auburn Fabs sell there tickets, true Auburn fans, I would sell my tickets to if I had to set by you. Embarrassment, learn humility.
Let's talk about penalties, pass interferences called on a receiver that the ball wasn't even thrown to, that one puzzled all the broadcasters, and lets talk about the fumble, that didn't get turned over, that one even stumped the broadcasters that thought it was a fumble, oh lets not forget the dirty play throwing Voker into the benches trying to hurt him, Tissue ya Jack Wagon! We need to clean up all this tissue and make you some brounty the quicker picker upper to wipe up all the tears!!
You got us, but I recall what Alabama did to em! How embarrassing was that!
Your like a squirrels, you find a nut for the first time and you act like you wonder something! If this is all it takes enjoy, for it will only last a year. Oh at least in your puns get it right Muschamp even coaching! Oh and don't forget were Ohio States head coach and some of his staff came from, it takes an SEC coach to beat a SEC coach! And you won something, if you say so.