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Early season poll. As useful as a preseason poll is especially when half of the teams in the poll haven't even played yet. Kentucky has the season to sort this out, sadly it doesn't have the head to head matchup thanks to the SEC's bungling. What i want to know is why is Tennessee ranked? They are marching into year 3 STILL without a head football coach and the only 2 reasons they won a single football game are now departed and in the NFL, or trying to be in the NFL. Seriously they will be lucky to win a single game this year if that, and they are ranked. WTF.
Exactly. Why anyone is even postulating right now anything else is pointless. Maybe by week 4 or 5 we can have some evidence of just who might be the best, but with the Covids, the #1 team could tank in less than a week thanks to multiple key personnel being quarantined. This season is almost completely up for grabs. Except Tennessee. That dumpster fire is going nowhere.
The only way I see is if all 3 SEC teams are 1 loss, err or 2 single loss teams (Gay/Fla loser and Alabama loses SEC Champ as only game) then the obvious undefeated SEC champ. I guarantee that without the BIG?? currently, there will be TONS of protesting and anger about letting a non-Power5 conference team get in. They are already starting all the talk about letting someone sneak in. But I honestly believe that the BIG?? is going to vote to play their season. They called everyone's bluff and they lost the hand. Now they have to play catchup with the rest of the country.
This makes them look like utter clowns. It's almost like imagining the Tennessee Vols as an entire conference if you could stomach that. Thought they could strong arm every other major conference by voting no football, hoping their old school football history still mattered and now they are left behind while the majority of the country is moving on. Now they are butthurt and are dragging up the rear sucking their thumbs as they realize even if they push their season to spring, there's no postseason or awards or any real national recognition for them in it. I wonder where this leaves their redheaded gay lover the Pac12 who walked arm in arm with them down the aisle just a few months back.
What does any of this have to do with laughing at Tennessee? I don't get it.
How so? NCAA made 5* transfer from Georgia, Brenton Cox Jr. lose a year by transferring to Florida. Don't sit here and act like Florida gets the breaks and doesn't get penalized. We just don't go crying about how our chuckhole has been violated so extremely badly like they do up in Knoxville when the NCAA tells us our player has to abide by the rules and sit out a year.
How the bloody hell does UF have LESS of a % chance of beating Tennessee than it does against Arkansas this year? Arkansas has a QB, a good one at that, Tennessee doesn't. Arkansas has a real head coach, maybe not a good one (at least yet) but Tennessee doesn't. Exactly how do they pick these anyways, the good ol ESPN method of darts on the side of a barn?
What are you talking about advantage Kirby??? Smart lowered himself down to the level of trading twitter jabs with a barely literate circus chimp.
Come on, we all know this was the one and only way that Michigan was going to get out of losing to ohiO sTate YET AGAIN.
You ARE aware that the BIG?? commissioner is a MAJOR liberal and Anti-Trumper. I hate very much to get political, but that's exactly what this decision was from start to finish. He dragged the PAC10 in with him and assumed the other Power5 conferences would cancel college football, which would be bad for Trump in November. It is sort of backfiring on him and there is VERY good evidence right now that all of the BIG?? presidents had unanimously decided to PLAY sports this fall, but were overruled by their conference commissioner. Politics. It's all politics and always will be.
14 times as many people under the age of 18 die from CELL PHONES in the USA than die from GUNS. Does that stop anyone from screaming about our 2nd amendment rights? Do you see ANYONE holding marches or sit ins to try and get cell phones taken away from children or passing laws preventing their use to minors? People do not care about facts or numbers. They just want to be offended and attack whatever they do not understand.
How? The ONLY reason that UT won ANY games in 2019 was because of the 2 WR's that left for the NFL, Jennings and Calloway. It took the morons in charge in knoxvile half the year to figure it out, but they finally settled on just having their QB (and it never mattered who that was) just heave the ball 30+ yards down field on every play and either get PI flags or let their NFL receivers catch the ball and get scores against suspect secondaries. That got them enough wins to SOMEHOW make it to a bowl game. Those two players are gone. Tennessee is still stuck with the same garbagemen as players, the same circus clowns as coaches, and still has no legitimate head coach in charge of the team. Explain how it matters how good or bad Guaranturnover plays please. No defense. No offense. No running game. Worst O line in the SEC. Not a full set of teeth to go around in the entire stadium and they can't even claim to be champions of life anymore either.
All these butthurt bulldogs spamming the comment section about Point #1 which they are offended at, when in reality, they are just desperate that somehow, in someway, deep down in hell, their offense somehow WON'T be worse than it was last year, so they spend every breath trying to justify or rationalize that into reality in their minds. The truth is, everyone should be offended by #2. Just who the hell has gotten it into the media's mind that Tennessee is in any way going to be any good in 2020? They still do not have a head coach. They will still be struggling AT best to even get to a bowl game. Tennessee will be fighting against Vandy and Missouri not to be dead last in the East which is where they belong. They lost the ONLY two players who were responsible for ANY of the wins they got in 2019, Jajuanne Jennings and Calloway. No NFL receivers on that team anymore, no more hail mary offense to pull them through against suspect defenses. I am just losing my cookies each and every week of this off season as everytime I look at any journalism on the SEC, some moron is predicting Tennessee will act like an actual football program somehow and that's just insulting to the real programs in this conference.
Well to Croom's credit, he was brought in to clean up the program. He did that. Unfortunately that rarely coincides with a winning record at the end of the season. Same thing happened at Florida with Will Muschamp. No Florida fan can deny that he dealt with and solved the locker room issues he inherited from Urban's departure. He just didn't win enough and by year 4, he had Florida's worst season in 30 years. It all comes down to what the fan base and administration really want. Tenneessee wants rapists and idiots as head coach, Vanderbilt wants brain surgeons as student/athletes, every other team in The SEC wants the best athletes that they can put on the field to get moar wins. (aka$$$$$$).
Well congrats for SCAR. I guess. Hope the kid knows what he's doing.
For Dan Mullen's credit, Florida won a national championship with him as OC in 2008. In 2009 he had moved on to become MSU's head coach but Florida still had essentially the same players on the team. Florida did not repeat as national champions in 2009. Only things missing were Percy Harvin and Dan Mullen. Draw your own conclusions.
‘They low down. They dirty. They some snitches.’
So Jimbobby Fisher, Lane Kiffin, Mr. Potatohead, Kirby Smart, and Will Muschamp. Am I missing anyone who is currently an SEC head coach? I probably am. That's pretty impressive for Kiffin to have never lost to one of these guys even though he doesn't play against all of them each year. Throw in others such as ol' Butterteeth that are no longer coaching in The SEC, and it's quite an amazing run
Apparently a Krispy Kreme shop was opened just down the corner from his house, so his travel budget for this fiscal year was cut by 23% as a result.
Kid is wanting to play by trying to trash his old team and claim he left because of a "toxic environment". But then he completely invalidates that by trying to join the team with the MOST toxic environment in all of collegiate sports, Tennessee. 56 known and proven rapists on Butch Jones' teams and Mr. Potatohead did not get rid of a single one when he took over the program. White boards assaulted at almost each and every game and the inbreeding going on there is a sin against god. Almost as much of a sin as making me stick up for Georgia, which I am forced to do here. Why do we still allow this circus sideshow program to stain and tarnish The SEC? We already have a real school from the state of Tennessee in the league, we don't need these hillfolk.
It's still bullcrap. It is Florida state law that Florida and Florida State must play each year in Football. I hope Greg Sankey is arrested and thrown behind bars for his felony violation in preventing Florida from playing against it's chief rival at the end of the season. The rest of the SEC slate is secondary and always has been. I'm sure Clempson and South Caroliney feel the same way although I do not know if it is actually law that they play each other.
At least the elite QB whisperer doesn't lose to South Carolina at home with over 30 5* players on his sidelines.
Sounds like he has a promising future at Tennessee. Or Georgia, they like giving felons a second chance. For crying out loud every single person in their stands on a fall Saturday is a felon on parole.
I don't care what has to happen to make college football start on time. You do NOT take away Florida's birthright to demolish and embarrass Kentucky and Tennessee on the football field in fall. I quite frankly don't care how it has to come, this sport funds ALL other athletics for every SEC program, not to mention sending money to the schools who are hurting bigtime right now thanks to the COVIDS.
When the BIG?? is putting more than a fourth of it's players into the NFL than The SEC is, then we might be able to talk about them, but for now and for the last decade, they are literally a one team conference, just like The ACC currently (and usually) is. The SEC is the only true contender conference where you can honestly state that "any given Saturday".
Good news for UF. #1 team in 2019 and didn't lose anyone to the draft, so no seniors or highly regarded juniors have left. Bring on 2020.
Wait. You're trying to tell me that in the 21st century at some point, Tennessee had preseason expectations?????
Can't win the Fulmer award if you don't work at it each and every day of the offseason. LEAD THE WAY CHAMPIONS OF LIFE!
Sorry but if UT's history is anything to go by, this guy is the PERFECT Volunteer.