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Texas A&M is not a bad team. Not a great team mind you right now, but definitely not bad. Losing to tennessee and Mr. Potatohead in 2019 however????? How do you manage to beat Georgia and then lose to UT???? I would have killed myself right then and there in the stands of that game, then come back afterwards and strangled Will Muschamp in the post game interview.
You know that you are officially done as head coach at South Carolina when the offseason sports reports say you should be worried about Tennessee. If you have let the bar fall down that low, you don't deserve a paycheck.
This is true enough in any year, but the score keeps getting narrower with each year Dan Mullen is here. Florida fans have good reason to be optimistic with a returning proven QB as starter (FINALLY) and the fact that while Kirby's defense is still just reloading as usual, the Georgia offense is almost completely going to be rebuilt from scratch for 2020 in both personnel as well as coaching and offensive playbook/gameplanning.
Well that's what they are selling on the Tshirts right now along with 2020 Recruiting National Champions.
The thing I like about Florida right now is not only the record, but the fact that other than Vandy, Florida is the only SEC team that has faced any real competition so far this year. They swept the previous #1 team AT coral gables which is a VERY rare thing for any team to accomplish. Have had good blowout wins showing they can score big numbers when needed, and also have been clutch in tight games when everything is riding on it late in the innings. Pitching has been lights out the best in The SEC this year prior to starting conference play. I would feel very confident as Florida right now considering they have that rare luxury that they are battle tested already while most every other SEC team cannot say the same.
The bar is set pretty low there in Knoxville these days. Not just in football but in everything. I think it's the influx of cheap chinese moonshine which has decimated their state economy that is the main culprit, but perhaps it's just that they keep signing morons to be their football coach year after year after year.
None of these 5 predictions or whatever are taking into account that Tennersee lost 90% of it's offensive production from 2019 when it's 2 seniors WR's left. These were the guys they were throwing hail mary's to on every play from midseason onwards and the proof therein is that it didn't matter who they stuck in at QB, it was the same play every time, throw deep to our NFL WR's. They're gone now in 2020, and UT is still stuck with Mr. Potatohead, by all valid observations, an out of work circus clown who they are calling head coach. Please explain how anyone could possibly be thinking this team will improve in 2020???
That's one of the fundamental reasons why the NFL sucks. You hire head coaches to coach the team, but they literally have no say so in the program on how it's run or who the players are that they have to coach. it's a system thats designed to fail at every level just because of a handful of super rich bastards.
I agree, if you think Stoops had just a flash in the pan season in 2018, you're crazy. As strange as it sounds to say it, he has built something up there in Lex. I would be looking at Tennessee to lose more games in 2020 than in 2019. They lost the 2 senior WR's they had who were the only talent on that entire team and are still stuck with bozo the wonder chimp as a head coach. Kentucky should improve over 2019 considering how the injury bug maligned their 2019 season.
And no I'm not a fan of either of these 3 teams, so I don't even have an axe to grind here.
Look, you, I, and everybody else knows he meant to say All-SEC HONORS. And the fact stands that Mcpherson is 10 times the field goal kicker that Blankenship has been the past 2 seasons. Other than mispelling his word, what the author stated is factually true.
Well SOMEONE has to take Aaron Murray's job because he outright SUCKS and has no business putting his hands on a football ever again in his or anyone else's lifetimes.
Especially considering what he did offensively against EVERY team when the opponents KNEW that Florida's run game was all but nonexistent. They KNEW it was going to be 90% passing from Florida and yet he still averaged over 300 yards per game. All behind an almost completely brand new offensive line.
IF SDS comments are any guide as to the upcoming football season, it's easy to predict right now that the game of 2020 in The SEC and possibly THE game for all of the college football season will be Florida vs Georgia in JAX. 95% of the comments come from posters of the 2 schools and the animosity is at an all time high.
Well at least we didn't lose to South Carolina at home. We'll always have that trophy in our trophy case.
Bama and Saban develop players. Georgia and Beaver do not. How did Jake Fromm go from being a guaranteed 1st round draft pick in his Freshman year that made Eason leave the school, then Fields leave the school in his Sophomore year, and then by his junior year, he is relegated to signing a contract to be a victoria's secret model because he regressed so much on the field? I mean, it's great to have side gigs and most of us were always secretly jealous of Fromm's mascara modelling contracts, but to lose out on a guaranteed NFL career?
I could believe that if he was recruiting at georgia's normal level. He is not. He is pulling in recruiting classes they have never seen and will never see again after him. And he's doing nothing with that talent but selling carpet on channel 31.
So exactly how many years do the georgia fans sit there contentedly with Beaver as their head coach and no pressure on him if he keeps turning in 2 or 3 loss seasons while pulling in the top talent in the nation in recruiting year after year. Georgia fans were literally sacrificing their children this year after the South Carolina game to their dark gods in an effort to figure out why they can't win the big one for 40 years now. Are you saying that they will be happy to give Beaver 15 years or so of decent to good seasons but never any sniff at the championship that defines programs, just as they did with Mark Richt?
Sorry but no. If you are sitting here for the 3rd year in a row ordering rings for your fanbase in winning that national recruiting championship, and you can't win any REAL championships with that talent. At some point the seat has to start getting hot for Beaver. With almost nobody returning from 2019 to the offense for this upcoming year, if Jortgy loses to Florida in 2020, there will be dawg fans flinging themselves from the overpasses onto I-95 this coming November and Beaver will be responsible for it. I dare you to show me any other coach in the SEC who has done less with what he has available to him, short of Mr. Potatohead at Tennessee, but they weren't exactly winning many games when he came in anyways.
Kentucky is supposed to get it's starting QB back who was out for all but the first game or two in 2019 if I am not mistaken. Don't sleep on them because they are hungry and still have the pieces in place. Anyone who says Mr. Potatohead has Tennessee improving even after 2 years now of regression has seriously lost their minds.
Well no, I guess you finally broke that Vanderbilt curse that's been dogging you forevers.
Exactly. We can play a great game against great teams here and there, and then follow that up 3 days later losing to a team at home with a worse record than us. For all the preseason hype, Florida is not tournament material. Perhaps the round of 64 but the sweet16 is completely out of the question this year.
I'm all for bold statements, and most of these if not all are ok. Except Mr. Potatohead getting a signature win in 2020. There is absolutely no way that Tennessee is getting a marquee victory this year. Anyone that believes that is the sort of person who goes to a NYC subway bathroom and licks all the toilet bowls for fun on a Saturday night. Even going so far as to claim they are making progress is beyond the realm of any and all credibility. The ONLY success they have had was figuring out to throw hail mary's on every other play in the 2nd half of 2019 and hope their 2 senior WR's would catch most of them or get PI's thrown at defenses. That alone is what earned them wins. Other than that, and losing those 2 WR's of course, there is absolutely nothing to show that there has been any improvement whatsoever since Butch Jones left that program. Talent level has gone down, recruiting isn't as good as what Butch was doing, wins are down, SEC avg is down. Bowl game appearances are down. Even the boats in the river are going down.
Of course he wanted to come to Arkansas. The guy was stuck in Athens Georgia at the time. The 5th circle of hell would have also been an upgrade to him.
All I know about 2020 so far in the East is that Tennessee will still suck.
Threat how? You are the people who can't even qualify to make it to the job interview stage with us. All I have to do is avoid fast food restaurants and no UGLY graduate can ever hurt me.
Exactly. Splash is one thing but part of the criteria is you had to produce and accomplish something. Lane Kiffin was a TREMENDOUSLY splashy hire at UT at the time, but he didn't even stay there for a full 12 months and never got 10 wins at the school so it was all for naught. Bret Bielemma had no business bringing ancient BIG?? football to the SEC and he crushed Arkansas as a program. Now a full coaching hire/fire away from Bret, and Arkansas is still struggling not to be a worse team in the SEC than Tennessee is and that's bad when you think back just 10 years or so ago just how powerful they were in the running game conversation.
If true, the Coley is still shoving the dagger into the dying heart of UGLY football even after he's left town. The man should be awarded a medal for his service to America.
It always sounds like it's the player who doesn't want Georgia, right up until the point they actually don't sign with georgia. Then of course the official statement on the matter for the historical record will ALWAYS be that georgia never wanted them in the first place and told the player to go find some lesser school. Heard it and seen it 10,000 times over the decades.