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UGA #1? #1 in what? Ooooooh I'm sorry. You meant #1 as in only 1 national title ever. Gotcha.
Is this the same argument that Butch Jones used when he protected 56 rapists on his football team at Tennessee during his tenure and he got away with it because the fanbase wanted victories on the field more than they wanted "character" from their student athletes? They only turned on Jones when he was no longer winning them football games, they didn't give a hoot how many women or little boys were raped in the football dorms in Knoxville.
Also understand that unlike in Athens, Tuscaloosa, Knoxville, or anywhere else for the most part, the schools in the state of Florida are all subject to the Sunshine Law. You cannot cover up anything legally, it is all a matter of public record and the public is required to be notified of the incidences. This is why Florida, FSU, and Miami always seem out of control programs in the media nationwide, because even the slightest anything that happens in the state becomes nation wide news, as required by the law. This is also why we have the phenomenon known as "a Florida man". The same shenanigans go on all over the country, and the world even, but they don't get reported on because nobody else has that law in place. Of course most everyone who doesn't LIVE in Florida has no clue that this law exists and just assumes that they hear about programs in the state of Florida having so much problems and from nowhere else, they just jump to the conclusions that the programs in Florida are dirtier than elsewhere.
Do you, for even half of a second, believe that we have fair and unbiased journalism in this country today? Last time I checked 99% of all media in this country is strongly left-biased. Please don't try to claim anything even remotely involving integrity or lack of bias where modern journalism is concerned. Not in this country at any rate where only 1 side of any story is generally ever told.
What is Tracy's take on the fact that Dan Mullen is FACTUALLY correct. Over 90% of all "rape" accusations in college are false. On average, 2-3 males in EACH AND EVERY college/university in the country will be falsely imprisoned in a given academic school year due to fake rape accusations. Many are documented as having to spend as many as a year or two in jail before being exonerated and at that point, their academic and professional lives are utterly destroyed, as well as the fact that they more than likely have been raped dozens of times over while incarcerated. (Women hate hearing the FACT that nearly 4 times as many men are raped in the USA annually than women are thanks to the us prison system. Rape is apparently only a feminist issue to them.) Exactly what does this Tracy expect Dan Mullen to do anyways? Each and every whiff of any type of behavior not to be seen in a church choir should immediately be followed by kicking the player off of the team and ejecting them from school? REALLY? I love how these social avenger types always use the term "They just don't get IT." Get what? You have a social agenda that society in general does not adhere to, and you are offended because of it. Get over it cupcake. Why not look at truly tainted college athletics programs such as Tennessee where Butch Jones protected 56 known rapists on his football rosters during his tenure there. Where was the massive social unrest over that? There wasn't any because he was supposedly winning them football games. Their fanbase didn't turn on him till he stopped winning football games. Their current head coach (if you can really call him a coach) could sacrifice a baby on the 50 yard line during halftime of their first game and devour it before the crowd and they would cheer him on so long as the Vols win the game. Maybe you should go after programs like that.
Maybe Diaz didn't haven an answer to the question because he had to wait till afterwards so he could google and find out what the quarterback does and whether it plays on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. First year head coaches will be first year head coaches. Just look at the disaster going on at Tennessee.
Some of you idiots who don't agree with Joe seem to have a hard time accepting facts. At the time it was all over the news about how the Gator players were calling Steele out for his hypocrisy. Everyone associated with the incident claims Steele never once had any problem with his roommate while he was here at UF and that it was only when he wanted to transfer and needed an excuse did the whole rommategate thing erupt. There are nigh on 1,000 twitter posts explaining this but you clowns still believe Steele's accusation about being roomed with a thug?
Next thing you know, you're going to try and claim that georgia players are literate, go to classes, or can actually count to 1.
The problem with that Cola_cock is that Atlanta is in no way an impartial site. What a lot of people fail to point out is the fact that while Jacksonville may be in Florida, there are more Georgia fans living there than Florida fans. It is rather sickening to drive through that city and see as many UGLY license plates or bumper stickers on the vehicles that you do, but jax is a very impartial site. There is nothing at all impartial about a location like Atlanta.
Every other big time rivalry that used to be played at a neutral site and then was switched to a home and home setup has suffered nationally. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Take Auburn-Alabama. That game used to be played at Legion field and it was one of THE rival games of the season to have on your calendars. Not anymore. As much as that may pain AU or Bammer fans to hear it, it's not a national event that dominates it's weekend anymore. For the most part, the rest of the country, at least outside of The SEC East couldn't really care much at all about either Georgia or Florida. Nobody would watch the game between the two except for the fact that it's located in Jax still. That in and of itself makes it a party and a date to be circled on the college football calendar for everyone. Same to me as the red river rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma. I've never been to it, but that game is so much more because it is at a neutral site every year. Imagine the RRR without the Texas State Fair in the back ground. Does anyone watch Georgia vs Tennessee, other than the fans of those 2 teams? Certainly not. Imagine how much more fantastic at the end of the year it would be if Michigan and TOSU played each other in the Superbowl or some other NFL site in a major metropolitan area? Or perhaps USC vs Notre Dame? It's really like having an extra bowl game each year, or in our case, in the middle of the season. It would be so much lessened were it to be a home and away game. Nothing really any different than any of the other regular SEC teams on our schedules. This is the middle of the season for these 2 teams around which their seasons hinge upon. Gotta play good and have a good record going into Jax, and how you do in Jax pretty much defines what the rest of your season is going to offer.
I'd go so far as to say Emmitt's career is over, and the things he is doing here are for his son. If your kid goes to visit another school for the weekend and is their star recruit they are catering to, you don't sit there all grumpygrumps and not go along with the sales pitch at least. I would be far more injured in my soul if EJ ends up with UGLY and plays against us than I would seeing Emmitt wear retard gear on a recruiting visit to Athens.
One look at all of the inbreeding UGLY rednecks from UGLY in these messages tells you all you need to know, Florida will be better and is on track to take over the SEC East and lead the pack, it's rightful place in The SEC. All of these leghumpers wouldn't be here if they were confident that 4th and Dumb had paid off enough recruits to build enough talent advantage to make up for his coaching disadvantage. If they truly thought they were better than Florida, you wouldn't see a single one of them here. They are almost as bad as Tennessee fans. BTW, God hates Georgia. It's in the bible, go look it up.
You HOPE. UGLY got lucky in 2018 when Florida's cornerbacks were all injured and couldn't play for the game. Do you honestly think that'll happen 2 years in a row and let that child rapist Froom pass against us in the 4th quarter again for a come from behind victory 2 years in a row?
UT still has an ex-ringling brother's clown as a head coach. If nothing else changed, they still do not have a head coach of their football team. I don't care what anyone says about any positions on the team, they will still not make it to a bowl game until they hire a head coach. At least Butch Jones was a coach and knew what a football was when they hired him. He was a doofus but that was SOOOO much better than whatever the hell they have now. God is laughing himself out of his chair everytime he looks at UT these years and they deserve it.
Tennessee will only beat those teams in number of rapes committed by it's football team that the coaching staff covers up, as always. The only statistic it has led the SEC in in the past 2 decades.
Is Mr. Potatohead still UT's head coach? Then the offense is worse. Why do you even need an article to tell you that? Till UT hires a real football coach, they will continue to be the burning dumpster fire that they deserve to be.
You Tennessee clowns really truly honestly DESERVE to have a scumbag loser like Pruitt. I thought Butch Jones was pathetic as he was worse than Derek Dooley, but leave it up to Tennessee to find someone actually WORSE at the job of head football coach. Have you idiots even taught Mr. Potatoehead his right from his left yet because he actually didn't know the difference during the 2018 year. Read that in sports illustrated and ESPN, and you doofuses actually made this clown off of the sidewalk your head coach. And you wonder why god hates you so much and you are the laughing stock of the conference.
Reaaaally? Tennessee? The fanbase that willfully supported a head coach that protected and nurtured serial rapists on his team for 5 or 6 straight years so long as he was winning them football games? 56 known rapists on the UT football team that Coach Butch Jones protected from prosecution, and the fanbase supported him in that goal 100% so long as they were winning football games. He even lied about it on national television when he was caught red handed ORDERING 2 of his felons to commit felony battery and break the jaw of one of their fellow players who tried to report a rape his friend, but the Tennessee fans all in all supported him. And why? Because he was winning them football games. Not until he went 0-8 in the SEC did they finally turn their back on him, and here you stand there and try to look down your nose on others?????? God's got a big surprise coming for you my friend on the day of judgement.
The University of Florida's official drink is also the official drink of the state of Florida. Simply put it's the Florida lemonade. Real easy drink too. Cut a lemon in half, throw half away and squeeze the other half into your container of choice. Fill up the remaining volume in the container with white rum. Straw, fruit, or umbrella is all optional but honestly will only make refilling take more time.
Why are there so many championless buttsniffers on our message boards and sports websites lately anyways? Don't they have enough to keep them occupied in the trailer park called Athens? Or is it simply the fact that the only literate bulldog fans go elsewhere to banter because nobody has internet access or knows how to read and write on their own boards so they are just perpetually blank?
Can't stand this transfer portal bullcrap. What idiot with a tennessee "degree" came up with this nonsense. Every single player who doesn't project as a starter now is instantly throwing his hat into the portal from just about every school. It's a great big game of merry go round. Gone are the days of my youth such as when I had the entire roster of the 1996 national championship team memorized. Nowadays, you don't know who will still be on your team from one game week to the next with the way they just let these kids go and do whatever. Thinking on the actual EDUCATION side of things, that is a disaster because not all schools transfer credits to other schools alike, or are willing to take credits of a certain accreditation. The chances of these kids who transfer of actually graduating has to be minute in comparison to the average student athlete.
It was georgia, they handed out rings everytime a player didn't get arrested during a game week. Wasn't all that often but they certainly handed out rings. Just like these days where they hand out national championship rings in recruiting over in Athens. If you get creative enough, there's all sorts of things you can pull out of the yard in front of the trailer to put in your trophy case. Broken toilet. Rusty wheel rims from your Ford you lost in the back yard. Some sun damaged pink flamingos painted and black. I know exactly what georgia's trophy case looks like.
Or some kids look at the raging dumpster fire and the lack of a head coach and say no thanks, I can do better elsewhere.
I don't know all of the exact details, but basically what missouri did here is about the exact same thing that FSU pulled almost a decade ago. They got caught and the NCAA called it the largest academic cheating scandal/fraud in college athletics of all time. They had to fire Bobby Bowden as their head football coach, amongst others. They had to retroactively give up something like 2 or 3 seasons worth of wins in multiple sports, not to mention the sanctions and lack of post season play for several years. They got hid harder than Missouri has, and yet they were one of the big boys, the power players in NCAA sports, but none of that saved them. A lot of us in the state wanted them to get the death penalty but that didn't happen and we felt at the time that FSU got off lightly. By comparison Missouri is getting a slap on the wrist. I'm not condoning anything that went down with North Carolina here, but stop with the woe is us rhetoric or the act like Missouri is getting railroaded. You guys had a tutor cheating for players across multiple sports, that exactly what FSU did as well and they had to fire their greatest coach in school history as a result.
Very surprised that people in Tennessee are still believing the false rhetoric from all of last year that Tennessee's problem in 2018 was a lack of talent or that the players just didn't care. The facts still stand they had the 2nd most talent of any SEC East team in 2018 on their roster and it was lack of coaching that caused them to end up dead last in the division. How would you expect those players to feel and play when from day 1 when he was hired, Mr Potatohead was blaming the players for all of UT's woes? Every single line out of his mouth in 2018 was my players suck and are trash. He broke the cardinal rule of coaching which is never throw your players under the bus. If I was on that team, and saw the way my coach was riling up the fans to hate me just because I was wearing their uniform, I wouldn't have put in too much effort either. Yet here we are only 5 months away from a new season and I am STILL seeing UT people blame their players and not the fact that yet again they refused to hire a real football coach to lead their program. And they will wonder why at the end of 2019 they are dead last in the SEC East yet again. And then 2020 and so on. It'll take them 5 years give or take to realize that they downgraded from Butch Jones who at least knew how to spell the word "football".
Didn't you people replace him with Pruitt? I'm sorry, the guy who is now singlehandedly destroying what is left of what was once the tennessee football program? Yeah you really upgraded from Grantham when you hired Mr. Potatohead. Out of work circus clowns are always a step up no matter where you put them on your staff.
The irony is is that we completely shut down UGLY's running game and it took Beaver all the way till the 4th quarter to realize we didn't have our starting CBs in the game from the very start. Only then did he start taking advantage of our freshman CBs and having Froom stop applying is mascara and start throwing the ball deep. Give us back Marco Wilson and CJ Henderson, and 2018 was probably a UF win. Even with the 3 turnovers we gave up.
You morons are so proud of yourselves being that insecure that you cannot stay off of any of the comments sections on Florida sports articles? THIS IS WHAT YOU BRAG ABOUT? I would think you would have better things to do with your off season than be begging big brother for attention.
Florida blown out? Grantham's defense completely shutdown the leghumper running game in 2018. If not for his missing starters on the secondary for the game, he would have shut down UGLY's passing game as well. Couple that with the fact that UF is now recruiting again and will be elevating it's talent level annually, how on Earth do you actually see that this is a positive thing for jortgia?