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Grantham is about as close as getting new defensive alignments that work as Georgia is to sniffing a national championship. Or being able to spell it at any rate.
Georgia can't cry and blame having a million players out due to injury each and every time they get a loss you know. You clowns are starting to sound like the crybabies in Knoxvile.
Don't worry, they will have 10 million players out due to injury again in 2021 if they lose, just like they did in 2020. Always an excuse but I still don't see why they get so much 5* talent and do nothing with it to the point that those 5 star players are barely able to get recruited in the 6th or 7th rounds of the NFL if at all. Who the hell would take a bribe to play at jortgia knowing that they are throwing away the chance at an NFL career by doing so?
Let's be honest, at this point that decaying and crumbling program is lucky to get any prospects who finished high school.
Who the smegging hell quotes the USA Today Coaches Poll? That is not the legitimate collegiate baseball poll that is used by the NCAA, the D1Baseball poll is the only true poll that matters in this sport.
Does spending 214 million $ on recruiting so far since he became head coach and NOT delivering on a national championship mean Kirby Smart should have been fired as well?
You have nobody to blame but the UT fan base. Not the administrators over the past several decades, not the coaches, not the players. The fanbase is why Tennessee is so detested and so laughed at.
BIG?? conference, almost as overrated in basketball as they are in football.
This is coming from the man who once bragged on ESPN that while he was at FSU, he never once set foot inside of a classroom and he couldn't understand why any college football player should have to do so. Now just a few decades later he's trying to act like he's somehow a professional? Still a clown after all of these years.
You're talking crap to Alabama fans when you have that orange T next to your name? Really? Talking trash about where someone else lives when you are championing the Meth capital of America, Time Magazine 2018.
Well he's leaving Knoxville for one thing. That's definitely a step in the right direction towards rejoining the human race. It may not have been his decision but he's not hanging around that place. He gets points for that.
Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan. The only two coaches to ever concurrently have national titles at the same school in The SEC. All of the rest of your choices are idiotic.
I really don't care about ESPN Gameday and haven't watched that in years. In my mind it is merely the BIG?? propaganda show as they relentlessly are trying to prop up the likes of Michigan, ohiO sTate, and wisconsin.
At least at Florida, when we realize we made a mistake in a coaching hire and ended up with a Muschamp or a MclWain, we don't keep them around for 15 straight seasons.
Let's limit it to best players in the state of Tennessee.
How did that last Georgia coach you took from UGLY work out for you? That offensive coordinator isn't at Tennessee any longer is he and how good was your offense in 2020?
This is almost as creepy as the fact we have a child molester as president. What grown man puts the name of another grown man permanently on his body???
They shoulda given Mr. Potatohead another 20 years or so. At least shoulda given him time to get his players in there and learn em up. I would say 20 woulda done the trick there. He had them moving in the right direction, from the dumpster to the landfill.
Wait this racist liberal clown Matt Hayes is STILL perpetrating the lie that Dan Mullen tried to START a brawl in that game?? How clueless is he? He is still trying to blame Dan Mullen for making the comment that he wanted to the Swamp filled for their next home game even though it wasn't the coach's decision in any way for that? You really have the nerve to hold that against him when NOBODY is going after Texas A&M for filling their stadium to capacity for each and every home game in 2020 while everyone else was limiting themselves to 10-15%? Really? You're going after Dan Mullen and not saying a WORD about the aggies?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Well what's the point? Nothing at all stopped Texas A&M from filling their stadium to capacity for every home game in 2020.
Well if grades are in any way his issue, which seems a VERY real possibility here, then I believe he is definitely bound for Tennessee. One of his fellow high school players that he won a state championship sucked so bad he ended up at UT and he was just posting on twitter this week for Gilbert to join him again. Tennessee is also the one school he could stay in The SEC with and still get in even if his grades are such an issue, he can't even spell his own name.
Well how do you think Tennessee fans feel when not a one of them can even spell the word Tennessee and they have to share the state with Vanderbilt?
You get 4 years at Bama to learn to spell the word 'BAMA' correctly. Do that and you gradumacate. That's for the NORMAL students. You don't want to know how watered down the curriculum is for their athletes, and know being able to recognize the letter A is not the requirement, even if it's italicized and colored red. That would be too demanding on their student atheletes.
UF also had the highest academic rated year for its athletes this past year in SEC HISTORY. Even beating out Vanderbilt's future doctors. So don't be getting down on UF if entrance scores between average students and the athletes is a thing.
Toe'oto'o has been the biggest committed player at UT under the Potatohead regime, and he's transferring. You can't come up with another player who has tried to keep the team together than him
Maybe give them something to strive for that is attainable. Don't have them try to compete for the East, or victory over Kentucky. Perhaps create a circle of excellence and challenge them all to personally get on it. A circle of champions perhaps, with rings you could give to them, perhaps champions of life so to speak.
I hear Butch Jones is available. Better record than Pruitt. Was able to successfully fend off the national media during rape-gate so he's much better at hiding violations than Pruitt obviously. Better recruiter. Never once threw his players or team under the bus to protect himself. He's probably learned a lot in the last 3 seasons, probably the most important that you need mortar if you're going to lay some bricks down. Tennessee may be down now, but they could very soon at least be champions of life again.