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I'm stoked to see him play in the NFL.
Mostly meh and overly Ole Miss related.
Aren't there only 3-4 SEC QBs with more TDs than Dak? IIRC its only Leak, Tebow, and Manziel with more TDs.
It would just fill up with crappy macrobrews anyways.
I love that green hat.
I didn't think losing Robinson would hurt as much as it did. I sure missed him tonight.
I agree, I'd rather Fournette prevail than Harris go HAM on our secondary.
Good graphic design for sure. This would look cool with all the weeks of the season at the end of it all.
Well he's not trying to hurt him when you watch the whole video. Most of the "MSU playing dirty" is a media thing and not really true.
Like I said—story-mongering. The whole clip shows it was very brief and unintentional. I do submission wrestling/bjj so hearing people complaining over this (when nobody was hurt nor gameplay affected) is culturally different.
I like Miami's, but I have to agree the typface is objectively, just awful. It makes it so much harder to read and the counterspace is very unappealing.
I'm a state fan and a graphic designer from there, too. I actually agree with this article, but disagree with the previous one about home uniforms. I think the away ones are lacking a little something, whereas the Arky ones have just a little more flair.
Not sure I agree with the subjectivity of the maroon/white dismissal, but whatever. Also, I think Vandy's uniforms are underrated big time. They look pretty mean.