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Right but if support cast matters, who predicted that Trask's defense would all of a sudden go from a top 3 SEC defense 2 years running to one that was nearly dead last for the 2020 season in the conference?
Good to see Florida finally starting to compete and show some fight. It has been an extremely disappointing season for the preseason #1 team and the most talented SEC roster, not to mention most likely the best pitching of any NCAA team. They just didn't put it together this year and really regressed from 2020. Better late than never but I'm not about to suggest that Florida even deserves a regional host just yet. It's too hard to look over glaring losses to mid-tier programs like Tennessee and South Carolina. Luckily UF is starting more freshman this year than any other SEC team, so they are young.
Still mad about having 17 billion hurt and unavailable players on the defensive side of the ball in jax last year?
Kirby. More 4 and 5* recruits NOT DRAFTED BY THE NFL than any other active head coach currently in the NCAA. When people say Kirby can't develop players, look no further than that stat. There's a reason the NFL calls him 7th Round Kirby.
He's not known as 7th Round Kirby around NFL circles for no reason.
They don't handle drugs too well in knoxvile. He's probably been advised as such and knows it's time to just cut his losses short and move on. Now rape on the other hand, UT always handles that perfectly and will protect it's rapists at all costs. The druggies on the other hand, knowing that Knoxvile is the meth capital of the USA, they have to take a strong hand to and make examples of those cases to the public. Not really an option at that program.
Sorry but strong showing that will reflect good on recruiting? Kirby Smart's record with the NFL overall is one of taking 5* talent and barely getting them to the 6th or 7th round of the draft. That or driving them off to different schools altogether. This year is an anomaly to be sure, but rest assured that the players know that they don't learn anything that prepares them for the NFL under Kirby Smart. Getting 219 5 and 6* players each recruiting class isn't going to last Beaver forever. Maybe if Georgia doesn't have 16 billion players on defense out for the game in Jax this coming year, they might beat Florida for that matter. Or is it up to 17 billion now by Athens math?
Dan Mullen made the same comment a few months ago about a football game and he was tarred and feathered in every media outlet in the USA for it. Meanwhile Texas A&M never observed a single covid precaution the entire season and packed every single seat in their stadium all year long and the NCAA and SEC did NOTHING about it.
I think the Vols fans aren't the great bit lunatics we all believe them to be, nor their actions prove them to be. In all honesty, I think right now the Vols just would like to see themselves win back the state of Tennessee and stop playing second fiddle to Vanderbilt. It may take them 4 or 5 years to do so, but they have to focus on that first, then worry about other SEC teams outside of their state.
You stick with your proven winner. Guarantano. No other choice there. There's nobody else on that roster who could even choose their name in a multiple choice test let alone have the brains to play QB. Guarantano showed true leadership keeping that team together during the dark era of the Mr. Potatohead years. He's the only legitimate option available tot he wifeswappers of Knoxvile.
Not going to argue that, but the real problem is Mond being ahead of Trask. Trask may not be 1st rounder, but Mond is not NFL in any way whatsoever. There are 70-80 QBs that would be available this season for an NFL roster that are better choices.
Anyone who has EYES wouldn't have that opinion that Mond is #2. They guy was benched more in his first 2 years than he actually played because he was so bad. His numbers were second WORST as a senior in the SEC of all QBs, it's just the team surrounding him was that good that despite him throwing for sub 200 yards a game and less than 2 TDs a game and picks than TD's they still managed to beat almost everyone due to the running game.
He's thrown and completed more passes because he's been a starter for 4 years, twice as many years to rack up stats than any other QB on the list. How is that a metric? NFL offense? WHEN AND WHERE because ATM doesn't run anything CLOSE to an NFL offense. Stunned that Kellen Mond is even stinking up the list by being on it in the first place. The kid from Tennessee that got benched has a better chance at making the NFL.
Grantham is about as close as getting new defensive alignments that work as Georgia is to sniffing a national championship. Or being able to spell it at any rate.
Georgia can't cry and blame having a million players out due to injury each and every time they get a loss you know. You clowns are starting to sound like the crybabies in Knoxvile.
Don't worry, they will have 10 million players out due to injury again in 2021 if they lose, just like they did in 2020. Always an excuse but I still don't see why they get so much 5* talent and do nothing with it to the point that those 5 star players are barely able to get recruited in the 6th or 7th rounds of the NFL if at all. Who the hell would take a bribe to play at jortgia knowing that they are throwing away the chance at an NFL career by doing so?
Let's be honest, at this point that decaying and crumbling program is lucky to get any prospects who finished high school.
Who the smegging hell quotes the USA Today Coaches Poll? That is not the legitimate collegiate baseball poll that is used by the NCAA, the D1Baseball poll is the only true poll that matters in this sport.
Does spending 214 million $ on recruiting so far since he became head coach and NOT delivering on a national championship mean Kirby Smart should have been fired as well?
You have nobody to blame but the UT fan base. Not the administrators over the past several decades, not the coaches, not the players. The fanbase is why Tennessee is so detested and so laughed at.
BIG?? conference, almost as overrated in basketball as they are in football.
This is coming from the man who once bragged on ESPN that while he was at FSU, he never once set foot inside of a classroom and he couldn't understand why any college football player should have to do so. Now just a few decades later he's trying to act like he's somehow a professional? Still a clown after all of these years.
You're talking crap to Alabama fans when you have that orange T next to your name? Really? Talking trash about where someone else lives when you are championing the Meth capital of America, Time Magazine 2018.
Well he's leaving Knoxville for one thing. That's definitely a step in the right direction towards rejoining the human race. It may not have been his decision but he's not hanging around that place. He gets points for that.
Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan. The only two coaches to ever concurrently have national titles at the same school in The SEC. All of the rest of your choices are idiotic.
I really don't care about ESPN Gameday and haven't watched that in years. In my mind it is merely the BIG?? propaganda show as they relentlessly are trying to prop up the likes of Michigan, ohiO sTate, and wisconsin.
At least at Florida, when we realize we made a mistake in a coaching hire and ended up with a Muschamp or a MclWain, we don't keep them around for 15 straight seasons.
Let's limit it to best players in the state of Tennessee.
How did that last Georgia coach you took from UGLY work out for you? That offensive coordinator isn't at Tennessee any longer is he and how good was your offense in 2020?