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Toe'oto'o has been the biggest committed player at UT under the Potatohead regime, and he's transferring. You can't come up with another player who has tried to keep the team together than him
Maybe give them something to strive for that is attainable. Don't have them try to compete for the East, or victory over Kentucky. Perhaps create a circle of excellence and challenge them all to personally get on it. A circle of champions perhaps, with rings you could give to them, perhaps champions of life so to speak.
I hear Butch Jones is available. Better record than Pruitt. Was able to successfully fend off the national media during rape-gate so he's much better at hiding violations than Pruitt obviously. Better recruiter. Never once threw his players or team under the bus to protect himself. He's probably learned a lot in the last 3 seasons, probably the most important that you need mortar if you're going to lay some bricks down. Tennessee may be down now, but they could very soon at least be champions of life again.
Yep. He can't be the SINGLE fall guy in that entire organization if the violations are as extensive as are being hinted at. You can't POSSIBLY have kept that from the upper administration either as a head coach if this is that pervasive. They knew. They knew they were going to fire him after 2020. They chose not to when the season ended specifically because they wanted to fire him with cause and save some money, so they waited a month and bided their time while investigations ran and evidence mounted. They didn't fire him until they knew there was enough solid evidence that wrongdoing had been done BY SOMEONE and that's the point at which they fired Pruitt. Any other reason and he would have been canned the day after their last game this year.
What do you mean evidence??? Please tell me why they would WAIT for an entire month since Tennessee's season came to an end to FINALLY fire their head coach??? They KNEW there were recruiting shenanigans going on. Everyone must have known that and they just waited for more concrete evidence and proof out of the investigations to come to light so they could fire Pruitt with cause and thus save money. Otherwise he would have been canned the day after their final game of the regular season.
It's bad enough The SEC is embarrassed by having Georgia act like it's good these days. The last thing we need is for UT to accidentally make a good coaching hire and somehow return to winning football games again. I think there will be shootings in the streets if that somehow happens and my worry is, the rate at which UT fires head coaches only increases the chances that they might mistakenly hire someone who knows what they're doing one of these days.
For the last time you illiterate swine. There is NO national championship for the #1 recruiting class. You Athens inbreeders can print up as many Tshirts as you like and sell as many commemorative rings for your recruiting national titles, but you will never ever win a football national championship. You are more deluded than the UT fans. They just want to get back to what they once were way back when, but they are under no illusions as to how bad of a dumpster fire they currently are. You Georgia fans just cannot accept that god hates you, no matter how plain it is to see for the rest of us.
That's not true. The same can be said about Georgia as far as the program sucking and each and every one of their fans having no class, but they managed to get lucky just once with the Beaver. They won't win a national championship with him and NCAA violations aplenty are happening in Athens that would make whatever UT has done pale in comparison. But don't sit there and say it can't happen for UT. It happened at Georgia, a perennial middle of the pack SEC team. My biggest fear about UT is at the rate that they fire head coaches these days, the proverbial blind squirrel just might eventually find that nut and they could accidentally hire someone competent. Nobody wants to see that.
There were several of them that defecated in the stands at the end of the 2006 national championship game when Florida beat them 41-14. Just to show both their immaturity and their disgust for getting spanked so badly. Their fanbase is the product of what you get when you put one reasonably good team in a conference of nothing but cupcakes which they inevitably take to the woodshed each and every week in the normal season. If you can call 5 games a normal season that is.
Dude seriously? These commentators are people too. If you don't believe that, go watch one of the games that Bob Griese commentates when the Florida Gators are playing. It is outright hate and unabashed anger in every single word that comes out of his mouth simply because he lost the Heisman Trophy to Steve Spurrier way back when. He STILL holds that against Florida and makes it very clear anytime ESPN chooses him to slaughter the Gators by commentating their games. These commentators are just as bad as the rest of modern day journalists. They have ZERO ability to be impartial and they don't care one bit about that either. They are the definition of unprofessional.
Something tells me the days of Mr. Potatohead are now short. I don't believe he will be let go this year. Plenty of folks can rationalize that it was all Guarantano's fault. 2021 the expectations will be unreal on him to produce with his team however. I can' think of a hotter seat in college football for 2021 now that Auburn and South Carolina fired their coaches. 2019 was the great sweeping of coaches it seemed and most teams seem satisfied if not fully enamored with their new coaches just like Tennessee was for 2018 and 2019.
No team that loses by 28 points in a game deserves to be wasting a spot in the CFP. I said this back at the start of the season when Bama thumped them and they have bleated like sheep all season long ignoring the facts. It's not so much the NUMBER of losses, it's how you lost. One of the CFP committee members said the way Florida played Alabama, he voted them above ATM and if not for the LSU loss the week prior, Florida would have gotten in. Florida lost 3 games this year by a combined 12 points. Texas A&M lost one game by more than twice that amount. No team has ever made the CFP or BCS championship game when they had a loss that bad on their record. Ever. Anyone with a functioning brain knew without a LOT of teams losing down the final stretch, ATM had no chance.
The rose bowl is only something special or mythical in the minds of BIG?? and PAC10 fans. The rest of the country cares more about the parade than they do that bowl game.
It is a crime that a team can play less than half of a season and get into the college football playoff. There are other teams out there who showed up and played a real schedule, not 6 creampuffs or cupcakes like oHio sTate.
Life lesson. NEVER EVER choose to play your football at a school because of the coaches and assistants because those are a dime a dozen and they almost NEVER stay there for your four full years. They can bounce around from job to job with no issues whatsoever, while the NCAA put's a chain around your ankle as a player and makes it VERY difficult to leave if you have second thoughts after your decision is made. The one I remember the most was the #1 DE pick Byron Cowart that was Florida all the way until signing day. Florida had just fired Will Muschamp and he landed a job as DC at Auburn, so Cowart went with this relationship with the coach, not with the school or team. He signed with Auburn. Muschamp left to become head coach at Alabama after 1 year with Auburn leaving Cowart at a school where he had zero relationship with anyone else there on the staff for the most part. His career largely fizzled out and he never made much of himself, not even being able to retain his starting position as a senior because nobody ever put the effort into developing him properly after Muschamp left. Stop following coaches around because they will leave you high and dry as their careers mean more than anything to them.
Why is Guarantano, UT's starting QB for 4 straight years as well as 2021's Heisman candidate not even on the freaking list to begin with?
If Trask has more attempts than jones, then that's because Florida is more one dimensional than Alabamy which is balanced. It's harder to defend Bamy so the numbers from Jones aren't as impressive as they are from Trask. When Trask throws a touchdown on a 75 yard drive where every single play was a first down, then it was done knowing that the defense was in cover-2 the entire time making it the most difficult to pass against that you could possibly get. Mac jones doesn't have that problem because defenses are focusing on stopping Najee harris, so the passing game is wide the F open for jones to enjoy.
But where is Guarantano? Surely he should be in that list around 10 or so.
Thankfully for UT, they now know that nobody else on that roster is as good as Guarantano so JG can get the final 2 games on the schedule under his belt to prepare his way for his Heisman run in 2021 with the Vols. This is probably the only thing that is going to save Pruitt's job in year 4 and Guarantano is the key.
Dumb dumb dumb. How does this help Guarantano get any extra practice for 2021?
Right, as of NOT ONCE in all of Saban's games have they talked trash about their opponent in the locker room. Some of you Bama fans actually think you're the pride of the SEC and deserve respect somehow. I would hate to see the trailer park that breeds such insanity.
It is the culmination of Lulu and Junior week. All of the festivities of this greatest of annual holidays leads up to kickoff in Knoxvile. Will this be the game that Guarantano starts getting notice for his 2021 Heisman campaign?
If Vandy is indeed done and both Georgia and Tennessee lose out because of that, then they should play each other a second time. That is what makes the most logical sense to me.
BamaTime just has an INSANE amount of jealousy and an inferiority complex that this world has never before witnessed. His team is #1 for the entire season so far, and he's losing what little hair he has left while cooking fries at McDonalds, stressing over whether some other team will score more against Auburn this year than Bama did. This is truly why no matter how much Bama wins at Football, they are losers in everything else in life and get no respect from anyone else in the South.
It'll all come together in 2021 when Guarantano has his breakout year. Then all the haters will realize Pruitt's master plan on giving him as many snaps and experience as possible in 2019 and 2020, sacrificing those years to prepare his team for championship glory behind JG in 21.
WTF? Texas A&M lost just as badly to Alabama as Auburn did and you haven't heard their fans shut the hell up about themselves all season long. I suppose Auburn fans have higher opinions and expectations of their team.