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As it stands right now, a loss to the corndogs tonight no longer eliminates Florida from the SEC race in the East. UF could lose to mosquito U tonight and still beat Georgia in Jax to win. Having the #1 team lose in the East gives life to several of the other East teams hopes. Jortgia still has to face Florida's defense as well as Auburn's defense. They could realistically have another loss during the regular season this year. That could mean that even a direct loss to them would still allow a team to pass them for the East division title.
Message for the Florida Gators. DO NOT PASS ANYWHERE NEAR ISRAEL MUKUAMU next week.
That's pretty mean to be mentioning South Carolina to DAWG fans this weekend considering the circumstances. Oh good ol' 4th and Dumb. So many georgia fans lost their doublewides over bets on the dawgs this fine weekend. So sad. So sad.
Not gonna lie, Florida has stunk up the field against a severely outmatched opponent in Missouri since they joined the SEC, but the fact that during that 7-8 year time span we have seen Florida's worst decade since the 1940's. There's a LOT of teams that Florida has lost to that it had no business ever losing a game to, Missouri is not the only one. So not about to deny that UF needs to fix that glaring issue of losing to teams it should always beat, but you do have to take it into context. Florida has lost several times to freaking Vanderbilt during that same time span just FYI. Possibly the worst loss since the 70's, Georgia Southern. Yeaaaah. We've had some dark years and are only just now seeing the daylight again.
Yeah Florida won nothing before Spurrier, except a national championship in the mid 80's. One they had to vacate, but still. The talent, the facilities, and the fanbase was in place to win a national championship BEFORE Spurrier, but go ahead and rewrite history Dawg fan. Next thing you know, you Dawg fans will believe you weren't the only college program during WW2 which refused to help the Allies in the war effort thanks to Wally Butts.
I gotta say the Mississippi State one was hilarious. As for Tennessee, they haven't hit rock bottom. Rock bottom is losing to Chattanooga.
Isn't the checkerboard thing just a rip off of what Tennessee is doing? It's not working so well for them these days, why would anyone want to copy Tennessee football right now?
Ugh, so we are dressing up as UK this week. It could be worse I guess, at least it's not the all Orange UT uniform look. And please stop with the black pants crap. Garbage teams wear Black. Florida never has and never will wear black uniforms.
Seriously? Where the smegging hell was UK football BEFORE your current head coach? You guys were lucky to get 2-3 wins a season with your previous coaching staffs. This guy took you to 10 wins last year and could have done something special this year as well if you didn't lose your starting QB in the first quarter of the season.
Sorry if it wasn't that obvious. geezy. I'll do better next time. My point still stands. We can coach up our team for one or two very big games this year, our players can ball like its the last day ever, but at the end of the day, there are still teams who can out talent us and have deeper depth to just have that statistical advantage right now. At the end of the day though, on any given Saturday... And you only need to end up being the 4th best team in the country to have a shot in the end.
That said, as a Florida fan, even if we manage to win at LSU, I don't believe we are a #1 team. Regardless of who we beat so far, everyone knows we just don't have the talent on our roster that stacks up to the top 4 or 5 teams who have been reeling in top 3 classes for years in a row now. At some point, there are teams who are bigger and faster than us no matter what we try to do with will, spirit, or hard work. Nothing can change the fact that Georgia has something like 187 5* and 6* players on it's roster this year, and Florida has none.
I'm sorry I know this is offtopic, but where does this comment come from when someone says LSU is off to the best start in SEC history? I've heard 2 different people say that now. They certainly aren't off to the highest scoring start because the years Spurrier was at Florida with Danny Wuerffel, the Gators were scoring 70+ a game almost every weekend. The average touchdown drive in 95 and 96 for them took 1 minute 19 seconds. I am just wondering if this is bragging or if there is some weird factual metric that someone is basing this upon.
Sooooooo is Tennessee going to a bowl then this year or not?
Eh. We won the game. A good team is not going to let the refs dictate whether they win or lose, but will rise above them and attain victory. We did that, so I'm not going to gripe about the refs. Where I will gripe is when it comes to player safety and the hit on Pierce was outright vicious. Caused a concussion which removed him from the game and possibly the next several games as well as causing the fumble of the ball which led to Auburn points. It is outrageous with the 10 billion rules in the college game these days that the refs cannot be made aware of such a horrible play after the fact, go to replay and thus call a penalty after the fact. In this day and age the fact that if they didn't see it outright and throw the flag then, that it's not able to be a penalty no matter what is just insane to me.
Not to be that guy, but I'd love to see some of the post game locker room speeches by Peyton Manning to the UT football team this year.
The hit on the Missouri QB this weekend was truly dirty. That was pretty much outright as flagrant as I've seen. I'm wondering where the uproar is about that hit right now?
I'm sorry but how did Auburn's offensive line not help? They protected Nix VERY well all things considered. He only had 2 sacks and those came in the 4th quarter I believe. Auburn just had the misfortune of going up against the #16 rush defense in the country which focused on containing their speed threats on the outside and stopping or limiting the runs in the middle. Florida wanted to force Bo Nix to win the game for Auburn and it did just that. Auburn's fastest player ended the game with -1 rushing yards. Don't blame that on your offensive line, you just ran up against the SEC's #1 rush defense and #2 pass rush. Also getting Florida at home put the crowd into the equation and Gus admitted that the noise contributed to several of the false starts. I thought Auburn's offensive line did just fine all things considered.
Florida is pretty much guaranteed to get 2-3 holding calls this year each game thanks to our less than stellar offensive line which all to often ends up with a case of the grabsies when a pass rusher blows past one of the tackles. At least we are getting better with the stupid unforced personal fouls.
Don't forget that as we are the only conference in the country that actually plays defense, the media misinterprets this as poor offensive play and bad ball control. Turnovers are a part of the game and that's what good defenses do to opposing teams.
Well it's you UGA fans who have been on here all offseason and through the first half of this year claiming that your defense is good enough to win a super bowl or shut down the New England Patriots. Don't put words into our mouths, this is your own UGA bragging that we're turning back to you.
Auburn just went up against the #1 rushing defense in the SEC. Don't blame your Oline just because you faced the best defense you've seen this year so far. Florida's defense stops the run this year, and the running game is what Auburn has been living upon. The last thing Auburn wanted was to put the game on the line in a Freshman QB's hands. Especially against the SEC's #2 best pass rushing defense.
They are too busy watching Mr. Potatohead school 4th and Dumb in Knoxville. This world beating defense that they brag about for UGA gave up 14 points before halftime.
With all due respect, he said Florida is the flagship university, not flagship football university. This is not a big deal as Florida IS the flagship university of the state of Florida by state law. This is not bragging of any kind. UF is one of only 3 AAU schools in The SEC and is now the 7th best public university in the nation.
Florida would have been lucky to go more than 7 wins last year with Emory. He just wasn't ready. This year I'm not even sure he would be ready still, but if it all ends on his shoulders, he is who the Gators have and that's it. Would the offense be playing better right now? Who is to say. A lot of the mistakes and the lack of a running game isn't on the QB anyways, but Franks, Trask, and Emory have all shown they can throw the ball and have differing pro's and cons when under center and driving the Florida offense forwards.
I most certainly am not kicking Tennessee. I got over that after the 10 years in a row that Florida beat UT. At this point it's pathetic. Now it's like, you've already stolen the lunch money from the little retarded kid, tore his clothes, and now you're all just circled around him as he lies on the playground, taking turns kicking him in the nuts. There's no joy in that. No I don't bother abusing UT at this point, but I take GREAT pleasure in the bozo they hired as head coach. I feel it is our civic duty to insult and antagonize each and every member of the UT fanbase who is still delusional to support Mr. Potatohead. You all should have stuck with Butch Jones. Sure he supported rapists, but at least he was a real football coach.
Dooley didn't distinguish himself for the UT job? Just what the freaking hell has Mr. Potatohead, the current clown in charge in Knoxville, ever done to warrant him being anywhere near a football field let alone be head coach at Tennessee. HIS ONLY claim to fame is that his diddy is/was a high school football coach, a mediocre one at that. He has ridden those coattails through an entire career of ineptitude. That man shouldn't be paid to turn on a light that is already on. He'd get it wrong.
It was a bulldog fan, but it's nice and ironic that you point that out now isn't it. Bulldog fans have been yapping their traps all offseason and every single weekend. You would think they own the majority stock in the Florida football program or something. I guess when Notre Dame is making you look like buffoons on your own home field, it's just easier to go talk trash about your neighbors.
It all boils down to Florida's offensive line. Florida isn't going to magically find a run game, we know that. What Florida has to do is protect it's QB enough to move the ball through the air and score that way. On the other side of the field, Auburn's offense will NOT get as much rushing yardage as they have been averaging, not against Florida's defense. And Florida's defense will NOT stop Auburn's running game, at least they won't be holding Auburn to the yardage that Florida has been used to. To me that puts all of the game's focus on Florida's offensive line. They have held up good against other teams, giving up only 8 sacks so far on 5 games, and half of those are easily because the QB stood too long in the pocket trying to make a play where there was none to be had. Is Auburn's defense as good as Miami's? I'm not sold on that even though most Auburn folks take it as a given. Miami has 4 legitimate 1st rounders on it's front 7, Auburn does not. This game will come down to can Florida protect it's QB and sustain drives. Yes or no will win or lose the game.