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I'm very curious how SDS comes up with these rankings. They completely ignore QBR. Mertz is 8th in the SEC by QBR and has the best completion percentage. It seems his biggest negative in this polling here is that he doesn't throw a lot of TD's given that he plays on a run-first football team. He's 3 spots down at 11 here. Spencer Rattler who is right next to him in QBR rating however is right up at the top of the SDS ranking system. I guess it's all about appearances and not about actual numbers and the body of work a QB puts in.
Is Kingsley starting at center for Florida? He didn't play in the first two games, but was able to go for Tennessee and Florida manhandled the Vols at the line all night. Then he didn't play against Charlotte and UF struggled again. If he plays, it's a completely different Florida offense, no offense to his backup, but quite literally, Florida has no offense with his backup. Other would be Tre Wilson. If he's back after being injured by Tennessee and good to go, that could be a very major weapon for Florida that hasn't been seen much this year. Just remember that Florida has the youngest team in the SEC this year, still rebuilding. So hope for the best, but realize other programs are further along and there will be games for UF to lose this year.
Absolutely shocking to me to see 4 teams from the PAC-10/12/13/6/14 who are in the top 10. That is amazing considering that the conference is dissolving due to all the decent teams bailing on it to go play East. Never thought I would see in my lifetime a day when the SEC has 1 team in the top 10 and the Pac has 4.
Sorry but I don't think UF should be ranked. Look how far UT fell, and the writing was on the wall that UT was not as good as last year. Yes it's a great program win for UF and hopefully signals an improved year than what everyone predicted, but at the end of the day, we were NOWHERE close to being ranked before that game. It is just one game. Had the win been over a top 5 team, I would think differently but we need to post wins against the gimmie next week and then show up and represent against Kentucky before I think we've shown enough to be ranked. It is still early in the season, and the rankings are just starting to sort themselves out from what we saw as preseason, to what reality actually looks like.
I swear we even dig up dead people in Micanopy to fill seats so they can yell whenever we play Tennessee at home.
"The Vols committed what seemed like 100 penalties while receiving no help from the refs," No help from the refs. UT got away with 3 false start penalties that the refs didn't call. Only got flagged for 5 of them in game, should have been 8, could have been 10. Didn't get called for the 2 holding calls on their end around runs. Those Refs were being merciful with UT and gave them as many gifts as they gave Florida.
I mean, come on guys, at least Milton is a champion of life and all.
Well when life only gives you lemons, at least you can still be champions of life.
Wow, something is wrong in the universe. Florida, by FAR, the most penalized and screwed over team in the conference by SEC refs played a better game than UT??? I mean, it's pretty hard to not call all of those false starts, but the SEC refs managed to miss 3 of them in the game all the same. That said, queue the Vol fans whining about the refs. They should go dating the South Carolina fans this week and compare notes.
Picking up a game where you are down 4-0 halfway through, the next day is very tough. Good job getting some runs on the board. Even better job for UT who in the 5th inning now is smoking USM. We need another SEC team in the MCWS to represent, and UT is flexing now on mississippi's little cousin.
Oh it's WAY funny. It will continue to be way funny for a very long time as well.
The LSU fans weren't calling Tim Tebow's cell phone at all hours of the night before the game. They were giving him death threats and telling him how they were going to dismember his mother.
80% of the Florida roster is underclassmen, Freshmen and Sophomores. Each and every game they get under their belts is HUGE. Any successes early on are just titanic for this team right now and for putting 2021 to their rudder, because they WILL be much better at the end of 2022 than they were when they started the game against Utah. That is regardless of if they go 6-6, 7-5, or 10-2 this year. Each week is going to be massive improvement as it looks like as a team they really have bought into the new leadership.
As long as UF beats UcheaT every year, all is right with the world. But playing so much better this year under this coach has really been making it easier for me to sleep as of late I will say that much.
He was sorta screwed with the game having been set on a Sunday before he was even hired. Then add in that every other SEC school won on Saturday so the pressure was all on his team to follow up and all eyes were on him. How LSU came out completely asleep in this game I don't know, but tone of the team always falls upon the coaching staff and how they prepared them for the game.
For the part of the game that I was able to watch in the 3rd, LSU looked completely asleep, and they were actually making FSU look like a competent football team. Was just in disbelief. CBK has his work cut out for him.
Hope you didn't bet your trailer on the game.
Should be plenty of youtube videos showing how to do it at this point.
I'll be the first Gator fan to state it here. Had we still had Dan Mullen as coach, we lost this game. That said, I don't think Florida is in bad shape in any game left on it's season except Georgia and ATM. Possibly LSU as well. They got a helluva coach and always are loaded with talent, much will be seen when they kick FSU's butt tomorrow.
Look, this is the time of year when they are allowed to beat their chests and think THIS current clown we hired as head coach is FINALLY a guy who knows what a football looks like. Just like Captain caveman before him, and Butch Jones before him, and god I can't even remember who the loser was before him. Let Tennessee fans feel good about themselves and have hope, at least for a couple more weeks.
Tennessee, the 2nd to worst team in the Entire SEC, and you think they are going to upset Georgia? In what way are you envisioning this happening? The ONLY way this happens is if Georgia collectively forgets where the game is being held and ends up at a mall in Arizona for the weekend
If the vols ever want to be a winning program again, they need to fire their fanbase, level that condemned structural disaster that they claim as a home stadium, STOP supporting and aiding rapist players and using rape of coeds at UT as a recruiting tactic, do something about the meth problem in Knoxvile which yet again is the met capitol of the USA (6 years running yay? Do they hold a parade for that each year in Knoxvile?) Maybe trying to teach a few of the smarter players to read and write would be helpful, that and hire a competent coaching staff. It also couldn't hurt to ditch the god awful puke creamsicle orange color and change the school colors to something that destroy brain cells just from witnessing it. And before you whine or bleat about my comment, everything I stated is FACTUALLY true, except for the last statement on the color. That is of course pure opinion, but it is shared by nearly every living being on the planet, so there's something there.
Not to complain about this, but what happened to the Florida state law that required all athletes at public universities to be housed in the exact same dorm facilities that every student is housed in? Last I remembered it's illegal to make special dorms or housing for athletes or international students or any other kind of discrimination against the whole student body. I very distinctly remember that the football players used to be housed in the stadium, and were kicked out in the 80's for just that reason.
Reality is Utah is the only team with something to lose here. The Vegas gamblers have forced the country to view Utah as the favorite here, and god forbid if they don't deliver.
If the past week or two is any indication, people better get ready for some MASSIVE lightning delays at the start of this game. Many days this time of year in NCFlorida, that lightning isn't subsiding till 9pm there or abouts.
Sorry but I just don't get one. Sure they have Willingham and stability, but I looked at their previous recruiting classes and they're all averaging around in the 50's. For as bad as Dan Mullen's recruiting was at Florida which is what got him canned, his classes at worst were still in the teens each year he was here at Florida. That talent advantage and the depth of it just cannot be ignored, and that's what everyone is doing, ignoring it. People are claiming Utah to be a preseason pick for one of the 4 post season slots, but that's simply because they are the turd in that conference's toilet that just happens to be floating at the top. They still haven't come even remotely competitive in a long time against the powerhouses from the BIG?? and The SEC. Sorry but the talent advantage Florida has, the home crowd which will be electric for a new coach, the heat and humidity of an early September game, that's all just going go crush Utah very quickly despite having the more polished and refined team and the coach who has been with that program for an eternity. I just don't see Utah winning this, but I, as with everyone, have been wrong before. Nobody has a clue what Florida is going to bring this year, other than at the very least, a potent running game with the best Oline in The SEC as well as a great stable of RBs.
How does it feel to graduate from the university of Georgia and get an EBT card attached to your diploma?
Better than getting your tickets with your EBT card like you do at UGLY. Btw, FLORIDUH? Are you retarded or something? UF is the top 5 of academic universities in the USA. Georgia graduates cannot even spell the word 'Georgia' as evidenced by a 21% illiteracy rate with your 2021 graduating class. What kind of moron are you anyways?
It is ironic that buttlickers are here STILL trying to troll UF posts and not sticking to paying attention to their own team. I use the term 'team' because you cannot refer to UGA as a 'school' when 21% of their 2021 graduating class was functionally illiterate and could not successfully compute 1+1. But hey, at least they has the foosball to brag about. Oh wait, they don't. They're over here trolling big brother hoping for some handouts. Typical bottom feeders. The only thing keeping UGLY in The SEC is the fact that Tennessee has an actual WORSE academic record.