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Sounds like he has a promising future at Tennessee. Or Georgia, they like giving felons a second chance. For crying out loud every single person in their stands on a fall Saturday is a felon on parole.
I don't care what has to happen to make college football start on time. You do NOT take away Florida's birthright to demolish and embarrass Kentucky and Tennessee on the football field in fall. I quite frankly don't care how it has to come, this sport funds ALL other athletics for every SEC program, not to mention sending money to the schools who are hurting bigtime right now thanks to the COVIDS.
When the BIG?? is putting more than a fourth of it's players into the NFL than The SEC is, then we might be able to talk about them, but for now and for the last decade, they are literally a one team conference, just like The ACC currently (and usually) is. The SEC is the only true contender conference where you can honestly state that "any given Saturday".
Good news for UF. #1 team in 2019 and didn't lose anyone to the draft, so no seniors or highly regarded juniors have left. Bring on 2020.
Wait. You're trying to tell me that in the 21st century at some point, Tennessee had preseason expectations?????
Can't win the Fulmer award if you don't work at it each and every day of the offseason. LEAD THE WAY CHAMPIONS OF LIFE!
Sorry but if UT's history is anything to go by, this guy is the PERFECT Volunteer.
Maybe on recruiting, but the fact remains Dan Mullen is the best coach in the country as far as bringing in the top transfer portal assets available. Nobody else comes even close.
Duggs. The only winner Tennessee will see this century and the best thing they will have in sports in my lifetime will be a fantasy online sports personality. How appropriate. Well come December and another disaster of a football season, at least they will have Coach Duggs to cheer on.
Oh I highly doubt that. It takes most Tennessee folk till their mid 50's to be able to qualify to be admitted to Tennessee. Being able to count ALL of your fingers takes a very long time to master so I've heard. It has to be one's life's passion to be an academic up in the hills of Knoxville.
By the by Peyton, still 0-4 after all these years.
Why hasn't good ol' 0-4 Peytie Pie accepted a broadcasting job yet? I would think the answer is painfully obvious. Given that he has a degree from UT, I highly doubt he can read considering the academic quality of that "school". He should stick to what he does best right now, being the butt end of the jokes on those commercials on TV with the no-name country singer.
Yeah but it's still very easy to work around bad NFL stats when you are crootin'. Look at Mr. Potatohead. Tennessee is on one of the hottest recruiting streaks the past 2 weeks that we've seen in some time, but all of that is despite the fact that he put zero players into the NFL in the 2019 draft, and then in his 2nd, the 2 senior WR's he had which were arguably 1st round talent barely got drafted in the late rounds. 2 players in 2 seasons with all of that 4 and 5 star talent on that roster? That's got to be one of the worst pipelines to the NFL in the entire country, but it's not slowing their recruiting down one bit. Still pulling the kids in there and he's sitting on the current #2 recruiting class in the country atm. There are always ways you can spin those numbers to a young kid. It's real easy to say, "I want you to be the guy that turns this program around and paves the path to the NFL for the guys that come behind you." or some such nonsense. OSU is just full of dirty tricks every which way. They will not hesitate to use any method to get what they need to compete. Can't out coach the best teams in post season, then they have to try to out-athlete them.
You could perhaps reason yourself into thinking the over for UT this year, IF Duggerston was actually their head coach. Instead they are stuck with Mr. Potatohead still. I predict 6-6, 7 white boards raped and sodomized on the sidelines this year, and hot seat talk beginning. Still not recruiting as well as Butch Jones did, and recruiting news only helps coaches in the summertime when there's nothing else going on, not at the end of the season amidst all the tears and bonfires of sports gear from disgruntled fans.
It is that time of year for the news articles in Knoxville to be asking the perennial question, "Is this the year for a national championship? Here's 5 reasons why it's guaranteed." Every year you see a Vols article with that title. Every year they hire someone dumber and dumber to be their head coach and get further away from any idea of a post season.
Duggs is probably the only person in the country right now who could turn the UT football program around.
Not afraid of Tennessee. They've always had talent. They've not had a head coach that's been their problem. They hire one buffoon after another and expect to win games somehow. No reason whatsoever the Georgias, Alabamas, and Floridas of the world should be worried until UT gets up off of it's butt and hires a real head coach. Raping white boards on the sidelines and throwing your players under the bus every single week doesn't turn an ex-circus clown into a football coach. At least Butch Jones owned up to his shortcomings and admitted that to the media every week, instead of blaming it all on the players like Potatohead does.
Sorry my year was off. I had meant to say 2018 which is the year Potatohead and Dan Mullen started at their current jobs.
Tennessee had the second most talent on it's roster of any SEC East team when Mr. Potatohead took over for Butch Jones. Yes more than Florida who went on to win 10 games in 2019. Please tell me how Potatohead did with all of that talent in 2019. Only Georgia had more talent than them. Tennessee's problem is not now, nor has it ever been about talent. It's about the fact that they STILL to this day do not have a head football coach. Haven't had one in years. Hiring out of work circus clowns off of the sidewalk and calling them coach doesn't make them a coach. At least the last guy they had, Butch Jones, could actually READ the football-for-dummies books that came along with his job.
Nobody wants to eat food at a place that was sponsored by Tennessee or it's "players". When is the last time you knew of anyone who volunteered for a weekend of diarrhea and an infestion of worms in their tubes?
Texas A&M is not a bad team. Not a great team mind you right now, but definitely not bad. Losing to tennessee and Mr. Potatohead in 2019 however????? How do you manage to beat Georgia and then lose to UT???? I would have killed myself right then and there in the stands of that game, then come back afterwards and strangled Will Muschamp in the post game interview.
You know that you are officially done as head coach at South Carolina when the offseason sports reports say you should be worried about Tennessee. If you have let the bar fall down that low, you don't deserve a paycheck.
This is true enough in any year, but the score keeps getting narrower with each year Dan Mullen is here. Florida fans have good reason to be optimistic with a returning proven QB as starter (FINALLY) and the fact that while Kirby's defense is still just reloading as usual, the Georgia offense is almost completely going to be rebuilt from scratch for 2020 in both personnel as well as coaching and offensive playbook/gameplanning.
Well that's what they are selling on the Tshirts right now along with 2020 Recruiting National Champions.
The thing I like about Florida right now is not only the record, but the fact that other than Vandy, Florida is the only SEC team that has faced any real competition so far this year. They swept the previous #1 team AT coral gables which is a VERY rare thing for any team to accomplish. Have had good blowout wins showing they can score big numbers when needed, and also have been clutch in tight games when everything is riding on it late in the innings. Pitching has been lights out the best in The SEC this year prior to starting conference play. I would feel very confident as Florida right now considering they have that rare luxury that they are battle tested already while most every other SEC team cannot say the same.
The bar is set pretty low there in Knoxville these days. Not just in football but in everything. I think it's the influx of cheap chinese moonshine which has decimated their state economy that is the main culprit, but perhaps it's just that they keep signing morons to be their football coach year after year after year.
None of these 5 predictions or whatever are taking into account that Tennersee lost 90% of it's offensive production from 2019 when it's 2 seniors WR's left. These were the guys they were throwing hail mary's to on every play from midseason onwards and the proof therein is that it didn't matter who they stuck in at QB, it was the same play every time, throw deep to our NFL WR's. They're gone now in 2020, and UT is still stuck with Mr. Potatohead, by all valid observations, an out of work circus clown who they are calling head coach. Please explain how anyone could possibly be thinking this team will improve in 2020???
That's one of the fundamental reasons why the NFL sucks. You hire head coaches to coach the team, but they literally have no say so in the program on how it's run or who the players are that they have to coach. it's a system thats designed to fail at every level just because of a handful of super rich bastards.