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Exactly. Splash is one thing but part of the criteria is you had to produce and accomplish something. Lane Kiffin was a TREMENDOUSLY splashy hire at UT at the time, but he didn't even stay there for a full 12 months and never got 10 wins at the school so it was all for naught. Bret Bielemma had no business bringing ancient BIG?? football to the SEC and he crushed Arkansas as a program. Now a full coaching hire/fire away from Bret, and Arkansas is still struggling not to be a worse team in the SEC than Tennessee is and that's bad when you think back just 10 years or so ago just how powerful they were in the running game conversation.
If true, the Coley is still shoving the dagger into the dying heart of UGLY football even after he's left town. The man should be awarded a medal for his service to America.
It always sounds like it's the player who doesn't want Georgia, right up until the point they actually don't sign with georgia. Then of course the official statement on the matter for the historical record will ALWAYS be that georgia never wanted them in the first place and told the player to go find some lesser school. Heard it and seen it 10,000 times over the decades.
Lol wut? BIG?? teams are compared with the SEC as far as schedules? osU played the nation's easiest schedule in bowl teams for 2019. Clempson's schedule was tougher than the butteyes. Sorry but going 12-0 against that lineup of cupcakes that ohio sTate goes against every year shouldn't allow them to get into the CFP. You should have to play SOMEONE with an actual pulse. At least ONE real college football team on your schedule, not 12 peewee league programs which is all osU ever lines up for itself.
Someone please explain why Ohio State always gets a pass for it's cupcake schedule each year, but they go and trash Clempson in 2019 and now 2020 just because the ACC is having some down years with it's traditionally good teams. Clempson had a tougher schedule in 2019 than osU and you can pretty much be guaranteed it will be tougher in 2020 as well, but where is all the national media hate towards the butteyes for their perennial cupcake parade?
That schedule is almost as easy as Ohio State's. ALMOST, but not quite.
And don't forget, the 2 games prior to that 2018 SCAR game were losses by Florida, to UGLY and to Misery. NEITHER of these games did Franks run the ball and the offense suffered for it. Look what his legs did for him against MU and Harbaugh's #1 defense in the nation.
Franks is good to great WHEN HE RUNS THE BALL. See the turnaround that happened at halftime in 2018 of the South Carolina game. SCAR dominates the 1st half, 2nd half Franks starts running the ball up the right side and Florida scores on every possession from there on out to win the game. Dominates his opponents in the last games of the season. Now skip to 2019 when Florida replaced it's line and without any question, had issues providing running lanes for it's tailbacks all season long. Franks was then limited and couldn't scramble and get his designed runs, and he suffered for it. If you give him an offensive line that he can run the ball behind, Franks can be good enough to get you to the SEC title game. It all depends on if he's running the ball or if you're expecting him to sit there and make judgement decisions on downfield passing. Being a statue in the pocket is just not his forte.
Name one other school in the SEC where the QB coaching is better than Florida. Sub par my butt. Especially when just about every credible media source is preemptively tapping Florida to be the SEC East favorite for 2020.
Technically LSU won twice in the post season, so 9-2.
Sorry that you think your team is something they are not, but you claim Florida isn't one of the big boys in the conference? Reaaaally? More SEC championships than any other team other than Alabama in the division era, more SEC championships than all other SEC East teams combined in that era as well? More national titles in that time frame than all SEC East teams combined? I'm sorry but how is Florida not one of the big boys in The SEC? You're as delusional as osU fans are about getting robbed in the Fiesta Bowl.
Fair is fair, and all coaches are mostly playing with what they inherit the first 2 years for the most part. Urban Meyer inherited a national championship caliber roster from Ron Zook when he took the job at Florida and he got that championship in year 2. Dan Mullen on the other hand inherited one of the weakest rosters in the SEC East when he took over at Florida 2 years ago, but he's still won despite that. A good coach will be successful with what he is given to work with, just as a general goes to battle with the army he has. That said, Jimbo HAS won a national championship at FSU with the players that HE recruited, so he has proved he can do it. He is one of only 5 coaches who have won a CFP national title so far. I wouldn't second guess his ability to do what needs to be done. Competition is harder now at ATM for him, but his recruiting is so much easier and the funding/facilities is more than double what he had to work with at FSU.
I dare you to find proof of Gator fans ever proclaiming Malik Zaire leading Florida all the way. There are ample examples in the past few years alone however, of UGA fans guaranteeing that Kirby is going to bring Georgia the next 10 straight national championships.
The real funny part is that they haven't figured out how to fire Mr. Potatohead yet and go find a real head coach.
Exactly. The only reason their is any sense of doom and gloom is because of the current expectations. Kirby has promised as of 2017 that Georgia would get national championships soon. Georgia's fans declared last year that they were winning the next 10 straight national titles. Tshirts already printed and in the warehouse up through 2030 and the rings have been ordered. So this is the year to put up or shut up. That's where the pressure is coming from.
If I were an UGA fan, I wouldn't be able to read.
Not to change the subject here, but can someone please tell me for the love of christ just how you become academically ineligible at a school like georgia or tennessee? These are not academic institutions by any means. If you can properly spell your name by the time your 4 years are up, you graduate with highest honors from these places. Nobody that can count past 2 goes to these schools for the academics, so how is this Ben Cleaveland ineligible? What the heck did he do? I mean there are football factories and then there are football factories. Deion Sanders bragged about never once having to step inside of a classroom in his 3 years at FSU and he was never academically ineligible, and georgia/tennessee are nowhere close to FSU for a quality education. So if you can get through and still play at FSU, what is georgie doing so wrong here?
Good bye mascara-boy, we barely knew ya. While I'm sad to admit that we never beat you, the only consolation for Gator fans is that you didn't stick around to see if you could make it 4 straight on us. Peyton Manning did and proved that he could make it 4 straight against Florida. All the great ones really do stick it out, but that's not a knock on you. I know how the lure of all that flashy money from those Maybelline contracts can change anyone's plans in a heartbeat. Follow your destiny!!!
Wrong. Both calls were ultimately made correct by replay, and that's why we have replay in the game to this day. To fix what wasn't caught on the field. America won, the better team won, the undeserving team goes home to it's meth labs and singlewides to beat up it's children for the offseason while waiting for the next promised year.
So why are no osu fans or other haters complaining about the 30 some odd personal fouls, false starts, or pass interference penalties that osu committed during the game? Why is it only this targeting and the incomplete pass that they are whining about? These 2 calls were called correctly, so what that they both went against the same team, there were MANY calls in the entire game, and each team had it's own share.
Please cite one example where Florida as an entire fanbase/school/team/staff has claimed that a win it didn't deserve was stolen from them. The only game in history that we have claimed was stolen from us was indeed rightly stolen from us in The Swindle in The Swamp. It seems the overwhelming vast majority of the football world agreed too as that game is why we have instant replay in college to this day. No other reason but The Swindle in The Swamp. Other than that one game, we accept our losses and don't think we are the best team in the nation just because the media tells us so every single day since spring practice. It's what you put out there on the field that matters.
No offense but UGLY lost it's top 5 receivers last year and you saw the significant drop off in their passing game here in 2019. They basically ended up with Cager and that was it. This is not to say they don't have plenty of excellent 5 star talent on the team to perform the role, they just are too young or haven't been developed yet and didn't help the team out in 2019. That could very well happen to Florida next year as well. At the very LEAST we do have Pitts, Grimes, and Copeland who all have significant playing time under their belts. What I'm trying to say though, is be full and well prepared for a significant passing game drop off in 2020 for Florida.
No way no how. BIG?? is somewhere on par with Pac10 or slightly behind it, but slightly ahead of the ACC.
It's pretty easy for Dabo to make a claim like that when his team has more 4 and 5 star players on it than the rest of the ACC combined. Let him get a real look at the quality of the rest of that league, and he wouldn't open his mouth so much about his conference. The ACC is almost as big a joke as the BIG?? and the Pac10 are.
I will be happy enough if Florida doesn't try a fake punt with the slowest player on the team trying to run it late in the 4th quarter on a win or lose play when it's 4th and 40 to go for the ball game.
Just trust in your OC to come up with a gameplan with what he has to work with. That's the job of an OC after all.
From where Kentucky was heading early to mid season, getting to a bowl was a triumph for them, even if it was just the Belk Bowl. If Lynn Bowden Jr. plays in the game, Kentucky will roll easily. He's the true Heisman this year IMHO. Most rushing yards on his team. Most passing yards thrown on his team. Most passing yards CAUGHT on his team. How is that not the greatest player on a football team this year??? He did what he did WITHOUT the star studded surrounding cast that all of the real Heisman finalists got to enjoy on their teams.
Most interesting game here to me is Auburn Minnesota. Auburn embarrassed the piss out of the BIG?? last year in how they beat the crap out of purdue as if they were back on a 2nd grade playground. Look for Auburn to do it again this year. Alabama vs Michigan will also be quite entertaining. Every year this is the vindication as to why we claim the BIG?? and Pac10 are overrated in the polls each and every year.
Lane Kiffin was the highlight of the decade for Tennessee, and it's all because they keep firing head coaches and replacing them with someone worse. I can't even imagine who they are going to find to replace Mr. Potatohead in a year or two when it finally dawns on the UT fanbase that yet again they hired a worse guy than they fired, but it'll be interesting and if anything in this past decade has been proven to me time and time again, Tennessee doesn't let you down on this. The truly pathetic part about this is that they had a path out, maybe not to excellence but they certainly finally had a chance to upgrade their head coach with Greg Schiano. And then the fanbase as a whole ruined it for themselves and they ended up with someone 100 times worse than Butch Jones in the end. Karma's a b(#*@ I guess.