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The University of Florida's official drink is also the official drink of the state of Florida. Simply put it's the Florida lemonade. Real easy drink too. Cut a lemon in half, throw half away and squeeze the other half into your container of choice. Fill up the remaining volume in the container with white rum. Straw, fruit, or umbrella is all optional but honestly will only make refilling take more time.
Why are there so many championless buttsniffers on our message boards and sports websites lately anyways? Don't they have enough to keep them occupied in the trailer park called Athens? Or is it simply the fact that the only literate bulldog fans go elsewhere to banter because nobody has internet access or knows how to read and write on their own boards so they are just perpetually blank?
Can't stand this transfer portal bullcrap. What idiot with a tennessee "degree" came up with this nonsense. Every single player who doesn't project as a starter now is instantly throwing his hat into the portal from just about every school. It's a great big game of merry go round. Gone are the days of my youth such as when I had the entire roster of the 1996 national championship team memorized. Nowadays, you don't know who will still be on your team from one game week to the next with the way they just let these kids go and do whatever. Thinking on the actual EDUCATION side of things, that is a disaster because not all schools transfer credits to other schools alike, or are willing to take credits of a certain accreditation. The chances of these kids who transfer of actually graduating has to be minute in comparison to the average student athlete.
It was georgia, they handed out rings everytime a player didn't get arrested during a game week. Wasn't all that often but they certainly handed out rings. Just like these days where they hand out national championship rings in recruiting over in Athens. If you get creative enough, there's all sorts of things you can pull out of the yard in front of the trailer to put in your trophy case. Broken toilet. Rusty wheel rims from your Ford you lost in the back yard. Some sun damaged pink flamingos painted and black. I know exactly what georgia's trophy case looks like.
Or some kids look at the raging dumpster fire and the lack of a head coach and say no thanks, I can do better elsewhere.
I don't know all of the exact details, but basically what missouri did here is about the exact same thing that FSU pulled almost a decade ago. They got caught and the NCAA called it the largest academic cheating scandal/fraud in college athletics of all time. They had to fire Bobby Bowden as their head football coach, amongst others. They had to retroactively give up something like 2 or 3 seasons worth of wins in multiple sports, not to mention the sanctions and lack of post season play for several years. They got hid harder than Missouri has, and yet they were one of the big boys, the power players in NCAA sports, but none of that saved them. A lot of us in the state wanted them to get the death penalty but that didn't happen and we felt at the time that FSU got off lightly. By comparison Missouri is getting a slap on the wrist. I'm not condoning anything that went down with North Carolina here, but stop with the woe is us rhetoric or the act like Missouri is getting railroaded. You guys had a tutor cheating for players across multiple sports, that exactly what FSU did as well and they had to fire their greatest coach in school history as a result.
Very surprised that people in Tennessee are still believing the false rhetoric from all of last year that Tennessee's problem in 2018 was a lack of talent or that the players just didn't care. The facts still stand they had the 2nd most talent of any SEC East team in 2018 on their roster and it was lack of coaching that caused them to end up dead last in the division. How would you expect those players to feel and play when from day 1 when he was hired, Mr Potatohead was blaming the players for all of UT's woes? Every single line out of his mouth in 2018 was my players suck and are trash. He broke the cardinal rule of coaching which is never throw your players under the bus. If I was on that team, and saw the way my coach was riling up the fans to hate me just because I was wearing their uniform, I wouldn't have put in too much effort either. Yet here we are only 5 months away from a new season and I am STILL seeing UT people blame their players and not the fact that yet again they refused to hire a real football coach to lead their program. And they will wonder why at the end of 2019 they are dead last in the SEC East yet again. And then 2020 and so on. It'll take them 5 years give or take to realize that they downgraded from Butch Jones who at least knew how to spell the word "football".
Didn't you people replace him with Pruitt? I'm sorry, the guy who is now singlehandedly destroying what is left of what was once the tennessee football program? Yeah you really upgraded from Grantham when you hired Mr. Potatohead. Out of work circus clowns are always a step up no matter where you put them on your staff.
The irony is is that we completely shut down UGLY's running game and it took Beaver all the way till the 4th quarter to realize we didn't have our starting CBs in the game from the very start. Only then did he start taking advantage of our freshman CBs and having Froom stop applying is mascara and start throwing the ball deep. Give us back Marco Wilson and CJ Henderson, and 2018 was probably a UF win. Even with the 3 turnovers we gave up.
You morons are so proud of yourselves being that insecure that you cannot stay off of any of the comments sections on Florida sports articles? THIS IS WHAT YOU BRAG ABOUT? I would think you would have better things to do with your off season than be begging big brother for attention.
Florida blown out? Grantham's defense completely shutdown the leghumper running game in 2018. If not for his missing starters on the secondary for the game, he would have shut down UGLY's passing game as well. Couple that with the fact that UF is now recruiting again and will be elevating it's talent level annually, how on Earth do you actually see that this is a positive thing for jortgia?
And don't bother trying to troll me or stick up for Mr. Potatohead, I do understand that Tennessee fans are hopeful, but you all got screwed AGAIN by your school. They were just desperate to put someone behind the podium this time but a guy with zero coaching experience is never the answer. You would have been better off to be stuck with Butch Jones. A coach, as does a general in war, goes to battle with the players (soldiers) he has. He can't stand up there and blame each and every loss on his soldiers not being fast enough or strong enough or as motivated as the other side. Dan Mullen came in at the same time as Potatohead and took Florida to a top 10 finish in 2018, beating 2 top 10 teams on the way and winning a NY6 bowl game. He had far less talent on his roster than Tennessee did, generally what is considered to be the most depleted Florida roster in 3 decades from a talent perspective thanks to his predecessor. That's what a coach does though, he takes what he has and he makes it work. He motivates those who are underperforming, he doesn't alienate them and toss them on the tracks like Proot did all year long. Would you want to be a tennessee player and sit there after yet another loss hearing the guy they say is your coach blame YOU yet again on the loss while he brags about how he is going to bring in 25 players who are better? That's the worst motivational speech I've ever heard, either while in the military or from any sports coach. Take that with the FACT that tennessee did not improve from start to finish in 2018, it got worse. Do you think the first losses of the season to WVU or Florida were worse than actually getting your doors blown off by Vandy in the game that was probably the most important of your entire season, the one that would make you bowl eligible?
No, mr Potatohead did not. UT had the 2nd most talented roster in the SEC East in 2018, and they finished dead last and didn't go to a bowl game when teams from that division like Kentucky and Vandy did. Talent is not now, nor has it ever been Tennessee's problem. Currently their issue with why they will not win games is that they don't have a head coach. Grabbing some homeless out of work circus clown off of the streets and naming him head coach does not MAKE him an actual coach. All proot has done since the day he was hired was blame the players for everything. Each and every time he has ever opened his mouth, he's been blaming his players and tossing them under the bus. Well the talent level hasn't risen one bit with this class, and half of the players on the team are officially his kids, not his predecessors, so when they go 4-8 in 2019, I ask you to look at his excuses in a more pragmatic light. You can't just sit there year after year tossing one kid after another onto the train tracks and expect to stop the train. That may have worked for him in year 1 with a delusional fanbase who is desperate for any kind of wins. Hell, they'd be happy with losses if at least they weren't ugly losses. I'm sure they would be celebrating if Mr. Potatohead went out back and peed on the dumpster fire to help lower the height of the flames if nothing else. Breakout season for the vols? Don't make me laugh. They haven't been a relevant football team since any of their current players were born.
You can only put 11 men on the field at any one time. Unless of course you are FSU.
Well, just take away from it that Charleton Warren just tripled his paycheck AND got to move back to his home state. Kudos to the man cause he's the real winner here. (Other than being stuck at jortgia and having to wear red and black).
Correction, Chris Steele IS a 5* player, and 2019 is not the first year we've gone without, we haven't had a 5* rated player in a recruiting class since CeCe Jefferson and Marcus Ivey in 2014.
Football is cyclical. FSU had their time of beating us every year while we had Muschamp and deeznuts as head coach. Now that we have Dan Mullen, it most likely looks like it's going to shift back in the other direction. How many in a row did Florida beat them when Urban was here? Football is cyclical. You're up one year, then down the next.
For the good of The SEC and for America, please send him to Jortgia.
Heard maybe, seen, not unless they were at least 45 years old give or take.
Losing players early to the draft is a GOOD thing. Sure you lose guys who were good or great for your team, but if you do this year after year, the recruits see that. They see which teams are pathways to the NFL career they all lust after. Having a lot of names, especially at the same consistent positions will always get the kids looking your way come signing day. If you are putting enough talent on the field you are getting significant early departures, then you are clearly recruiting at a level where you can just restock without too much hassle.
No offense but UGLY giving it's OC to Tennessee was a step up in the right direction. Having nobody at the position is better than what they had. I think Saban at some point has to run out of numbers to call for people to offer jobs to. Every year it's the same story, 3-5 of his coaches leave.
I don't think Florida is as hurt as some other teams. Losing Scarlett the RB isn't going to hurt one bit as we retain Perine. It was RB by committee for 2018 and it'll be the same for 2019 with way too much talent under Perine, but he was the best back for last year and he now is the undisputed #1 guy at the position. Lost no WR and only 1 O lineman. Florida will ALWAYS be fine at D line and ends as they develop those positions better than anyone else in the country. Look at how many 3* players it has put in the 1st round draft over the past decade from the defensive line, nobody else comes close. Coaching staff will just reload there and give the next round of guys their time to shine in the sun. If anything Florida is by far the most hurt from losing 3 senior offensive line starters (and the 1 early draftee loss) That's going to be the make or break for UF's season in 2019, and the schedule is not brutal at all. Road games at LSU, Kentucky, and Misery. Miami and Jortgia are neutral sites, and then the only tough home games will be Auburn and possibly FSU. You want to see a brutal schedule, look at Texas A&M. Road games for LSU, Georgia, and clempson and they still have to face Alabama at home.
Because Florida has placed more and higher drafted talent into the NFL over the past 2 decades than LSU did, a lot of it's NFL players dubbed it the real DBU and it sorta stuck. After about 10 years of this now, it's become a rivalry every year as to whether LSU or UF is the DBU. There are teams all over the country who are known for this or that, how many teams out there insist they are linebacker U? at least a dozen if not more. Nobody in the country has put more defensive backs into the NFL than LSU or Florida over the last 20-30 years though.
I have no doubt that Hevesy can work wonders at that position, the problem is the lack of experience. Nothing in the world, not the best strength and conditioning program or the best coaches all year long can make up for a deficit of the experience of playing in those games all year long or for several years. At the end of the day, no matter how you slice it, we are going to have some first time starters out there going up against Miami and the year can go 7-6 if they don't come together fast or be another 10 or 10+ win season if they do work great. At least I feel confident that we have the best coaching staff in The SEC to deal with this task.
And don't forget, WHEN you win is as important as who you beat and how you win. Auburn beat the ultimate #13 Washington team that was the PAC10 champs, but they did it in week 1 so that quality win was totally forgotten by the end and even with their spectacular bowl game, it wasn't enough to get them to crack the top 25. Georgia went out on a losing note with back to back losses. Sure one was a conference championship game that they sorta played pretty good in, but still, ending the season 0-2 isn't good, vs Florida ending it's season 4-0 with crushing wins that broke long time losing streaks against FSU and Michigan in back to back final games. Florida's offense was looking far better in those final 4 games than at any other point in the season too so they definitely finshed on as high a note as one can finish. It's always been true in this sport, timing is everything. If you lose early on in the season you can recover. Lose late and it hurts far worse.
Honestly with a win over 13 Washington and the total demolition of the BIG??'s 2nd best team Perdue in the bowl game, how did Auburn not actually squeak back into the top 25? Oh well.
While Georgia clearly beat them, Florida outplayed the ever living piss out of Georgia. Florida was by far the better team in that game, they were just missing their 2 top CBs and in the 4th quarter, georgia's coach finally realized that and started taking advantage of it. That and the 3 turnovers giving Georgia some easy scores early on to keep them in it. Florida shut down Georgia's running game completely until the 4th quarter when it's missing secondary was discovered. Ultimately, had Georgia actually come out and played against Texas instead of sulking on its sidelines in the Sugar Bowl loss, even with a loss I'm sure the voters would have put them higher. It's because they flat out looked like they didn't care and couldn't care less that they got penalized by the voters. That and Georgia got curb stomped and sodomized on national television by LSU the week right after Florida beat that same LSU team. So all is fair in love and war.
Sorry but how is the Vandy QB Shurmur not one of the top 3 QBs? I didn't even know Ole Miss's QB's name or that he was a senior looking towards the NFL he is so under the radar.
Honestly I've always felt that Florida and LSU got along quite alright. The only real bad blood came from 2015 when we had a hurricane sit on our city and it cancelled their game at The Swamp and then they called us cowards for not playing the game. It got reaaaal salty then, and it started with their school president, or was it their AD, either way they looked like chumps when we were forced to give up another home game and go play that weekend over at death valley to make up the game, and we ended up beating them and winning the SEC East over it. That's the only time I can truly remember there being bad blood between the two schools. It's always a great matchup and almost always a close game in an increasingly boring field of blowout wins after blowout wins every Saturday. This is annually one of those contests that is exciting to watch for all four quarters.
Untrue, the only enjoyment I get out of seeing others fail is when they are Tennessee, and that right there is the gift that keeps on giving. I was laughing my butt off at the Lane Kiffin hire and the way he ran away in the dark with all their recruits one night. Then they replaced him with Derek Dooley, not a bad OC but not a head coach. I wondered, how could they get any worse than that and they proudly brought out Butch Jones. After 5 years of being champions of life with good ol' captain caveman, I truly did not think they could possibly outdo themselves yet again but they proved me wrong. They hired Mr. Potatohead. This is a fanbase who thinks they are equal to Alabama and above everyone else in the country, yet they keep firing their head coaches and hire someone worse every time. They are the dumpster fire of The SEC and I love watching that thing rage and burn. Other than that I'm a very normal person who just has an axe to grind against a fanbase that wears puke creamsicle orange and destroyed my vehicle in the parking lot for their stadium simply because I had Florida license plates when we pulled down Peytie Pie Peyton's pants and spanked him in his own house way back in the 1990's. So yeah, slashed tires, a caved in hood, and all your windows broken will make you a bit salty against a bunch of clowns and I've enjoyed their misery ever since.