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Only defense that really has slowed down LSU is Auburn's and Georgia's D is nowhere close to Auburn's.
That's one take yes. Another take is Alabama was just the better team and Georgia has 4th and Dumb as a head coach.
There's a difference between being a fan of your team and being a totally braindead retard. You went full retard. Never go full retard.
Just because you're mad that LSU is going to shove Georgia's rectum up into it's throat this Saturday doesn't mean you should be making personal attacks against people. It's the holiday season after all, what would Santa Claus say to that?
Florida played both Auburn and Georgia and Auburn's D is WAY WAY better than Georgia's. Who is the only D that was literally able to stop LSU this year? That's right Auburn. Didn't score enough points to win, but it was the only defense that even remotely stopped the LSU offense. Georgia won't even come close to that. I absolutely expect to see LSU score 40+ in this game.
I view it as, we are using the conference championship games as secondary tier of playoff games. Right now we have conference champions that go to play the best of 4 in the CFP. If we're going down the road of conference champions don't matter and only the best teams do, then what you are talking about is an 8 team CFP which is utterly ridiculous. It's bad enough the 4 team CFP has destroyed bowl season as it is.
It's time to win by out-coaching the opposing teams, not by out talenting (sp) them. With Saban as head coach, I would think this would still instill confidence. So Alabama didn't have the dominant defense that it has become accustomed to this year, deal with it. The team still has more talent on it than just about every other college program out there and nobody develops it better than Alabama.
It's not our fault Miami and FSU suck this year. We try to schedule good OOC teams, and these 2 have 8 national championships between them. Instead they HURT our strength of schedule??? Whatevs.
What about Zuniga? Since the LSU game we have been told he might play and will be game time decision and he's never been on the field since. Can he medically redshirt to get another year? He literally has no senior season to show the NFL and he should outright be a 2-4 draft pick. For all the Jachai Polites you want to show the younger kids, they can look at someone like Zuniga who does it right, comes back for a senior year and has a nagging injury that keeps them out of the games just enough to basically lose their senior year and have nothing of merit to show the NFL.
Don't be surprised one bit if the committee and other polls do some mental gymnastics to help prop up the pathetic BIG?? conference. Florida had it's first loss to #1 LSU and dropped 4 or 5 spots in the polls when it was in the top 10 this year. Minnesota got it's first loss likewise, but to a barely ranked Iowah team and they only dropped 2 spots in the polls. I've been watching the love fest in the polls all year for the BIG?? and they will do anything they can to try to justify oSu being #1 over LSU which is insane. I absolutely EXPECT to see Wisconsin in the top 10 just so they can put a top 10 opponent against oSu in the BIG?? conference championship to try and bolster their pathetic schedule. Compared to LSU who has beaten 3 outright top 10 teams this year and several other ranked teams as well IF they manage to win the SEC-CG.
If 6-6 isn't acceptable to Missouri, then none of these 5 coaches is going to improve that in any way. Missouri had a mediocre season because it no longer had Drew Lock and because the super power teams in the East are waking up and getting good again. That has nothing to do with Barry Odom.
You reporters need to get off of the NCAA here already. MISSOURI cheated and they got caught. They got a slap on the wrist as a result but you people somehow are placing the blame on the NCAA here simply because missouri appealed and lost. You don't go around blaming the police and the prosecution when they catch a mass murderer and he gets convicted and sentenced. Stop trying to shift blame off of the wrongdoers. Missouri got off freaking LIGHT in comparison to other teams pulling the same crap.
Exactly. My previous long statement on this subject says just that. Their first seasons where they won the East were anomalies due to the teams in the East sucking. For crying out loud the East has sucked so bad this past 10 years. Jim Freaking McElwain won the East twice in a row at Florida that's how bad it's been. Don't expect the East to be down forever. Florida still owns more SEC championship game victories than anyone short of Alabama. The East will be competitive again.
The same Leach that hasn't been able to beat crappy Washington in 7 years? If you're known as an offensive guru and you can't even win the PAC10 with it's complete hatred of playing defense, you may not be cracked up to be everything people seem to think you are. Not here to bust on him or whatever, but how is Leach an upgrade from Barry Odom? Missouri entered the SEC east and won the East 2 times and why? Not because they were a team that could dominate the East, its' because they came into the conference when the SEC East's traditional powers were in utter disarray. Florida is finishing off the worst decade in it's history since the 1940's and looks to be climbing out of it slowly but steadily. Georgia was going nowhere until it committed to recruiting across all sports by the university spending 200 million a few years ago in that regard, and then firing Mark Richt of course. Tennessee is STILL a flaming dumpster fire but it wasn't any competition to MU. So I don't know where this concept comes from that Missouri thinks it should be winning the East and not doing so isn't good enough. Do we see Texas A&M winning the west every year? They did when they struck lightning in a bottle with Johnny Football. Since then they can't even crack the top 3 in that league. Sure they can have aspirations, but sit back and face reality of the conference that each of these 2 teams joined voluntarily.
I'm going to seriously have to question #9 here. That seems VERY arbitrary and more opinion based if you ask me. It pretty much boils down to what circles you go in and who you think an important person is. Someone in the media? Frankly I don't know half of those names because i don't tend to watch TV or movies much. The guy who invented UV coating for sunglasses? Yeah the coating that pretty much every single pair of sunglasses uses on the planet today to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays? Herbert Wertheim courtesy of UF. The guy UF just named the new engineering building after. The list of important public figures goes on and on and on and on and on. If we're going to talk about each and every person who has made it big time in their field, be they astronauts, congressmen, actors, singers, or inventors, UF will win hands down every single time. I could care less if they have ol' Burt Reynolds as an alumnus.
Sorry but the top 3 academic schools in The SEC are Vanderbilt, UF, and Texas A&M. In that order. Vandy is private, the other 2 are public. The only schools in the SEC capable of getting into the AAU as well. The other SEC schools have nothing to brag about academically in any way. FSU is nowhere close to the league of Vandy and Texas A&M.
EVERY college football fan, whether you love or loathe the Gators must acknowledge and respect the fact that Florida's Swindle in The Swamp at #5 is THE reason, the ONLY reason that we have instant replay in college football today. Too many people forget the sad fact that this was the game that was so outrageously incompetently ref'd that it was what finally shook the foundations of college football to institute the first vestiges of replay. The rest is history. So at the end of the day, The Gators gave the world Gatorade, and Instant Replay. You're welcome.
This entire article is a lie and is just butthurt crying. You absolutely should cooperate with the investigation and it has proven time and time again to help the chosen schools who have done wrong. When Florida had impermissible benefits for some players back in the 1980's the fact that UF cooperated and headed up the investigation is what prevented the NCAA from considering the death penalty for the program. Florida got hit ridiculously hard back then, especially in comparison to Missouri's light penalties here when you compare the two infractions against each other. The NCAA went light on Missouri, as it did on FSU just a number of years back in what amounted to the greatest collegiate cheating scandal in NCAA history. The fact that FSU cooperated helped prevent them from getting the death penalty as well. Sure they had to kick Bobby Bowden out of the system and remove a number of his coveted wins, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Same with USC in the 2010's. Cooperating always is helpful to your cause and I guarantee you that the light punishment that Missouri got in the first place is very indicative of the fact that they did just that, cooperate. Had they not, then in all likelihood, their program could have been shut down for a few years ala SMU.
pardon me but am I late to the party on this? Missouri broke rules. The investigations followed. The NCAA passed on down it's list of punishments. Missouri then went and asked? Petitioned? Begged? I don't care what term you use, but they said they weren't happy with the punishments they earned and wanted the NCAA to look back into it to, and I'm assuming here, lessen the punishments dealt to them. End of story. What are we waiting for? Why is this still news? At what point did the NCAA tell Missouri, "yes you know you are right and have a valid point. We will look into your punishments and get back to you." When did that happen because near as best as I can tell, the NCAA has done no such thing. No promise was made to Missouri to amend it's ruling based on Missouri appealing it's punishments. What I am saying has nothing to do with how UM's season has gone or if they are even going to be post season eligible, it's the fact that I can't understand what's going on with people confused like this? To me it's like you are speeding. You get caught by the cops. You admit that yes you were speeding. He issues you a citation. You don't like the $$$ amount on the citation he wrote you. You ask him to reconsider it as he's walking back to his vehicle. He drives off. You are still sitting there by the side of the highway 9 months later waiting for him to come back and say he was wrong, your speeding wasn't all that bad as other people's speeding and that you should be let off with a warning. Sorry but best analogy I can come up with for this situation.
No, by fans to opposing teams. It's been in the news, so please don't act like this is something new to you. My previous statement probably was in error as no LSU players or staff are accused of this. So whatever the fanbase is doing isn't really trash talk either but then again, it's a nebulous term.
That's not trash talk coming from LSU. Normally, it's mass death threats to the opposing team's QB or head coach. That's happened twice this year. I remember that they got Tim Tebow's personal cell number in 2007 and sent over 1400 death threats to him and about his family. Saying they want revenge for the way last year's game finished is not trash talk. Did you watch last year's game? LSU got robbed and most people feel that way. They BETTER be walking into this with a chip on their shoulder and the urge to get some payback.
Butch Jones. He knows the SEC well at this point. He recruits very well and managed to drag Tennessee up to the 2nd best talented team in the East during his 5 years there. He posted a winning record there and a winning bowl record as well which is saying something considering it's Tennessee. Almost won the SEC East there as well short of Florida beating LSU late that year of the hurricane. Tennessee fans will poopoo and hate on him, but the facts and numbers do not lie. He was heads and shoulders above what UT has now.
Have fun NEVER winning a national championship other than recruiting with 4th and Dumb. Enjoy!!!
You think your coaching is better now than it was under Mark Richt? That is a literal lie. All your team has done is spend 200 million as an investment into their recruiting program and hire a first time head coach who after 4 years is still making bone headed mistakes.
A guy collectively known to the sporting world as 4th and Dumb is not exactly the pinnacle of coaching. Not when the vast majority of his wins come merely from having vastly better talent on his roster than his opponents. He doesn't even need a game plan or need to practice during the week to be able to beat most of his opponents, just show up and let his players do their thing. That doesn't make one a great coach. If anything, Beaver has consistently proven to everyone his ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Also, how do you explain losing at home to a South Carolina team that doesn't have as much talent on it's entire roster as Georgia probably has on it's scout team? Texas in the Sugar Bowl? When Georgia wins, it's primarily because it is beating the snot out of a team nowhere in it's league, but I struggle to think of any head coach with that kind of talent at his or her disposal that loses as many games he/she/it has no business losing.
I'm 45 or 46 or somewhere in between. I have plenty to do but offering a comment here or two as I enjoy college sports in no way makes me a lesser human being.
Give him a break and let him type away his awesome interweb insults. The truly sad fact that I suspect here and absolutely feel a world of sympathy for him is, he might actually be a university of georgia graduate. Could you imagine how humiliating it would be to have a diploma from that clogged toilet of a school? Failing to get your GED is more highly regarded by employers and this guy sounds just like what you would expect from 4 years stuck in Athens for a worthless degree. He reminds me of the georgia equivalent of the tree killer from Alabama.
Actually I think their fanbase has awarded themselves 2 national championship rings in recruiting. They certainly don't have rings for any other kind of national championship because the one year they actually won one was so long ago, the universe hadn't yet gotten around to creating gold as an element yet.
Technically FSU and Tennessee both have better talent right now than Florida has thanks to how completely inept we were in recruiting for 3 years with Jim Butterteeth McElwain. The rebuild is going to take several years for CDM. At least we haven't been giving a total garbage product on the field like FSU and UT have with all of their talent. Dan Mullen has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can make a team play to it's best potential given what he has to work with. He was never able to get top tier talent at MSU simply because MSU will be MSU. Right now he's fighting against jortgia for talent and they have that 200 million $ recruiting initiative in full swing so it's an up hill battle any way you look at it for Florida. Not to mention every other top 10 team or aspiring top 10 team coming into the state making every attempt to poach the best players.